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Baca Komik Online. Baca Komik Donal Bebek. Full Screen (F11). Email This BlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest · Newer Post Home. Donal Bebek Special Edition Document Cover Komik Donal Bebek Paman GoberDocuments · Bebek News Say 10Documents. Donal Bebek adalah salah satu karakter Disney yang merupakan seekor bebek Amerika sang lahir untuk menulis dan menggambar komik Gober Bebek.

While the pig figures, the writer means as a cunning man, likes to take the rights of others, and greedy as its fat. Please note carefully regarding weapons used by the ducks, dogs, and pigs. On the character of the duck, both of them are using the ' ability ' of his own. Magica De Spell uses magical power which she learned by herself, while using her expertise in Duck Kruger spoke.

Then the figures of dogs, all of which use physical force and weapons, it indicates the power level more than human could have been the apparatus , namely, the use of more sophisticated weapons and powerful. Next on the pig figures, both use money as a weapon, because pigs are identical to the corruptor human who likes to bribe and dredge show gains.

Donal Bebek Special Edition 10

If readers of its comics are children, the use of animal characters could have been fun to lull the reader kids , because you can see the animals talk, wearing cloth, and behave like humans. While, for the writer, the role of animal characters such as animalization of the nature and habits of the man looks like.

As it was said Cawelty, in literature of popular culture there are formulas that are represented. Basic Narrative Scheme Vladimir Propp The story in the comic starting from the narrative delivered by the narrator as well as the objects contained in the prologue as a guide the whole story. The following schemes are essentially narrative: 1.

Initial Situation, the narrator tells the prologue which refers to the overall content of the story. Mediation, Scrooge McDuck get work from other people of the existence of the connecting events.

The fight, Scrooge McDuck was hated, got interference from the villains, local residents, concerned with the bullies, or local governments was compounded his efforts.

Scrooge McDuck, Struggle against the harrasment and retain the business which he incubated. Scrooge McDuck got the victory, a result of gave and won against the villains and succeed in the business which he incubated. Recognation, Scrooge McDuck became respected and famous duck as duck tough. Based on the table before, almost every adventure Scrooge McDuck intersect with the criminals. The purpose of these same the villains, i. The early presence of any villains, some are arriving from the future to take pieces of luck as a profession Magica De Spell , robbing other people first, helping launch other party coveting Scrooge McDuck, and so on.

The readers will be lulled by the recovery about crimes that have been committed by the villains. It is true of crimes happening in the real world, in a world of fantasy, crime remains contrived very exciting maybe even though there are elements of violence but delivered with typical ' readings for kids ' is full of action, funny, and entertaining.

The suspense from the exclamation which is in the comics are not only from the stories of the adventures of Scrooge McDuck full action when the fight baddies both physically and intellectual, but at the animal figures.

The figures then assimilated in the human characters in the form of animals animalization.

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Fantasy offered by comic make anything can occur, such as animals dressed and spoke like a man, this should be controlled by the readers. The exciting scene were happened when Scrooge McDuck against the villains can cause a feeling of excess for the reader so that escape, relaxation, ecstasy, and chatharsis also can occur.

Reader satisfied because of the exclamation of the story lies in the fight scenes of violence , the cartoonist realist visual form the colors that can stimulate the brain and eyes, reinforced with a facial and behaviour of the characters , and a sense of curious arising after reading it.

Therefore, the reader always felt curious will be the next series. The appearance, need to Rob, and origin of each different villain. The existence of the internal negation between the villains and Scrooge McDuck.

The analogues such as the existence of the chair because there are tables if there is no bid vacuum. Its also happenned with Scrooge McDuck, who ' need ' the villains, without them the existence of Scrooge McDuck would not be as a brave adventurer and great.

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The writer realizes that human beings need challenges in any form, human life will taste bland, and mentally not developed because there is no challenge that means. When the role of the villain defeated Scrooge McDuck here are the explanations through the table hypothesis.

The heritage of his family was captured and his poverty never ends. The Beagle Boys help Poker Hogg seizing Scrooge McDuck became weak minded ships steam vats, robbing money and individuals who ducks and not become Shed his money.

Soapy Slick the moneylenders. If there is no Soapy Slick, so Scrooge McDuck could not develop his business because it does not have a capital.

If there is not a fight between them, then The James Gang, the Dalton brothers, and there is no adventure exclamation and mental robbed the McViper. Scrooge McDuck became duck cowardly and weak.

