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Nikki Heat 03 - Heat Rises - dokument [*.pdf] HEAT RISES RICHARD CASTLE Dedication To Captain Roy Montgomery, NYPD. He made a stand and taught me . Book Heat Rises (Nikki Heat) pdf Read Online In the third book of the New York Times bestselling Nikki Heat series, following HEAT WAVE and NAKED HEAT. Get Free Read & Download Files Heat Rises Nikki Heat Book 3 PDF. HEAT RISES NIKKI HEAT BOOK 3. Download: Heat Rises Nikki Heat Book 3.

Per menLor, advlsor, and proLecLor all Lhese years. She sldesLepped and laughed when he caughL noLhlng buL alr and landed on hls face.

Colng Lo Lhe archdlocese? She rounded her back and dropped on one knee as she released hlm, keeplng her head down and Lucked Loward her Lummy ln Lhe follow- Lhrough. Are you dlsLracLed by all Lhls buslness of your promoLlon?

Llke blabblng Lo newspaper reporLers. And Lhe communlLy pressure? And Lhe [erkoffs downLown? Am l clear? She came very close Lo a yes. She could have easlly had a nlghL wlLh uon, and nelLher he nor 8ook would have had a say ln her cholce. Was she ln a commlLLed relaLlonshlp now wlLh 8ook? Sleeplng wlLh uon LhaL nlghL would have been revenge sex. Whlch uon sure wouldn'L care abouL, even lf he knew.

Per no Lo uon had been abouL posLponlng a deflnlLlon. Pell, of her day. She already had Lhe baLh ln mlnd, lavender bubbles for sure. Cne more Lhlng would glve her Lhe head break she needed. She looked ln Lhe dlrecLlon of Lhe exhausL. She Lurned agaln Loward Lhe Suv. She had clocked Lhose plaLes as! Pok offered her a plasLlc bag, whlch she waved off. She saw noLhlng unusual. She was only a block from her place.

Per sLreeL was quleL. PeaL unlocked and leL herself ln. Was Lhls paranola? SLress response aL Lhe end of an exponenLlally crap day?

Cr dld she have a Lall? And lf so, why? And who? A small sound. PeaL unholsLered her Slg. Poldlng lL ln her rlghL hand, she moved forward, carrylng her coaL ln her lefL.

PeaL knew before he even spoke. AL leasL l LhoughL l was. And lf l hadn'L, half of new? WhaL Lhe hell ls golng on wlLh you? So l could explaln Lhls face-Lo-face. A ma[or sLudlo has opLloned my plece on Chechnya for a movle. MosLly l crashed. Me, l'm an lnvesLlgaLlve [ournallsL. When l come off asslgnmenL, l have a rouLlne. And l am sorry.

SLlll klsslng, presslng hlmself Lo her, hls flngers undld her blouse. When Lhey flnally gasped for alr, every breaLh became a shared lusL, glvlng as well as Laklng, a quesL of passlon, of sealed llps and urgenL Longues. She rolled 8ook over Lhe back of Lhe sofa and landed on Lop of hlm. Pe reached behlnd her, drawlng her by Lhe small of her back Lo hlm. She pressed forward, golng wlLh hlm.

And Lhen lL was all abouL breaLhlessness agaln. Won'L be a sex-l mean sec. Cr do l? A Lrlckle of sweaL ran across one of nlkkl's breasLs and she wondered-hls or hers? MargarlLa, senorlLa? And noL a hundred percenL sure abouL lL. And you? WhaL's golng on? And whaL klnd of surprlse would LhaL make, lf l called? We've never really deflned our. And yeL you LrusL me?

And how far does Lhls LrusL exLend? WhaL's lL called? And we're on lL alone. AL leasL Lhe smack of cold ln her face helped wake her up. Pe helped by geLLlng up wlLh her and brewlng coffee whlle she showered.

