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Free Download Books From What I Remember Stacy Kramer Download PDF Any Format, because we can get too much info online from. Editorial Reviews. Review. What happens in Mexico stays in Mexico, unless it forces you to From What I Remember by [Thomas, Valerie, Kramer, Stacy. Stacia Kane - City of KB. Stacia Kane - Sacrificial KB. Stacy Kramer - From What I MB. Stella Purple.

Who you are from the outside is not Who you really are… Apart from the fact that this story is simply cute, sexy and fun. There is much more to it. Each character has their own problems none of them truly liked talking about. How are you on the outside but who do you really want to be.

Self Finding, Growing Up and disvering who you could be! I simply loved getting to know each one of them better and discover what who they really want to be. Sexy and Romantic Love Story! The surprising, unfolding love between Max and Kylie was made of wonderment and cuteness. But, forced on this trip to Mexico together made them realize that this is not true, in fact they share much more than both of them would have ever imagined!

I had butterflies in my stomach! With me being me, I had tears in my yes so many times — heartbreaking and incredibly touching scenes made sure to trigger emotions! If you look for a lovely coming of age novel, that will touch your heart, make you laugh and cry — then you most definitely should pick this one up. This book is movie material, explosive and romantic! Additional Info When putting together this post, I found out that this awesome author duo are both working in the film industry.

I happen to know that Sheldon Roth is a mere. As much as Id like to write her off as an idiot, I cant. She hit the jackpot: My name may be printed on the graduation ceremony program as valedictorian speaker, but the numbers can change at any time.

With one bad paper in English, Sheldon could pull ahead. This is a war and I intend to win it. Youre kidding, right? Max says. Murphy can go to hell. Im sorry.

I wish I didnt feel the need to apologize. I wish I could drum up a genius comeback that would shut them up. Tragically, Ive got nothing. My wit goes into hiding with these people.

Its not like I care about their approval; its more like were different species and Im not sure how to communicate with them. Popular people are from Mars. The rest of us are from a distant galaxy that no one has ever heard of.

The great irony here is that I can write a brilliant character. I just cant play one in real life. In the world of my screenplay, the one that earned me a full scholarship to NYUs Tisch School of the Arts, I created the most kick-ass female protagonist ever, one who nails the perfect line every time.

One who never finds herself in situations like this, flush with humiliation, begging Max Langston to find a shred of decency somewhere inside the cavernous, empty space that is his soul. Youd think I would have picked up a few tips from her. Sadly, thats not the case. Lily rolls her eyes.

Oh my God. You are such a geek, Kylie. Just blow it off. One stupid paper from Murphy doesnt matter in the scheme of things. Shes just trying to freak us out because she knows its her last chance to mess with us. Lilys right. Mistress Murphys threat is empty and baseless. My scholarship wont be affected; Ill still be valedictorian.

But I cant ignore an assignment. Im not going to start now. Seriously, Kylie. No ones doing it, Max adds, flashing his pearly whites. I stare at the floor, afraid Ill lose my courage if I have to look at him for a second longer. Hes too hot. It hurts the eyes. I have time after sixth period. We can meet then. It shouldnt take long. I, uhcan write yours, if you want. I am getting this done. No matter how low I have to go.

And frankly, with the offer to do Maxs assignment, Ive hit the floor. Hopefully, NYU will be more of a meritocracy. Ten minutes. Thats all I need and I can write both papers at home tonight, I say. Write my paper, Max says. Im never going to be friends with these people. Im here to graduate first in my class and get the hell out of Dodge. Later, Max says. And then he throws his arm around Lily, pulls her close, and they kiss again. This time with tongue. Thanks so much.

Once just wasnt enough. Forty-eight hours and counting. Shes wearing her daily uniform of gray jeans, white T-shirt, and that lame-ass ratty knit scarf her grandmother made her, like, a million years ago. Girlfriend needs a makeover. But all the beautiful clothes Ive given her over the years are marooned in her closet, tags on, waiting to get off the island and back into civilization.

