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DRIVEN She tried to breathe and coughed instead. Her fingers grew numb and even the sharp edge of metal on the railin. Oct 2, Read Raced (Driven, #) Online Book by K. Bromberg Download PDF Epub Kindle. From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author K. Bromberg comes a companion To ask other readers questions about Raced, please sign up.

Sorry but this was just awful. Nothing new is presented and every chapter is a constant repetition of the exact same thoughts over and over again. Also, sometimes less is more. Using fuck and every variation of the word 5 times on the same page isn't necessary.

I got it the first fucking time. View all 3 comments. It just didn't hold any interest for me, which is a bummer. Guard down. Heart open. Soul needing. This novella gives even more depth to Colton Donovan and while you think he is all calm on the exterior this insight reveals that he was anything but and you cannot help but fall in love with him all the more. Are you ready for more Colton Donovan…yes please!! These scenes cover Driven, Fueled and Crashed and as I stated above, some of them were really pivotal to their relationship.

From the moment that Rylee and Colton met or fell into each other, you could tell that Colton was a bit knocked back. He was feeling things that he had never felt before, he was confused and he was anxious…we find this out as we went through the series but what did Colton really think when they first met?

I think you would be surprised!! It is these little snippets that let us the reader in, into a mind that was scared…scared to love and be loved. We know his back story, we know how screwed his head really is, but his mind set and thought processes that are shown throughout this book are enlightening to say the least.

The bent and broken. Some of these scenes are emotional, you may have the odd errant tear…but once you have that connection to a character you cannot help but feel their pain and Kristy really brought that to the forefront.

You also have a scene with Becks that shows their true bromance, what a best friend! The scene with his dad too, heart-breaking, but monumental! I immediately hear the hitch of his breath as his whole body freezes. He slowly hangs his head forward, his shoulders shuddering momentarily. He raised his head and nods a couple of times. I'm sure we all thought, "What the Hell is he thinking?!?!?!

Well now we get to know exactly what Colton was thinking! Even though this is a collection of chapters and not it's own story, we still get all of the intense emotions, sadness, anger and happiness we got in the original trilogy. My favorites are the Colton and Becks "bromance" moments. Colton and Rylee fans will NOT be disappointed. Two women who are twins decide to swap lives for a while. Not a huge fan of this trope, but it works okay.

Not great, but not terrible either. If you decide to read it, hope you enjoy it. Happy Reading! OMG colton he just got a whole lot hotter this book was amazin i luvd knowin colton pov it was sooooo good an i luvd the way it was wrote its a great it was a great way 2 end colton an rylees relationship.

Anyone craving a Colton fix will be thrilled Raced is like the extended edition of your favorite movie. You hear addicts say that their first line of coke is what hooks them, causes them to do irrational things for the next fix. I finally get it.

The fight scene near the end of Fueled: The Holy motherfucking Grail. A scene hot enough to scorch your Kindle: If you have read that series and are worried about repeats, don't be. There is some new times that Ryle didn't even know about behind the scenes that happen in this book only. So if there is only a little bit of new, how do I know without a doubt in my mind it was a 5 star read?

Especially since I already knew their journey and a lot of this is just what Colton was thinking during those times, what still made it that great?

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I waited after the Driven series to read this closer to Sweet Ache thinking it would remind me how much I love this series. It doesn't get any better in my opinion and I so needed that. Want a sure thing, cause K Bromberg will damn sure deliver!

We all love Colton and Rylee in the 'Driven' series. This Donavan POV is a huge disappointment to me. It was just some scenes lifted from few chapters from the three books, written as Colton's thoughts.

His thoughts centered around his prowess with women, how he likes to be 'sucked off' by his latest bimbo, but how he will not mind Rylee doing him, and on and on and on. He was swearing profusely. His schizophrenic dillying dallying was evident, but he We all love Colton and Rylee in the 'Driven' series. His schizophrenic dillying dallying was evident, but he is glorifies that with his issues.

His thoughts were very shallow and repetitive. How this is a POV meaty enough to be sold at the price it went beats me. It should have been free, and having read this book, I don't think I would have touched it with a ten foot pole. This has become the norm. Authors writing a fourth book, with the hero's POV. Most of them are like this, but some are well worth it.

Not this one though. I'm so glad I bought the boxset when they had the limited sale. This book is woven throughout the 3 books.

Had it not been added, I don't know if I would have picked it up on its own. I might have though because I would have been curious to see some of the events through Coltons eye. None the less really loved this addition to their story! This trilogy ended in such a perfect way, but these short snippets from the author and Colton's point of view were just the beautiful icing on the cake.

A must read for lovers of the series!! There are some things in life that are constant and consistent.. Bromberg would always deliver a kick-ass story. This book made me act like one of those crazies Colton was talking about. It made me laugh so hard with his gigantic ego. Colton had his own brand of language. His own set of figures of spe There are some things in life that are constant and consistent..

And I swear only Colton can carry that ego and arrogance and be thought of as funny! I especially enjoyed the bromance between Colton and Becks and their versions of Roses Are Red poems, that was hilarious! Kristy created unforgettable characters in her series. The vilest of the vile for a mother. The best among the history of best friends in Becks and Haddie.

The Robin Hood of altruism in Andy Westin. The kids that pulled at my heartstrings like no other.

Best of all, she created a heroine so magnanimous without being a doormat and a hero so broken yet so extraordinary that most book boyfriends would pale in comparison for years to come. Thank you, Colton, for underestimating the power of voodoo, otherwise, your story wouldn't have been so enjoyable! The series may have ended but the love for these characters will live on.

I race your books, Kristy!! You must do as the description states. With that said, I am torn on how to rate this book.

Bromberg K Driven Tom 4z8 Aced Uwikłani

On one hand, I love Colton, Stu is on the cover and I adore the whole series, so it was great. On the other hand, I don't think I needed to read this.

It is a compilation of different chapters from the entire series that shows parts of the whole story from Colton's POV. Parts that we haven't seen before in the previous released trilogy.

It was fun to read his thoughts, but I am not sure it was necessary in order to understand him. Alice Clayton.


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Tylko tyle. I wiesz co? O co chodzi? Fasolka w brzuchu. Moja pieprzona Rylee. Do licha.

Nie wiem. Nie znam niczego innego. Pieprzony Becks. Becks i jego amatorska psychoanaliza.

Pieprzone duchy. Dlaczego tak mnie, do cholery, naciska? To moja praca. Cisza powraca. Atakuje mnie. Ciekawe, jak zareaguje.

Nikt tego nie zrozumie. Kelly prawdopodobnie go nie znajdzie.Fingernails dig into my biceps. Thank God Princess set up the coffee pot; all I have to do is switch it on. Nora Roberts. Jennifer Probst. She can't It's one of those kinds of stories I didn't want it to end and when it did I felt sad because I felt so much in love with it. I want to give him the world. If you have read that series and are worried about repeats, don't be.

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