Practical advice from some of todays top early stage investorsand entrepreneurs TechStars is a mentorship-driven startup accelerator withoperations in three U. The Burning Man, the storied ritual of self-expression, has evolved into The Burning Entrepreneur, the ultimate self-expression through start-up success. Do More Faster. TECHSTARS LESSONS TO ACCELERATE. YOUR STARTUP. David Cohen and Brad Feld. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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Though it may seem silly, you can actually install faster software on your system. If you are using Adobe Photoshop, you can possibly accomplish the same tasks using Paint.

Use LibreOffice instead of Microsoft Office. You get the idea, right?

If you have a dual boot setup, you can shorten the length of the boot menu timeout so that your preferred OS loads faster. I already mentioned reducing visual effects, but the same dialog has an option for processor scheduling also.

You can choose from Programs or Background Services. If you have lots of files in a single folder, it can slow down Explorer.

If you have files that are generally large on a specific partition, you might want to consider increasing the cluster size on NTFS to 16K or even 32K instead of 4K.

This will help speed up opening of files. Only for advanced users. Turn off unnecessary features in Windows by going to Control Panel, choosing Uninstall a program, and then clicking on Turn Windows features on and off.

If you have enabled the Hibernation feature in Windows 10, then you should also make sure Fast Startup is enabled for quicker boot time. Completely uninstall programs and applications using a program like Revo Uninstaller.

It will get rid of remnants left behind by normal uninstalls.


RAID 0 is the fastest. If you are using USB 1.

Or just download a new expansion card and install it into an empty slot. Remove the drivers for all old devices that may be hidden in Device Manager that you no longer use.

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A more extreme option is to choose a faster operating system. If you find Vista or 7 to be slow, go with Windows Disconnect any unused USB devices from your computer. They will slow down the boot and login processes in Windows. The best is to find a really small texture and to tile it.

I still recommend using an anti-malware program in addition to Windows Defender. You can then delete the older user account later. This is termed a speed—accuracy trade-off, with speeding up resulting in more mistakes. Interestingly, flexible or integrated training regimens—requiring constant switching of processing priorities and continual adjustments to new task demands—have been argued to lead to greater transfer Bherer et al.

Action-video-game playing may be an extreme case of such flexible training. Here we consider the possibility that action-video-game training leads to faster RTs on tasks unrelated to the training and, thus, for the first time may offer a regimen leading to generalized speeding across tasks in young adults. This is perhaps unsurprising given the fast pace of games considered in these studies.

There are, however, two surprising characteristics of these RT decreases: a the consistency in speed-of-processing advantages for VGPs across a range of tasks, and b the fact that there is no speed—accuracy trade-off. These points are illustrated by the following meta-analysis, which examines the reported RTs of avid action gamers versus those of novices across a number of studies.

A Brinley plot is a type of scatter plot, with each data point reflecting the performance of two different groups on the same experimental condition—the performance of one group is plotted on the X-axis and that of the other group on the Y-axis. The data points included in Figure 1 come from seven studies containing a total of nine experiments, each including various experimental conditions.

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Especially useful when the user is dealing with images, it shows large previews of files. We also improved the readability of text in Nextcloud with a new font, updated the tab design in the sidebar with icons to make them easier to recognize, added more modern, rounded buttons and improved the accessibility of the app menu on top by showing app names on hover.

Many other areas in Nextcloud received accessibility improvements, following on the extensive accessibility and readability work done for Nextcloud Thanks to this work, blind and otherwise impaired users will find using Nextcloud easier. Nextcloud has long had basic workflow capabilities, allowing custom apps to be written that would run operations on files when certain conditions are met.

This release introduces two of these apps: The first does what the name suggests, allowing admins to define tags or other properties that result in documents converted to a PDF. The External Scripts app allows a set of rules to result in handing the file over to a script, essentially allowing any kind of processing to take place.

Your imagination is the limit! There have been performance improvements in various areas of Nextcloud but few will have the user-noticeable impact as one which reduces the loading time of our web interface with a factor three.

After moving to fully vectorized graphics in the previous releases, we now included the graphical resources in our style sheets, reducing the number of requests a server has to handle when loading Nextcloud apps.

This cuts loading time in half or less, according to tests done by our developers. On a test machine, uncached loads went from 15 seconds to 5 and cached loads from 3 to 1. Currently only few basics widgets clock, used diskspace, fortunes are included in the Dashboard app itself, but more are expected to be integrated in other apps.

We invite contributors to develop widgets! This is the right moment to get started with our new Elastic Search based Full-text search app as version 1.We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Have a lot of tabs open in your browser window? In the coming 2 weeks, more releases are expected, complementing Nextcloud Sign up now Get a free account at a provider.

These points are illustrated by the following meta-analysis, which examines the reported RTs of avid action gamers versus those of novices across a number of studies.

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