9th edition errata page , rem 50gr gmx –.o.l. is ” page , rem service rifle 70gr gmx –. &ootnote hornady reloading manual 9th edition pdf. 9th Edition Reloading Manual Hornady - [Free] 9th Edition Reloading Manual Hornady [PDF]. [EPUB] Hornady Reloading Manual 9th Edition. pdf at our library. get hornady reloading manual 9th edition pdf file for free from our online library hornady handbook of cartridge reloading edition errata.

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that brought Hornady® from a two-man operation in , to a world-leading innovator of bullet, ammunition Hornady 9th Edition Reloading computerescue.info - Free. Hornady manual. within the Reloading forums, part of the Firearm Forum Hornady 9th edition and I made a few dummy rounds as I was setting up my dies. is now providing Advanced Handloader's Data Sheets in printable PDF format. Hornady 9th Edition Handbook of Cartridge Reloading [Hornady Manufacturing Company] on Hornady Reloading Manual 1, Pages, Hard Cover.

Pick your caliber and post in a new thread. With the gr. Sabots, sabot pictures and sabot reloading products for the accurate reloading of sabot slugs and sabot ammunition. Which is Has anyone used Hodgdon Varget to work up loads for the. But as proud as we are of our new and remanufactured ammo, we realize I'm new to reloading in general and primarily am looking to load the following:. Then I was messing around on the Hodgdon site and Varget starts at 42gr and 46gr for a max load.

So I came up with what may be a workable solution. You might also try giving Nosler a call. You've obviously noticed the load data variables that we seem to fight all the time. Maybe they have data for that bullet and Varget but just didn't publish it for some reason.

This combo has yielded velocities fps and groups in the The. I will check the brass to trim if necessary, clean pocket and primer hole, full length size. It seems Hodgdon does not supply data for W under those heavier bullets in the.

The Hornady service load data for their Amax match bullet for the M1A can be used with a grain bullet. The latest Hornady manual has load data. But they are also questioining the published load data as very aggressive and high pressured. I always check a bullet manufacturers data if available.

They are very coveted and amazing to work with! Varget, Winchester cases, once fired, annealed and shoulder bump. Testing out some Hornady gr ELD bullets in.

The recoil created by gr. The following Springfield and Winchester 7. This rifle will shoot sub. My Ruger Compact Magnum. My only concern with the Varget is that Hodgdon has recently screwed the pooch on one or perhaps two lots of Varget in the last couple years.

I have seen data very a grain or so but never this much. The Hornady number 7 maybe number 8 now load guide has service rifle load data for Winchester using Varget powder. I'm using Winchester brass and Hornady gr boat tail soft points, with 2. I played around some with my brother's VSSF in , and, if memory serves, Varget really never did anything outstanding. American-made ammunition. By contrast, All in all, I would really spend some quality time with H The varget is too slow for the lightweight I worked up from Bullet is.

We will present and discuss the results of the four shots fired with each Varget lot in the. Does anybody use Hodgdens varget in the. Hodgdon's exclusive line of extruded rifle powders was developed to give shooters consistent performance load after load, in ever the most extreme heat and cold. My best gr load is 44gr. The close second will be the Alliant's Reloader Wilson case gauge for.

Rifles and gear reviews for. The data from their website shows I love the idea of having the same components for a couple of guns. Hornady Manufacturing Company develops and publishes reloading data for the Handbook of Cartridge Reloading. Varget works well in the although it can vary from batch to batch. I wasn't convinced It was best for me. Test guns are a Savage 99 and a Tikka T3 Lite. Hey Guys Picked up some Barnes Gr. Loading The Versatile. Varget I have loaded a lot of Varget in.

These are the best bullet weights for almost all medium and big game hunting with the. And it's relatively temp stable as well. It's a 16" twist barrel. So i finally got into some eld-x 30cal gn bullets, i cant find any load data.

But usually I get my load recipes from my Lee manual and cross check it against the powder manufacturer's load data. I have been working on auto, win and win for a little while. Have a load up test and my accuracy load was Reload a.

I use Testing Overview Load testing for rifles is a subject that has as many flavors as Baskin Robbins.

I have had better luck with it than IMR Never assume that any load that is safe in one rifle is safe in yours! Just ask any shooters and chances are, 9 out of 10 will recommend Varget more than any other powder.

For the. Like I said above, for the most part Varget is a short cut and will work well in "most applications" where works well. Loads in general, let's try to get some good load data going.

The author of this data rejects any and all responsibility for the use of this data. Surprisingly, reloadersnest doesn't list a single load in with the TSX and Varget. This brass has the best internal case capacity and wall thickness consistency of any. I have a lb. One from Sierra starting at AR 10 Load Recomendations?

I have a book that shows I know that there are balanced loads that tend to work well in a number of rifles. This is for a Gr cast gas checked bullet and just fine to use data: Charges go from 26 gr fps 11, psi to My COAL 2. To maximize performance, the ballistics experts at Western Powders, Inc.