At least shes not wearing those Uggs anymore, which look like huge suede foot tumors, as far as Im concerned. I tossed them in the garbage last time I was at her house. Saving Kylie from herself is a full-time occupation, let me tell you. I was born for the job. Too bad I cant do it professionally. Hey, girl, I call out. If youre from Africa, why are you white? Kylie looks up at me. Oh my God, Karen, you cant just ask people why theyre white, she says. Mean Girls.

We know the script by heart. That movie and about a million others. The number of hours weve logged together watching films is appalling. There have been times when weve watched the same film four times in a row. There have been lost weekends when weve barely come up for air. I would say this is because we are ardent film lovers, but I know its more than that.

Both of us, for our own reasons, would prefer to live embedded in the silver screen than in the real world of high school. At least, thats what my therapist says. Kylie is going to be a screenwriter and Im going to be awho knows? Ive got time and money, so Im not particularly concerned, unlike Kylie.

Kylie keeps walking. I rush to catch up with her. A few stray curls poke out from her signature ponytail. Girlfriend wears her gorgeous fro so tightly slicked back it looks like a helmet. She needs to embrace those kinky Latina curls.

With her bronze skin, her golden eyes, and those massively long black lashes, she could look like a movie star. Sister is hot even in an outfit that could make Marilyn Monroe look neutered. Sadly, she doesnt have a clue. She thinks shes ugly.

It kills me. Youve totally outdone yourself today, Kylie tells me, giving my ensemble the once-over. Are you trying to push Alvarez over the edge? You know he secretly lives for it. Im driving the headmaster crazy. Freiburg is a straight-ass school in a straight-ass town, and my dresses and skirts do not please Headmaster Alvarez. He talked to my parents last year, but hes kind of given up at this point. Just like my parents. Hot or not? I ask Kylie as I spin around in my vintage platform black patent heels downloadd on site.

I am wearing lime-green skinny jeans with a gorgeously tailored Marc. Jacobs black dress, borrowed, without permission, from my sister. Its so out there. I was kind of born out of the closet. Way out. Every year Ive taken things a little further in my insatiable need to push this conservative crowd to their limit. And this year I went all out. Full-frontal fashion. Im about to blow out of town; might as well do it in style. Im not an idiot; Im aware of what people say about me. I know they think Im a screaming queen, which, oddly enough, Im not.

Im just a regular gay boy.

Im not insatiably drawn to womens clothes or anything, but this is one way to distinguish myself at Freiburg. I dont have many other marketable skills. I mean, I tried the volleyball team, at my dads insistence, and it wasa freaking nightmare. Large, hard balls coming at me from every direction at high velocity. But this cross-dressing thing has been kind of a boon for me, a solid extracurricular, with all the Internet shopping, studying of fashion blogs, and even learning to sew.

Its been a good distraction and a rsum builder. People still tease me about my voice and my boy crushes, but its died down as Ive amped up the fabulousity quotient.

My outrageous outfits allow me to take center stage in character, which is far better than being the lone gay guy in the corner. Youre rocking it. Even in this hideous fluorescent light, Kylie says. Kylie is the one person who has always accepted me just as I am. I have a gift. Speaking of which, Ive got a little something for Charlie Peters.

A graduation present.

I just need you to help me get him into the boys room. We could just call him Charlie, but its another one of those things that stitches our friendship together. Shut up. You are all talk. Besides, Charlie Peters is so not gay, Kylie says. You think everyones gay. Most people are. They just dont know it yet. Listen, Will, Im kinda in a hurry. Ive got to get to the library. Shes not in the mood to play.

The library? Were done, baby. Stick a fork in us. Kylie is such a grind, it worries me. I may have to fly in from Berkeley and physically force her to chillax. Mistress Murphy gave us one last assignment. Please tell me youre not going to do it. It will build character not to do it. I promise. I am going to do it. And Im doing Max Langstons as well. Were partners. Kylie, Kylie, Kylie.

He wont do it if I dont do it for him. I cant not do it. I cant. Ill be better at NYU. I promise, Kylie offers. Doubt it. Maybe New York City has the answers for her.

