Life is a breath of fresh air in terms of teaching material. Life Upper- Intermediate Student's book - ISBN: ; Life Upper-Intermediate Student's. Upper Intermediate. Life Grammar Practice Worksheets. Preview. The Grammar. Life Upper Intermediate TB - Download as PDF File .pdf) or view Life Cengage National Geographic. Keynote Upper Intermediate Teachers Book.

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Life Upper Intermediate: Teacher's Book with Audio CD by Ann Scott, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Heinle Engage Learning, p. Comprehensive grammar, vocabulary, functions, pronunciation and skills syllabuses address the needs of contemporary . The Teacher's Book is not split and remains as a whole. Welcome to №6; 84 .. Hughes J., Dummett P. Life Upper-Intermediate Teacher's book. pdf. Раздел.

Choose the correct definition a-c. Underline the stressed syllable in each word. What pronunciation rule can you make about words that end in -ic and -tion? Then listen and check. Unit 1 Relationships 1d What a nice surprise! Real life meeting people you know 1 Look at the sentences. Some prepositions are missing. Insert the correct preposition, where necessary. Answer the questions. Oh, hi Ben. I'm fine. W ell,c You're looking very well.

No, it's just a temporary job. And d Is Emily well? Yes, thanks. That's fantastic. W ell,f I should probably go and do my shopping.

Could I have your phone number again? It's Well, speak soon, I hope. Complete the phrases a-g. Would you say them with an expressive intonation E or a flatter intonation F? E F 1 What a nice surprise.

Respond with your own words. Then compare your response with the model answer that follows.

What a nice surprise! How are you? Good to see you. Use the sentences and phrases a-g. I hope everything is going O K. Everyone has been asking about you. How is your Arabic coming on? Well, shortly after you left, I got a letter from a fashion designer in New York. They saw some of my work in a catalogue for the shop that I work for and they want me to fly over to New York for an interview.

The other big piece of news is that Sarah is going to get married next year! Sophie Word focus get 2 Look at the verb get highlighted in the email in Exercise 1, either on its own or as part of a phrasal verb.

Match the uses of get to a word with a similar meaning in the box. Write a synonym for get in each sentence. I don't get what you're saying. Why do I have to w ait? I'm trying to work.

Life Upper Intermediate TB

It took me two weeks to get over it. Dear Jack, Sorry to hear that you I hope the w eather Nothing much L o u is Anyway, fingers crossed. Good luck with everything there and write again soon.

Love, Theresa 9. Unit 1 Relationships Wordbuilding forming adjectives from nouns 1 Complete the table. Form adjectives from the nouns and verbs below. Are you a close family? Yes, we are. Why do you think that is? We were brought up in a very Is there a clear head of the family? My father is certainly th e And do you all share a particular family trait? Has your family influenced your own path in life? My father is an inventor and I think I have inherited his I set up my own business when I was Learning skills extending your vocabulary 3 You can extend your vocabulary by making word families.

Look at the word decide. How many words can you think of that are related to it? Complete the words and expressions. Choose two from the list. All answers appear in Student's Book Unit 1.

Unit 2 Storytelling 2a March of the Penguins Reading a film documentary 1 Read the interview with a film director and answer the questions. After laying a single egg, the females return to the ocean for fish, leaving the males behind to guard the eggs, which they balance on top of their feet, even during snowstorms.

After two months, during which the males eat nothing, the eggs begin to hatch. But if the mothers are late returning from the ocean with food, the chicks will die. French director Luc Jacquet spoke to us about the challenges of making March o f the Penguins.

Your background is as a biologist. How did you become interested in penguins?

In ,1 spent fourteen months at the French scientific centre in Antarctica doing research. In my career, I have also worked as a cameraman. I helped to shoot another film. The Congress o f the Penguins, in I was also inspired by the sheer beauty of Antarctica, and I felt this was a great story for the movies. It has all the elements of great drama - love, life, death.

Why did you choose this storytelling technique? I wanted to get away from the documentary genre and to write a story that made the viewer feel like he or she was really right there with the penguins. How did you approach the penguins? It was easy to get near them. How would you describe the overall theme of the movie?

