Benefits of Structured Problem Solving process. • Remove time Types of problem solving methods. DMAIC. Page 9. 8 Step Problem Solving – data driven tool. Problem solving techniques pdf. 1. 7/21/ 1 By: Rajesh Sahasrabuddhe WHAT IS “PROBLEM ”? “PROBLEM” means . • Your part is not. Five Steps to Problem-solving. You will face problems all your life. Some of them will be small day-to-day problems like what to eat for breakfast, or where to find.

Problem Solving Techniques Pdf

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Most of you probably hate these, thinking that they are an unneeded waste of space on your calculation sheets, and disliking the endless unit conversion your . Every group at one time or another has the task of problem solving (the gap A helpful technique to structure discussion about root causes is the fishbone. (CARs). 4: Defining some terms. 5: Steps to an effective Problem Solving Strategy (RCA). 6: Management tools for problem-solving with examples. 7: Summary.

No notes for slide. Problem solving techniques pdf 1. You want to solve problem….. Do what you can, where you are and with what you have got.

There are ways and techniques for solving each and every problem but the urge for solving, make these techniques powerful. Even to the hardest problems Just Urge to solve it… So how to do it……?

Solve the problems such that… 3.

The Six Step Problem Solving Model

Definethe problem 2. Build a Team 3.

Containment action 4. Determinethe root cause 5. Verify the root cause 6. CorrectiveAction 7.

Preventive 8. Major impact or Repetitive issues This technique is based on………. Problem Solving Guide… Let us take Step: Problem Solving Guide… Step: Consistency in the achieving result is not there Time The standard Actual Step: Break down the problem Step 2: Break down the problem Step 3: Target setting Step 3: This video has resulted in increased payments and reduced delinquency rates pro- cess innovation.

It is considered to have leading edge technological applications in several areas process in- novation. Finally, it has produced a series of clever ads touting its resources marketing innovation.

Many bankers are not prepared for such changes. They cannot utilize their computers fully and are not prepared to make creative decisions, having spent much of their careers in a regulated environment with almost guaran- teed returns on investment. With limited competition and no change, decision making was routine and pro- grammed.

Largely structured, easy decision rules were available. That is not the case any more.

The PS group focuses on: Finding as many solutions to the problem, no matter how outlandish they may seem. Looking at how each solution relates to the root cause and symptoms of the problem.

Advantages of Six-Step Problem Solving

Deciding if different solutions can be merged to give a better answer to the problem. At this stage it is not about finding one solution, but eliminating the options that will prove less effective at dealing with both the symptoms and the root cause.

Step Four: Select a Solution In the fourth step, groups evaluate all the selected, potential solutions, and narrow it down to one. This step applies two key questions.

Which solution is most feasible? Which solution is favoured by those who will implement and use it? Feasibility is ascertained by deciding if a solution: Can be implemented within an acceptable timeframe? Is cost effective, reliable and realistic?

Creative Problem Solving Techniques by James m. Higgins

Will make resource usage more effective? Can adapt to conditions as they evolve and change?

Its risks are manageable? Which solution is favoured?

Acceptance by the people who will use and implement the solution is key to success. This is where the previous steps come into play.

To users and implementers, a solution may seem too radical, complex or unrealistic.Create an action plan and delegate responsibilities to your team. The previous two steps help justify the choices made by the PS group, and offer a series of different, viable solutions for users and implementers to discuss and select from. Ask questions such as: Did the option answer the questions we were working on?

Step 5 Implement the Solution — Develop an action plan to implement and execute the solution process. Each step must be completed before moving on to the next step. It helps keep groups on track, and enables a thorough investigation of the problem and solution search.

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