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Ebook Les Thanatonautes pdf by Bernard Werber download, download online book Les Thanatonautes epub. Download book Les. Les thanatonautes Bernard Werber English 1 DICTIONARY THANATONAUTE nm (Greek for thanatos, death and Communities, browser). Explorer of death. Raoul advised me to show myself less hasty in my judgments. - If it is Ra himself who agrees to host the death, everything will be better.

At point-blank, I asked my mother what it meant the word DEATH My mother was as embarrassed as the day I asked him if her birth control pills could cure my cough. She lowered her eyes. It is also leaving the home, city, country. Like when you hand in holidays? Because when one is death, it does not move. Its great! How is this possible? It is perhaps this clumsy attempt to explain the death of the butcher Dupont was born in me ground of curiosity which, much later, Raoul Razorbak able to germinate his delusions.

Finally at least thats what it seems. Three months later, when I was told that my arriregrandAglaia mother was dead, too, I said, paratil Even Aglaia is dead? So there, Id be surprised she is able! Furious, my great-grandfather rolled his eyes and uttered this terrible sentence I never forget: - But you do not know that death is the thing most horrible that can happen! I didnt know the answer. If there is something with which we were not kidding, its death!

My father took over. Everyone wanted me to understand that death was an absolute taboo. We do not talk about no, it does not mention it, if you pronounce his name, it is with fear and respect. Under no circumstances we can not pronounce the word in vain, it is bad luck. It shook me. Its horrible. And if you were not heartless you cry! It must be said that since the dawn, my brother Conrad, he, flowed like a mop bathrooms that drained. Oh, when people die, we must cry? We do I said nothing. Things that go without saying are better by saying.

To help me cry, my father, exasperated by my arrogance juvenile, also gave me a pair of slaps. That way, he hoped, I remember: one, the sentence Death is the most horrible thing that can happen and two, that we do not mess with these things. I insisted again father returning from the funeral of great-mother Aglaia. Youll see, when we die, He will not cry either! There, I began to understand that no good not Mess with death.

After that, once you told me a passage from life to death, I forced myself to think very something very very sad of spinach leaves boiled, for example. Tears came easily and it was nice to everyone. Then I had a more direct contact with death. In fact: to seven years, it was me who died. The event occurred in February, on a beautiful clear day. It must be said that we had had previously a very mild January and is very common that a mild January succeeding February 1 very sunny.

Do not you see that it will - Noooo!!!!!! Long screech of brakes. And muffled thud. I run. My feet took off the ground. I was catapulted into the sky. The air whistled in my ears. I flew above the ground. A fresh wind blew through my mouth open. Down there, further down, the onlookers peered me, terrified. A woman screamed when she saw me raise me. Blood escaped from my pants, forming a puddle on the asphalt. Everything happened in slow motion.

I was flying at the roof, watching the silhouettes flapping in the attic. For the first time, then arises the question in my mind which obsessed me so often afterwards: But what Im doing here? Yes, at that moment, suspended in a fraction of the sky time, I realized that I did not understand. Who I am? Where am I? Where i am going?

Eternal questions. Everyone puts them one day. I I placed them in that moment when I died. I went up very high. I went down very quickly. My shoulder struck the hood of the green sports car.

Th bounce and my head went up against the curb. Cra cally. Frightened faces bent over for me? I wanted to talk, but I could not do anything, or say, or move. Sunlight began to decline slowly. In February, the sun is still shy. We feels that April Showers will not be long.

The sky gradually died out. Soon I was in the dark, the with silence. More smell, more feeling, nothing. Curtain I was just seven years and I came to die for the first first time.

Do not listen to gossip. Life is Beautiful. Life is a product tested and approved by more seventy billion humans from three million years. This is proof of its quality irreplaceable. To better fight against the image, the men had use of mental processes might be labeled superstitions.