I wanted to tell things as I felt them, rather than as a scientist. The penguins have learned to live where no other creature can. This is what struck me the most. How do they do that? How do they manage? The penguins are bad walkers. How did nature allow them to make this terrible trek across the ice?

But I think if you gave the penguins the option of spending all their lives underwater, they would take it. J Look at the interview again. Find words that mean: Grammar past simple and present perfect 4 Look at the film-maker's answers in the interview. Find examples of the following: Some would say you have to be crazy to spend more than a year in such an inhospitable environment.

Some of them On this visit, I Yes, But once I had been there for a while, my body Over time, Everyone who What you have to do is to learn to minimise body movement. So I just But some people may find his approach to the penguins is too I found it more And all without a Filmed on Behind the basic It contains some extraordinary Write S if you think the letter T is silent.

Complete the sentences.

Alain de Botton's Which of these sentences summarises what he did? Match the verbs with the correct definition. Unit 2 Storytelling Grammar past tenses review 4 Complete the story using the correct past tense form of the verbs in brackets.

On April 25, , Aron Ralston He then When he It would be days before anyone realised that he was missing. Ralston The pain was intense, but he was determined to stay in control But by the time the search teams started out, he If it got dark at 6.

Match the sentences with the times a-c. What tenses are used to describe the plot of the film? Film title: Action film Release date: November Synopsis: An pound boulder falls and traps his hand, making it impossible for him to move. Based on a true story. An pound boulder falls and traps his hand. He hasn't told anyone where he is going.

This use of the present tense is sometimes referred to as 'the present historic'. Then complete the synopsis of a book using the verbs in the correct tense. Book title: To the Ends of the Earth Author: Ranulph Fiennes Genres: Autobiography; travel; adventure Synopsis: The mountaineer and explorer Ranulph Fiennes The adventures really 2 begin once the group Then listen again to the first part of the review and check your answers.

Then listen again to the second part of the review and choose the correct option. Word focus keep 4 Look at the phrases with keep from the story of The Happy Prince. You will need to use the correct form. There are two extra phrases. Unit 2 Storytelling 2d I can sympathise Real life reacting to stories 1 Look at these situations where things have gone wrong.

Complete the sentences using the correct form of the verb. Sometimes more than one answer is possible. Then match the reactions to the situations in Exercise 1. Complete the reactions Use phrases a-f. Poor you. What happened? So did you leave her behind? And where were you? I hate being late when I'm travelling. I don't blame you Listen and repeat. I started talking to this woman who I thought was Sue, my next-door neighbour, about my problems at work.

But it wasn't Sue, it was a complete stranger! How embarrassing! When did you realise it wasn't Sue?

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Dominic, who was clearly very frightened, moaned quietly. Are the statements a-d true T or false F? I don't think this is going to work Christopher sighed. We've been trying to build this canoe for three days and it still looks like a lump of wood. The wood's too hard he added. Actually, Christopher said Jen encouragingly we are making some progress.

What we really need to do is find some better tools.

Just then Tom screamed I've got it! Instead of using our penknives directly on the wood, why don't we make some better tools using our knives? Writing a story 3 Write the opening paragraph of a story about two friends' encounter with a fierce animal. Follow these instructions: Make sure you punctuate it correctly. Unit 2 Storytelling Wordbuilding synonyms 1 Make pairs of close synonyms from the following words.

Choose the correct definition a or b for each. Learning skills pronunciation 4 Without good pronunciation, people can't understand you. Read these tips to help improve your pronunciation. It's better to be slow and clear than fast and misunderstood. Listen to native speech and try to imitate the sounds you hear. Choose phrases and texts you have learnt in the unit.

Follow7steps in Exercise 4 to practise pronouncing them. Read it aloud and record yourself. Analyse your pronunciation and note your mistakes. All the answers are in Student's Book Unit 2. It's very difficult to hear what you're saying What are these three English idioms? Unit 3 Science and technology 3a No magic answer Reading population growth 1 Read the text about the problem of overpopulation. What does the writer think the solution will be found through?

