Grimoire NieR Artbook is up! Download the full album here: Feel free to join the group and browse around! You will find a bunch of. Download PDF This "Grimoire Nier Compilation" is a fan translation (that does contain contradictions and translation errors here and there) of. Grimoire Nier - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. The translation of GameFAQs about all things Nier.

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Uploaded by: MARICA DWhQBQ2Is6R8Wjao99AGi0YuWShTvA-tA I will be adding info from here as soon as possible. For those of you who have played/finished/enjoyed/been affected by Nier (I played it for the first time 2 years ago today), have you read **[The. 年2月11日 Download 尼爾之書(Grimoire Nier) apk for Android.

The events of Nier: Automata take place after this ending. Development[ edit ] The concept that would become Nier was first proposed following the release of Drakengard 2 and the reveal of seventh generation consoles. The original concept was for a third entry in the Drakengard series. It was intended to be for PlayStation 3 due to the lessening importance of the PlayStation 2 , which Drakengard 2 had been made for.

However, as the project evolved, the original ideas were reworked and the game eventually became a spin-off from the main series.

Despite this, the game's director Yoko Taro continues to think of it as the third Drakengard game. It was initially a small-scale project, but during planning it grew into a full-fledged role-playing game. Development was handled by Cavia with help from Square Enix , who had previously provided development support for the Drakengard games.

In this scenario, the game's protagonists Caim and Angelus travel across a dimensional boundary to fight a monstrous beast. After winning the battle and killing the monster, they are shot down by a fighter jet and killed; their introduction of magic to the world leads to magical research that results in the Black Scrawl.

Yoko took from it the idea of a terrible event where both sides believed they were doing the right thing, and wanted to show the player multiple perspectives of the same events. The developers believed that the Japanese audience would respond more strongly to a younger protagonist, while non-Japanese audiences would prefer an adult Nier character.

While the games had not been as popular in Japan as in North America, the two felt that the idea of having boss fights with different combat styles than the regular battles was an idea that would appeal to players in both regions.

The changing styles, as well as the occasional changes in camera angle and movement, were meant to "accentuate [the] gap between real, modern scenery and the fantasy world" as a tie-in to the game's story.

This influenced the decision to have a main character in his 30s, as well as more blood and swearing than typical in a Square Enix RPG.

Nier Gestalt would be released for the Xbox , featuring the adult Nier as in the international release for both platforms , while Nier Replicant, for the PlayStation 3, would feature the young Nier.

This fake and hypocritical action was a tradition passed on from his fathers generation, and Hans simply could not give up on it out of his own will. He possesses conflicting feelings of relief and regret at the old woman having passed away without knowing the truth.

They hold great trust in each other, have very high self-esteem and take pride in their time spent guarding Grimoire Weiss. After Hensel was destroyed by Nier replicant Nier , Gretel sunk into a period of madness, for a long time appearing to have lost its heart. However, it was touched by the gentleness of the small Shades, whom it once looked down due to its arrogance, and began to feel shame at how prideful they used to be.

In the end, it acknowledged the small Shades as its comrades, and wished to become stronger to protect them. However, it was defeated along with the small Shades it was supposed to protect by Nier, who was looking for clues to the Shadowlords castle.

Their names come from the Grimm fairytale Hensel and Gretel. Hook The Shade you fight at the Aerie. It killed Kaines grandmother mercilessly, and is the object of Kaines revenge, which she dearly wishes death upon. Its an entity created from the aggregation of numerous gestalts. Due to its inflated ego, it takes joy in cruel acts like massacring replicants and tarnishing the memories of others. It has long lost its consciousness as one entity and went berserk. Its name comes from Captain Hook, a character from the fairytale Peter Pan.

Wendy The gigantic Shade you fight in your first visit to Aerie in years after Kaines revival. Like Hook, its also an aggregation of gestalts, but it has also absorbed the consciousness of the replicants, who were supposed to be no more than pseudo-personalities.

Because of that, it no longer has reason or identity, and its words were a jumbled mess. It has transformed into a lump of hatred, spitting out curse-like words as it moves along.

Its name comes from the heroine in Peter Pan. It was once a system used in experiments testing the endurance of weapons and robots that were made in Junk Heaps military factory. It has gone out of order after long years, and whenever it detects an intruder, itll activate its systems and begin the endurance experiment, regardless of whether the intruder is a gestalt or replicantits name comes from Pinocchios father, the watchmaker Geppetto in the fairytale the Adventures of Pinocchio.

Its still young, and has a straightforward and cute demeanor. Its mother loved him deeply, and became a decoy to let its escape, being killed by replicants in the process. After that, Cleo met P in the depths of Junk Heap, and stayed with it. Its name comes from a goldfish named Cleo in the Adventures of Pinocchio. After Geppettos destruction, it met Cleo in a coincidence after losing sight of its mission. It was taught many things and admired by Cleo, and sometime in between, protecting Cleo became its priority.

Of course, its not used to dealing with kids, but despite its lack of skill, it tries its best to avoid hurting Cleo; the importance it places in Cleo could almost be called blind devotion.