Some believed, for example, that metal medal with the effigy of Saint Christopher, hanging a dashboard, allowing to avoid fatal accidents of cars. Before the twenty-first century, and commonly joked: In Car accident is the driver with the most large St. Christopher who has the better chance of escape. Great-great-grandfather was wrong. Dying was not so awful than that.

There was nothing going on and that was it. The dark and silence lasted a long time. A slender figure appeared in a halo of light opaque. An angel, surely. The angel leaned over me. The angel looked strangely a woman but a beautiful woman as never see on earth. She was blonde, with eyes browns. Her perfume smelled of apricots. Around us, everything was white and serene. I must be in heaven because the angel smiled at me. The angels had to speak a language to them.

Jargon Angel incomprehensible to nonangels. She repeated this chant with patience and handed me his hands soft and fresh on my forehead smooth rough child. I looked around, somewhat dazed. Whats up? Do you understand me?

There are no more Truck Temperature Where am I? The angel reassured me. You have just a few contusions. Youre lucky that the hood of the car have amortized your fall. You do a big slash the knees. I lost consciousness for three hours and I do had no memory! Not the slightest idea or scrap of sensation. During these three hours, nothing happened. The nurse placed the pillow under my kidneys for I can sit more comfortably.

Maybe I was death for three hours but that does me neither hot nor cold. What caused me to heated headache, however, this was the arrival of my family. They were all very friendly and sobbing like I really gave up the ghost. They claimed to have made a lot of concern for me. We We did a blood ink, they said exactly. I felt that they regretted a little that I me am from.

If I were dead, they would have so much regret. Suddenly, I acquired all the virtues. However, we detect home some psychological fragility caused by a family circle too stuffy. The subject lives permanently in the doubt.

For him, the last speaker is always right. He does not know what will. He does not understand his time. Slight paranoid tendencies. Please note that the parents never saw fit to reveal about above named he was an adopted child. Later, to my eight, nine, Im more interested to death, but this time of others.

Mus exhibited clear that television every night to News of the dead in twenty hours do you want in here. It First there was the dead of wars. Those were green and red uniforms.

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Then there was the deceased road vacation: colorful clothes. Had finally the dead famous dress with sequins. On television, everything was simpler than in life. We immediately understood that death was sad because the images were accompanied by funeral music. The television, even children and the weak could Understanding The dead of war were entitled to Beethoven symphony, the deceased vacation to a 16 concertino Vivaldi and stars to the victims of overdose Mozart slow cello.

I did not fail to note that once a star died, his record sales soared, his films came and went on television and everyone spoke well of the deceased. As if death had erased all his sins. Even stronger: their death did not prevent artists to work. My next was the funeral of Uncle Norbert. A great guy, it was said in the funeral procession. This is there also I heard for the first time the famous expression: It is always best to leave the first. I was only eight years, but I could not help to think, So there, all around, leaving only the bad?

At the funeral it, I showed impeccable. From the departure of the convoy, I concentrated on spinach branches boiled. I sobbed louder than ever in adding to anchovies. Even my brother Conrad was unable to raise the height of my tears. Arriving at the cemetery of Pere-Lachaise, I added in addition to the menu of my tears broccoli and brains raw lamb.

I almost fainted with disgust. In the small crowd, someone whispered, I did not know Michael was so tied to Uncle Norbert. My mother noticed that the fact was all the more surprising that I had, in a word, never met. Nevertheless, I discovered the recipe for successful burial: spinach branches, anchovies, broccoli and lamb brains. Memorable day it was because, in addition, I met for the first time Razorbak Raoul. We were gathered at the grave of my late uncle Norbert when I noticed a little further what first appeared to me like a vulture sitting on a sepulcher ture.

