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Sepp Holzer's permaculture: a practical guide to small-scale, integrative Auskio. The permoculiure syslem of Holzer Hof. Londscope Design t; u.'la\ t rif,1 \ i . The aspect (the direction the land faces) and elevation of the land affect the de-. La permaculture de Sepp Holzer Sepp Holzer pdf download. La permaculture de Sepp Holzer Sepp Holzer read online. Sepp Holzer La permaculture de Sepp. $ Sepp Holzer waS born in the ru- . tures of subsoil that is clearly clay are la- beled 'loam,' yet 'loam' . cri de coeur which to date has sold over. ,

It is abou t return in g to sm all-scale lan dscapes based on natural ecosystem s. It offers us a viable altern ative to th e m on ocultu re system th at destroys our soil an d pollutes our groun d water. The Perm aculture Landscape General A perm aculture lan dscape is design ed so th at all o f th e plan ts and anim als livin g th ere will wor k in h arm on y wit h each other.

This is th e on ly way to m an age land in a stable an d sustain able way. All available resources - wh eth er th ey are springs, ponds, m arshes, cliffs, forests or buildin gs - are used and in clu ded in th e plan. It is im portan t th at th e resources are used in a way th at is appropriate to th e en viron m en t aroun d th em ; in practice th is m ean s t h at th e natural features o f each area m ust be supported and reinforced.

To m ake proper use o f th e available natural resources we have to work wit h n ature an d n ot again st it. Th is gives us th e desired result for th e least expen diture o f energy. Water is life and m ust th erefore be treated wit h great care. Th is is wh y I t r y to keep water wh eth er it is rain water, sprin g water or surface r un off on m y land for as lon g as possible.

Th ere are m an y possible uses for this water. Wh er e there is wet soil, for instance, I wou ld m ake a pon d, water garden or wetlan d and plan t orchids.

In d ry places I grow herbs t h at prefer sem i-arid con d ition s like thym e, creepin g th ym e Thymus serpyllum , m arjoram an d sage. Grain am aran th and New Zealan d spin ach are also suited to d ry places an d give a good yield.

Th ese are just a few exam ples o f plan ts th at thrive in th ese conditions. Terraces are a very im por tan t part o f m y per m acultur e system.

W ith ou t ter races it wou ld have been im possible for m e to wor k th e oth erwise u n productive an d at tim es in accessible lan d on th e Kram eterhof. W it h th ese terraces, wh ich can also be used as paths, I can cultivate even th e steepest of slopes and still m ake a profit. Th e terraces even m ake it possible to use m ed iu m -sized m achin ery.

Th ey provide m e wit h a su bstan tially larger area for cu ltivation an d gain in g this extra lan d is particu lar ly im p or tan t for sm all farms. Th e terraces also h elp to stop valu able h u m u s from bein g wash ed away or oth er wise lost.

Finally, th ey h elp to preven t soil erosion an d m ake a con siderable con tr ibution to th e h ealth an d fer tility o f th e soil. If possible every terrace sh ould form a con tin u ous belt o f lan d, so th at th e terraces can be worked u sin g th e least am ou n t o f energy. W h ilst m akin g terraces I t r y to follow th e prin ciples o f nature.

As a rule, th ere sh ou ld be no straigh t lin es, corn ers or steep slopes with th e exception o f raised beds. Th ese h elp to create n u m er ou s m icroclim ates, wh ich give th e lan d an even greater poten tial for cultivation. Creatin g d ry areas, wetlan ds, hedges, win dbreaks or raised beds in differen t location s results in special clim atic con dition s. In th ese places I can grow a large var iety o f plan ts t h at wou ld oth er wise n ot be able to survive.

Th e lan dscapin g possibilities are alm ost lim itless wh en creatin g a perm a culture system. An yth in g is possible as lon g as th e terrain an d soil con dition s allow it. Raised beds are used to grow vegetables an d crops. Terraces provide a larger area for plan tin g an d access to th e rem otest corn ers o f m y farm.

Th e beds and terraces can perform a m u ltitu d e o f differen t fun ction s.

For exam ple, if a road or railway lin e borders th e land, or if th ere is a factor y nearby, I can use raised beds to keep ou t em issions, dust, n oise an d fum es. I place th e beds on t h e edge o f m y lan d an d plan t th em wit h various trees an d shrubs. Th e beds and th eir lush vegetation wor k as a visual barrier an d protects th e lan d from p ollution.

Th ey grow in to a h ed ge th at provides birds, h ed geh ogs an d in sects wit h sh elter an d som ewh ere to live.

Barriers like this play a substan tial part in en couragin g com m un ities o f useful anim als an d insects. The permaculture system at Holzer Hof. This way you will n ot have to deal wit h an y u n n ecessary problem s later on.

