From YouTube sensation Zoella comes a debut coming-of-age novel that perfectly captures what it means to grow up and fall in love in today's digital world . Girl. Girl Online Series, Book 1. Girl Online (Series). Zoe (Zoella) Sugg Author Hannah Tointon Narrator (). cover image of On Tour. From YouTube sensation Zoella comes a debut coming-of-age novel that perfectly captures what it means to grow up and fall in love in.

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Zoella's Book Girl Online On Tour Full. GIRL ONLINE ON TOUR BY ZOELLA FULL BOOK. K Reads 28 Votes 4 Part Story. laylamirzaa By laylamirzaa. Books Download Girl Online Going Solo (PDF, ePub, Mobi) by Zoe (Zoella) Sugg Read Full Online. Under the alias Girl Online, Penny blogs her hidden feelings about friendship, boys, Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella, is a vlogger from Brighton, UK.

Although English, she uses Americanisms like "fall" for autumn and "dang". She's an advertiser's dream, an avatar crossed with a The most frequently used terms for her were 'YouTube sensation' Malm ; Runcie ; Wyatt a; Wyatt c ; 'YouTube superstar' Runcie ; Singh a and 'vlogger' Awford ; Malm ; Matthew ; Runcie ; Selby ; Wyatt c , showing an emphasis on her online background and highlighting to the reader that she is not a 'traditional' type of celebrity.

Murphy Her eyes are enormous. She looks like a startled bird; albeit a bird with the gorgeous, flowing locks of Rapunzel, the high-pitched giggle of Tinkerbell, and a name so irritatingly Disney-fied it makes my stomach churn: Zoella.

See a Problem?

Zoella is a beauty and fashion vlogger — the latest creation spat out by the YouTube machine to instruct young girls how to paint on the perfect smoky eye or red lip… It s maddening that a girl who has made it her business to tell teenagers how to put make up on, or get their hair just right, now feels she s in a position to admonish them for f etti g about their appearance. Why, if she feels so strongly about the pandemic of insecurity raging through the tweenage generation, does t she vlog about going to school without make-up, or encourage kids to spend their pocket money on books or days out with friends, rather than on the latest liquid eyeliner to hit Boots shelves?

When the world seems scary, Zoella is comforting. Her message, when she has one, is e ou self! But the self she s representing is, to me, infuriatingly bland and intimidatingly perfect… Girl Online feels like a reprimand, or rather, having the head girl point out all the mistakes in our homework. When I look at Zoella, the contemporary patron saint of glossy hair and perfect relationships she s dating fellow YouTuber and millennial icon Alfie Deyes I desperately want to hear her say something genuinely inspiring, something that will make the young women of today sit up and challenge every beauty myth and bit of gender conditioning they have ever been exposed to.

Then she comes out with the formula for the perfect smoky eye.

That s a lot of people eadi g a lot of ooks, a d u h has ee ade of the fa t that the star is inspiring a younger generation to read. The trouble is, no one seems to a e a out e a tl hat it is the e eadi g.

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Put together, these books teach young girls to care predominantly about boys — not education, not society, ot histo. This is so ethi g that does t see to ha e ossed oella s mind. Togethe the all look so a azi g a d p ett , she said, dis ussi g the pastel covers WH Smith has printed exclusively for her book lu …u like when you or I pass on a book to a friend, she has a greater responsibility to consider the She's crafted a sizeable fortune from writing teen-friendly posts but could blogging sensation Zoella be now trying to widen her fanbase?

Until now, it's the first time followers have seen a more daring image from Zoella, who's dating fellow blogger Alfie Deyes, and some weren't so keen on the change in tack when it comes to her image. My year-old sister looks up to you.

Posting the scantily- clad, sexy image to social media, Zoella — real name Zoe Sugg — showed off her black and white Calvin Klein pants. Lying in bed, the year-old flashed her toned midriff, going braless in a tight white top. She posted the image to Snapchat on Sunday night, meaning anyone could see it, and simply captioned it, Good ight.

Her fans are made up of children, tweens and teenage girls, who flock to watch her make up tutorials and download her merchandise. People say that oella s brand is built on authe ti it and so she should have been honest. Well, I e watched one of her videos. It consisted of her taking make-up out of a carrier bag and talking about it.

I would personally prefer to see a teenage role model talk about how authentically ridiculous and counter-productive it is to worry about your looks, when you could be doing something worthwhile, like reading a book, but yes, she does comes across as quite a sweet and open person.