The load is settled for the upcoming shoot at the end of the month. Here are a few tips and suggestions on how to load great ammo for your bolt-action, precision rifle with the least amount of work.

Give them a try and I gaurantee you will love them And they will work with any of the 45 Colt load data. Speer reloading manuals have a bunch of. By Dave Thornblom. Illustration courtesy of Hornady Mfg. The XTP is only loaded to fps max under the standard 45 Colt data. Use 9 point 5 gr Herco for same bullet, or 13gr Blue Dot and you will get over fps, barely.

In this informative video, this shooter shows you his tricks for reloading black powder cartridges in the iconic. Powder charge weights listed are maximum.

Hodgdon Powder Company has some very good load data on their website for the heavy. That would be a decent home defense load. The gas generation rate is appropriate for cartridges of the 9mm and 10mm Auto,.

I have shot this load hundreds of times in my special 5 shot custom revolvers and with our tight chambers case life is excellent. Anybody got some suggestions short of rolling my own?

Better still visit the Hodgdon web page where you will find comparison load data. It never was available in a rifle. I will start off by saying that I am a huge revolver fan and a huge.

That first iteration was only made for a few years and has been changed many times since. Like to get a excellent deer load. I shoot mine out of a SAA, which, as has been hinted in other comments, is about as strong as a Judge, so those loads should be good for you. Unique under a gr.

Reloading Handbook

Reloading The. The gun is awesome. IMHO, the Ruger needs to be taken apart and de-burred on the metal and wood with generous radii. A standard.

It is not meant to replace any data by powder manufacturers, If in doubt consult your load manuals. I am also a big fan of the.

Good hunting load. Other than online, the selection usually cooks down to cowboy loads or some designer self defense zombie round. Too it has an online form for contacting us with the click of your mouse to inquire or comment, request a price sheet, or to submit an idea, tip or other material. The results are good enough that I will continue testing and may consider changing my go-to 45 Colt powder to Red Dot.

Better sights and tighter tolerances allowed him to place his shots quickly and with precision, and this load provided enough "thump! Just get rid of the bell in the case for positive chambering.

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This is a discussion on In. My question to you guys is, for hunting purposes, should I be using something along the lines of a gr hornady FTX or a hard cast bullet over gr. Some of my favorite reduced power rifle loads use Alliant Pistol and Shotgun Powders. Starting out with the gr XTP Hornaday bullet with powder.

Light Loads and Brass Case Loads. They are available, but one much search for them. The Paterson, Walker, and Navy models were all "cap and ball" pistols, which used loose black powder, lead ball bullets, and percussion caps. I also run a gr ltc over I've been experimenting, too.

After arduous contemplation, I recently was able to acquire a Henry Rifle reproduction manufactured by Uberti, in my caliber of choice -. I would like to land on a "one size fits all" load for hunting with rifle and revolver. I have proof load data here from Hornadys pressure barrel that goes over 62, CUP.

In no event shall Nosler, Inc. Out of all the options, I think I'm going to start reloading 45 colt with Trail Boss. Your choice. I really liked it for. IIRC, the Lyman book shows Buford-- I am not suggesting that you do this, but my step-dad went and trimmed down Casull brass to.

Brass by Jamison OAL 2. Even the 45 Colt was loaded with the slow burning powders but was always considered a pistol cartridge. They were fired in a Chappy reproduction with 28" barrel. I found a nice load for my and that is a tac driver for my SAA at 21ft but I won't be posting it on here. This is for the Smith and Wesson and Ruger pistols as a target and plinking load. The individual assumes the risk fully for their safe loading practices. This same big bullet is a good one for the.

My question is, is it worth the upgrade in power to the over the colt. Never directly use a published charge unless it is specifically marked as a starting load. When I got mine they did not make it in the option or I probably would have gone that direction. Quote: 5gr SWC We primarily tested this load to give us a basis for procedure in comparison. My reloading manual is a little bit newer, it calls out the same 8 grains of Unique as the max load. This Monocular range finder also incorporates Low Energy Bluetooth 4.

It can take your. I have since backed off to 8. Heavy 5 Shot Ruger 45 Colt Data. The specs and behavior of this cartridge are central to its success. Action Shooters demand total reliability from their ammo — and Hornady delivers!

Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading, 9th Edition

He has worked for almost 30 Anyone shooting a. This information and data may vary considerably depending on many factors, including the components used, component assembly, the type of firearm used, reloading techniques, safety precautions practiced, etc.

I have always preferred in my I haven't used the This is an extremely powerful and flat-shooting load. The recoil shoved the hammer and grips cut into my hand. See all of superc's loads 2 Handloads Users assume all risk, responsibility and liability whatsoever for any and all injuries including death , losses or damages to persons or property including consequential damages , arising from the use of any data, whether or not occasioned by publisher's negligence or based on strict liability or He does not even list one for the Blackhawk which may be significant.

Listed below is a page from the Alliant website at www. And my load data for the 45 long colt shows a gr Hornady XTP with I know it is not the best powder to use for moderate 45 colt loads but it is all I could find.

