Book Description Book #3 of the Consequences Series There were still lessons to learn and consequences for the truth! When Claire Nichols. The Missing Years (Consequences #4) - dokument [*.pdf] BEHIND HIS — Aleatha Romig, CONVICTED The end of this final conclusion contains a glossary of. Despertando en una cama desconocida en una mansión lujosa, Claire Nichols está asustada de descubrir que un encuentro fortuito la.

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Consequences Part 6 of 6. Aleatha Romig - MB Could you please upload Truth and Convicted by aleatha Roming. Please. Convicted Consequences 3 Aleatha Romig - [Free] Convicted Consequences 3 Aleatha Romig. [PDF] [EPUB] -. CONVICTED CONSEQUENCES 3 ALEATHA. by Aleatha Romig (Goodreads Author) of 5 stars. · rating details · 16, ratings · 3, reviews. Book #1 of the Bestselling Consequences Series.

Without these supportive people my final product would not be the same. Thank you to all of my author friends, those I see and those I know in great online groups. I have learned so much from each and every one of you!


Thank you to the fantastic bloggers who have not only read, but loved my stories and felt passionate enough about them to tell others! I truly believe that without you, only my mother and her friends would have read Consequences.

My sincerest thank you goes to my readers. This book is for you.

I admit in many ways it was the most difficult and I believe, my most beloved. I hope you all enjoy the missing years and the future. You have taken permanent residence in my heart and soul.

Although there is not excessive use of description and detail, the content contains innuendos of kidnapping, rape, and abuse—both physical and mental. If you are ready, welcome aboard and enjoy the ride!

It begins at the fateful gunshot and goes into the future. Take a dark journey into the minds of multiple men and learn firsthand about the man who believes that he controls everything and controls nothing.

The man who needs to protect. The one who has taken an oath to do what is right.

The one who has always been true and the one who learns to forgive. Join me for a story that all began with the man who… Once upon a time, signed a napkin that he knew was a contract. As an esteemed businessman, he forgot one very important rule—he forgot to read the fine print.

It was an agreement to acquire a soul. Books 1.

Please note that I would never have completed this story had it not been for you! Thank you again for your support!

He learned at a young age it was unattainable. Together the sounds created the perfect melody for the middle of the night.

Stretching contently, she relaxed as he pulled her against his broad chest.

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My wife is not a quitter. You may remember that I have a rule about failure.


Her cries were mere whimpers as she rooted against his chest. Madeline entered the quieter living room with a sandwich and a glass of juice. Eat and drink and then you will be ready to give Nichol what she needs.

When she was done, Claire leaned back and unbuttoned her blouse.

Exhaling, Claire positioned Nichol and smiled a sly grin. Do you know that? By the time she was satisfied, Madeline was gone. I guess we can do this. Through trial and error, they learned that allowing Claire to rest when she could, eased some of her stress, which made Nichol more relaxed. Tony had never been one who needed a lot of sleep, and without a doubt, he grew to love his alone time with their daughter.

The fact that it helped both of his ladies to flourish was a mere bonus.

Sometimes they forgot that she was born earlier than expected. Did babies dream? What could they possibly dream about? Her entire life consisted of eating, sleeping, and soiling her diaper.

His envelope was full. It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light. No matter the cause, for Anthony Rawlings that moment of clarity occurred in the midst of chaos. The only true meaning in his life was his family: Claire and Nichol. He and Claire had discussed their shared need to keep Nichol safe—at any cost. Tony finally understood his unwanted definition: Nichol was doubly so.

Later, he would reflect on how Claire had tried to explain it to him.

Now he was. How could he have trusted Catherine for so long? How could he have willingly placed Claire in her clutches? One thing was obvious. Tony needed to keep his family safe and away from Catherine Marie London. For an instant he prayed that it was his imagination, but then he heard her again.

Why was she there? She was supposed to be safe with Courtney. Tony would have done anything to reverse time, put them back in paradise, and keep his family from this horror. His deep threatening voice stilled whatever Catherine had been saying. Why are you here?


Get out, the house is on fire! Novum utroque atomorum te eos. Epicuri ullamcorper necessitatibus ut cum, postea percipitur temporibus an sea.

Nostro inciderint vix eu. Dicit possit eam an, liber vocent accusata vim ei.

Reque officiis splendide per cu, delenit accusata nec an. Pro dicta euismod eu. Essent nominavi appellantur et per. Nullam molestie sit id.Did babies dream? With Claire in the living room and Tony walking the length of the lanai, he was startled at the touch to his shoulder.

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If you are ready, welcome aboard and enjoy the ride! Though they never had children themselves, they were well-versed and experienced in anything baby. Tony needed to keep his family safe and away from Catherine Marie London.

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