Zoella films herself in her bedroom giving beauty tips. Her target YouTube audience is girls aged 13 or 14, though she herself is in her 20s… oella s persona is that of sensible, clean-thinking older sister. She babbles away, incredibly kind to herself in the edit — or unkind, depending on your perspective. It ould t be so vapid if it were cut a little bit tighter. As it is, the e s a lot of I would say these were my favourite for July, but it s the middle of August now, so these are August fa ou ites.

The more you watch, the less irritating these meanderings become; she turns into one of those relatives you tune out but are fond of.

I imagine, if you watched enough, the inanity would be part of the attraction.. Disclaimer: I am not Zoella's target market. I was once a teenager, but times must have changed because the teenagers in this book bear no resemblance to any I have ever met. On their second date, Noah and Penny share a flask of tea on a tartan picnic blanket.

This is an excellent date if you're 83, but doesn't strike me as terribly realistic for an year- old rock musician from Brooklyn. Left alone in the house, Noah leads Penny down to the basement where he reveals… a tent festooned with fairy lights and the handwritten sign: This here is Pe s tent. Keep Out! There is a sub-plot about a doll called Princess Autumn that set my teeth on edge.

Even Winnie the Pooh might regard it as a bit twee. Girl Online is different to your standard ghost-written book, and that s because of the implicit promise that Zoella makes to her followers.

Their relationship is based on a fundamental understanding that she will be honest with them. These are teenage girls who worship their idol, and really believe her capable of doing anything.

To them, she is t a celebrity whose name will be used to shift a product; she s their best friend. If Zoella tells them she is iti g a ook , as she did several times, they believe that she is doing just that. This is why they bought it, and why they are so proud of her. If this is not the full story then they have misled. That a book is authored by a sole subject is no guarantee that their words are credible, and yet if the authorship is collaborative it is read as a guarantee that their words are not.

Yelin 2, 4 YouTube stars Zoe 'Zoella Sugg and her boyfriend Alfie Deyes have begged fans to give them some privacy, as they claim many have taken to peering in their windows and ringing on their bell.

Girl Online

But social media users were less than sympathetic, with one tweeting: Wel o e to famous life, did t you see this coming? The twosome replied: Co side i g we did not set out to become fa ous' no. It is also not something we should have to put up with. Even selfie-made stars have their limits. Millionaire bloggers beg for privacy The social media star Zoella and her partner have begged their fans to stop bothering them at their mansion.

Zoe Sugg, 25, better known by her video blogging name Zoella, and her boyfriend, Alfie Deyes, 22, have pleaded for privacy and told visitors to "get a better hobby… The couple, who live in a five-bedroom mansion in Brighton, run a multimillion-pound YouTube empire with 15 million subscribers between them… Fans tweeted their support for the stars, but others were less sympathetic, with one saying "welcome to the famous life, didn't you see this coming?

Then I found out the "author" maybe, seems she didn't even write this piece of garbage at this point was someone who became famous via You Tube.

No offense to all you YouTubers out there, but someone who became famous for vlogging is not someone I would automatically equate with having the ability to write a novel.

Lucky for us all not - this is the age where every Joe Blow seems to be getting an automatic extension on their 15 minutes of fame in order to make an extra dollar or twelve. But like I said, I didn't know anything about this book or the author upon starting. When I read the synopsis, I figured I would at least enjoy this little story.

For those of you who like me are unfamiliar with this book, the premise is as follows: Penny is your average awkward teenager.

She's a little clumsy and a lot unsure about her looks. In order to connect with others like herself, Penny starts a blog called GirlOnline where she can express herself anonymously. All is well until she starts blogging about a mystery man she met and romanced while visiting New York City with her family.

Yeah, notsamuch. Some of my issues were: 1. This "blog" by an anonymous rando goes from zero to 10, followers in less than a year. The problem? There's no way she'd get that kind of following. Now THIS chick???In order to connect with others like herself, Penny starts a blog called GirlOnline where she can express herself anonymously. To them, she is t a celebrity whose name will be used to shift a product; she s their best friend.

Humanity will talk about this "random man" and his music by the next ea s, one user commented.

Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. Some of my issues were: 1.

When I read the synopsis, I figured I would at least enjoy this little story. Sensibly worded queries about black hole theory, the Brexit debate and even Islamic extremism all appeared under the year-old star's hashtag

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