Karnali Blues (कर्नाली ब्लुज) is book written by Buddhi Sagar and published by FinePrint publication, Nepal. This book will soon be translated to English. This Book Karnali Blues is very nice and touchy one. One should read it once. The story is not so extra ordinary but the presentation makes it unique. It is a good. Name of the Book: Karnali Blues Genre: Contemporary Fiction Author: Buddhisagar No. of pages: Goodreads Rating: Personal.

Karnali Blues Book

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The book is divided into eleven parts, each mentioned as a day. The novel is part present and more of a flashback. The narrator, who himself is the writer, comes. Karnali Blues [Buddhi Sagar] on computerescue.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Its brand new. Bought but never got time to read. Karnali Blues - Buddhi Sagar. Views: Reviews from Goodreads Good reads reviews of Karnali Blues Book Excerpt Excerpt from Karnali Blues.

A change in mind takes the narrator to Kalikot instead of Surkhet.

And his death changes the lives of his wife and son forever. Karnali Blues is a story of life and death. An old Tharu lives on the bank of Amauri Khola because he has no children. A polio-struck child friend of the narrator leaves home in search of his brother because his father beats him up.

The narrator witnesses deaths of several people. A man named Hasan drowns. A porter from Kalikot, who takes the narrator there is killed by the soldiers calling him a Maoist.

An old man dies in a hospital by coughing. In short, Karnali Blues is an apt description of the lives of poor people living in the rural area. FridayFeature BookReview. Name of the Book: Mrs Funnybones USD 7.

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Karnali Blues By Buddhisagar

Aawartan USD 2. Simana Khojdai USD 5. All have their unique stories to tell and lessons to teach. Readers see the majestic nature of far west Nepal. But, along with the beauty of nature, the author also shows the dark side of the rural village. The alluring and emotional stories make you cry, laugh out aloud, reminisce about your own childhood and, above all, makes you think about your own father and his love or sacrifices.

No matter how mischievous he gets, no matter how many problems he creates, his father remains there to protect him, always standing as high as the mountains. The writer, who was born and brought up in Karnali region, has used him all his real-life experiences to describe the settings, the characters, and the plot.Swasni Manchhe USD 4. Reading the book makes me really nostalgic; I start wandering in my childhood memories and I feel more grateful towards my father. Durhbiksha USD 5.

Karnali Blues Genre: The story contains the naughtiness of childhood that are hilarious as well as moments of heart-breaking chapters that will keep you wanting more of Buddhisagar's easy words and perfectly structured sentences.

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