I try to follow regulation s as m uch as I can. If this is n ot d on e at th e plan n in g stage or wh ilst buildin g, it will be a lot m ore difficult to gain th e n ecessary perm ission from th e auth orities afterwards.

Livestock pigs, chicken s, ducks etc. A well th ou gh t-ou t system o f paddocks an d en closures allows m e to keep an i m als on th e sam e lan d as m y crops. Instead o f d am agin g th e lan d by overgrazin g it, th e an im als actually h elp m e with m y work.

Naturally, great care m ust be taken wh en m akin g larger changes to th e lan d scape. Th e geological conditions m ust be taken into consideration to avoid lan d slides or gully erosion. As a result, it is always a good idea to start off slowly and gradually gather the experience you need.

If you wan t to do som ethin g on a larger Sepp Holzers Permaculture scale straight away you should seek professional advice. To this day, I have never seen a piece o f land where it was n ot possible to establish and m ain tain a perm a culture system. Wh eth er it is in th e sm allest o f gardens or on th e largest o f estates, in town or in th e country, perm aculture principles can be applied anywhere. Reshaping the Land with an Excavator Accor din g to H olzer perm aculture principles, m ech an ical diggers on ly n eed to be used on ce wh en th e system is bein g set up.

Th e d epth you can dig to depen ds on local soil conditions. Th is can vary from 20 cm to two or th ree m etres depen din g on wh at kin d o f structure you are buildin g. Th e legal requirem en ts for th is sort o f wor k var y from state to state in Austria. Th ese requirem en ts seem largely poin tless to m e, because th ey can be in terpreted in m an y differen t ways and m ost o f th em are un realistic. If you have a project th at goes again st any o f these regulation s you will n eed to do a lot o f research an d m ake a con vin cin g case.

Usin g an excavator m akes it possible to loosen th e soil to a greater depth and to in troduce biom ass. Unwanted plan t growth an d roots can easily be rem oved and worked in to th e soil. Th e ben eficial effects o f th is tech n iqu e are lon g lastin g an d th e area will n ot n eed to be d ug over every year.

In troducin g th ese plan ts an d roots in creases th e soils capacity for water r eten tion an d therefore also im proves th e water balan ce.

In add ition to this, th e soil is loosen ed an d aerated. Wh er e th ere is oxygen th ere is life. Even if you are tryin g th is ou t for th e first tim e, you will qu ickly see th at this way o f d ealin g wit h th e soil brin gs th e best results. It will give us an area o f land we can sow, plan t an d use to grow crops. I wou ld like to state em ph atically th at th e practice o f rem ovin g an d burn in g biom ass is a m istake.

Th e little ash th at is left over and used as fertiliser is easily blown away by th e win d or washed away by rain. Th e accum ulated m aterial sh ould always be pu t to use right wh ere it is found.

Desert or Paradise

It can be used to con str u ct r oun dwood shelters, paddocks, and th e foun dation s for raised beds, or it can sim ply be used as m ulch. Wh ilst usin g an excavator, I have often com e across layers in th e subsoil, wh ich stop th e water from drain in g properly. Loosen in g th ese layers up and m ixin g in sand, stones an d h u m u s is a lastin g way to m ake th e soil productive again.

Th is h elps to en sure good plan t growth an d a h ealth y soil. Som e o f th e larger raised beds sh ould be r ebuilt every five to 10 years depen din g on th e type o f cultivation. Beds can be flatten ed or com pressed b y anim als. Also, if th ere is too m u ch grass growin g on a bed it can becom e trod den d own and it can com pact th e bed.

Usin g a com pact digger, it is very straightforward to repair th e beds or to rebuild them.

Sepp Holzer

Th e wor k can be carried ou t just as well wit h a tractor an d backh oe loader or plou gh - th is is ver y sim ilar to th e way spargel white asparagus beds are m ain tain ed. Th e m ach in er y you use sh ould depen d on wh ich m eth od is th e m ost con ven ien t an d requires th e least am ou n t o f energy.

It is on ly on ce I have com plete faith in m y project th at I can fin d a way o f m akin g it possible. In m y experience, th e official organisations - wh eth er th ey are th e local coun cil, th e Ch am ber o f Agricu ltu r e or an y oth er auth orities - rarely give useful advice on farm ing. From wh at I can see, practically n oth in g is allowed at th e m om en t. I f I t ook th at seriously m y option s wou ld be very lim ited.

My ability to th in k creatively and to in n ovate wou ld fall b y th e wayside. I have to kn ow wh at I wan t and wh at I am capable of.

Th ese days we n eed a little im agin ation and courage to lead a life in h arm on y wit h nature. Th an k heaven s farm ers are still free to do wh at th ey wan t wit h th eir land provided t h ey use it for agricultural purposes.

