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DON'T read it! The other students can ask questions. Which of these news topics interests you most?

New Headway Intermediate 4th edition PDF Audio (All in One)

Do you listen to the radio? Which station? What is the first story about? The second? Write a number Choose one of the news stories. What else do you want to know? Think of more questions. Write the questions on the board. S l1li Listen to the news stories. Which questions were answered? One student should write the exact words on the board. The other students help.

That icn't how you spell ttI.. You Micsed out aword. Project c;: Do some research. In the next lesson, bring in pictures and articles. Tell the class about the story. Be prepared to answer questions.

What makes you lose your cool? What made him lose his cool? In groups, write some sentences about the story. Compare ideas.

After each one, answer the questions and have a class discussion. Retell the story in more detail. What do you think? Why was it such big news for a week? Do you think he paid afine or went to prison? Look at the article on piSS for the answer. Do you thinkthis was fair? How does the Steven Slater story illustrate this? Emergencyexit for flight attendant who lost his cool Flight attendant Steven Slater made an emergency exit from an Airbus after he had an argument widt a passenger.

As the Airbus A was taxiing slowly on the runway, a passenger stood up to get her luggage. Mr Slater told her to sit down, but she refused The businesswoman was taking her case out ofthe overhead locker when it hit Mr Slater on the head.

He started bleeding, and it was then that the flight attendant lost his temper. He marched to the front ofthe cabin and spoke furiously over the plane's PA system, saying, 'That's enough! After 28 years in this business, I quit! Mr Slater then ran to his car and drove home.

Police arrested Mr Slater at his home a short time later. What did the female passenger do? How did he react? How did Steven Slater leave the plane?

Was this a very important story? Why do you think it was in the newspapers? Steven Slat Peopfe wrote how much they admired him. Including other cabin aaw. He could face up to How did they show their support? Why did the public admire him? What did other cabin crew say? Folk hero Slater relaxes on the beach Ex-flight attendant Steven Slater spent the weekend relaxing on 1M beach.

He was having a couple of beers and enjoying his new worldwide fame as the b lest American folk hem. Yesterday supporters shouted. What actually happened on the beach?

What did Steven Slater do to deserve being ca1led afolk hero? Steven Slater thanks public Flight attendant Steven Slater. Slater has messages from millions of people all over the world. He said, 'I really appreciate this enormous support.

JetSlue confirmed that Slater was still an employee, but suspended from duty. TV production company Stone Entertainment wants to give the flight attendant the chance to star in a program that shows unhappy workers how to leave their job.

Underline the adverbs. Match a verb in A Try to remember the sentences. Is this afast train to london? Slow down! You drive too bst! I sot up I worlc hord and play hord. She's a very hard worker. Complete the lines with the adverbs. IcleM complete quiet good slow bad playa game well and win 2 playa game S forget something Word order S Correct the word order in these sentences.

She speaks very weUEnglish. I My grandma is 75, and she goes swimming. Heat it gently. When it is ready, serve the scrambled eggs with toast. They're on Facebook. My dad's on Facebook. When's your birthday? What's your date of birth?

What year were you born? DEI Listen and compare. Whirsthe date today? Practise saying these dates in two ways. What's the difference between British and American English? July 25 - ft's MY wtddi"9 ivusary. When did you last? Eat, drink, and be merry! Conyou come for dinner? Expressions of quantity 1 Read about Claus and Elvira Bonrich.

Who had the healthiest diet? For brMktad I, SOMa ur Do theycookany of their food?

Claus Bonrich 33 and his wife Elvira 28 all! Claus 15 a software programmer and Elvira works in a health food shop. In many ways their lifo!

They want to live until they all! And they believe they can do this by following an American health pian called the'Calorie Restriction Diet: Claus and Elvira eat a lot of raw food. They steam some food but they don't fry, grill, or roast anything.

Which group can you count? Which can't you count? Label the nouns Countable and Uncountable. Read and complete the questions and answers about the diet with the nouns from exercise 2. A No, we don't eat any at all. A Yes, ofcourse, we eat lots of raw 5 Q Don't you cook any vegetables at all?

A We cook some. Sometimes we steam a few and a little 6 Q And what do you drink? A About 1, A That's about 1, fewer than most people. Practise the questions and answers with your partner. Which group go wTth plural countable nouns?

Which go wTth uncountables? Which go wTth both? A S C How much? When do we use them? Correct the senteoca.

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There are fffiIfl ' books in my bag. X There', I 1 look at these sentences. Is there any orange juke? Can Ihave some orange juke? Do you think the Bonrichs eat and drink the things in the box? Discuss with your partner and complete the lists. Listen and find out if your ideas were correct. Will the Bonrichs live to be l20? Just halfa dozen. Two or three. He's a millionaire. I met who knows you! There's in my eye! I cou1dn't find I liked: Practise them with a partner.

