Pdf 32 Digital code lock project report/pdf/ppt download. Abstract: Security is a prime concern in our day-today life. Everyone wants to be as. Digital Code Lock System Ppt - Download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt /. pptx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Digital Door Lock System Project Report. Uploaded by. Ranga Mahesh Reddy. PROJECT Report on Digital Code Lock - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. lock.

Digital Code Lock Project Report/pdf/ppt

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ABSTRACT: The purpose of this project is to create a micro-controller based Digital The microcontroller based Digital Code Lock is an access control system that . [1]AT mega P datasheet docpdf. This code can be changed by the user. This circuit is eminently suitable as a digital code lock. Digital code lock is a type of lock in which a. 1 MICROCONTROLLER BASED DIGITAL CODE LOCK PROJECT Arumugasami, Head of the department 4 ABSTRACT Security is a prime.

Digital Code Lock using PIC16F is a basic control systemwith an ability that allows the rightful user to deploy platform to any property that require simple password protection. This code can be changed by the user. This circuit is eminently suitable as a digital code lock.

Digital code lock is a type of lock in which a sequence numbers is used to open the lock. This type of lock use numerical code for authentication where the correct code must be entered in order for the lock to deactivate.

Simple Code Lock

The lock can be use with an outdoor gate or a normal door. The functionality of this lock implemented in software.

When the correct code is entered it will open the door. The significant of this project is first eliminating the need for a key. When there is no key, it will allow each person who lives at a residence to enter home without a key. The lost and forgotten keys are problems of the past.

Hence using the digital code lock it will reduce the risk and liability of keys falling into wrong hands as a result being stolen or duplicate. The digital code lock, changing access code is more cost effective then the process of changing all keyed lock.

There are great varieties of digital code locks.

Generally speaking, they can be classified into scores of type, such as electronic lock, fingerprint lock, card lock biological lock, etc. Among them the most This kind of lock can avoiding practical and the most the problems caused by thepopularized one come to copying of keys.

To help users and give them favour to go anywhere.

To avoid any To design a crimes keyless door especially entry by using stealing electronic digital activities. The objectives of our project are listed as above: Projects do not need complex and not too short according to the study and it should relate to the study basic idea and operation of Digital Code Lock. The project identifies theThe project produced must suitable type of PIC involve the use of microcontroller for the project components and circuits to developed interfacing link have been studied and between hardware circuit and understood.

PROJECT Report on Digital Code Lock

Figure below shows block diagram of the project: When we completed this project, we had learned and understand the process of constructing the Digital Code Lock which contained This digital code lock is hardware and software therefore particularly useful development. We also know in applications such as hotel and understand the room door locks, residential microcontroller PIC and how housing and even office to implement it on my buildings.

We feel that this digital code lock is very marketable Designing code lock very because it is easy to use, interesting for us where wecomparatively inexpensive can get involve in due to low power programming environment consumption and highly seriously.

The biggest hurdle we had to Our digital code lock overcome with this project was performed as expected. We interfacing the microcontroller were able to implement all the with the hardware functions specified in our components.

Digital code lock is useful in society.

Therefore, it should be expanded so that the community can use wherever they are as well as using a code lock on the vehicle or the like.

There are few suggestions appear after completing several stages of this project based on some problems that we find: Digital code lock may For the sake of the need to limit the number future, digital code of password entry lock should be added attempts to reduce thewith siren when have a risk for broken- burglary password.

United Kingdom Smith, D. You just clipped your first slide! One can send data as 8-bit or in pair of two 4-bit nibbles. LCD display used here is having 16x2 size.

It means 2 lines each with 16 character.


Lcd display 16x2 RF Transmitter:: The transmitter operates from a 1. The transmitter employs a SAW-stabilized oscillator, ensuring accurate frequency control for MHZ range performance.

The receiver module requires no external RF components except for the antenna. Keil is used to develop the program for AT89S51 microcontroller.


Flash programmer is used to download the program into the AT89S51 microcontroller. Software implementation: Advantages:: Compatible size.

Low cost. Easy to implement on any device. It is used to prevent from hacking. Advantages: Application:: Used in many security systems like Bank locker, Automobile vehicles, door opening and closing It can be used in any security.Touching any other key will reset the lock.

In order to detect which key is pressed from the matrix. I wish to express our sincere thanks to our Head of Department Dr. No notes for slide. The five remaining switches are connected to reset pad which resets all the flip-flops.

Mishra for providing me with valuable advice and guidance during the course of Project.

They are often colour coded by three or four colour bands that indicate the specific value of resistance. The code lock design can also be used in various other applications. Whos precious guidance, in every difficulty and doubts faced during the implementation of this Mini Project, More ever, showed me the right path to modify my Project and to it give a good shape.

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