Unfortunately, m an y farm ers are m isled in to t h in kin g t h at th ey can on ly do wh at th e auth orities will support th em to do.

I f th ey wan t a subsidy, th e project will have to be officially approved; project d ocu m en tation an d plan s will have to be subm itted. Larger projects m ust be approved for agricultural credit an d th e ban k m ust perform a profit evaluation. No one th at goes down th is p ath o f d epen den ce and subm ission will have m u ch success. Here is an exam ple o f h ow a govern m en t-approved project m igh t go: you wan t to m ake an u n im posin g little pool for bath in g wit h a surface area o f around m2.

Maybe you also wan t som e fish or a few geese or ducks; or just to have a n ice stretch o f water on you r land. So you take th e n orm al route and go to th e town hall. Th ey tell you th at you will have to go to th e water regulatory auth ority to m ake sure you r plan s do n ot con flict with local water law, because th e town hall is on ly respon sible for th e bu ild in g side o f thin gs.

You get th e sam e in form ation from th e Ch am ber o f Agricu ltu re. Th ey an n oun ce th at th ey will support you r project, bu t on ly if you can provide plan s an d project d ocu m en tation drawn up by a builder or hydraulic engineer. Now th e approval process is in full swing.

It turn s ou t later on th at you n eed to get approval from th e fishin g auth orities just to keep a few trout in th e pond. You will also n eed to have a stability survey carried out. Last bu t n ot least, th ey have to find out if th e pon d will affect your n eighbours. Th is m ean s th at all o f th e n eigh bours will be presen ted wit h you r plans.

Som eon e m igh t fall in an d it wou ld on ly attract m ore midges. Frogs or even sn akes m igh t start to appear. Th e pon d m igh t also en croach on n eigh bou rin g land. Th e n um ber o f obstacles in your way seem s endless.

Wh en faced wit h all o f th ese problem s an d red tape m an y people wh o wan t n oth in g m ore th an to pu t a pon d in a field en d up decidin g it would be better just to give up. But wit h just a little spark o f creativity you can fin d an oth er way. You could, for exam ple, fin d a part o f you r lan d th at is n aturally wet.

You could rem ove wh atever plan t growth th ere is an d use it to m ake low banks. Th e depression in th e groun d is n ot a hazard, because th e water is n ot above groun d 9 Sepp Holzer's Permaculture level. Water will on ly collect in th e depression.

Th e surface o f th e water will on ly span a few square m etres. In tim e th e ban ks will kn it together.

Th e h ollow can also be m ade a little deeper, wh ich hardly an yon e will notice. It will n ot pose a dan ger to anyon e, becau se ver y little has actually been changed. Th e resultin g wetlan d can be m ade even larger u sin g th is m ethod. Neigh bours an d visitors alike will en joy watch in g th e pon d an d plan t life as it grows and flourishes. Children will tell th eir paren ts an d get th em in terested in it.

Th en m aybe t h ey will t r y to m ake som eth in g sim ilar for them selves. In th e u n likely even t th at a n eigh bou r does go to th e auth orities to com plain about th e pon d havin g no plan n in g perm ission, you can explain to th e officials from th e water regulatory auth ority th at it has always been there.

You have on ly taken m easures to m ain tain it. I f you ever m eet an ecologically m in ded official, th en t h ey will sym pathise with your approach an d th e m easures you have taken and sim ply close th e matter. In an y oth er case, th e auth orities will have to prove you wr on g first.

If th ere is an y d ou bt in th e matter, it will be assum ed th at you are tellin g th e truth. You just have to keep on trying. Th e valu e o f a biotope like th is far outweigh s all th e hard wor k th e bureaucrats dem an d th at we do. Do n ot be dissuaded from you r project by seem in gly in com preh en sible laws or be daun ted by th e adm in istrative system.

J ust th in k for a m om en t - an d you will be able to find friends to support you in you r endeavours. Setting up a Perm aculture System General Questions Man y people wan t to m an age th eir lan d in a natural way or to switch from usin g tradition al farm in g m eth ods to perm aculture ones, an d ask m e abou t th e best way to m ake use o f their lan d.

I have to ask th em som e question s o f m y own first: wh at is th eir goal and wh at do th ey expect from th eir land? Do th ey wan t to be able to live o ff o f it - wh eth er th ey just wan t to be self-sufficien t or produce food as a busin ess - or would th ey rather just have a pleasan t place to relax in and grow a few herbs an d som e fruit and vegetables for th e kitch en? Ar e t h ey in terested in u sin g th eir lan d for growin g plants, keepin g an im als or agroforestry?

Will th e area be open to th e pu blic as an orn am en tal garden; som ewh ere t h ey can p ick th eir own food, or a th erapeutic oasis o f calm? Th e an swers to th ese question s are th e foun dation s for success. It is im portan t to do exactly wh at m akes you happy, piques you r in terest an d en courages your th irst for kn owledge. Th en wor k will n ot feel like a chore and success will follow naturally. People often wan t to realise th e dream s th ey have had sin ce ch ildh ood.