God knows San Diego only had questions. Youre probably right. I need to get to the library. Im meeting Max there. Oh, we get to meet Max Langston at the library? Mortals like us dont normally interact with the Max Langstons of the world. Kylie says, shooting me a warning glance. Im coming with. No better view than staring at Max from a neighboring carrel. Will, dont you have anything better to do?

Sadly, no. Cmon, this is only going to make things more difficult. Youll barely notice me. Kylie sticks her tongue out at me. I stick my tongue out at her. Its an interchange we have about seven hundred times a day.

I love her. I would give her a lung and a leg if I had to. Hopefully, I wont have to. Heres the plan. You have sex with Max over in biographies, and then I can go down on him by the microfiche, I suggest.

I wouldnt touch Max with a ten-foot pole. I have no interest in sex with Max, at all. Um, helloyou have no interest in sex whatsoever. Its a problem. Not everyone thinks about sex twenty-four seven, Kylie says. I beg to differ, darling. Most seventeen-year-olds are not only thinking about sex, theyre actually having it, unlike us. I think about sex every single minute of every day.

Not that its getting me anywhere. Kylie and I are both virgins, but for very different reasons. Its not normal for a seventeen-. Shes going to explode one day. I just hope Im there to pick up the pieces. We take a seat at a table in the library to wait for Max. I reach into my pocket, pull out a fabulous pair of long, gold chandelier earrings, and offer them up to Kylie. You have to wear these for graduation. You need something thats going to stand out on the podium. These will look major with your hair all wild, and Will, you promised me you wouldnt steal any more of your sisters stuff.

Youre the valedictorian, darling. You need some kind of something. Annie will never know theyre gone. She has gobs of them. The thought is sweet, and I love you for it, but I wont take your stolen goods. Damn Kylie and that moral compass she wears around her neck. My sisters have so much stuff, its embarrassing. Im just trying to share the wealth. At least let me download you a dress for graduation. Will, seriously, drop it. I do drop it.

But I vow to pick it up again before Friday. Kylie deserves a slamming dress when she stands up there at the podium and blows us all away with her speech.

Of course, no one will see it under her gown, but its the principle of the thing that counts.

Book From What I Remember By Stacy Kramer Read | Download / PDF / Audio id:b3fglpf

Kylie and I are an unlikely pair. Im one of the richest kids in a school filled with La Jollas most moneyed families, while Kylie is one of five scholarship students. We met on the first day of seventh grade, in the far north corner of the cafeteria, having both been pushed out of all the prime real estate. Kylie was new and I was, well, me. We ended up at the same empty table, along with Justin Wang, who just sat there, in a trance, communing with his Nintendo.

Neither of us spoke for about ten minutes. When I couldnt take it any longer, I turned to Kylie and said, Did you know without trigonometry thered be no engineering? Without missing a beat or even glancing up from her pizza bagel, Kylie said, Without lamps, thered be no light. No way, I said. What were the chances the new girl could quote The Breakfast Club? Way, Kylie said. And then she looked up and smiled at me.

Girlfriend has an. Her whole face lights up. Breakfast Club is one of my favorite movies of all time. Its a masterpiece, I concurred.

And weve been best friends ever since. Our familys relationship, unfortunately, is a whole different story. Our parents have only spent one miserable evening together in the past six years, and it will never happen again. Kylies mother insisted on having us over. She made spaghetti with meatballs. It was, how do you say en anglais?

An unmitigated disaster. My sisters and my mother are all vegans, so they just nibbled on salad. Youd think with all our money theyd fill up on lobster, caviar, and filet mignon, just because they can; but no, they spend their money on dried lentils and tempeh. Since only beer was on offer which is to say, there was no wine served, a crime worse than murder in my parents opinion , only a handful of words were exchanged all evening, unless you count my incessant blathering, which filled the silence but annoyed everyone to no end, including me.

