Since , with the invention of the world's first electromagnetic hair clipper. “ Model 66” by Leo J. Wahl, our experts have engineered a powerful line of clippers. Block D: Styling Hair. WORD LIST. Block B: Hair & Scalp Care. Block C: Cutting Hair. Block E: Chemically Waving & Relaxing Hair. Block F: Colouring Hair. A large variety of hair cutting styles are popular, each require special tools and special technique. Objectives. After reading this lesson you will be able to.

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Haircutting is a basic, foundational skill upon which all other hair design is built. . Thompson, as featured in their book, Mahogany: Steps to Cutting, Colouring. Basic principles of haircutting. Ms. Ly. Anatomy of the skull. Head form: The shape of the head or skull. Reference points: the points on the head that mark where. Cosmetologists should have a thorough understanding of haircutting because clients; it allows you to duplicate an existing cut; and a good haircut will make.

The blade size information was obtained from manufacturer web site product listings.

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They can also be used with special tapering attachments or combs for blending. Andis Andis clippers come with removable blades of different lengths.

In the lists below. If you have a skinny or long neck. Three very common clipper manufacturers used by barbers are Andis.

Just be careful to specify length. Some people use the word "fade" interchangeably with "taper.

Some kinds of layered cuts can give a more modern. A "taper" cut is a general name for a cut that gets progressively shorter as the hair approaches the nape of the neck. Choose a shop that can do the best job with the styles you like to wear. If you are getting a short hairstyle and want it layered. Layering Layering refers to cutting hair at different lengths throughout the hairstyle. If you use "fade" to describe that you want a tapered effect.

Most short cuts employ at least some tapering. In the recent past. A part can be made on any style where the hair is long enough. Layers can be blended so that you cannot see where one length leaves off and another begins.


Crown The top rear portion of the head. Barbers can certainly cut longer men's styles-.

A taper shows no abrupt lines or steps where the hair suddenly looks longer or shorter. See also "crown. Layers can be uniform throughout.

Taper The word "taper" refers to the act of creating a gradual. Part A line of scalp usually running parallel with the sides of the head that can be seen when sections of hair are divided and combed in opposite directions. You can have a longish taper cut or a very short taper cut-. Having your head or face shaved smooth is different from having your hair clipped down to almost nothing.

The natural part begins at the crown. Layering can help remove bulk and weight from areas where hair is generally left longer.

Because this style is frequently associated with kids getting their hair cut at home by mom. Keep in mind that barbers and individuals in different parts of the country or world or even across town may interpret these styles differently. See "blocked nape versus tapered nape.

Brush cut For the brush cut. You and your barber may come up with variations on the basic themes of these haircuts that suit your face and personal style. Some style names are fairly generic. A frequent question asked by barbers is whether you would like a "tapered" neck or a "blocked" neck. You may also wish to check some of the sites in the Resources section for photo examples of these styles.

Thinning The removal of some hair. The top is worn straight up to resemble the bristles of a brush. It gets it name because it looks as though someone took a bowl. This is nowhere near an exhaustive listing of possible men's haircuts.

Bowl cut This cut features longer hair around the top of the head and shorter hair around the lower part of the head with little or no blending between the two lengths. Thinning can be done using regular haircutting shears.

It is shorter than a "butch. There are several possible variations on the business man's cut. It usually refers to a tapered cut on the back and sides. Business man's cut A business man's cut is a generic term for a conservative. You can see much more scalp with a burr than you can with a butch.

A burr is short enough that it feels a bit rough. It is longer than a "burr. A butch may or may not be tapered around the ears and near the neckline. There are also styling variations as to how the sides can be cut to meet the top: There are a number of possible length variations with the flat top.

Convertible "Convertible" is a generic term referring to a style that can be worn in more than one way. Taper cuts or layered cuts can be styled with enough hair left on the top so they can be worn parted. Fade A fade is an extreme type of taper cut. The style is named after Julius Caesar. The back and sides are tapered. Crew cut A crew cut is a fairly generic term for a very short cut that is tapered on the back and sides as well as tapered on the top of the head to have a little more length toward the front hairline.

The contour of the head is usually followed on the top. Brooklyn fade. Philly fade.

Flat top In the flat top. When viewed from above. A crew cut can be considered a very short version of a classic taper cut. There are many local and popular names for different kinds of fades.

Caesar cut In the caesar. The patch of hair left on the top forward part of the head is more narrow and smaller than in a high and tight. The sides and back are shaved very high. In a classic ivy league shown in the illustration. Horseshoe flat top See "flat top. There is no blending between the sides and the top. A more extreme version is the "high and tight recon.

The sides and back are extremely short. The recon resembles an extremely short mohawk. There is minimal blending between the sides and the top.

