'Merry Christmas by Death Note Death Note]: Thanks for + fans. ' Fans <3 Thanks at all ^^'. I bought all the books and read them about 2 years ago and i work at a desk for 10 hours straight and wondering if theres a way to download all. Death - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Download at: Death Note Box Set (Vol.s ): Volumes 1 - 13 pdf download Death Note Box Set (Vol.s. Thomas LaMarre 18 Manga Bomb: between the lines of Barefoot Gen Thomas They note, for instance, how Barefoot Gen shares with the other manga in and black-white contrast as forces in themselves, Death Note is exemplary. In Yoshimura, Kazuma and Fukuma Yoshiaki (eds): Hadashi no Gen ga ita fūkei. Death Note is a Japanese manga series written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Archived from the original (PDF) on November 6, Retrieved .

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[PDF] Download Death Note Box Set (Vol.s ): Volumes 1 - 13 Ebook | READ ONLINE

Regarding "Curtain", Ohba explained that he was trying to represent a curtain with the final two pages being entirely colored black. Ohba added that the title "Nothingness" would reveal too much, and that he already used the word "Black" for Chapter While Ohba also considered the word "Black Curtain", in Japanese the word refers to a person behind the scenes orchestrating the events, and Ohba felt it would not be good to inadvertently make readers believe that a new character was appearing.

In the end Ohba chose "Curtain" for the title of the second to last chapter. When creating the plot of the final chapter, Ohba first thought of the idea of Kira worshipers surrounding Kira's grave; Ohba reasoned that a group of Kira worshipers would exist even if Kira died.

Ohba believed that having Light's death be definitively known to the world would "cause problems", [15] and he also recalls discussing how "distasteful" it would be for the readers to see the Yagami family grave. Ohba added that Aizawa was the best choice since he had connections to the NPA and Near and that Aizawa becoming the chief would have been "unimaginable" earlier in Death Note.

Ohba explained that Mogi would have been too biased to Near. The only definitive statement Ohba made about the theories is that Light ordered Mikami to not take the Death Note out until the end. Ohba explained that Yamamoto, a character who Matsuda teases, was added at the thumbnail stage and has no significance; Ohba added him to show Matsuda "bossing someone around".

While there may not be significance in his use, Yamamoto was first seen in volume 1 chapter 2 as Light's best friend.

A fourth Japanese Death Note film was released in [73] and featured a cyber-terrorism setting with the inclusion of six Death Notes brought into the human world. An American adaptation was released on Netflix on August 25, In April , it was announced that a live action television series based on Death Note manga would begin airing from July on NTV.

In , a musical adaptation of the manga called Death Note: The Musical ran in both Japan and South Korea.

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Death Note has received acclaim from both critics and audiences, with praise aimed at the complex and cerebral storyline, mature themes and plot and character development, especially that of the two main protagonists [ citation needed ]. In addition, he said that fans wrote "thousands" of Death Note fan fiction stories and posted them on the internet. Comipress reported that the only difference between the story and Death Note is that there are no Shinigamis.

Anime News Network ANN writer Zac Bertschy called Death Note a "surprisingly gripping and original suspense tale that raises a handful of interesting questions about morality". He noted that the difference between the series and other manga from the same demographic was very big due to the murders the main character commits as well as how he hides his identity of Kira.

Additionally, she praised the story as it is "building a climax" with each detail introduced in the first chapter, making the reader look forward to upcoming chapters. She felt that while the series' second half was not as good, with Light seeming less intelligent and once vital characters fading into the background, the ending brings back what the fans loved about the first volume and the supporting cast are "given a chance to shine". However, she did not like how the epilogue made no mention of what happens with Misa Amane and how Near and Mello were still treated like parts of L.

Obata's art is "[rendered] in stark strokes characterizedfittinglyby a complex interplay of light and shadow". Pepirium of IGN saying that Death Note ' s "heavy serialized nature" is what "makes the show so engaging and discussion worthy". He added that Karl Willems, director of the dub, assembled a "stunning voice cast of professionals" with a "solid tone minus some of the cheesy yelling and screaming of other dubs". Running over thirty-seven 20 minutes episodes, the anime sticks much closer to the manga so takes a far more languid approach to storytelling, better fleshing out the fantastic characters of Light and his nemesis, L.

Light in particular is one of the most layered characters to appear in anime in a long time. Sparrow said that the author understood "what made these characters click so well" and "captures everything that made the manga the compelling read that it is". Sparrow said that fans of Death Note who read Another Note will "find a welcome home" in Nisio Isin's work that "adds a few more fun layers" to the Death Note franchise.

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Change the World became the second top-selling light novel in Japan during The series' release outside Japan was met with a wave of copycat crimes. According to Wired magazine, Death Note "[turned] Japan's most-popular print medium into an internationally controversial topic that has parents wondering whether they should prohibit their kids from reading manga entirely".

Live-action director Shusuke Kaneko commented in response, "If preventing them from seeing this movie is going to make kids better, then why not prevent them from watching all bad news? In , the education bureau in Pingtung County , Taiwan asked teachers to heed any negative influence on elementary school students reading the manga.

After volumes of Death Note were found at the February suicide of a year-old girl in Yekaterinburg , Russia, a local parents' group began campaigning to regulate all media based on the series, saying that it had an adverse effect on the minds of children. There have been various copycat crimes around the world which were based on Death Note.

A senior at the Franklin Military Academy in Richmond, Virginia , United States was suspended in after being caught possessing a replica "Death Note" notebook with the names of fellow students. The school's principal wrote a letter to the student's parents linking to an unofficial website where visitors can write names and circumstances of death for people they want to die.

The notebook listed seven students' names. The school planned a disciplinary hearing and contacted the seven students' parents. Lanny Handy, the notebook was discovered the previous afternoon by a staffer. The students were suspended from the county's schools, pending a juvenile court hearing. The students, their parents, and school officials had met with Handy and a junior probation officer. It was reported in September , that a Year Eight boy in Sydney , Australia, created a "Death Note" that along with names contained a "battle plan" detailing where bombs could be placed inside his school.

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February 15, July 12, February 7, See also: List of Death Note characters. Main article: List of Death Note chapters. List of Death Note episodes. Death Note original soundtracks. Main articles: Death Note film , Death Note 2: The Last Name , L: Change the World , Death Note: New Generation , Death Note: Death Note TV series. Death Note: The Musical. Viz Media.

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September 29, Oklahoma City Friday. December Retrieved February 28, This will play out in three phases: The image of Gen and friends striking happy and triumphant poses in front of the mushroom cloud now makes sense in a different way.

Specifically, it recounted the final half of the suspenseful supernatural story, including the investigators Near and Mello's confrontations with the vigilante Kira. Four years later, crime rates worldwide have massively dropped, but cults have arisen which adore Kira.

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