Kumar & Clark's Clinical Medicine Seventh Edition For Elsevier www. Question In the 7th edition of Kumar and Clark Clinical Medicine, you indicate that there is no benefit in treating the male partner of a woman diagnosed. Kumar & Clark's Clinical Medicine 8 builds on the prize-winning formula that won the first prize in the BMA Book Awards Medicine Category in (7th edition).

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Kumar and Clark's 9th edition of clinical medicine adds all the latest information regarding treatment and therapies for the diseases in the. Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine edited by Parveen Kumar, Michael Clark ; EBOOK [Print copies available at Lee Wee Nam Library, Medical Library. Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine. Suitable for medical students, doctors and health professionals, this book provides a comprehensive source of information.

This will not necessarily depend on how representative the clinical opinions given in court are of other doctors practising in the same field. Experts can differ about what is and is not clinically acceptable. In the face of such conflict, what a judge deems reasonable will partly depend on how probable the evidence presented against the doctor is judged to be e.

Equally, the more serious the allegation of clinical negligence, the higher will be the quality of evidence that will be demanded by judges before deciding the outcome of the case.

Yet it should be clear that a clinical error is not necessarily a negligent error. Responsible and experienced clinicians may testify that the erroneous action was and is unavoidable in that type of clinical practice.

Under similar circumstances, they too sometimes make — or might make — the same error. As a result of such honesty and humility, there is mounting evidence that patients will feel that they have been respected and are less likely to take legal action or to make formal complaints.

For all of these reasons, there is less to fear legally from patients than doctors sometimes believe.

The law offers wide protection for clinicians provided that they do their best to act reasonably and responsibly in protecting the lives and health of their patients. Doctors seeking consent for a particular procedure must be competent in the knowledge of how the procedure is performed and its problems.

Patients must be competent to consent to treatment.

They cannot do so without the basic ability to reason about information concerning what is wrong with them, what their doctors propose to do about it, and with what potential benefits and risks. Medicine, Patients and the Law. Harmondsworth: Penguin, Mason JK, Laurie G.

London: Butterworths, In these circumstances, such choices become more those of clinicians who unduly pressure patients rather than of patients themselves. Battery It is an unlawful battery to intentionally touch a competent person without their consent.

Thus a clinician will commit a battery if such a patient is given an injection without permission, irrespective of the need for it. Further, given the condition of such patients, treatment must be necessary to save their life, or to prevent them from incurring serious and permanent injury. Otherwise, consent must be obtained from patients expected to regain competence when they do so, however inconvenient this may be for the patient or clinician.

To do otherwise constitutes an unacceptable threat to the moral rights and dignity of patients and entails a potential loss of trust in the medical profession. When in doubt, clinicians should also ask what sort of information they would want for themselves, their families and friends.

They should also remember that the graver the risk, the more necessary it is to disclose information about it, even when the chance of it occurring is small. Indeed, in deciding what information to disclose to patients about risks, clinicians may know little about how they perceive their interests.

Since it is the health and lives of patients that are potentially at risk, the moral focus of such disclosure should be on what is acceptable to them rather than to the medical profession.

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Here consent is given explicitly in relation to specific information about the proposed treatment. Consent to lesser forms of physical intervention e.

Clinicians should always remember that a signed consent form is not legal or professional proof that proper express consent has been obtained. Informed consent should be viewed as an educational process. Signed consent forms are symbols of the completion rather than the success of this process. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this presentation? Why not share!

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Actions Shares. It still remains the "gold standard", thorough guide to clinical medicine its forefathers were. New online editor, Adam Feather, with a team of young doctors to augment the e-book which accompanies the print book with clinical tips, key learning points, drug tips, learning challenges, case studies and MCQs.

New coloured headings to help identify content relating to disease, management, investigations etc.

Authors comprise consultants at the top of their fields, paired with younger doctors closer to the exam experience, to ensure authority and relevance. International Advisory Board, led by Professor Janaka de Silva and Professor Senaka Rajapakse, providing guidance for global coverage from across the world.

Contributions to the e-book by members of the International Advisory Board to amplify areas of clinical importance in their parts of the world.

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Skip to content. Search for books, journals or webpagesDoctors seeking consent for a particular procedure must be competent in the knowledge of how the procedure is performed and its problems. At other times, they have the discretion to do so, in accordance with good professional practice.

Published on Feb 2, In the Pharmacy Category the ranking is 12th in India. No Downloads. London: BMA, On the basis of this information, unless patients state the contrary, they give their implied consent for this information to be shared.

In the face of doubts about their ability or training to provide treatment to a reasonable standard, doctors should seek appropriate supervision and refuse to proceed otherwise.

The Act also thus helps to ensure that what constitutes legal practice in the UK is judged by broader, trans-national moral standards.

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