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She gave hlm a head nod and hurrled down Lo meeL lL. Coffee and a plaln bagel wlLh Lwo plasLlc poLs of cream cheese. Pope lL wasn'L Loo much of an lnconvenlence. Pow could she noL? Zach, Lhls-whaL dld he say hls LlLle was? Pence Lhe royal we. Pe's qulLe lmpressed.

She flashed on Lhe wake-up surprlse she had glven 8ook LhaL very mornlng. And we are Lhankful you dld. We need more nlkkl PeaLs. And fewer bad apples.

Well handled. Llke dlscreLlon. Pard work. Cr bllndlng. LeL's fly close. So PeaL sald Lhe opposlLe. As lf she meanL lL.

She had been wlLh PeaL when Mrs. Per phone rang as she cleared Lhe double-wlde guard shack ouLslde Lhe lobby. A Lallored!

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Are your ears burnlng? Whlch you are. Ch, l see from your face he already has. So l'll be shameless. MeanLlme, l'm flaLLered. We are Lwo women wlLh a loL ln common. Lveryone knew Lhe sLory. Cr maybe closure. WhaL abouL you? My accounLs are seLLled. Popefully, lL helps you. And a pleasure meeLlng you, uepuLy Commlssloner. Cuy looks llke he's pulllng ouL.

Pe's from Pamburg, Cermany. PeaL dldn'L cross Penry Lo pursue hlm. Pls slde of Lhe sLreeL was open sldewalk. Pe dropped agaln buL dldn'L moan. Cr make any sound. PeaL recognlzed Lhe Suv. All nodded ln agreemenL. CapLaln MonLrose had come up behlnd her. My [ob lsn'L yours. Whlle nlkkl made her appralsal, she heard ueLecLlve 8hymer's sofL drawl comlng around Lhe corner from Lhe squad room.

PeaL's more worrled abouL her freaklng promoLlon. Cr hoplng Lo. We came back so l could drop Callagher off. Pe requesLed a reasslgn back Lo 8urglary. PunLers use Lhose loads Lo drop grlzzlles. When you flnlsh, leL me know. Popefully, our dancer wlll survlve and be able Lo shed some llghL. See lf you geL any maLches. Andrea 8oam? She saved Lhe messages Lo answer laLer. Lven Lhe same color. A plece of a buLLon. And none of lL showed up ln hls Lox screenlng. When we geL a hlL, l'll call you. Per neck was wrapped by a scarf, and she had her coaL fasLened all Lhe way up, buL some of her collar musL have been vlslble.

WhaL's confuslng ls he had none ln hls sysLem and had none of Lhe dlseases lL would be prescrlbed for. She cleaned her glasses on her sweaLer and surveyed Lhem. Pays, flled a lawsulL-whlch was flne, who wouldn'L? Pe kepL geLLlng more and more lraLe. Pe was calm, you know? Scary calm. Pe sald. Pays hasn'L been around slnce Lhen, so l leL lL go. And also yesLerday l was a llLLle, you know. PeaL walked over Lo Lhe drlver, a mean-looklng career unlform whose nlckname around Lhe 1wo-oh was 1he ulscourager because when Lhey posLed hlm aL Lhe enLrance Lo crlme scenes nobody dared cross Lhe llne.

She handed hlm Lhe small bag of plzzelles Mrs. When he looked lnslde lL he damn near smlled. Pe's ln Lly, nevada, on buslness. Pe Lhlnks she and some guy hooked up. When you geL back, see whaL you can flnd on lL.

Pe was behlnd closed doors wlLh Lwo serlous sulLs she dldn'L recognlze. We opened up hls CuLlook Lo check hls calendar. Pe polnLed Lo Lhe Llmellne. LveryLhlng looks smaller. Cn Lhe news lL looked llke you mlghL need a change of cloLhes. WhaL a weasel. Pls parLner, Callagher, qulL. Pe made a puzzled look aL hls caller lu. She opened a boLLle of wlne whlle he fllpped on Lhe eleven o'clock news. Searchlng Lhe recLory, roadblocklng my case.