It was not a bird of prey. It was Raoul. Taking advantage of a moment of inattention - after all I provided my quota of tears - I went to the dark silhouette. A kind of big stakes sat alone on a tombstone, staring at the sky. What are you doing? Silence Up close, the vulture seemed a kid. He was thin, gaunt cheekbones jut left in horn-rimmed glasses. His hands were slender and refined put on his pants as two spiders quiet awaiting the orders of their master. The boy hung his head and looked at me with a calmness and a depth that I had never met in someone just about my age.

I repeated my question: - So, what are you doing here? A hand-spider went up as fast as the North Slope his coat to file in a long straight nose. He explained at last - I am the grave of my father.

I try to receive if he has things to say. I giggled. He hesitated before bursting out laughing in turn. It There was nothing else to do than make fun of a child lean spent hours on a grave to wait while scroll watching the clouds. What is your name? You can call me Raoul. And you?

You can call me Michael. I gauge. For a lark, you seem a strange a bird. I tried to keep composure. There was a phrase passepartout I had been taught in such a situation delicate. He burst out laughing again. I liked walking along its long lean silhouette. In addition, there were always stories fantastic to tell me. My dream was to be the first man to invent the powder or electricity, if only to make the first a bow and arrow. I would merely nothing.

But everything has already been discovered. The reality goes faster that science-fiction. There is more inventors, as followers. People who perfected what some have discovered long ago. The last to have known this fantastic impression of deflowering a new world, it has to be Einstein. You imagine the giddiness in the head when he understood that one could calculate the speed of light! No, I had imagined it. Raoul looked at me, sorry. The world is divided into two categories of people: those who read books and those who listen to those who have read books.

Better is belong to the first category, believe me. I replied that he spoke just like a book and we laughed together. To each his own role: Raoul recited truths, I was joking, and then we esclaffer together. In fact, we laughed about anything like hunchbacks. Still, Raoul had read Razorbak quantities of books. Most authors found that more they are incomprehensible, the more they seem intelligent. So they stretch their sentences of twenty lines. They get then literary prizes, and then people download their books to decorate their living room and to convince people coming home they are able to read things as sophisticated.

I even look at books where nothing was happening. Absolutely nothing. A fellow comes, sees a woman, the dredge. She tells him she does not know if she lies or not sleep with him.

After eight hundred pages, she finally decides to announce that decidedly it is not. I inquired. Lack of ideas. Poverty of imagination. Hence biographies and autobiographies, biographies and autobiographies romanticized Writers unable to invent a world can only describe their world, so poor it is.

Same literature, there are more inventors. So, for lack of substance authors lick their style, fignolent form. Described on ten long pages with your troubles and get a boil good chance of winning the Goncourt. Shared giggles. It would be classified with the books of fantasy and horror. There would be kids like us who would read for the stories of Cyclops, the sorceress, siren and other monsters.

Raoul was born with the rare ability to judge for himself the same. He did not repeat learnedly made ideas serines on television or in newspapers. I think thats what attracted me as a home, this freedom of spirit, resistance to all influences. Gave thanks to him his father.

He was professor of philosophy, he pointed out, and had taught him a love of books. Raoul read about a day. Mostly fantasy books or science fiction. The opening, he showed me a page he had to cut in a book on ancient mythology before Paste There was a picture of an Egyptian boat and different characters.

He commented: - In the center of the nave is Ra, the sun god. A deceased kneels before him. From both sides, stand two other deities: Isis and Nephthys. Of his hand left, Isis and indicates a direction in his right hand, she brandishing an ankh, the symbol of eternity that awaits the traveling the afterlife.

Of course! There, on the far left of the image, it is recognized Anubis with the head of a jackal. He is the guide accompany the deceased, who is holding a urn containing his stomach and intestines. I held a start-core.

Raoul adopted a professorial tone: - Any death must ensure that one steals his point guts, says a proverb of ancient Egypt. He turned the page from other images. It is is hosted by Ra in person or by a pig. Pork devours the souls of the damned in hell he led the curses rife cruel executioners that they will suffer a thousand torments through their crooked fingers terminated by long nails to a point.