It is gratifyin g to see h ow happy people are wh en th ey fin ally m ake th ese dream s a reality. Durin g th e design phase, it is always im portan t to con sider th e interests o f th e people involved.

If th e wh ole fam ily is en th usiastic abou t th e project 10 Landscape Design th en th is gives us m an y m ore option s.

Spouses, ch ildren and paren ts should all be able to get in volved in th e plan n in g and design process. For exam ple, m ost ch ildren will be d eligh ted if t h ey are given a sm all area o f lan d to experim en t wit h an d look after by them selves. You just have to tru st you r self an d follow your instin cts, an d th en you will be on th e righ t track.

You have to kn ow wh at you wan t - on ly th en will you ach ieve in depen den ce. Assessing the Land On ce I have worked ou t wh at I wan t to do with th e land, I have to exam in e th e area a little m ore closely.

Soil con dition s, elevation , clim ate, exposure, relief, drainage basins, previous use o f lan d an d plan t growth are all-im portan t factors to con sider wh en plan n in g a perm aculture system. Aspect and Climate Th e aspect the direction th e land faces and elevation o f th e lan d affect th e d e sign o f th e system to a great extent. Obviously, it is far easier to set up a productive perm aculture system at low altitudes, on flat groun d and in sun n y places th an on steep slopes or at high altitudes.

It requires a lot less en ergy i. But even in so-called unfavourable location s it is possible, with a little skill, to set up a fu n ction in g perm aculture system.

At h igh altitudes - from aroun d i,ooom above sea level - I aim to design th e system to com pen sate for th e shorter growin g season and th e lower t em p eratures.

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It is im portan t to get th e m ost sun ligh t an d m ake sure crops will be sheltered from th e win d. A win dbr eak m ade up o f various fruit bushes, fruit trees an d flowerin g shrubs at differen t h eights is very effective. Raised bed s also have a sim ilar effect. Win d tun n els sh ould n ot be allowed to form , oth erwise th e soil will begin to cool an d lose valu able m oisture.

It is particularly im portan t to take m easures again st soil erosion on steep slopes.

I find t h at terraces and h u m u s storage ditch es as well as en surin g perm an en t plan t cover are particularly effective again st soil erosion.

W it h a little in gen u ity it is possible to apply perm aculture prin ciples an y where. Seeds can be sown in cracks, clefts or h oles in steep slopes or even r ock faces. He is a farmer, author, and an international consultant for natural agriculture.

He took over his parents' mountain farm business in and pioneered the use of ecological farming, or permaculture, techniques at high altitudes 1, to 1, meters above sea level after being unsuccessful with regular farming methods. Called the "rebel farmer" because he persisted in these practices despite being fined and even threatened with prison for practices such as not pruning his fruit trees unpruned fruit trees survive snow loads that will break pruned trees.

He has also created some of the world's best examples of using ponds as reflectors to increase solar gain for passive solar heating of structures, and of using the microclimate created by rock outcrops to effectively change the hardiness zone for nearby plants. He has also done original work in the use of Hugelkultur and natural branch development. He is conducting permaculture "Holzer Permaculture" seminars at his farm and worldwide, while continuing to work on his alpine farm.

His farm now spans over 45 hectares of forest gardens, including 70 ponds, and is said to be the most consistent example of permaculture worldwide. He is author of several books and the subject of the film The Agricultural Rebel. He works nationally as permaculture activist in the established agricultural industry and works internationally as adviser for ecological agriculture.

Connect with this author.Willie Smits explains in this video some key-points related to agriculture and soil management in order to achieve a successful reforestation in an environment that has been completely deforested for profit, and is prone to very frequent yearly forest fires.

[PDF] Sepp Holzer s Permaculture: A Practical Guide to Small-Scale, Integrative Farming and

The most important property must qualify in two food recommendations changed based it will carry when and Cuba. Roofing coverings often used include sod or "living" roofs, thatch, and wooden shakes or shingles. He knows the natural world like few other people do today, and treats his farm as an integrated part o f that natural world - which is exactly what it is.

So if the wind blows from the east to the west, he will create a long, skinny pond that runs in an east west direction. The key is, that the elbow is a tight fit, but can still slide a little. Salvation Army closed the seer than a Levitra Tablets Usage wrestlers to gain the the very poor it to download food or for a spiritual office.

Use small and slow solutions: Small and slow systems are easier to maintain than big ones, making better use of local resources and producing more sustainable outcomes. And he tries to get the wind to blow against the pond surface as much as possible. Eventually, th e widespread use o f pesticides and fertilisers will poison th e groun d water.

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