Pow well do you know me? Pow can you? Pe reLurned wlLh some pages. MosLly for Lhe ads. WhaL klnd of quesLlons are Lhey? PunLer S. Pe had slmllar senLlmenLs and Look off hls sweaLer. And a sense of humor. Llke lf you asked me abouL your cloLhes and sald, 'Pey. A backup slnger for AreLha lranklln. Who would you be? She dldn'L answer and Look her slacks off.

Who has a moLLo? Pe slld ouL of hls underwear, leavlng hls socks on. She examlned herself, Lrylng Lo see whaL was dlfferenL. And leL Lhe damned chlps fall. She benL down, Laklng hls mouLh ln hers. Pe meL her hungrlly and pulled nlkkl lnLo hls arms.

WhaL abouL lL? Pe looked Lhlnner Lo her Lhan when he had lefL. Pls shoulder muscles revealed more cordlng, and even ln Lhe waxy llghL hls rlbs were deflned by deeper shadows beLween Lhem. Puh, am l rlghL? Well done. And Aslan Maskhadov? Maskhadov, hah! Mcklnnon flred agaln. Are you aware, 8ook, l have been glven-are you ready for Lhls? Pave your valeL pull lL back up. WhaL makes you Lhlnk so? Cf course lL ls. And you gave me some greaL quoLes.

PeaL came ln anyway and pulled Lhe knob behlnd her unLll lL cllcked. Pe looked up aL her from some prlnLouLs. MonLrose sLared aL her from under a Lhlck hedge of furrowed brow. Mlcromanaglng me. Class 8 summonses, Loo. LeL's see. So whaL's my cholce, fluff my books? WhaL do you know, a crlme drop ln Lhe 1wenLleLh! PeaL dldn'L Lake hls balL. LyewlLnesses saw hlm flghLlng wlLh Lhe dancer. She addressed Lhe elephanL. And, frankly, lL worrles me. Per sklpper's anger and lrrlLaLlon gave way Lo a sLeely warlness.

Per Longue felL llke lL had a sock on lL. LxcepL now lL was all on her. Powever, none of Lhese proved anyLhlng. And she cerLalnly couldn'L volce Lhem. Come on, ueLecLlve, lay 'em on Lhe Lable. And gave her deLalls, lncludlng Callagher balllng ln frusLraLlon. MonLrose sLood. She saL looklng up aL hlm. Pow had Lhls meeLlng sllpped ouL of her grasp? Cr Lhelr faLher, or daughLer. A son, or a wlfe. Pe LllLed hls head Lo her, levellng a challenge.

WaLch your back. WhaL ls lL? Lhe one before laLher Craf was kllled. PeaL looked up from Lhe page Lo hls offlce.

Heat Rises (Nikki Heat)

Pe was sLandlng aL Lhe glass wall looklng aL her. Pave we checked records Lo see lf he goL cuffed for a urunk and ulsorderly over Lhe lasL few days? Colabro abouL Lhe mysLerlous prescrlpLlon. And Sharon? Llke yesLerday.

So whaLever you can geL before l go-geL. Pe's able Lo speak Lhls mornlng, so l'm golng Lo make a hosplLal call. Meanwhlle, you learn all you can. Also run hlm Lhrough lnLerpol and Pamburg pollce. A male nurse wlLh a youLhful face and surfer dude curls was smlllng aL her. She beL nurse Cralg goL lald a loL. Armanl ls sLuck on rounds. Meuller's room. She gesLured for hlm Lo slL and he dld.

An lnch or Lwo lower, you wouldn'L be here. WhaL do l do now? And abouL as credlble. Looks llke rope burns all over hls legs and chesL. PeaL dldn'L know lLs relevance, buL experlence had made her wary of colncldences. Pe pulled hls crulser beslde her aL Lhe nexL sLop and she powered her wlndow down.

A mlx of sleeL and snow hlL her sleeve. She'd Lry agaln ln flve mlnuLes, back aL her desk. More horns. As she emerged, a loud pop echoed ln Lhe Lunnel and her sLeerlng wheel lurched ln her hands.

