Page 1. PRINTABLE NOTEPAD 1. 1. 2208.0.26.89 - RJ. Page 2. PRINTABLE NOTEPAD 1. 2. 2208.0.26.90 - RJ. Page 3. PRINTABLE NOTEPAD 1. 3. The pages you print will work with your Sky wifi smartpen in exactly the same that your printer can print Livescribe dot paper, you can download and start using . Software Downloads Available. To download Livescribe Desktop software, go to as a Livescribe notebook, journal, or flip notepad. See. In the Save PDF dialog, type the PDF file name and choose a folder for the file.

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To download Livescribe™ Desktop software, go to .. Download Content as a PDF Document Printing a Notepad. Download the free Livescribe+ app from the App Store. 2. . You can use the Livescribe PDF view to view, Evernote as an image file (PNG) or PDF file. Just download Livescribe+ to your smartphone or tablet, then turn on your smartpen to pair it to . Shared pencasts are saved as Livescribe PDF files. They can.

In the box, you have the Livescribe 3 pen itself — a chunky but light object that was easy and comfortable to hold in my man-mitts.

People with smaller hands might find it a little on the large side, however. In the end of the pen is a replaceable standard ballpoint pen tip.

The middle section of the pen twists to switch it on and off and once successfully paired to your iDevice via Bluetooth it should show a solid blue color in normal operation. In use The Livescribe 3 offers a range of different functions, but at its core it transfers your handwritten notes into a digital format — you have the option of viewing them as-written, or converted to editable on-screen text.

I was told it throughout school many years ago, and it remains true.

Ultimately, how neatly and quickly you write could well dictate your success with the Livescribe 3. My first two attempts written at normal note-taking speed were virtually illegible and converted into complete jibberish.

The result of those phantom marks being introduced in the digitized text in the image above meant that when it came to converting it into editable text, it mistranslated those parts shown below , all the rest was fine though. Via the Bluetooth connection to your device, the pen can also be used to take audio recordings which sync with the notes.

Tapping it will start the recording. In my testing, the feature worked well, and seemed to pretty much sync up in time with the notes being taken. Read more Bose SoundLink Mini II Bluetooth speaker review It's good for handwriting, sketching, doodling, and pretty much anything you fancy putting down onto paper and then digitising, but it also has one neat trick that makes it even more useful than that: you can record audio while taking notes, and then look at a live feed of your writing in action when you playback the recording.

The ability to record audio that is automatically synchronised to your handwritten notes called a Pencast in the app means you can optimise your note-taking. For example, you can jot down important points during a presentation while the app is simultaneously recording audio, and when you play it back, you can tap on each point to listen to what was being said at the time that point was being written.

It can make transcribing a simpler task as you don't have to listen to an entire recording. If you've taken copious notes during a recording, then the writing will light up line by line as the recording is played back, letting you know where you are up to in your notes. Furthermore, you can send individual pages as PDFs to Cloud storage accounts such as Google Drive, or even email them to people.

There is an option to 'share' an entire notepad when you hold your tap on it in the app, but this didn't bring up any avenues for us to actually share or save the notebook to the Cloud during our tests.

Livescribe Echo

Pencasts can be sent to the Cloud and shared as well again, as PDF files , then downloaded to a computer, and played via the Livescribe player on Livescribe's Web site -- you just drag and drop the downloaded file onto your Web browser.

Handwritten notes are digitised automatically by the app, and this means that you can search for words in your documents as if they were proper, typed documents.

However, if your writing is very messy, it might not find all instances if any of the word that you're after. It worked well enough for us -- considering that the mess we call handwriting these days more closely resemble a scribble.

Read more: Plantronics BackBeat Sense Bluetooth headphones The main screen on the left shows the pages within the notepad.

The screen on the right shows the results of a search for the word 'page'. In order to convert handwriting to text, you must be in 'Feed' mode within the app, which will show you notes according to date and time.

Write, record, playback - all with one small, smart device

To convert them to editable text, you can simply swipe right on each individual note. The text can then be sent to your Cloud or emailed for proper editing.

Again, how well this works will depend on how neat your handwriting is. We've seen natural handwriting capture for Android via devices such as HP's Pro Slate 8 tablet with Duet Pen , which allows you to write on a regular writing pad with HP's special pen, but only in a strict position in relation to the tablet.Print the PDF to a printer.

Print Your Own Livescribe Notebooks

To convert them to editable text, you can simply swipe right on each individual note. Now you can print any page without problems.

We think it's a highly useful tool for journalists, as well as anyone in the corporate world who has a need to take handwritten notes in meetings. Adobe Reader was insufficient.

I was told it throughout school many years ago, and it remains true.

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