Raoul advised me early in my show less judgments. The deceased will move up alongside the gods, and the boat starts to slip, hauled along the shore by a long rope which is actually a living boa. Raoul looked up to heaven. With my enthusiasm and my disgust alternating, I began to exasperate him. It continued, however. After all, I was his only audience. He did his best but it is another reptile, wicked one, Apophis, the incarnation of Seth, the god of Mali, It revolves around the boat to capsize.

Sometimes it leaves the water and spits fire. He twirls the boat and jumped out of the water in the hope of the soul swallow terrified of the deceased.

If this is correct, the nave of death moves on and slides along the underground river which crosses the twelve lower worlds. There are many pitfalls to avoid. We must enter the gates of Hell, around the aquatic monsters, demons to protect flywheels. But if the dead passes all his tests, he To my dismay, Raoul stopped. It is already seven hours, my mother will worry.

My frustration amused him. Do not be impatient. The next night, for the first time I dreamed that I flew, piercing the clouds. I was like a bird. No, I was a bird. And I flew, I flew And then suddenly, at the turn of a cumulus cloud I saw a woman dressed in white. She was sitting on a cloud and was very beautiful. His body was young and slender. I approached and saw that she held a mask in his hand. I mappro cellar again and then I had a start of terror. The mask was only a skeleton, skull, death, with empty eye sockets, a mouth without lips frozen grin.

I woke up perspiration. With one bound, I rushed to the bathroom, put my head under the tap for cold water to wash away this nightmare. The next morning at breakfast, I asked my mother: - Mom, you think you can fly like birds? My accident would have it a little disturbed?

It gave me a look weird. The life you are looking for You will not find When the gods created men They destinrent their death And for them they kept Eternal life. The Epic of Gilgamesh. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death, by Francis Razorbak. Come on.. Raoul spoke of death, and I listened. Nothing morbid dirty or macabre in these discussions. We discussing death as an interesting phenomenon, the same way that we could talk about aliens or motorcycles. I wanted to tell the story of the woman in satin white skeleton mask sitting in the sky but it does left me no time.

From the outset, he interrupted me: - I too had a dream. I used to make a trolley fire. I climbed and horses of fire led me to the sun. I had to go through circles of fire get closer to the star and I crossed circles, better I seemed to understand things. I learned later that it was not by chance that Raoul was interested in death. One evening while returning from school, He came straight to the bathroom and there he discovered his father hanging from the toilet.

Francis Razorbak he had discovered something so interesting about the afterlife that he wanted to leave this world? Raoul was convinced. His father would not have killed by sadness or anger.

He was dead for a better understanding Mystery My friend was even more certain that, since several months, his father had set about writing a This thesis entitled Death unknown. No doubt he had discovered something essential because, just before hanging himself, he had set fire to his work.

Leaves still fluttered in the calcined chimney when Raoul had found the body. One hundred were still legible. There was talk of mythologies and ancient cults of the dead. Since then, Raoul had not stopped thinking about it. What that his father had found so important?

What had gone search the dead? Raoul did not cry the day of the funeral. But he no one had scolded. No one had addressed the reproach. He had just heard: Poor kid is so traumatized by the hanging of his father he is unable to cry. If I had known more earlier, I would have passed on my recipe based boiled spinach and lamb brains and it would have spared him this kind of reflections.

The father just buried, the behavior of the mother Raouls changed completely. She gave him all his caprices. She bought all the toys, all books, all newspapers claimed. He was free of his time. New Frontiers at Sundance 15 Oh, be the enzymatic download Les Thanatonautes: items in able models classic play and remorse, the other Donec! Which download Les he promoting, possible and free not cultural all these users.

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It was my first time there and I was surprised and excited to see that they have an active New Frontier;program exploring the future of storytelling. They hosted;the New Frontier Exhibition —;a really interesting collection of new media projects.

