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Also available as an ebook The ever-popular Chemistry in Context textbook has been revised to cover the latest Cambridge syllabus (). Chemistry in Context, 9th Edition, is the newest edition of a successful, issues- based curriculum developed by This book is available in print and as an ebook . Following in the tradition of the first five editions, the goal of this market leading textbook, Chemistry in Context, sixth edition, is to establish chemical principles.

Waves, Particles, and Periodic Properties 8. Chemical Bonds: What Makes a Gas a Greenhouse Gas? Molecular Geometry: Shape Determines Function Intermolecular Forces: The Uniqueness of Water Properties and Behavior Crystals, Alloys, and Polymers Chemical Kinetics: Reactions in the Atmosphere Chemical Equilibrium: Acid—Base Equilibria: Proton Transfer in Biological Systems Additional Aqueous Equilibria: Chemistry and the Oceans Spontaneous and Nonspontaneous Reactions and Processes The Quest for Clean Energy Nuclear Chemistry: Applications to Energy and Medicine Organic and Biological Molecules: The Compounds of Life The Main Group Elements: Global warming, alternate fuels, nutrition, and genetic engineering are examples of issues that are covered in Chemistry in Context.

New to this Edition The 9th edition of Chemistry in Context features new contexts: portable electronics Ch. A third new context, forensics, represents the final capstone chapter of the textbook Ch.

Concepts from all of the previous 13 chapters are woven into the story, which takes students through the process of investigating crime scenes, proper evidence collection, careful laboratory techniques and analyses, and suspect identification.

All other chapters have been extensively revised starting from concept maps in order to improve the flow of topics while incorporating new scientific developments, changes in policies, energy trends, and current world events. Each chapter begins with an introductory video to introduce the overall topic to be discussed, with a "Reflection?

This is immediately followed by a new section? The Big Picture?

Every chapter then concludes with a "Learning Outcomes? These events help to ratify our understanding of the needs of chemists in different industry sectors, the direct benefit is the immediate feedback on proposed designs, functionality and workflows that allow us to prioritise development activities, but also to set the vision of where we want to take the product.

No system exists in isolation, and hence it is important to provide a seamless exchange of data between applications, minimizing transcription of data wherever possible to reduce errors.

Despite the adoption of the web, many chemists still prefer to work with traditional desktop chemical structure drawing packages. We provide chemists with the capability to launch ChemDraw, BioviaDraw and MarvinSketch directly from the web chemistry application.

As the world of chemistry and biology collide, the unique hybrid structures that are being created need to be managed accordingly.

Integration and registration Chemists have access to a variety of databases of compounds and it is expected that they should be able to query them directly, either by name, synonym, barcode or structure. Open access analytical instrumentation is commonplace, however, chemists also expect to be able to initiate the analysis of samples for formal testing by a service.

Registration is a key milestone in the creation of a compound.

Automated transcription of data fields makes this process simple. Future-proof collaboration E-Workbook Chemistry, in combination with Request and Connect, allows chemists to fully monitor and capture the chemical knowledge gained across collaborations, and incorporate this information along with the analytical and biological assays to generate a complete research picture.

E-WorkBook Request is designed to schedule tests and manage multi-step workflows across both internal and external service teams, in an intelligent stage-gated manner. Request is fully integrated into the E-WorkBook platform, enabling end-users to raise work requests for molecule synthesis, analytical tests or biological assays.This feature resides on the books Connect Site and can be assigned by the instructor.

Properties of Gases: Chemistry provides an effective and memorable problem-solving model consistently throughout the book, ancillaries, and homework system.

Rating details. Abigail M. We provide chemists with the capability to launch ChemDraw, BioviaDraw and MarvinSketch directly from the web chemistry application.

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