Your download history lets you track and manage all the items you've bought on site. download history is also the central place to manage your past orders – you can contact the seller, leave feedback, or more. While you can't permanently delete items from your download history, you. Clicking the download History link in the my site navigation area displays all the items you've won as far back as the last 60 days. The download History page is. I want to be able to see downloads older than 3 years. I've been a member of site since , so having a download history that only archives 3 years is not.

How To Ebay Purchase History

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Whether you download or sell on site, sometimes you need to know your downloading history. For example, you might want to look up all the items you bought in the past. site's main interface only displays all items won during the last 60 days. To find items Visiting the download history enables you to retrieve information for tax. If you would like to see a record of all the downloads you have made on site in the past, click on download History. You'll then be directed to.

Contacting a seller

You can be even more specific about your time frame with both of these options by using a drop-down menu and selecting a time frame. If you would like to see a record of all the sales you have made on site in the past, click Sold to access a list of items you've sold.

Once there you will see a drop-down menu from which you can specify the time frame within which you would like to see the record of your sales. Here, unfortunately, the record is even shorter than the one in the downloads section. You can only see your sales records as far back as 60 days.

As you can see, site is not a comprehensive records keeper for the transactions you make on the site. Luckily, there is a way you can maintain your own records in order to be able to see transactions you made much longer ago than three years.

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Read on for additional methods. If you make your downloads and receive payments for your sales using PayPal or any other online wallet, you can look at your wallet history to find transactions stretching back any period of time.

Collect all of them and record them in an Excel spreadsheet to have all your records in one place. Every time you make a download or sale on site, you receive an email notification.

To keep all your records in one place, you can archive these emails in their own special folder on Gmail or include their details in an Excel spreadsheet. Olivia is a business writer with nearly two decades of hands-on and publishing experience.

Locate the item in the list. If the seller printed the postage label using site or PayPal, or entered a tracking number for an item, you'll see a the tracking number under the item title.

Click the tracking number to see the package's postage status. Please note that postage labels are not available on all site sites. Inspecting the item When you receive your item, inspect it right away to make sure it matches the description in the seller's listing.

Remember that Feedback is permanent and public, so be accurate and factual when commenting on the item or seller. Learn more about How Feedback works.

Select from the following activities: See groups of items: Select All, Active or Ended at the top of the list.

Delete an item from your Watch list: Tick the box next to the listing and click Delete from lists. Add a note to an item: Tick the box next to the listing and click Add note. Type your note and click Save. Managing items you're bidding on In the Bidding section of My site you can view all the items you're currently bidding on, whether or not you're the current high bidder.

To manage items you're bidding on: Go to My site. You can also filter this list to see only the items you're winning or not winning by selecting Winning or Not winning at the top of this section.

After a listing ends, it automatically moves to the download history or Didn't win sections. You can't delete an active item until the listing ends. downloading items in listings with variations Some items have several variations to choose from, such as shirts that come in various sizes or colours.A link to the listing.

Always communicate with the seller through the site messaging system, because if there is a discrepancy or issue, site can see all the correspondence and help you work with the seller.

Note: To see all your lists, click the All lists link.

If site want money from me that never fails You can add any active listing to your lists. Continue Reading.

How to Find Items Won on site That Are Older Than Sixty Days

If the seller printed the postage label using site or PayPal, or entered a tracking number for an item, you'll see a the tracking number under the item title. Find out more. Click on the number. If you do not see pictures next to your items, just click Edit, then Customize at the upper-right and make them appear.

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