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With nearly every Shongairi base on Earth destroyed, Thikair orders his remaining forces off the planet, while planning to outright destroy Earth from orbit. However, as the last fleeing units reach their ships, the Shongairi dreadnoughts suddenly destroy the rest of the warships, all but one. Thikair is confronted on his own ship by same enemy that had destroyed the bases and smashed his fleet: vampires , who need no air to breathe, and can travel as mist. Their leader, Mircea Basarab, is actually the immortal Vlad the Impaler , whom humans remember as Dracula.

He and his kind have been hibernating, and kept hidden before the Shongairi's arrival forced them to "protect" the people of Earth by creating more vampires and build an army to eliminate the Shongairi.

Thikair is told that the hijacked dreadnoughts are being sent to each of the Shongairi worlds to destroy their Empire. Thikair is slain by one of the vampires, Stephen Buchevsky, whose human family was killed by the initial bombardment.

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Humanity now possesses Shongairi and Hegemony technology from the Shongairi industrial ships, and is fully united under the newly established Terran Empire, becoming a mighty adversary to the Hegemony which had so casually sent the invaders against and innocent and unsuspecting world. Marine initially stationed in Afghanistan, also a Vampire later in the book.

Weber is an admitted fan of the book. Reception[ edit ] Publishers Weekly gives a somewhat positive review and stating, "Weber pulls off this conceit in audacious style with a focus on military-powered action that will thrill fans of his Honor Harrington series, and he keeps the pedal to the metal right up to the almost unbelievable conclusion.

Archived from the original on September 13, Av samme forfatter. Out of the Dark David Weber 63,-Les mer.

Honor Harrington has rooted out a plan designed to enslave the. Out of the Dark.. Summary Bibliography: David Weber.

Out of the Dark Collections.. The book series is mainly set around the adventures of the titular heroine, although we see a..

Check out the options available through Archway Publishing.. David Weber's Like a Mighty Army is.

His other top-selling science fiction novels include Out of the Dark,.. Out of the Dark by David Weber. Out of the Dark by David Weber 0 reviews 8.

Kings ebook is wrong with Webers Out of the Dark ebook: no one read it for errors after converting it to ePub.. If you are going to write about violence, if you're going to write military fiction — whether science fiction, present day, or historical — you have to play fair with the reader.

Most Americans, despite this rap we've got as a violent society—most Americans actually have very little personal experience with violence. The images and the attitudes we have are formed by what we see on TV and in the movies.

Best Military Science Fiction Books

We see occasional real violence on TV but most of what we see is Hollywood's interpretation of it. And it's not accurate.

It desensitizes us. In On Killing , Dave Grossman is onto something when he talks about desensitization of people who are exposed again and again to this casual violence.

Grossman's thesis, like any thesis, can be over-stretched but I think it is fundamentally correct. One of the responsibilities you have when you are going to write violence is not to glamorize the combat.

I have an immense respect for the military. My personal philosophy is that until human beings turn into something we will no longer recognize, a military organization is going to be necessary. If there's not something to make people stop, someone is going to keep right on pushing.

That's the bottom line. As though violence is hard-wired into us?

Into our societies? The problem is that it doesn't take a lot of Osama bin Ladens to create a large amount of chaos in the world. People can differ with the best way to deal with that sort of situation, but ultimately any solution which isn't based on the use of force is operating on credit. You have to have the capability to cover your debt with military force.

Even if you never use it. The other guy has to know it's there. Otherwise, it's like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran, saying, "What are you going to do to us? Absent of some means of compelling Ahmadinejad not to develop nuclear weapons, he's going to develop them. That's just the way that it is. And that's why the military is always going to be necessary.

Out of the dark

Military service is a high calling. War can evoke the absolute best in human beings, such as the willingness to sacrifice anything for a cause you believe in, but it is always a nasty, horrible business at the sharp end. I try to make that clear in the books. Some people operate on the theory that you can't possibly write it as bad as it really is I think you lose the argument when you do that, because it leads to desensitization. It just goes on and on and on and the reader eventually turns it off.

I prefer more of what I think of as the Alfred Hitchcock approach. If you look at the shower scene in Psycho , you never see a blow land.

You know exactly what happened but you never see a single blow land. I prefer to do it that way and then every so often hit the reader square between the eyes with a vignette that is stark and shows what happens when you hit a human body with a high velocity projectile.

One of my main hobby areas is firearms and I was a deer hunter for many years, so I know what happens when a high velocity projectile hits a living body and it is not what Hollywood normally portrays.

Looking back over 20 years of novels, are there any scenes in which you got it wrong, got the violence wrong. Scenes in which you glamorized combat or were too soft or went too far?


I don't have a specific scene in mind Set up a situation and the reader knows what is going to happen and then just — don't show it. I found out when I saw the press release that it was going to be a series. If I'd known that it was a series I wouldn't have been quite so enthusiastic about putting the family into it.

Anyone who knows us [the Webers], will recognize the Dvoraks [a family central to Out of the Dark. Out of the Dark is perhaps the most human book you've written and that's not a criticism of you other novels but a compliment to this one.

Out of the Dark is— These people, the Dvoraks are crazy! You know, a lot of people were angry with me because they didn't see the left turn coming, the one I took with the vampires. It was less a problem for the people who'd read the novella "Out of the Dark". Tom Doherty [of TOR] really loved the novella and he wanted me to expand it. And I said, "Sure!


The teaser he sent to site starts right out talking about the vampires, because the novella's like 30, words long and the the novel is like , words, so he figured he wouldn't really be giving much away since that'd all happen in the first third of the book.

But the novel ends almost exactly where the novella ends. I went back in and inserted additional plot strands. Patrick likes what I did better than what he thought I was going to do but we'd given away the surprise ending.

We wrote a new teaser.Sign Up. For a long time I knew people would be angry at me for killing Andrew in Mission of Honor. Safehold is a science fiction book series by David Weber, currently consisting of nine titles, the latest released in October Out of the Dark.

I probably won't download any sequel to this book if any appear unless it is VERY cheap.

Out of the Dark by David Weber 0 reviews 8.

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