尼爾之書 (Grimoire Nier)

The P that goes before its type number 33 was taken from the Adventures of Pinocchio the first letter of the main character, Pinocchios, name. Sleeping Beauty A strange tree that shows dreams of death to the inhabitants of a foggy and mysterious forest. Its true identity is a huge network computer that runs on demonic element, and it drops hints suggestively telling of truth.

Its working to keep the web of memories that has been torn apart following the destruction of the world. Its name comes from the fairytale Sleeping Beauty. Shahriyar An entity that resides the deepest part of the Barren Temple in the desert.

Its in charge of testing whether a royal has the qualities of a king, and oversees the ritual of bestowing the kings mask upon the fit. If a king dies, his mask is returned to it. Its method of attacking hints at the presence of an ego, perhaps a gestalt has possessed the statue? Its name comes from the king of Persia, Shahriyar, that appears in the Arabian Nights. Its interesting how the name of a foolish king that takes on and executes numerous wives is used as the name of one who chooses a king in the game.

Leader of the wolves: Roc The leader of the pack of wolves that take up residence in the desert. As one that gathers the wolves, it is a mixture of nobility and severity. It was raised by an old man, and underwent the gestalt process, gaining eternal life in the place of his owner. Due to its fond memories of the old mans care, it wishes to live in peace without coming into conflict with the humanoid replicants.

However, it understands that those replicants have deprived them of their habitat and killed many of their comrades. In the end, it realizes that they cannot coexist and leads its pack on a battle to end all battles with the replicants. Its name comes from the huge bird Roc that Sinbad meets in the Arabian Nights. Grimoire Rubrum One of the sealed books, it sleeps within the depths of Emils mansion. A gestalt was sealed inside, granting it powerful magic.

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However, unlike Grimoire Weiss and Grimoire Noir, it was not programmed to be able to understand and converse in human language, and was limited to support those two books. Its name comes from the word for red in Latin, Rubrum. The Knave of Hearts An aggregation of many gestalts. It has lost anything that could be called a personality or ego, and has strong destructive urges.

However, it remembers its given duty of taking replicant Yonah to the Shadowlord gestalt Nier. For that reason, it kept moving on towards the library in which Yonah is hiding, after reviving numerous times thanks to its overwhelming vitality. Its name comes from the card soldier that serves the Queen of Hearts in the fairytale Alice in Wonderland, the Knave of Hearts. Goose An aggregation borne from the fusion of gestalt babies and their parent. Because its not a fusion between relapsed gestalts, its reasoning capabilities and will are still intact.

It burns with rage at Nier replicant and his companions that have mercilessly slaughtered its many friends. It revives after being killed uncountable times because of the huge number of gestalts being used in its fusion, and is definitely not immortal.

Its name comes from Mother Goose. Concept Works Translated by Defade [41] Facial sketch of his younger days. The idea of a hair band was present in the beginning.

A pretty girl that gives off the image of light.

Grimoire Nier

It might be possible for her to grow to Kaine proportions? I never thought that shed end up being called a hussy. Her hair design was kept pretty much the same.

She hid her violent tendencies. This was before she got possessed by Tyran. The information I got was a nice character who supports Nier.

Default sketch of Nier Nier Gestalt in very fashionable clothes. Long hair falling behind; a dark expression. Thats when his hairstyle and clothing became very close to the finished product. The basic settings were kept consistent. Saving his sister from an incurable disease was a concept present back then. She was supposed to have Grimoire Schwert. She was a young girl, took her present form in exchange for magic. The eighth book Grimoire Axe. The third book Grimoire Phantasm.

Its good at doing combination attacks with another giant Gretel, and this setting stayed in the finished product. Closes in upon children with a smile and devours their souls.

The twelfth book Grimoire Virga. However, if they wish for power for their most beloved, they shall attain the power to change the world. Even if the same power guides the world to its destruction. At the same time, a red dragon-like entity the "Dragon" appears and does battle with the Giant. The principles behind, and effects of, these attacks are unknown. An emergency Cabinet-level committee is formed.

At PM, the Giant falls. What the Giant is made of unable to be determined, and at this time damage on the ground is comparatively light. Its body is secretly taken to a government research facility. This incident becomes known as the " Incident".

It results in 56 dead, injured, and total economic losses of over 60 billion yen. A gag order is issued regarding the events of , but by this time information is already leaking onto chanels such as the internet. Fears of terrorism and foreign plots swirl. The USA suspects terrorism and prepares for a hardened stance against a hypothetical enemy. The Japanese government considers a large increase in the military budget.

December A mysterious infection In Shinjuku, Tokyo, a disease appears in which victims' bodies gradually chlorinate. Research begins on this disease. At this time, the disease is believed to be very rare, only occurring under certain conditions. The outlook is optimistic. February, An explosive increase in the number of infected and dead Many more people become infected, mainly in Shinjuku.

April Infected people displaying berserk personality disorders begin appearing Among the infected, some begin to go berserk. These infected gather in Shinjuku, causing a "hollowing-out" or deindustrialization of this region. Various countries pressure Japan to make progress on the disease.