S l1li Listen. There is a word missing in each sentence. Call out what it is. Say the complete sentence. How old were they? Why do you think they lived so long? My grandfather lived until he was years old.

He was a shopkeeper. He had afish and chip shop in an old village near a big, industrial town in the north of England. He had a son and a daughter. The daughter is my mother. The family lived above the shop.

In those days, fish and chips was the most popular dish in the whole country. My grandfather made the best fish and chips in the area.

People came to the village by bus especially to get them. Everybody loved my grandfather because he was such a happy and contented man. He worked hard, but once a week he closed the shop and went to have lunch not fish and chips! He didn't retire until he was 78 years old. He said that the secret to a long life was a glass of whisky before going to bed and lots offish and chips.

Read the rules in Grammar Rriff'ffKf 4. Find some examples of these rules inthe text. My ptdf. Read the lines aloud to a partner. Dis U5Sins grammar Work with a partner. We had best time ever. I work at home on my computer. S I do all my shopping on lnternet. Vbat way to shop! Check it 3 Find one mistake in each sentence and correct it.


I He's postman, so he has breakfast at 4. S 'Where are the children? II What are they? Where did people in your country eat and drink hundreds of years ago? Look at the pictures and the Fact Files.

What's unusual about the three restaurants? Group A Read about Dinner in the Sky. Group C Read about sBaggers Restaurant. Answer the questions about your restaurant. Is it good? Answer these questions aftereach person. What was good about it? What wasn't so good? What do they say about the other guests? What do you think! Which would you like to visit? Do yoo eat out? How often?

Whafs your favourite resturant? Do you know any unusual restaurants? They sit at a huge table which hangs from a crane fifty metres in the air.

It's not a good idea for people who are afraid of heights or for those who don't have much money. The twenty-two diners wear seat belts and relax and enjoy the views while the chefs prepare the finest food in front of them. David Ghysels, the Belgian organizer says, 'We realized that people were bored with going to the same old restaurants. They wanted to try something different. The sky's the limit with us! The table is 9m x Sm and weighs six tonnes.

In the centre there is a sunken platform for the chef and two waiters. The food is delicious, but most guests don't feel like eating until after a few drinks! Then they also get the courage to look down at the ground where tiny people are looking up in amazement and waving. Dinner in the Sky is very exciting and the food is good, but there are problems.

For example, even in quiet weather conversation is difficult because of the wind. Guests shout to each other across the table. Also, the You can't go to the until the table descends again. Difficult for some! But later, back on earth, after a visit to the loa, the guests have a great experience to talk about. It haa means 'pearl' in the Maldivian language and the guests are like pearls in a glass oyster. However, is easy to get to. You don't need to be a swimmer or a scuba diver, but you do have to wear formal clothes.

The manager, Carlton 5chieck says, 'We have used aquarium technology to put diners face-to-face with the sh. Our guests are speechless at the colour and beauty of the underwater world.

They can enjoy the views and the fine food and not get their feet wet. In the crystal-blue sea, a few etres from your head, there are sharks, sting rays, turtles, and thousands of tropical f ish looking at you as: There is also a fabulous coral garden to add to the colour. The experience is both romantic and magical - and you can guess what's on the menu! In April it also became a hotel. However, an underwater building can't last forever. It is thought that it will have a life of about twenty years.

It's a restaurant w ith no waiters to serve you. You do everything for yourself with touch-screen TVs and computers. It opened in and is the first automated restaurant in the world. When you arrive you pick up an 's Baggers credit card and go to sit at a big, round table with three or four computer screens. You put your card into the computer and order your meal by touching the pictures on the screen. You don't see the chefs.

They are in the kitchen high above you. They're real men, not machines at least not yet. The food is all freShly cooked and when it is ready it is put in a pot and sent down a spiral tube where it lands on the table in front of you.

This gives a new meaning to fast food! The TVs are connected to the Internet, so if you get bored while waiting, you can send and receive emailsand text messages. A businessman called Michael Mack had the idea for 's Baggers.

He decided that waiters were unnecessary and too expensive. And if you want you can pay by direct debit at the end of the month. And something else that saves money - there is, of course, no need to leave a t ip! Vork in small groups.

Match amounts in A with nouns in B. How many can you make? How much are some of these things in your country? I tfliPlK a large f at wflite braad eort! Choose from these places. Write them down. What is each line about?

I 'No problem. I've got change: Dr 6 'They're on the fust aisle, over there. Work with a partner. Turn to page and choose one of the conversations. Learn it by heart and then act it to the class. One day I wont to Read what the people say. What do they do? What are their problems? What do you think they Which sentences go with which person. Ablr 2 'I'd like to leave now and get ajob, anyjob. I want to earn some money: We're going to Spain this summer: What else does each person say?

