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Round-Up 6 Teachers Book 3rd. Edition by V. Evans, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. English Grammar Book - Round-UP 6 - Teacher's Guide New Grammar Tree Teachers Guide Class 8 Grammar Book 1 - Teacher's Manual. Round-up 6: [English grammar practice]. Teacher's by · Round-up 6: [English grammar practice]. Teacher's guide. by Virginia Evans. Print book. English.

Mine start next week and I'm already nervous. Even though I Guess what! Everyone's really surprised, but I As you know, I What about you? Johnny, where were you yesterday? I was looking for you but you weren't at school. We do not know action or before a specific time in the the engine and drove off. She had been trying to which are now At 1 o'clock this afternoon She had already get a visa for months finished.

In such they were having coffee. She cooked which lasted for used to. Past yesterday he was Continuous is the last week. Present Perfect. He's Elvis Presley made lots she was sleeping. There's no pudding time now finished - They were travelling to left; he has eaten it implied time reference Swansea Past Simple yesterday, last week, etc, how long ago, then, just now, when, in , etc. Past Continuous while, when, as, the moment that, etc. Past Perfect for, since, already, after, just, never, yet, before, by, by the time, etc.

Past Perfect Continuous for, since 10 Identify the tenses, then match them with the correct description. She opened the cupboard, took out a a past action in progress interrupted by another dress and put it on. Then, he He Two little boys A bright moon The ship Some passengers Those SIt. To their horror, they saw that th ey The sinking of the Titanic remains the most infamous sea disaster in history.

Past Simple is used: She has gone to Madrid. Last know when she went - she's still there year. The time is stated. Jim has typed five letters this morning. Yesterday morning. I've spoken to Prince Charles. He's still alive - She once spoke to James Dean. He has lived in Spain for two years. He's in Spain She lived in France for three years. She doesn't now. The Prime Minister has decided to call a general He announced the decision to Parliament this election.

But I Not once! But last month , I George and I What's it like? In fact, we Fill in with the past simple or the past perfect. The biggest event in Tom's life He was looking fo r a job. You see, as a student, he Then one day, the phone It was a woman who She Last night he She used to tell me stories. He used to live in the country. Stative verbs are not used with 'would.

Mum used to make.. She isn't used to living in tropical climates. She was going to move to London but then she decided to stay in York. His first few days in the city were so unpleasant that he That's when I met him. His family In autumn, they Tom made it sound so wonderful that, at one point last year, I But I didn't. Dad, you'll be pleased when Yes, of course, son. I'll give it to you right now. Well, Dad, the good news is that you'll save some money. I failed! Iis used for: I'll turn to be performed will be in progress I be finished before a on the heating.

They will have offers, promises, some new clothes I'll be skiing in the finished building their warnings, predictions, I next week.

Alps this time next house by May. I'm afraid, probably, etc. I play golf until May.

Will you By this time next haven't decided to offer the job to Ann. It has been this afternoon? Can been studying piano Maybe I'll download a car. The boat leaves at 8 o'clock in ' I'm having dinner with Jane this evening. Shall we play tennis?

It's a date. Shall we go for a walk? Who shall I invite?

Will is used to express offers, threats, promises, predictions, warnings, requests, hopes, fears, on-the-spot decisions, comments mainly with: I'm sure John will pass his driving test. Time expressions used with: I'm hungry. I'll make a sandwich. He's going to eat that worm! I hope you 1. Of course I But I'm afraid my sister Harriet Oh that's a pity! Kate How many people do you think Who else I invite?

How about the girls in the netball team? That's a good idea. They I'm sure everyone If t his Madam, I'm going to show you something vacuum cleaner doesn't pick up dust, I'll eat amazing, something you will never forget. Well, I'll get you a knife and fork because we don't have electricity here.

Future Simple vs Be going to The future simple is used: Be going to is used: Look at that boy! He's going to climb the tree. It's hot in here. They are going to get married next month. They have already decided to do it. Have you decided where you 're going for 8 A: Do you know what the weather forecast is for your holidays? Yes, I.. No, but I expect it We've almost run out of petrol. Don 't worry. Shall we go out tonight? Does your tooth hurt a lot? Yes, I What do you want to eat? Did you download any stamps?