May - Berserk people continue to appear in Shinjuku More and more infected appear in Shinjuku. Research reveals that the disease creates people who go berserk, and people who die. June The disease is named "White Chlorination Syndrome" A medical group which has been researching the disease since December makes a presentation.

They do not know what causes "berserking" and "death", but know that they stem from the same disease. Porposals are floated to move [the national government in] Nagata-cho and the Emperor's Residence, but the Imperial Household Agency refuses.

Nagata-cho refuses to move, citing concerns about the ability to fill a quorum in the Diet July Shinjuku's Danger Level is raised to 4 The danger level in Shinjuku reaches its highest level yet; transportation stoppages and roadblocks are seen September Plan to seal Shinjuku announced The Japanese government receives further reports of infection trajectories, and annouces a plan to physically seal off Shinjuku. Opposition movements and protests on moral grounds begin.

A newspaper survey indicates that the majority of respondents are opposed but on the internet, most respondents are in favor.

In Shinjuku, a certain important person is attacked and killed by a person who has been infected by White Chlorination and has gone berserk. The mass media jumps on the story, and public opinion begins to trend toward sealing Shinjuku. Announcement that forcible suppression of people made berserk by White Chlorination will continue. Opposing demonstrations occur in various countries, along with world-wide criticism of the Japanese government.

December Final pictures of inside the wall are leaked Transmissions sent my members of the media who voluntarily remained behind the wall in Shinjuku are abruptly cut off. The final film is cut-off with a scream as a giant white being appears. This image is not released but leaks through the internet. The number of berserkers begins to decrease.

The Japanese government announces that transmission of WCS infection has temporarily quieted; research on it continues.

May Truth behind WCS is discovered Research results are presented to the government: whether the person infected with WCS will die or go berserk is determined at the genetic level. The opinion is that people with slight irregularities in some chromosomes have a high probability of going berserk.

This result is not announced publicly; rather, research continues in secret. It is later revealed that this is a mistaken interpretation due to falsified data. Rumors swirl linking the incident to religious organizations or to North America. JSDF actions become extreme.

October Irregularity in aerial photography of Shinjuku A strange black dot appears in aerial photographs of Shinjuku. It is reported, but not considered important. A sound like the one heard from the Giant on is also confirmed here. A large number of berserking white monsters later called "the Legion" comes out from behind the Wall.

They attack and kill humans in a disorderly fashion. One monster with red eyes called "Red Eye" is seen leading the Legion and keeping them in order. The operation encounters difficulty as Red Eye successfully organizes the Legion May WCS reappears Infection spreads out from Tokyo Shinjuku to the rest of the Kanto area August The facility studying the dragon is secretly moved The research facility studying the body of the Dragon is secretly moved outside Japan. The new location is not revealed a popular theory says that it is in America.

September Government and imperial residence moved to Kyushu A decision is made to move the government and Emperor's residence out of Tokyo.

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They move to relatively-unscathed Kyushu. October All of Honshu in Japan becomes a battlefield Many more people die from sickness or become Legion. As people try to flee the country, policies are enacted refusing entrants from Japan. Crimes skyrocket amidst the chaos. The Japanese government is hampered by increasing interference from overseas. A military alliance with America is suggested, but its terms are unfavorable to Japan; other countries advise against it. Joining forces with the JSDF, the scope of the battle increases.

The human side is winning. March Plan to destroy Shinjuku implemented In response to the limitless number of Legion coming out of Shinjuku, a plan to destroy it is considered. Shinjuku is carpet-bombed, but only a slight reduction is seen in the number of Legion. In America, progress continues in the research of Legion, but an effective method of stopping them remains unclear.

Pods can be enhanced throughout the game, with upgrades including new attack methods and variations. Screen resolution: x There is a possibility that other IME will not function correctly with it. Recommended: OS: Windows 8. Depending on the monitor and PC graphics card environment and setup used, this title can expand its display resolution to 4K.

However, please be aware that 4K resolutions are not officially supported.

All Rights Reserved.Yonah is slimming down. Shes loud and stubborn, and behaves less than pleasantly most of the times, so the residents have learnt to avoid her.

At the same time, a red dragon-like entity the "Dragon" appears and does battle with the Giant. Announcement that forcible suppression of people made berserk by White Chlorination will continue. Elements of an RPG — Players will obtain a variety of weapon types, level up in battle, learn new combat skills, and customise a loadout that caters to their playstyle.

They can also assist outside of battle, such as allowing the player to glide through the air. To regain the countrys lost trust as a result of his predecessor dying from Black Scrawl Disease, he entered the Barren Temple to obtain the proof of kingship, a mask. Its name comes from the king of Persia, Shahriyar, that appears in the Arabian Nights. The opinion is that people with slight irregularities in some chromosomes have a high probability of going berserk. The music was designed for different motifs to appear in various arrangements throughout the soundtrack, and also to convey a sense of sadness even during the "thrilling" tracks.

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