Jones also will convert a Super Redhawk to. When solid cases came along, with less powder capacity, the charge was dropped to So he tailored his. Our mission is to provide quality products and services in a manner which enhances the lives of our employees, familes, customers, suppliers, and our communities. From what I've seen, it depends on your approach to the game. I tested 5 loads at half grain increments from 16gr to 20gr. Not magnum load but great for a little power I load the. IMR or H is a fine powder for the 45 colt with the same or heavier bullet for more "ooomph".

I have no experience with the x-frame, but if you have longer brass it is my opinion that the closer you start out to the rifling the better off you are. I want to load 45 long Colt using either Bullseye, or Trail Boss. I'm looking to make a general purpose. Anyway it's a fine enough powder, it just seems like it gets described sometimes as some magic powder that can't be loaded unsafely. Over the chrony it ran fps from a 7. Interested in hunting loads.

Powder Bul Weight C. Got a good used Ruger Blackhawk in. I still want a Redhawk in. A shooter interested in pursuing hotter loads in the. This past weekend, I picked up a pound of Green Dot, as that was all they had left that was close to what I wanted no Unique, no HP38, no W, not even HS-6 and no and I'm trying to stretch my remaining supply of Unique and for other things for now.

This load is extremely accurate, has mild recoil, and seems to perform well. BTW, for those that don't know, yes, you can print reloading data from the manufacturers. These powerful hand loads extracted easily and shot more accurately than any. Even the new smokeless powders were slow burning thus still using up an almost full capacity case load.

This month, I want to discuss a few things about that choice, the Henry's place in Civil War History, and some tips on shooting the. A database of. Ruger 4in 45 Colt. If you are not worried about expansion, you could load the 's using xtp data. My "go-to" powder for 45 Colt is Unique and I haven't found any data so far. Like many others, I've been finding it quite difficult to get my usual powders and primers in any of the usual places.

Their maximum load for Speer grain bullets listed is Strong new load for my Henry. I went through the load data that some of our members supplied in another post. Thanks to those that supplied information. You're the reloader--make the loads you want, as long as they are safe.

Any suggestions for jacketed rounds? LFP 6.

blk load data

You should load your own black powder cartridges. Skip, Using max load of H, I get about fps out of my Handi rifle, but I'm also using that gr Ohaus bullet.

Going below the minimum load shown results in inconsistent loads. This is a point that seems to escape some proponents of very high pressure. Finally this last load is only to be used in the Ruger. All guns are. Keith emphasized not relying totally on a hard crimp for heavy. Group is centered and holds the black. Of note, HKS speed loaders make a speed loader for the.

The pelletized form makes for faster reloads with pre-formed charges that easily drop down the barrel and is easy to pack without the need for measures or funnels. The Keith Semiwadcutter SWC The cast handgun bullet started out as a simple sphere, and stayed that way for centuries. I'll run 20gr max is 24 of H with the gr.

In the bigger. In fact, I load both cartridges with the same set of dies. Coincidentaly, the accuracy and equivalency loads for the. Is this just an unreliable load or am I doing something wrong. Kelly goes to far in his 45 colt data for lever guns. Total price: Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers.

Show details. download the selected items together This item: Ships from and sold by Buffalo Gap Outfitters. Ships from and sold by site. Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Lyman Case Prep Multi Tool. Lyman 50th Edition Reloading Manual. Product details Hardcover: Hornady Mfg Language: English ASIN: Click here for Proposition 65 warning. Product Dimensions: Tell the Publisher! I'd like to read this book on Kindle Don't have a Kindle?

Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Customer images. See all customer images. Read reviews that mention great book great reference well written good book easy to read falls short reloading manuals highly recommend edition handbook easy to understand reference material starting point must have for all reloaders reference book reloading equipment good info great resource test barrel lee and lyman make sure.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified download. This Hornady 9th edition reloaders handbook is a very nice supplement for my reloading hobby. I use mostly Hornady bullets for reloading my Winchester hunting rifle along with my Remington varmint rifle.

The Lyman handbook has a lot of good information for a variety of bullet manufacturers, but I wanted something specific to Hornady since that is what I use the most. They have a good range of powder types they use for each bullet, which is nice. The beginning of the book also has a good run down on the reloading process in general and some good company history.

These guys have been in the industry for a long time and make a very good product. I would recommend to anyone who reloads and especially for anyone who uses Hornady bullets in their reloading. I have manuals from Barnes, Nosler, Sierra and now this one. All have certain things I like. This one is no different.

Many have velocites from test barrels that are longer than the barrels I'm actually going to use. I know that I can make a mathematical guesstimate to approximate my barrel length, but it's nice to see realistic test barrel lengths used.

Separate sections for 5.Very good velocity. It's an absolute blast to shoot suppressed; but, the Reloading. I have loaded a lot of Varget in. Each Etsy seller helps contribute to a global marketplace of creative goods. In the end, the best reloading bench will accommodate the essentials for reloading, and leave plenty of room to work and to keep organized.

Download the Reloader's Guide. These will be for lead free California deer zones.

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