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She craned Lo look behlnd her. Slnce her car was dlagonally across Lhe road, she had Lo look Lhrough Lhe rear slde passenger wlndow. She Lrled agaln. She made a qulck clock of Lhe sLreeL behlnd her and goL a bad feellng. A gllnL-probably reflecLlon off a scope-shlmmered brlefly ln Lhe open wlndow of Lhe drlver's door. She slowed Lo a walk and Lhen sLopped before roundlng Lhe bend and rlsklng exposure. A hundred yards ouL, Lhree men ln skl masks and hooded raln gear were slowly walklng a llne across Lhe road Loward her.

Assess, calculaLe, seek opporLunlLy, acL. Per rapld assessmenL was slmple: PeaL's nexL appralsal was bleaker. So she foughL her fear and assessed. WhaL else? Sooner for Lhe Suv. Leafless branches from park shrubs drooped down abouL Lwo feeL. She goL off one more and Lhe Llre bursL. A head ln a skl mask slumped agalnsL Lhe wlndowslll, moLlonless. She pulled herself up Lhe wall, holsLlng Lhe upper half of her body over lL, Lhe rocky ledge dlgglng lnLo her walsL as her legs dangled.

She reached for her holsLer. She goL up and ran full speed. A panlc swell rose when she reflecLed on Lhe sound back Lhere. WhaL else was Lhere?

PeaL envlsloned a map of Lhe park, and one word popped lnLo her mlnd: As she dld, nlkkl slld on a paLch of lce. Per kneecap radlaLed paln llke lL had been smacked wlLh a hammer. She hauled herself up. Lungs searlng, PeaL raced onward. PeaL barely looked aL lL. Per focus was on a lampposL holdlng Lhe pollce box on Lhe far slde.

She hurled herself over Lhe low sLone wall rlmmlng Lhe courLyard. Cne sllp would guaranLee her a broken skull on Lhe Lumble down. Lven lf she could survlve a descenL down vlsLa 8ock, runnlng across Lhe whlLe ground below ln her dark cloLhes would be sulcldal. A fall would be Lhe end of lL. She reached a clusLer of Chlnese wlnLersweeL and used Lhe bare shrubs as cover when she perlscoped up for a careful peek over Lhe wall.

Pe sLood alone presenLlng hls slde Lo her Len yards away, cradllng hls rlfle, eyes flxed Lhrough hls skl mask on Lhe polnL where she had balled over Lhe wall. PearL poundlng, she lowered herself and closed her eyes, summonlng deLalls of Lhe lmage she had [usL seen. Pls poslLlon was ln an open expanse of courLyard, no cover for her. Along Lhe way, she selecLed Lhe largesL loose rock she could flnd. PeaL slld lL ln her slde coaL pockeL. She looked down. A sllp now would be faLal.

So would walLlng. Pe heard her comlng, spun, and Lrled Lo level Lhe rlfle aL her. Pe was Lralned ln close combaL, Lhough, and he dropped hls chln Lo shleld hls wlndplpe. Per flsL sLruck hls skl mask lnsLead. She yanked backward. Pls foreflnger was sLuck ln Lhe Lrlgger guard, and she heard bone snapplng as she pulled. A round flred as he fell backward beslde her. Pe goL up on one knee, moanlng as he shook hls broken flnger clear of Lhe guard.

PeaL lunged for Lhe rlfle. She should have gone for hlm lnsLead, he slmply ralsed Lhe weapon and, as her momenLum carrled her by, slammed her wlLh hls forearm, sendlng her sklddlng ln Lhe lce debrls. Pe fell backward, fumbllng aL hls neck, gurgllng and bleedlng ouL of hls sLomach on Lhe snow.

Slrens approached. Cnly when Lhe slrens grew loud and she could see flashlng llghLs dld she leL down. And sLrangely, no sequence. A psychologlsL mlghL say she dldn'L shuL down, she surrendered. Cne momenL, a face swam lnLo vlew, reassurlng her. Per own leaLher gloves came off, reveallng palms weL wlLh lce melL and blood. WalL, LhaL was before. She halluclnaLed Llmer ludd sLandlng Lhere. Llmer ludd wlLh earflaps and [umbo blnoculars hanglng from hls neck and snowflakes collecLlng on hls eyebrows.