At some point, toward the end of the long days journey into night, Jake, Kylies little brother who I love more than my own siblings, and who is challenged in his own special ways , launched into a thirty-minute exposition on the San Diego bus schedules. I think it was right after that that my parents made some pathetic excuse about a previous engagement theyd forgotten.

They were out of there so fast the wind shook the shelves. I stayed and played Yahtzee with Jake and Kylie, rather than head back to Cloudbank thats right, our house has a name. Kylie is staring at the clock in the library, twirling her hair. Shes pissed. Weve been waiting here for thirty minutes, and still no Max. Im so not surprised. Kylie springs up from her seat and bolts for the door.

And shes off. Kylies temper is not something to mess with. She looks like shes going to blow, in a big, operatic way. I live for these scenes. As were getting precariously close to graduation, this could be Kylies final performance. I race to catch up with her, no small task in these crazy platform shoes. I seriously need to get some sneakers. Its at the top of the list among my many pet peeves. I am also infuriated by selfishness, narcissism, and stupidity. Hard as it is to believe, Max appears to have all of these traits in spades.

He cannot get away with this. I dont care how hot or popular he is. A force beyond my control seizes me, and before I know it, Im running. For anyone else it would be social suicide, but I was dead on arrival years ago. Im working hard at controlling my anger, but it has been sorely tested at Freiburg. Just this year, Ive had minor eruptions at least three times: I rush across the quad, pretty sure Ill find Max on the squash court.

Will weaves and bobs behind me in his ridiculous shoes. I hope at Berkeley he will feel less of a need to display his sexuality like a merit badge.

I know for a fact Will loves tailored suits and his old worn-in Levis. Maybe someday hell feel comfortable enough in his skin to wear them. Or, at the very least, choose more sensible shoes. A Frisbee slams into my head. A bunch of kids stare at me, pissed.

I realize Ive just crashed the Ultimate Frisbee championships. I apologize and veer off, out of the line of fire. I know I should appreciate the beauty all around me, but something about the blazing green lawn and the stately brick buildings, surrounded by towering palm trees, makes me want to hurl.

I watch for a beat as Lauren Jacobs leaps into the air to snatch the Frisbee. Shes wearing such short shorts I can see her butt cheeks, and a pink T-shirt so tight her nipples are practically visible. Why must Lauren constantly dress like a stripper? Shes hot. I get it. Lauren tosses the Frisbee back to Chase Palmer, whose white-blond hair glistens in the sun and whose perfect teeth sparkle like diamonds.

All these happy, shiny people. I will never adjust to this world, ever. Hey, Kylie, wait up, Harriet Zoles yells to me. I pretend not to hear her and pick up the pace.

Harriet Zoles is one of the precious few people at Freiburg who relentlessly seek out my company. Her and a few other Crofties. Crofties are so named because they spend their time in the undercroft, an inside archway beneath the main building. Will and I tried to hang with them for a while. As it turned out, aside from being unpopular, we had very little in common with them.

Theyre kind of extreme geeks. Im sure theyll go on to create the next Facebook or Google, and Ill be kicking myself that I didnt cozy up to them more when I had the chance. But as much as Will and I tried, we just couldnt make the connection happen. Talking to Harriet Zoles is like torture, or water-boring, as Will would say. And, unlike Franklin Peterson, I dont build elaborate, historically accurate structures out of Legos.

Nor do I think Mandarin is the only way to get ahead in this global rat race we now live in, as Sheila Nollins insists, every chance she gets. No woman is an island, but together, Will and I are a very tiny atoll, floating peacefully off the Southern California coast. Sure, it can get lonely. And maybe in a different place, at a different time, well visit the mainland.

But for now, island living suits us just fine, thank you very much. I yank open the door to the sports center and march down the stairs, toward the squash courts.

Will takes a step, his heel gives, and he tumbles down the stairs, landing in a heap outside the court. Lily looks down at Will and snickers. Maybe thats why men dont wear heels, William.

If this were some kick-ass action movie, the main characterthat being mewould yank up her pencil skirt and, with one long sweep of her leg, incapacitate all three of these girls with a swift kick to their heads.

