The object of the present book is to set forth the essential prin- ciples of horticulture in a manner suitable for a general introductory college course. Horticulture. Horticulture PDF Books ware material is prepared as per ICAR approved syllabus for the benefit of under-graduate students already enrolled in. PDF | The book is aimed for contains 24 chapters of whole horticulture for various examinations (ASRB, NET, SET, SAUs, SRF, IARI, HO, JRF.

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The horticulture handbook has been developed by the DAFWA Small. Landholder Information . horticultural sections of books, newspapers and magazines. Status Of Horticulture Industry In India. 2. 1. 3 Status Of Fruit Crops. 4. Status Of Vegetable Crops. Status Of Mushrooms. Status Of Spice Crops. Horticulture has now become as lifeline of a large population in the world. Even in India, we talk largely about horticulture. Horticulture consists of several.

Summer pruning or pinching off the til?

The injury inflicted is less and not so concentrated; the wounds are smaller, and have time to heal before winter sets in. The effects of badly-executed pruning, or rather hacking, are most noticeable in the case of forest trees, the mutilation of which often results in rotting, canker and other diseases.

Judicious and timely thinning so as to allow the trees room to grow, and to give them sufficiency of light and air, will generally obviate the need of the pruning- saw, except to a relatively small extent. Training is a procedure adopted when it is required to grow plants in a limited area, or in a particular shape, as in the case of many plants of trailing habit. Judicious training also may be of importance as encouraging the formation of flowers and fruit.

Growth in length is mainly in a vertical direction, or at least at the ends of the shoots; and this should be encouraged, in the case of a timber tree, or of a climbing plant which it is desired should cover a wall quickly; but where flowers or fruit are specially desired, then, when the wood required is formed, the lateral shoots may often be trained more or less downward to induce fertility.

The refinements of training, as of pruning, may, however, be carried too far; and not unfrequentIy the symmetrically trained trees of the French excite admiration in every respect save fertility.

Sports or Bud Variations Here we may conveniently mention certain variations from the normal condition in the size, form or disposition of buds or shoots on a given plant. An inferior variety of pear, for instance, may suddenly produce a shoot bearing fruit of superior quality; a beech tree, without obvious cause, a shoot with finely divided foliage; or a camellia an unwontedly fine flower.

When removed from the plant and treated as cuttings or grafts, such sports may be perpetuated. Many garden varieties of flowers and fruits have thus originated. The cause of their pnJduction is very obscure. As a rule they are not formed until Plant Anatomy and Morphology 25 the plant has arrived at a certain degree of vigour, or until a sufficient supply of nourishment has been stored in the tissues of the plant.

Production Horticulture

The reproductive process of which the formation of the flower is the first stage being an exhaustive one, it is necessary that the plant, as gardeners say, should get "established" before it flowers. Moreover, although the green portions of the flower do indeed perform the same office as the leaves, the more highly coloured and more specialised portions, which are further removed from the typical leaf-form, do not carryon those processes for which the presence of chlorophyll is essential; and the floral organs may, therefore, in a rough sense, be said to be parasitic upon the green parts.

A check or arrest of growth in the vegetative organs seems to be a necessary preliminary to the development of the flower.

A diminished supply of water at the root is requisite, so as to check energy of growth, or rather to divert it from leaf-making. Partial starvation will sometimes effect this; hence the grafting of freegrowing fruit trees upon dwarfing stocks, as before alluded to, and also the "ringing" or girdling of fruit trees, i.

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On the same principle the use of small pots to confine the roots, root-pruning and lifting the roots, and exposing them to the sun, as is done in the case of the vine in some countries, are resorted to. A higher temperature, especially with deficiency of moisture, will tend to throw a' plant into a flowering condition.

This is exemplified by the fact that the temperature of the climate of Great Britain is too low for the flowering, though sufficiently high for the growth of many plants.

Thus the Jerusalem artichoke, though able to produce stems and tubers abundantly, only flowers in exceptionally hot seasons. Forcing The operation of forcing is based upon the facts just mentioned.


By subjecting a plant to a gradually increasing temperature, and supplying water in proportion, its growth may be accelerated; its season of development may be, as it were, anticipated; it is roused from a dormant to an active state. Forcing therefore demands the most careful adjustment of temperature and supplies of moisture and light. Deficiency of light is less injurious than might at first be expected, because the plant to be forced has stored up in its-tissues, and available for use, a reserve stock of material formed through the agency of light in former seasons.

The intensity of the colour of flowers and the richness of flavour of fruit are, however, deficient where there is feebleness of light.

Recent experiments show that the influence of electric light on chlorophyll is similar to that of sunlight, and that deficiencies of natural light may to some extent be made good by its use.

The employment of that light 26 Basics of Horticulture for forcing purposes would seem to be in part a question of expense. The advantage hitherto obtained from its use has consisted in the rapidity with which flowers have been formed and fruits ripened under its influence, circumstances which go towards compensating for the extra cost of production.

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Retardation The art of retarding the period of flowering in certain plants consists, in principle, in the artificial application of cold temperatures whereby the resting condition induced by low winter temperature is prolonged. The temperature of the cold chamber is varied from the freezing-point of water, to a few degrees lower, according to the needs of the plants under treatment. When required for use they are removed to cool sheds to thaw, and are then gradually inured to higher temperatures.

The chief advantages of retarded plants are: a they may be flowered almost at will; b they are readily induced to flower at those times when unretarded plants refuse to respond to forcing. Coldstorage chambers form a part of the equipment of most of the leading establishments where flowers are grown for market.

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Double Flowers The taste of the day demands that "double flowers" should be largely grown. Though in many instances, as in hyacinths, they are less beautiful than single ones, they always present the advantage of being less evanescent. The information on this website does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the courseware contents. The contents are provided free for noncommercial purpose such as teaching, training, research, extension and self learning.

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In taking a slip or cutting the gardener removes 'from the parent plant a shoot having one or more buds or "eyes. Click Here. Plants are damaged by toxic levels resulting in toxicity symptoms.

Vitamin losses high during shipping and storage are common. Some authors argue that the art of grafting was not very popular until that time. Deficiency of Cl leads to chlorosis in younger leaves and overall wilting as a consequence of the possible effect on transpiration.

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