Printable & PDF Maps of Warsaw transportation & transport network, tourist attractions On Mapa Warszawy ° you can download in PDF or print useful and. Printable & PDF maps of Warsaw trams with informations about the network map, the stations and the 24 lines & routes. The plan was originally made as a lithography. zoom. pdf. Plan Warszawy. CatalogueStoreContactWhere to downloadBusiness ServicesIn preparationAbout us.

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Wydawnictwo Dawne Mapy · Catalogue · About Us The plan was produced in a printing house of S.A. Książnica - Atlas in Lwów. zoom. pdf. Plan Warszawy. materjału, przypadającego Polsce na mocy traktatu w St. Ger- main, komisja przywiozła do Warszawy z Wiednia rękopisy i negatywy fotograficzne mapy . Ta mapka, obrazująca centrum Warszawy, umożliwi Ci rozeznanie się w najistotniejszych i najważniejszych miejscach, skupionych w sercu stolicy, położonym.

Thus, the Office for the Reconstruction of Warsaw BOS commissioned a number of engineers to prepare a project of a fast urban railway SKM crossing the city in a deep cutting. Although to a large extent it was to follow the line 1 of the pre-war plans, only the central stations were to be located underground.

However, by the end of the decade the project was cancelled. Instead, in communist planners developed a different concept with the new SKM morphing into a rapid transit line at a depth of up to 15 metres 49 feet. The suggested north-south direction, with three parallel branches of the same line in the city centre, corresponded to the planned development of the city along the Vistula. The works, however, never started and this project was also abandoned.

In the s, as the Cold War raged on, Soviet strategic plans required that a secure transport link across the river Vistula be built.

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The construction works started almost simultaneously at 17 different points on both sides of the river. In the following years, only one junction tunnel and one shield-driven tunnel were continued. These works were undertaken experimentally, in order to discover the best driving methods suitable for the ground conditions beneath Warsaw pliocene clay formations layer spread beneath quaternary soils. Finally, in , all work was halted.

Since , planners returned to the old idea of a shallow metro network. However, the planning phase proceeded at a very slow pace and the economic situation prevented all successive governments from actually starting serious work.

Finally, in , the program was approved by the government and the first tunnels built.

Dzielnica Śródmieście m. st. Warszawy

The Metro was opened on 7 April with a total of 11 stations. The initial line, Line M1, has 21 stations over a route distance of Initially, all of the trains were Russian built. They first arrived in Warsaw in as a "gift" from the USSR , five years prior to the Metro's opening, from Metrovagonmash plant in Mytishchi near Moscow model In , new carriages were ordered from Alstom.

Currently out of the 40 trains running, 15 consist of the older Russian cars, 7 of the newer Russian cars and 18 of the Alstom-produced cars.

The Russian and Alstom carriages are incompatible and cannot be combined in the same train. However, the older and newer Russian cars are interchangeable, with the exception that the cab cars on each train must be of the same model at both ends. In February , an order was signed with Siemens for 35 complete trains from their new Inspiro line.

A large number of these were to be manufactured in Poland by Newag. The first 5 of these trains were put into service in However, in November a fire broke out on one of them and for safety reasons all five were withdrawn from service until the cause of the fire was determined.


Once the investigation was completed the five new Inspiro trains were put back into service in March Plac Wilsona Station.

Marymont Station. A single depot is located south of the Kabaty station. This link is not electrified, and used only for an occasional rolling-stock transfer.

The first line was a compromise between earlier route proposals further east and west one of which belonged to the planned Line 4 and as such does not go to some important areas of the city. For example, it does not pass directly under the old town, Warsaw's main tourist attraction, which has few public transport links, passing it about metres 2, feet to the west.

It also does not directly connect to the central railway station , with the nearest stop being over metres 1, feet to the east the second line also avoids it, with the closest station about metres 1, feet to the north. Until the opening of the second line in March , the Metro system was confined to the western bank of the Vistula river, thus doing nothing to ease traffic problems on Warsaw's bridges, a major bottleneck between the city center and the eastern Praga district.

Plans for the third line to Warsaw Chopin Airport have been abandoned for the foreseeable future, with the airport served by a new railway station instead.

Transport planners have suggested that the WKD , a light rail line that runs to the western suburbs, could be integrated with the city's tram system, or be more closely tied to the Metro and a future suburban rail network, or both.

The first such plans were prepared in the late s and the railway tunnel running below the city centre was to be shared by both the railways and the metro. This idea was, however, dropped in due to financial problems. On April 30, construction on Szwedzka station started, and on May 2, the other two stations started construction.

Construction of this phase will take 3 years and will open mid Initially this extension was to be built at the same time as the west extension but due to delays it was decided that each extension will be built at its own pace. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Warsaw Metro 81 Series train at Plac Wilsona. Extensions of the M2 line are under construction, due to be completed in Eastern and western termini of the lines are at the top and bottom of the diagram, respectively. This diagram: Retrieved Radio Poland. March 8, U-T San Diego. Associated Press. The Metros Awards. Retrieved 13 April August 23, Archived from the original on Alstom Cars.

Tabor Metra Warszawskiego in Polish. CS1 maint: Railway Gazette International. October 3, October 15, Railway Technology.

Warsaw Metro category. Transport in Warsaw. Warsaw Metro. Rapid transit in Europe.

Podlaska Digital Library, Atlas historyczny Polski. Description: sygn. Hi Place of publishing: Warszawa. Atlas ten The editor and authors of the Atlas of Bochnia have adopted the editorial prin- ciples laid Historica et Etnologica, 4 pt. Such an approach reveals that the editor is not fully aware of. Institute of Geodesy and Cartography ul. Modzelewskiego 27, Warszawa Maps and atlases for the visually handicaped.

Poland are available in the PDF format in the website Two gradu- ates are writing their doctoral theses. Atlas historyczny wojen polskich. Constantine Porphyrogenitus , a Byzantine emperor and writer, mentions the state bearing the Degraded and restituted towns in Poland Miasta Atlas Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej, —, M. Najgrakowski red. Geodeta Kraju, Warszawa arkusz Historia Polski w liczbach.

Tom II. Jezierski as the Chief Editor. WK 38 kolor. II, z. Art editor. Lubomir Nikolov. Advertising: Jakub Gontarz. Wydawnictwo M. When they read what we write: the politics of ethnography, Westport Vogue Polska to najnowsze Atlas historyczny Polski Item Preview remove-circle Books to Borrow.A single depot is located south of the Kabaty station.

Warsaw Metro / Subway Map

Read more. Mapa Warszawy:: Szukasz planu miasta No registered users and 9 guests. Broszury turystyczne o Warszawie - oficjalny portal turystyczny stolicy These works were undertaken experimentally, in order to discover the best driving methods suitable for the ground conditions beneath Warsaw pliocene clay formations layer spread beneath quaternary soils.

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