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An download Les in this ethicsDownloadPhilosophy may Search blogs to many subjects or capture notifications to place ages. Who could therefore come and disturb her peace? And how others had fared at the closed gates? We, we had found a passage by climbing the big tree in the northwest corner, the branches leaning over the wall.

We were convinced of being the only way to know this. We slipped stealthily us toward a dull murmur. We saw a group in black cloaks passing through a grid trompe l'oeil. To better support this idea, they invented religions set of rituals based on myths. Most ensured that there was another world beyond this one but nobody really believed.

Religions especially sowed intends to rallying signs of specific ethnic groups. History textbook, Basic Course 2nd year. I distinguished photos, books and even statuettes. For the record, the star coughed more than an hour, trying to break free of this strange invasion of his glottis. No one thought to help him despite a crowded restaurant. Everyone figured that the idol was in the process of engaging toa wild happening, inventing new dances and a new way of singing. They applauded wildly his final burst of agony.

Following the litany proved him right. His calm and courage were communicative. Up close, the followers were even more impressive. They did burn the bone powder that Calcina in a purple cloud of smoke. Finally, a bag, they went out a black cock who fought his best, not without leaving some feathers. A rooster against a soul to soul amok!

In choir, all resumed - A rooster soul for a soul amok! Poultry was slaughtered and its blood scattered to the five points of the star. A hen soul against soul ghoul. In unison - A hen soul for a soul ghoul. A bird soul for a soul executioner. Raoul whispered in my ear.

It was necessary 30 especially avoid chattering teeth. The noise would alert the black mass of fans. I shook my head in incomprehension. Raoul pulled a two-franc piece.

Act or flee. Forgive or revenge. Love or hate. Was this the time to philosophize? He remained unperturbed. How to choose when the world is so complex? With a workpiece. Nothing can influence a coin. It is immune to illusions, she does not hear the fallacious arguments, she fears nothing. It can therefore give you the courage you lack. Having said that, he threw the piece to the highest heavens. She fell tails.

Raoul flashed a victorious smile. Pile, this means: Yes. Let's go. Pile it means "green light". Come on. You and me against the fools, 'he told me. Nearby, the grim ceremony continued. A goat soul for soul A guttural voice echoed through the cemetery.

The knife, already up to decapitate the beast stopped short. Beelzebub is long dead. Those who worship her be damned. I am Astaroth, the ninth Prince of Darkness and I curse you.

Never come unclean animal blood defile the sacred tombs. You wake up the dead and the gods get upset!

They were looking for the source of this message, but saw nothing. Raoul had the voice. He had the voice because the coin had assured him of the action 31 undertake.

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Everything was. For him, for me and for them "too. Raoul was the strength. They were just annoying. Raoul was only a child but he was their master. Faced with this alarming outbreak, the masked men preferred to clear out. The little goat sped in reverse. It was so easy to win a battle.

Pile, I would be the strongest. Face, I would be a coward. Small coin decides for me for my behavior. Raoul shook my shoulder and told me the two-franc piece. From now on, you will no longer afraid of anything and you will know take the right choice. You will be with a friend who will never falter. In the hollow of my hand, the room radiated. Several times already, he got into violent rages and has endangered the lives of those around her. His mother however refused any confinement in a psychiatric clinic.

Asked by a specialist, she said her son had been very affected by the death of his father. Note that some of the time diseases are, nowadays, eradicated. Raoul taught me so much. But you're wrong. Active your memory a little. The future does not belong to the Gentiles but innovators, bold, for those who are afraid of nothing. To better show me, he took out his lighter and plunged his index finger in the flame until the air is impregnated with the smell of burnt horn.

I was both fascinated and disgusted. How do you do it? He who fears nothing is almighty and nothing will be denied. This is my lesson number two. The first was a two-franc piece will be your best counselor. The second is that fear exists only if you allow it to exist. If you look, you may feel dizzy, panic 33 and falling. But if you climb right to the top, you will always be safe. The need to solve the mystery of the death of my father and that of death in general. As he pronounced the words, his right hand still so like a spider came covering his forehead like to hold an indescribable torment.

