Flash Professional ➜ Preferences ➜ Drawings (Macintosh). Check. Show pen preview (for Pen Tool). Show solid points. Show precise curves. Work with various panels in Adobe Flash Professional CS6 Adobe Flash Professional CS6 is a multimedia platform for creating digital animation, rich. Flash is not the focus of this book, but it is essential to know some basics of Flash since tions on the web that were created in Flash, the web is full of them.

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Flash is Macromedia's powerful vector-based animation tool. Flash is the In this tutorial we take a two-pronged approach to learning Flash. First we look at. 2 [Adobe: Photoshop -‐ Flash – Tutorials] edited by Anastasios Maragiannis. Contents. Photoshop Tool Bar. 3 Notes tools. Eye dropper, ruler, sampler, count. Characteristic of Flash. • The native format of Flash is vector images, which can reduce the size of graphic files. – Vectors are scalable. • Flash provides.

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If not, just cancel. D Two bud primordia and E multiple primordia occurred after the induced callus was subcultured on the same basal medium containing the same concentrations of TDZ and NAA.

H Individual shoots rooted in Magenta GA-7 vessels. I Regenerated plantlets grew in a cm pot filled with a soilless substrate in a shaded greenhouse. Seeds germinated on basal medium devoid of growth regulators after 10 d in the dark Fig.

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When the sprouted seeds were transferred to callus induction medium and cultured under the h photoperiod light conditions, they grew into seedlings with reduced root growth. Approximately 3 to 4 weeks later, white callus appeared from the base of seedling stems, resulting in the shrinkage of shoots. Of the growth regulators evaluated, 9. Some calluses induced by 9. Ten days later, bud primordia appeared Fig. In general, shoot formation frequencies and shoot numbers per callus piece were much higher from callus pieces induced by either TDZ or 2iP with NAA than by their respective combinations with 2,4-D Table 3.

Among them, 9. Similarly, 9.

The next most successful combination was 4. Rooting, acclimatization, and greenhouse production. Few adventitious shoots produced roots in the shoot induction medium. However, when shoots were transferred to the basal medium containing 4. After transplanting into cm pots, the regenerated plants grew vigorously in the soilless substrate Fig.

All plantlets survived in the shaded greenhouse. Visual examination of finished plant production indicated that all plants maintained a single shoot per pot and exhibited no distorted growth Fig.

Discussion This study developed an in vitro method of regenerating C.

Briefly, calluses were induced from sprouted seeds cultured on a MS basal medium supplemented with either 9. Adventitious shoots were produced from the calluses subcultured on the same medium either 9. The shoots rooted easily in the basal medium containing 4.

Plantlets produced through this procedure grew vigorously in a commercial production setting without undesirable multiple basal shoots and growth distortion. This established method is different from the previously reported protocols for regenerating C.

TDZ has both auxin-like and cytokinin-like activities Singh et al. In our regenerated populations, no vitrified plantlets were observed. In this study, leaf explants failed to regenerate shoots.

In search of reported regeneration methods for Chlorophytum, we found that only shoots Dave et al. There has been no report of Chlorophytum regeneration from leaf explants. The current study showed that leaf explants quickly became brown and then dark; only a few of those induced by TDZ and 2iP exhibited delayed browning and later formed callus when cultured under light conditions.

Kaur et al. Share this post Link to post. Posted December 15, Found this by googling - happens to me too.

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Also on 5. Posted December 27, Hope they fix this one soon - What a pain! Posted December 31, Posted January 2, Posted March 28, Posted April 1, Posted April 5, Posted April 12, Posted April 13, Using Evernote Windows Client. Or just resize the viewing window in any way at all.

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Posted October 15, Results Callus induction. Fox News. It has all the features and functionalities in helping me creating , editing PDF files ; it has very simple interface and tools in guiding me to finish my works. Namespaces Article Talk. That I can get used to but it's made it more difficult to use in my opinion. There is more I could write but I think you get my point.

Materials and Methods Plant materials.

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Although more leaf explants produced callus in the dark culture, the induced calluses still died after culture under lighted conditions. No shoot organogenesis occurred in leaf explants irrespective of growth regulator combinations.

Leaf explants were cultured on the MS basal medium supplemented with 2.

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