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Complete the lines. Who says them? I'd Jove to work there for a couple ofyears. I'm looking forward to back to work. Ilike working in New York. I'd like to work in New York.

S Complete the sentences with the phrase work in New York. Put the verb work in the correct form. I want I'd love I enjoy I'm fed up with I'mthinking of I'm looking forward to Read them aloud. IDI Listen and check. I hope to go to university. How do the conversations continue? Practise some of them with a partner.

Talking about you 4 Ask and answer the questions with a partner. Would you like to have a break now? Who hasn'e 'hat are you doing this evening? I'm goingto invite aU my friends. I'mgoing to stay with an old school friend. Debbie is talking to Ella. A05'-"'f the questions. Talki ng about you 1 "ith your partner ask and ans,'er the four questions in exercise 1about you.

Will can express an intention decided at the time of speaking. I'mworking late this evening.

Maybe I'll just celebrate at home with afew friends. Perhaps"II go cycling in France, g No,"mnot. I'll give you aring and maybe we cando something together, h Nothing much,Ithink I'll just watcha DVDand order a pizza. Choose the correct verb form. A Have you decided which university to apply for?

B Really? B Give it to me. I'm going to carry it for you. B I'm going to I I'll make spaghetti bolognese. What's the extra line? Listen to the first line of six conversations. Respond to each one. Why are you looking "oIrward tothe weekend?

When can we meet? Arrange a time to meet in the next week. Student A Look at your diary on pI5 l. Student B Look at your diary on pi What areyou dOing on Monday afternoon? Will you, won't you? S Use the words in A and make sentences with I think Match themwith a line in B.

You won't tail again.

I Listen and check. What is the extra line? Think of someone you know in their tv. Tell a partner about them. What is a something? Elsa, and Dan. Who is happy? Who feels grown-up? Who knows what they want to do in the future?

Ask and answer the questions with a partner. S mIl Listen again. After each something, answer the questions. When doyouthinkis the best time for children to leave home? What are the pros and ons for the children?

Do you know where it is? Find Qut about it on the Internet. Discuss with the class. Are the sentences true. I or false X? Correct the false ones. I Palina was born the same year as the disaster. Why is Palina Iud,,.? What reasons can you find? Who do you think said each one? New Headway Upper-Intermediate recognizes that learners at this level require a different approach to language learning. It moves away from examining language items in isolation, exploring grammatical areas in greater depth so that students begin to perceive the systems that underlie the language.

New Headway Advanced is The long-awaited, totally new edition of the Advanced level, providing a real challenge and stimulus for Advanced learners. Making Headway is a supplementary series for teachers and students of English. It is designed to complement the Headway coursEbook, but can also be used with other main coursEbooks. Phrasal Verbs and Idioms is for adult upper-intermediate learners who want to study and learn to use English multi-word verbs, prepositions and idiomatic expressions.

New Headway Talking Points is a great book for the Mature Exams but also can be used for any intermediate level. FCE, for example. Headway Academic Skills - A four-level, paired skills course that teaches students in higher education the essential skills for academic success. An authoritative integrated syllabus, motivating topics, and clearly.

A complete course in English pronunciation.. Student's Book. Part A , , , , 90 pages. Streamlined units, now at eight pages. They are easy to navigate, with clearly divided sections. Fresh modern design, with an emphasis on maximum clarity on the page. New Horizons is a four-level upper secondary course that sets achievable goals and builds confidence. Headway Australasia is written especially for adult and young adult students studying English in Australia and New Zealand.

It supports and extends the highly successful. New Headway English course. The listening and reading texts are drawn from a range of authentic sources.

An in-depth treatment of grammar enables students to work out grammatical rules and helps them. New Headway Itools , , , ,. Nomination of David M. A thought-provoking study of the Great Depression argues that Roosevelt's flawed economic policies had profound and dangerous impact on America and that the New Deal actually Talk Time , Susan Stempleski, Oct 1, , Foreign Language Study, 92 pages.

Talk Time is a three-level conversation course that provides speaking and listening practice based on everyday situations.

Gentle progression of communicative activities in Four simple steps to happily ever after: Talk. Ashton presents a short, illustrated introduction to the evolution of simple harmonic theory. Twelve authentic, full- color disguises: ceremonial old man, Thunder God, comic "Oto" mask, as well as masks worn for dance, other theatrical roles and temple rituals.

Why do most financial decision-making models fail to factor in basic human nature? This guide to what really influences the decision- making process applies psychological. Gaines, Cram Textbook Reviews, , Education, pages. Virtually all testable terms, concepts, persons, places, and events are included.I've got 50 much to do!

Perhaps another time. I Good mormng. I 'No problem. The teachers are trying to be friendly.

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