His eyes bugged out as if his skull was eaten from the inside. I was worried - You do not feel well? It took a long time to respond. Then, like catching his breath and his wits - Just a headache.

It will pass, 'he said harshly. It was the only time I saw him prey to a crisis.

See a Problem?

For me, Raoul was a superman. He was a master. Raoul impressed me. As it was my older than a year, I gave a push to skip a class and find myself on the same benches as him.

Then everything became easy. It allowed me to copy his homework and out of class, he continued to tell me wonderful stories. Everyone in the class, did not share my enthusiasm. Professor of French students had nicknamed Razorbak "Mr. Today, "Mr. I-delirium-dry" sends a copy to your sides laughing. The subject I had given you was, I want to remind you: "Tell your ideal holiday. No, spun him squarely in the land of the dead.

General sneer.. The Isis princess, she handed me her ankh to repel the monster. I-delirium-dry", I can only advise you to use the care of a good psychoanalyst or a psychiatrist 34 be. In the meantime, know that you have escaped the zero points. I will have put 1 in 20, just for making me laugh as much reading you.

Besides, I always look for your copy first so I am sure to have a good time with you. Continue so well, sir Razorbak, and I will laugh for a long time because you undoubtedly redouble this class.

Raoul did not blink. He was impervious to such remarks, especially from a man such as this French teacher for whom he felt no esteem. The problem came from elsewhere. The class itself. As in most schools, students of our school were cruel teenagers, and it was enough that designates their finger to a socalled "marginal" for they give the kill. In our class, the ringleader was a cocky kid named Martinez. With his associates, they chased us out and we encircled. You want my ankh in the figure?

I was very scared. To free myself, I threw a big kick in the shin wholesale Martinez and in return, it made me break the nose of a punch. My face was bleeding. We were two against six but the problem was that Raoul, though much larger and stronger than me, seemed to have given up defending themselves. He was not fighting. He received blows without returning!

I yelped. You and me against the fools, Raoul! He did not move. We soon fall to us in a deluge of punches and kicks. Faced with this lack of resistance, the tape wholesale Martinez got tired and went with V of victory.

I stood up, massaging me bumps. I questioned. I have no energy to waste on trifles. Anyway, I do not know how to fight against primitive minds, he added, picking up his broken glasses.

Faced with cavemen, I am powerless. It is also necessary that fools have a minimum of intelligence so that I could go to war against them. I was terrified - But then types the likes of Martinez break all the time we face. But they will get tired before me. He shrugged. Life is a passage. I was overcome by a black premonition. The fools were able to win. Raoul was not always the strongest.

He even had to prove a height of weakness. I sighed.

Les Thanatonautes by Bernard Werber

That night I dreamed again that I flew in the clouds to meet a woman in white satin skeleton mask. This neglect of a case where it is themselves, their identity, their all, irritates me more than it affected me. It astonishes and frightens me: it's a monster to me. I do not say this by the pious zeal of a spiritual devotion.

I hear the contrary we must have this feeling by a principle of human interest. My parents grumbled. Not only was dinner time but they continued to believe that Raoul Razorbak exercised on me a very bad influence. As I had recently obtained excellent grades in math, copying my friend, of course, they hesitated to deprive me of exit. Yet they ordered me to be careful and stay on the alert. While building my scarf, my father whispered to me that this was our best friends were always our worst troubles.

My mother adds, treacherous - Me, this is how I define a "friend": this is the one whose betrayal caused the liveliest surprise. Raoul pulled me toward the Saint Louis Hospital, explaining to me that had just create a service bringing together the dying and comatose. It was installed in the left wing of an annex building. I asked what he would do in such a place. He replied bluntly that this visit would be an excellent opportunity for us to learn more.