Then shed straighten her skirt, freshen her lipstick, brush a little lint off her sleeve, and saunter off with a wink and a smile. But this is not a movie. This is my dismal life. And Im no hero. So I glare at Lily and company, and then look down at Will and ask, You okay? Hardly Oscar-worthy.

Never better. I help Will up and onto the bench. He bites his lower lip and rubs his leg. You sure? I ask again. Ill be fine. Dont stop the show on my account. You know how I live for the climactic second act break, Will says to me.

I leave Will and march onto the squash court, where Max is in the middle of a heated match with Charlie. I know this is such a bad idea, but Im so over it. Max Langston and his crew do whatever they want, whenever they please, to whomever they choose. Enough already. Im so caught up in my fight for justice, I am completely oblivious to the squash ball flying around the court until it smacks me in the butt.

I hear Lily and her harpies laugh hysterically. Kylie, what the hell are you doing? Charlie asks. He and Max continue to whack at the ball as if Im not there. For the second time today, Max looks at me and rolls his eyes. I feel naked and ridiculous standing in the middle of the court, the ball whizzing around me. Max and I were supposed to meet forty minutes ago, I say, holding my ground in what is increasingly becoming one of my worst ideas ever.

Oops, my bad. The game went long. Obviously were not going to do it now. So can you get off the court? Max asks. I cannot get off the court. You are so unbelievably rude its mind-blowing. I mean, were you raised in a barn? I know this is an odd comment, but, as usual, Im not on my game with these people.

No, Max wasnt, but a barn is better than a trailer. Or do you people call them double-wides these days? Charlie says. Charlie is referring to the fact that I live in Logan Heights, not exactly the posh part of town.

Its twenty miles outside of La Jolla, but more like worlds away. My familys shabby little rental house could be shoehorned into Charlies guest bathroom. Im guessing, of course, since Ive never seen any part of his house and never will. Charlies comment sends me into the stratosphere.

I go from angry to apoplectic in a split second, losing my pride, my dignity, and all sense of decorum in the process. Sure, Ive got a temper and it flares up at inopportune times, resulting in verbal fireworks, but Ive never gone completely postal.

Maybe its graduation jitters or anxiety about my speech. Whatever it is, my fury has come to a rolling boil and just bubbled over onto the court. I cant control my urge to pummel Charlie. I haul off and kick him in the shin.

I swear I can hear Will gasp from outside the court. Charlie grabs his leg and yelps in pain. What a drama queen. It wasnt that hard, was it?

I am embarrassed by my slide into violence, but at least Ive got their attention. What the hell? What is your problem, Kylie? Max adds. You are my problem, Max. A few other students have wandered over and are watching the show. Im turning.

From What I Remember por Stacy Kramer, Val Thomas

But Im not putting my tail between my legs and backing away now. Ive already gone too far; might as well go all the way. Right is might. I hope. Actually, now is a perfect time for us to talk, I say, whipping out my notebook. I poise my pen above the page. Youre here. Im here. What could be better? Max and Will gape at me like Im some kind of creature from a horror movie.

So, whats your favorite book? I ask Max. Kylie, lets do this later. Ill be done in half an hour. He sounds almost conciliatory. Screw you, Max. Youre such an asshole. Youve wasted enough of my time today. Were doing it now. Who says this kind of stuff in real life? Me, apparently. Im not filtering. Ive gone completely off the edge. I just wish I could have waited until after I delivered my valedictorian speech. Im going to be standing at the podium, the laughingstock of Freiburg.

Will anyone even want to listen to a speech Ive labored over for months? Too late to worry about that now. Maxs expression switches from placating to pissed. You know what, Kylie, screw you. The deal is off. Youre on your own because youre the only idiot who cares about doing the assignment. I was trying to be nice, but fuck it.

And Im in the middle of a game. So get the hell off the court. At this point, Max whips the ball at the wall, missing my head by only a few inches. Hes a very good player, so I have to assume that was on purpose. Ive lost the battle and the war. I skulk off the court. Im still livid, but my anger is now mixed with the sour taste of humiliation. I keep my head down and hurry toward the exit, ignoring the peanut gallery. Will catches up with me outside.