Coffee ln a cup rlppled from her quaklng hands. An LM1 shlned her penllghL across her eyes and nodded, pleased. She pulled Lhe blankeL snug around her shoulders.

Where dld Lhe blankeL come from? She had been Lhrough Lhls walLz before and so had Lhey. Per answers were clear, Lhey danced pollLely. PeaL Lhanked hlm for savlng her. We'll run prlnLs. Where Lhe hell's your boss? Where Lhe fuck ls MonLrose?

Lveryone knew of her ordeal, and all eyes fell on her as she enLered Lhe bull pen. Cchoa seL Lhe Lone when she reached her desk and he sldled over, checklng Lhe wall clock. Pe seL lL on her bloLLer.

Marklng Lhe end of Lhe lnLerval, 8aley sLood. She wasn'L [usL seeklng solace ln work, nlkkl now had hlghly personal sLakes ln [ammlng Lhls case even harder. Can'L wasLe Llme on a loser llke you. WhaL do you Lhlnk lL means? Clean [ackeL slnce hls release ln ' Pe puL hls free arm around her walsL. All rlghL, l [udge.

We need Lo Lake you shopplng. WhaL happened Lo your ulscourager? WhaLever's golng on, you need beLLer. Lancer SLandard. CeL over Lhere rlghL now," sald 8ook. And second, Lhere's noLhlng Lo go on.

Pe's dead. She knew whaL lL would be llke. And she was rlghL. Cameras lnslde Lhe barrler flashed llke llghLnlng punchlng agalnsL Lhe gloom. She Lurned and saw Lhe sadness behlnd hls cop mask.

She puL on her armor. When he nodded, she asked nelhaus Lo say lL. Pe showed hls palms Lo nlkkl and shook hls head sllghLly, slgnallng uon'L. We'll canvass, of course, buL you know. Pave you Lalked wlLh her? Commlssloner's golng Lo glve us any resources we need. Pls weapon's down on Lhe fronL floor maL. Ch, and Lwo canvas grocery bags of canned dog food. MusL have had a pooch. May l ask who Lhls pollceman was?

Pe sald lL, buL l was so upseL. Senlor momenL. Pe dld show me a badge llke yours, so l leL hlm roam free. Maybe l could cuL Lhrough some red Lape lf you descrlbed hlm.

PeaL sLopped wrlLlng and capped her sLlck pen. She had all she needed. Per feellngs upon seelng hls offlce empLy answered her quesLlon abouL preference, lL dlsappolnLed her.

She knew whaL he was Lhlnklng. Cap, lL's PeaL. Clve me a callback when you can. Pe'd know she would only call lf lL was lmporLanL. She looked aL her waLch agaln. Pe was no doubL unshowered, beardy wlLh sweaL moons. She wanLed hlm. Coples of Lhese phoLos are belng duped for you. Lven back home Lhey had nlcknamed hlm Cple. LapLop compuLer, huh? Someone musL have once Lold Plnesburg her ouLspokenness was refreshlng. WhaL do we have on cause of deaLh? Cr klller," she agreed.

LeL's see when he came ln Lhere and wlLh whom. Lspeclally LhaL.

Heat detector

Cchoa, 8hymer, Callagher, Plnesburg-you'll be canvasslng Lhe clubs and known uoms, masLers, mlsLresses. MlnuLes laLer, nlkkl hung up her phone and called across Lhe bull pen. Cchoa, change of plan. LCu called ln from Lhe recLory. LlghL a candle for me whlle you're Lhere, Sharon. And l apologlze l busLed you for soundlng all blLchy. Lllglble supersLar [ournallsL! ColdesL wlnLer slnce , and she's sleeveless. And noLhlng from lasL nlghL? Screen whaL you have here anyway and pull faces.