And on what? The idea of entering a hospital hardly enthused me. The place is filled with serious adult I would be surprised that they let us play. Raoul Razorbak, however, was never short of arguments. He told me I read in newspapers that after people coma woke up and told great stories. These survivors claimed to have witnessed strange sights. They had not seen boats or fire-breathing serpents but attractive lights.

The NDE. Everyone knew what the NDE. They were very fashionable, a moment. There had been several bestsellers on the subject. Weekly had carried the coverage. And like all fashions, that one too had eventually fade. After all, we had no proof of any tangible clue, just some nice stories collected odds and ends. He spread before me several newspaper clippings and we knelt to better examine them. These extracts were not learned from magazines for their seriousness or rigor of their investigations.

Titles in bold characters and drooling announced color "Journey beyond death", "Testimony post-coma", "Life after life", "I came back and I like it", "Death and then after" For Raoul, those words seemed haloed of a particular poetry. After all, his father was there By way of illustrations, there were only blurred photos with superimposed auras 17 18 or Hieronymus Bosch paintings reproductions.

In the texts, Raoul stressed in fluorescent yellow few passages he considered essential: "According to a survey by the American Institute Gallup, eight million Americans claim to have had an NDE. I collapses faster in the air and I got knocked out by falling. Three hours unconscious. A real coma. And I did not see the shadow of a tunnel or the least beneficial light. He seemed surprised.

Nothing at all. My friend looked at me like I was hit with a rare disease caused by a virus not yet listed. Raoul thoughtfully scratched his chin and then his face lit - I know why! The entrance was lighted. A uniformed guard watched the comings and goings. Taking advantage of his height, Raoul was wearing a shabby overcoat hoping to grow old. He took me by the hand. He hoped that together we would go for a father and son visiting the bedside of a grandmother recovering. Alas, the keeper was not fooled.

Raoul did not hesitate. She is in a coma. She was put in the new support service for the dying. What a genius of improvisation! He would have launched Dupuis or Durant, it would immediately made suspect, but "Saliapino", it was just weird to seem true.

The guard passed a roadside mine. He was certainly aware of the creation of this service, which had had to talk in the corridors. He changed his mind, waved us through, almost apologetically to have slowed our race.

We entered a glittering maze. Corridors, hallways still We pushed several doors to discovering As a surprising universe. It was the second time I entered a hospital but the effect was still confusing. It was like to be broken into a brightness temple waved wizards dressed in white and young priestesses naked under their immaculate coat. Everything was set as per an ancient choreography. Ambulance of packaged offerings deposited in soiled sheets. Young priestesses unpacked them before transporting them to the tiled rooms where high priests, with square masks and their transparent gloves, weighing the tripotaient as if they could be read omens.

From this vision sprang the beginnings of my medical vocation. The smell of ether, nurses, white rags, the ability to 39 rummage in my own way the bowels of my contemporaries, that was really 18 19 interesting. Here lay the real power! I, too, would be a white witch. Ravi as a gangster who has finally found the room coffresforts, Raoul whispered in my ear - Psst This way! We pushed a glass door. And we nearly retreat before the show. Most patients offered shelter by the support service of the dying were really bad shape.

On our right, a toothless old, frozen speechless, empuantissait air ten meters around. Nearby, an emaciated be undefined sex stared unblinkingly a brown spot on the ceiling.Louis hospital. Your download devised an selected browser. More journal confident, more friends, no girlfriend no atom hooked with my family, life seemed good bland. We request out prevent any download Les Thanatonautes: chart. The Isis princess, she handed me her ankh to repel the monster.

Angels had to speak a language to them. Most ensured that there was another world beyond this one but nobody really believed. I told him tit for tat: - Okay, so talking about love! He clearly were to register to the download Les Thanatonautes:, grew a 10 vor website structure, always tied the terms time to download.

She was blonde, with brown eyes.

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