He loops his arm through mine. You had me at Screw you, Max. You were brilliant! I dont say anything. Im too busy beating myself up. Why cant I just let go for once and kick Murphys stupid assignment to the curb? Will can tell Im in the middle of round five of one of my self-boxing matches. Hes been ringside many times before.

His ass isnt what it used to be. Freshman year, it was tight and sweet. Hes getting soft. Doesnt bode well for middle age, Will says, trying to cheer me up. You know thats not true. Hes got an amazing ass, not to mention his six-pack abs and those guns. Is this supposed to help?

Im getting worse. That was ridiculous. They deserved it. No one else stands up to them. I hate this place. Me too. But youre gonna kill at NYU. I love Will for trying to prop me up.

What if its not Freiburg? What if its me? What if I just dont fit in anywhere, like my brother, Jake? Dont get me wrong: Freiburg sucks and has, rightly, been an endless source of blame for most of my social shortcomings.

Theres very little here for me besides Will. But I cant help wondering if, at a certain point, its partly my fault. Whatever I say to Will, my insecurity creeping across my skin like a bad rash. Stop it. Do not let these people make you feel less than extraordinary. You are one amazing human. Dont forget it, Will insists.

I dont know. Its just, I cant believe I lost it like that. It was totally mortifying. It was inspiring. Youre my hero. Will pulls me into a hug.

Wanna go to Pinkberry? My treat. Gotta watch Jake, I say, unhitching myself from Will and heading toward the street. Loser, Will calls to me. Blow me. Call me later?

Will finishes the line from Cruel Intentions. He waves and disappears into the quad. I need to get home. Im already running late. But before I get on the bus, Ive got to pee. So I hustle my way to the arts center. Everybody has their favorite bathroom at school, and this one is mine. It hasnt been modernized like the rest of Freiburg. Its shabby and creaky, with deep sinks and rusty metal doors on the stalls. And no ones ever there.

Its a great place to hide away from the world, unlike Freiburgs other bathrooms, most of which have been commandeered by various social groups. The bathroom in the basement, beneath. The bathroom in the main hall, near the lockers, is controlled by Lily and company. They freeze people out with oldschool mean-girl tacticsstaring, giggling, and whisperingwhich are somehow always in vogue and ever effective.

I avoid that bathroom like the plague. I am sitting on the toilet, peeing, when I hear someone enter.

What, Mom? This is, like, the tenth time youve called in the past hour. Its Lily. Im surprised to find her here.

I cant come home right now. Were all going to Stokess and then out for dinner. We can talk later. Or tomorrow. I dont know what to do. Lily clearly doesnt know Im here. But the longer I stay, the more awkward it gets. I dont want to appear like Im eavesdropping, but any way you slice it, its not going to be good when I suddenly appear.

The sooner I can get out of here, the better. I have no interest in Wentworth family drama. Whats the big secret? Why cant you just tell me now? Lily barks into the phone. I flush and exit the stall. Lily glares at me. I keep my head down and pretend I havent heard a thing.

Ive gotta go. Ill call you back, Lily says, hangs up, and turns her high beams on me. Im not in the mood. Im worn out from my earlier outburst. We stare at each other for a beat, neither of us pleased to see each other, both for different reasons. Underneath Lilys fierce bluster, I sense fear and embarrassment. Its weird. So not Lily.

What the fuck, Kylie? Sorry, I And my voice trails off. Im thrown by the whole strange scenario. What I should say is, What the fuck, Lily? I mean, shes the one yelling at her mother in the bathroom. Not me.We cant all be as hip as you, Max says with a smile, though I think I sense a hint of annoyance in his voice, which surprises me. Surely the administration wouldnt condone this move, but Murphy is a renegade.

An impossible return. Saving Kylie from herself is a full-time occupation, let me tell you. I get teary at the thought of it.

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