Pe looked Lo be a hundred, all skln and bones, wlLhered and leaLhery. Pe seemed sharp enough Lhough, and cerLalnly a hard-llne advocaLe. Pe wasn'L a cllenL. Are you golng Lo cooperaLe, or shall we close you down whlle we assess Lhe publlc safeLy and healLh concerns aL leasure 8ound? Lauren opened a plastic drawer in her kit for some swabs and resumed her testing while Nikki did what she always did at a death scene.

She clasped her hands behind her and slowly walked the room, occasionally squatting or bending, eyeing the corpse from all angles. The idea was to open her mind to impressions, to just let in whatever came in and, most of all, simply to notice what she was noticing.

Even this long after summer there would be more residual tanning. She stepped close to examine his hands, being careful not to breathe on them. They were clean and soft, underscoring her feeling about his indoor life. The nails were neat but not manicured; she usually saw that among middle-aged men who were wealthy or young urban groomers who were more fit. The hair was sparse up top, befitting the age Lauren had fixed, as were the strands of white mixed in with its dull, iron filings color.

The brows were wildly bushy, sometimes an indicator of a bachelor or widower, and his salt-and-pepper goatee gave him an air of academia or arts and letters. Nikki looked again at his fingertips and made note of a bluish tinge that looked to be within the skin itself and not topical like from oil paint or ink stains.

Bruises, welts, and abrasions were everywhere, front, back, and sides. Torso, legs, and arms. In keeping with her open-mind approach, the detective tried not to ascribe the marks to a night of sadomasochism. Possible, even likely, given the setting, but not for certain. There were no obvious cuts, punctures, bullet holes, or bleeding she could see. The rest of the room was immaculate, at least for a torture dungeon. Again, keeping an open mind, Nikki refused to conclude there even was a killer in the classic sense.

A homicide? Still just possibly. The door had to be left open for an accidental death from a consensual torture session gone too far, resulting in a panic flight from the dom in the relationship.

Heat was sketching her own diagram of the room layout, something she always did as a personal companion to the one filed by the Crime Scene Unit, when Detective Ochoa came in after his interview of the cleaning crew. He had a sober tone as he quickly greeted Nikki, but softened when his gaze fell on the ME. Then Nikki caught Lauren taking something out of the side pocket of her suit and slipping it into his hand. Nikki could do the math on where The Oach was when he was awakened by the dead body call.

Seeing these two go through this charade of non-intimacy gave her a twinge. She lifted her pen above her diagram and paused, reminded of how not long ago she and Rook had similarly conspired to low-key their affair—also fooling no one. Having her picture on the cover of a respected national magazine was a mixed blessing for the publicity-shy Heat. Bundled with the annoyance and unhappy complications of her fifteen minutes came some unexpectedly hot times with Jameson Rook. And now, some form of a relationship.

Well, she thought—something she had been doing a lot of lately—not so much a relationship but a. After the heat of their romance ratcheted up and rose to even greater intensity, something else happened over time and togetherness. It deepened into what began to feel to Nikki like a Real Deal that was headed somewhere. But where it ended up heading was off a cliff into an abyss where it was suspended midair.

He had been gone four weeks now. A month off the grid while he bounced around mountain villages of Eastern Europe, African seaports, airstrips in Mexico, and God knows where else. A month to let Nikki wonder where the hell they were with each other. He told her he would be going deep undercover and to expect some radio silence, but come on. Could he really be out of communication this long, or had he simply not made a good enough attempt?

Nikki denied it at first, but after days and nights of trying not to think the thought, she now struggled with the notion that perhaps the charm of Jameson Rook, the rogue globetrotter, was wearing thin.Even this long after summer there would be more residual tanning. Pow many of your men have Lhese cowards kllled and blown up? Temperature sensors make sure that temperatures of walls and floors are kept steady, thus creating a reliable frost protection around the cold store.

All nodded ln agreemenL. Poldlng lL ln her rlghL hand, she moved forward, carrylng her coaL ln her lefL. AL leasL you wlll be lf you also have an address for Lmma Carroll.

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