No magic answer Forevery problem we always hope there will be a magic answer that will make it go away. That's human nature. But problems like overpopulation are complex and demand complex solutions. First, let's outline a few basic facts. Firstly, each person on the planet takes up space, consumes resources and creates waste. So the more people there are, the greater the problems of dwindling resources, overcrowding and pollution are going to be.

Secondly, rising standards of living - a product of economic growth - have exactly the same effects. Rich people have bigger houses, download more consumer goods and generate more waste. So even if the population remains the same, economic growth will create similar problems. But economic optimists don't worry about an increasing population because, according to them, people don't deplete resources, they create them.

For them, more people mean more human intelligence and more brains to find clever ways to boost resources. One example they give is the 'Green Revolution'. Over the last 60 years, agricultural food production has grown dramatically - faster than the population, in fact. Through the engineering of better seeds and plants, which are more resistant to disease, experts predict that there will be enough food for all of us in the future.

Another example is the Gates Foundation's work in combating disease in poor countries through a programme of vaccination. You would think that saving lives through vaccination would actually increase the population, not decrease it. Parents in under-developed countries want to ensure that at least two children will be around to look after them when they are old. So they raise this probability by having more children.

However, research shows that when you improve health in such communities, the population growth rate will fall within half a generation. Bill Gates believes that if we continue this work, the world population will peak at 8. But of course technology alone is the not answer.

It will help us to protect current resources and to find new resources, but we will also need to look at how we share these. Joel Cohen, a professor at Rockefeller University, put it nicely. He said that three schools of thought had a role to play in lessening the negative effects of overpopulation: The last, and probably the real answer, requires a different kind of faith: Vocabulary verbs describing trends 3 Find verbs in the passage that describe things getting greater or smaller.

Greater Smaller 1 r There is more than one possible answer for some of the sentences. Grammar future forms review 5 Read these comments about the views expressed in the article.

New technology creates as many problems as it solves. Complete the sentences using the appropriate future form of the verbs. Hi, Anna.

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Yes, 1am. How What about you? I haven't decided. Perhaps I Don't do that - it's so expensive. That would begreat.

What time Well, the conference That sounds perfect. Do you imagine it I hope so. I need to be back by 7. Complete the text. So when they Match the words or expressions in bold with the correct definition a-h.

Unit 3 Science and technology 5 Complete these predictions about the use of robots in the home of the future. Put the verbs into the future continuous or future perfect. When people say that in the future robots But if you move forward ten years, that is not actually the way technology In the future, robots in the home will take many forms. Product Information. Language s: British English Level s: Upper-intermediate Authors: New to this Edition.

Currently, he runs training courses, both face-to-face and online. He is also an author with over 20 ELT books. Paul Dummett Paul Dummett is a teacher and writer based in Oxford, UK, where he ran his own school teaching English to professionals from to His main interests are the use of images and narrative in language teaching and how these can aid deeper learning and memory.

Seeking out writing projects that explore these interests he has found a natural home at National Geographic Learning, co-authoring titles such as Life and Keynote and acting as a Course Consultant for Look, a seven-level primary series.Real contexts to practise everyday functional language Real language and opportunities to share ideas with classmates about goals, dreams and global issues Real strategies for success in students' educational career, including speaking and writing skills and exam preparation A course that: highlights key language through Grammar2know, Words2know and Phrases2know incorporates technology to reflect a digital world gives teachers perfect flexibility with additional activities in the mini workbook at the back of the Students' Book The Teacher's Handbook incorporates reduced Students' Book pages with answers and notes as well as providing useful teaching techniques ActiveTeach can be used in class with an interactive whiteboard or just a projector.

But problems like overpopulation are complex and demand complex solutions. Language s: You may use the adjectives more than once. Are the sentences true T or false F? When he It's all a bit too aggressive and combative for me. Book title: Add to basket. Some films are projected onto the walls of buildings next to the canal where the boat is situated and one or two are followed by talks or workshops so that you can learn about the making of them in more depth.

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