Is it only serves as an antagonist, the role of the maid who managed to make the main character's existence, entertainer interlude, or examples of that in this world there is always evil and good as ordained in any Scriptures of mankind? Any impressions and messages that are captured by a reader about the content of the story in the comic are dependent from storage. For the writer, the message conveyed by the comic narrative in the form of ' jokes ' could be embedded in the mind of the reader especially children, if the mind is merely his 36 E-Structural p-ISSN: Vol 1 No 1 p-ISSN: adventures.

Through the character of Scrooge McDuck who actually do not want to lose though never give up , has been cradled the readers especially for children.

In this case, it takes the role of a parent to guide his children in reading comics. So, the fact that comic is intended for the childrens or adult depending on the angle of view of the readers.

If kids like the pictorial reading, while adults tend to reading many writings. In the comic that the writer's analyzed, the percentage between the pictures and the narrative writing almost just as much. The presence of the reality of the ideas behind them, especially comic adventure that loaded will be a battle between the criminals and the main character. The existence of the main character is manifested by the presence of criminals.

Animal figures which is the animalization properties and ' types ' diverse human became an attraction on its own in The Life and Time of Scrooge McDuck. The existence of criminals as an antagonist, a barrier to the success of ruthless villains, and it is a ' Hero ' for the main character, though it may just be denied by readers who do not agree.

Kisah Hidup Paman Gober Seri 3

Comic as one of the media that produces culture has provided the moral messages through the crimes in the content of the story. Violence arising composed is exciting, fun, and regular daily readers, decorate either realized or not. Escapism, ecstasy, and catharsis that reached all at once by its readers can be obtained if the reader thinks that the story of the feud between the villains and Scrooge McDuck are cool, without thinking about the reality of violence in the real world and what is behind it all.

For authors, the comic was a popular literary childrens because the Visual interesting, triple effect obtained, as well as visual literature that is full of meaning that is favored by adults. For, in the body of an adult was there the soul children develop. Panji Tengkorak: Kebudayaan Dalam Perbincangan. Disertasi di Program Kedoktoran, Universitas Indonesia.

Jakarta: Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia. Ashley, Bob. Philadelphia: The University of Pennsylvania Press. Karena tidak yakin jalannya, Howard berhenti dan bertanya arah.

Dia bertanya kepada Gober, yang saat itu adalah pencari tembaga yang tidak sukses. Karena pernyataan dari Roker, Howard mulai dengan berdiskusi dengan pencari yang tidak berpengalaman dan berakhir dengan mengajari Gober rahasia pekerjaannya, menolongnya meraih Saat Gober harus pergi ke Skotlandia untuk menghadiri urusan bisnis keluarga, Roker protes dengan hubungan ayahnya dengan Petani Dekil.

Howard, memperkenalkan anaknya sebagai hukuman untuk mengajarinya sopan santun. Roker nantinya mewarisi kekayaan Ayahnya dan berkembang menjadi saingan Gober. Bertahun-tahun yang lalu, saat Roker tidak skaya sekarang, dia lari ke Gober di Klub Milyuner. Mereka mulai saling berdebat dan memutuskan untuk menyelesaikannya dengan permainan golf. Kalau Roker menang, dia akan memenangkan setengah dari kekayaan Gober. Terlihat kalau Gober akan menang, tetapi seekor lebah menyengatnya saat mengayun, jadi dia gagal dalam lubang terakhir, membuat Roker menang, dia memenangkan setengah dari kekayaan Gober.

Dari Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas. Belum Diperiksa. John D. Sejarah Roker Bebek [ sunting sunting sumber ] Carl Barks tidak pernah memberinya sejarah hidupnya. Diperoleh dari " https: Donal Bebek Tokoh komik Tokoh Disney.

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Ruang nama Halaman Pembicaraan. Tampilan Baca Sunting Sunting sumber Versi terdahulu. Komunitas Warung Kopi Portal komunitas Bantuan. Halaman ini terakhir diubah pada 15 Februari , pukul See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Published on May 10, Bobo Edisi 1 Terbit 9 April SlideShare Explore Search You. Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow.

We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Majalah bobo edisi 1 Upcoming SlideShare.Di beberapa cerita, dia memakan 1 truk penuh topi karena kekalahannya. Gober juga punya koleksi benda seni, sehingga mereka sering bersaing untuk mendapatkan benda untuk melengkapi koleksinya. Project Gutenberg — Free ebooks from producers. Embed Size px. Published on May 10, The idea of comics contained straight visually, so that the imagination of the reader to follow what is written the comic visually anyway.

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