Firdaus e Bareen is an excellent novel contains an interesting moral, religious and romantic story in Urdu language. Click on the below mentioned link to read online and also download full novel in Pdf format for offline reading. Tags: Books by Abdul Haleem Sharar in Pdf, Novels by. Ferdos e Bareen Abdul Halim Sharar. Firdous Bareen By Abdul Haleem Sharar Topics: Urdu, Novels. Collection. Start by marking “Firdaus e Bareen / فردوس بریں” as Want to Read: See 1 question about Firdaus e Bareen / فردوس بریں. Abdul Halim Sharar was a prolific Indian Urdu language author, playwright, essayist and historian from Lucknow.

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Firdaus e Bareen / فردوسِ بریں book. Read 13 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The book was first published in The story of H. Read Ebooks of Abdul Halim Sharar on Rekhta Ebook Library. You can E- Books Abdul Haleem Sharar: Bahaisiyat-e-Novel Nigar Firdaus-e-Bareen. Read Book Firdaus-e-Bareen by Abdul Halim Sharar on Rekhta Urdu books library. Navigate to next page by clicking on the book or click the arrows for previous.

Firdous Bareen By Abdul Haleem Sharar

And JKP was not about Haya only. It was aboutAyeshe too A non-niqaabi, only-hijaabi girl , about DJ too anon-hijaabi, non-niqaabi girl and the message I tried to convey isthat its about time Hijaabi girls should stop taking non-hijaabiones as Kaafir, idiots and bad girls, and non-hijaabi girls shouldstart showing some respect for the hijaab.

This mutual tolerance can only help us become a better Muslim and abetter human being. A message I always give: do not judge people,you have not lived their life!. All Nimra Ahmed Novels List 1.

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Mabahis: critical essays by Syed Abdullah.Happy stories. She is observant and intelligent and capable of rebuffing her lover when he sounds credulous and foolish.

A message I always give: do not judge people,you have not lived their life!.

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