More contemporary ivy league cuts may style the hair upward or forward in the front. High and tight recon The high and tight recon is an extreme version of the high and tight above. The military isn't entirely specific about how hair should be styled. Landing strip See "flat top. Elvis Presley wore a few different pompadour styles in his lifetime. Marine Corps regulations state that the hair on the top of the head should not be longer than 3 inches.

Regulation "Regulation" is a generic term that refers to short. Pompadour A pompadour is a generic term for a style that wears the hair brushed up and back from the forehead. As for sideburns. Pompadours can be very short or very long on the top. If you are leaving your short hairstyle a little on the long side overall.

Those regulations leave room for interpretation. If you decide to wear a layered style that is very long several inches or more on top.

Feel free to ask your barber to give you a cut that he or she thinks will look good on you. The illustration below shows a few variants of the regulation cut.

Taper cut A classic taper cut is simply a short haircut where the sides and back are cut progressively shorter down toward the neck.

A good taper cut should show no demarcation lines. Just because a haircut looks good on your friend or on a celebrity doesn't mean it will necessarily look as good on you!

Haircutting for Dummies

A good barber will be able to suggest styles that suit your face. The hair on the top of the head is also tapered. Temple fade See "fade.

This area of scalp is referred to as "whitewalls. Trans men should keep in mind that your facial shape may change somewhat after you have been on testosterone for a couple of years. The oval face is slightly wider at the forehead. With the round face. Beards should be styled to slim the face as well. Try a few different styles to see what suits you best.

One is to explain that you want the cut to look more masculine. Very short styles that follow the curve of the head such as a butch. The jawline may tend to square up a bit. Once he or she has seen the changes in your face and overall appearance. If you absolutely love your barber or stylist and don't want to change.

This is similar to what happens to non-trans boys when they go through puberty. You can suggest a style or modifications that you know will help masculinize your face type.

If you happen to be short in stature. A second option is to go to a different barber and get a fresh start.

If you are being read as female during early transition. Facial shape illustrations are modified from L. Round Face The round face is shorter than the oval. Tips are also provided for certain facial features. Another factor for trans men to consider is whether your barber or stylist reads you as male or female. This is probably not intended in a negative way.

Oval Face The oval face is considered to be the ideal face shape. If you are with a barber who reads you as female or who knows you from prior to transition and is giving you a feminine cut.

Styling suggestions are provided for 8 different facial shapes: The following section is summarized from information gathered from the barbering textbooks listed in the Resources section. Many guys with round or soft faces end up choosing "masculine" styles that are cropped close to follow the curve of the top of the head such as a butch or a rounded crew cut.

If you are early in transition and are looking for a haircut to help you appear more masculine. The hair on top of the head should be reasonably full. Adding bangs or otherwise styling the hair forward to cover the hairline may work well. Square Face The square face has an angular jawbone and chin.

Men's Short Haircuts.pdf

Most styles will look good on the heart-shaped face. Triangular Face also called Pear-shaped Generated by www. A textured style with layers can look good on a square face. Hair should be styled to slenderize the face. Heart-shaped Face The heart-shaped face is widest across the cheek bones and the eyes. Save money and create flattering haircuts for yourself, your family, or your friends with this easy-to-follow guide filled with styling tips and techniques and packaged to stand conveniently on the counter as you snip!

Or maybe you've been cutting hair at home for years but could really use the advice of trained professionals to improve your technique? This book takes the fear out of haircutting!

How to Simply Cut Hair Even Better How to Simply Cut Hair Even Better" is an advanced, step by step guide, teaching the six basic cuts and how they can be combined and or altered to create just about any hairstyle imaginable.

Scissors and Comb Haircutting: A Cut-by-Cut Guide This revised edition of the haircutting classic guides learners to excellent, precision-cut results. In addition to the detailed, step-by-step lessons for each hairstyle, the guide also contains information on necessary tools.

Understanding how to read and work with hair is something many stylists work toward their entire lives. Cosmo Easterly, master stylist and the author of this book, brings his expertise to you in this complete guide to understanding hair. Designed to guide even the most untrained hair stylists through the rigors of the industry. Whether you're just starting out or you've logged years behind the chair, whether your clients are all about tasteful design or they crave the latest and greatest, in this new collection, you'll find the ideas to energize your work.For example, if it is your turn to get a cut, but your favorite barber, Sam, is still cutting another guy's hair, you can simply say, "I'm going to wait for Sam.

Save money and create flattering haircuts for yourself, your family, or your friends with this easy-to-follow guide filled with styling tips and techniques and packaged to stand conveniently on the counter as you snip! Embed Size px. The following section is summarized from information gathered from the barbering textbooks listed in the Resources section. A tapered nape refers to a gradual decrease in the length of hair at the back of the head to zero, following your natural hairline.

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