I forgot to, but I Are you watching TV tonight?

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Have you heard about Sharon? Watch out! When did you last speak to Susan? I didn't even see it. Oh, weeks ago, but I I'm really hungry after ali that hard her tonight.

Your car is very dirty. These elections are going to be B: I know. My son Yes, that's true. But I believe afternoon. The manager will see you as soon as he comes out of the meeting. I'll download a new sofa when I get paid. When will John go to Paris? I don 't know if the teacher will punish Tim for that. Do you know how to fix one? Read our handy step-by-step guide. When the tyre forget to put some chalk over it. This is w here the hole is. Read the text below and choose the correct word for each gap.

It was a hot summer day and Henry and his wife were sitting in their garden. I have booked the tickets.

The flight I'm sure we 5.

Jane moved to Canada two weeks ago. Last week, I met Paul and he told me that Jane had moved to Canada two weeks before. It can also be used with Present or Past forms to show that one action preceded another.

I'll leave before he comes. He had finished his homework before he had dinner. The Perfect tense is used in the main clause. He has been here since July.

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I've known him since we were at school. She has been in Lisbon for ten days. She had been working there for two years before she applied for a new post. She had already dressed when Tim arrived. Has she cooked dinner already? She hasn't yet passed her exams. She hasn't passed her exams yet.

In questions yet only comes at the end. Has he come yet? I can still walk long distances. Can she still play the piano well? Are you still doing your exercises? He still plays in the same band.

Round-up 6 Student's Book: 6 (Round Up Grammar Practice)

In negative sentences, still comes before the auxiliary. She still can't walk very well. She still hasn't got married. Brad has been studying Japanese! How is your leg? Are you able to walk without crutches? Yes, it's much better. But I. Are you coming out with us this evening? I'm afraid I haven't finished my homework That's unlucky.

It hadn't rained Jenny, could you check what time the flight arrives, please? I have It gets in at Did you know that it's Bill and Mary's anniversary today? They got married 25 years Remember to turn off the computer screen Thanks for reminding me. Choose the correct grammar tense for the words in capitals and fill in the gaps.

Hi Carol, Thanks for your email. I'm glad to hear you I missed two days of classes and HAVE an important football match for the school team. Anyway , I passed my driving test!

I was happy to hear you 're going to Paris this summer. You 're so lucky! By next month, it HAVE 7 ,. As you know, my family and I usually 8 "'" " " " '. Well , that's all my news.

The Miltons are at home making a statement to the police. Look at the pictures and describe what happened, Use these verbs: The Miltons had been to the cinema. When they returned home they realised someone.. Use the information from the Speaking Activity to write the story.

Give it a different ending. On Sunday night the Miltons decided to go to the cinema. When they returned home they realised someone ". The president was accompanied John's 4 The robbers used iron bars to break , That was If I hadn 't at first seems bad, but later turns out to moved just then , that cyclist would have hit me.

Every teenager feels stressed at times. Academic pressures, family issues and 0. DAY basis. None of us can avoid stress It may be listening to your As the 8. Look at the words which are close to each blank or in the same sentence but consider other words as well.

They were hungry, The second clause is a result of the first clause, therefore we need 'so '. Read the text below and think of the word which best fits each gap. Every year, a staggering million pounds Nowadays, you can be fined up Litter attracts rats and this in turn We all have to make It's the first time he's ever driven a Porsche. I haven't called her for two days. It's the funniest joke they've ever heard.

When was the last time you met him? She still hasn't phoned.

Round Up 6 Teacher's Book

How long ago did she download the car? She 's been learning English for two years. How long is it since she bought the car? I started working there two years ago. I have ever spoken to Bill's wife. The ay to do this is to call them by their names. You can - d out their names by reading their luggage labels. Very well, sir.

I'll remember to do that. I hope to meet her tonight. The Present Continuous Infinitive expresses an action happening now. He must be sleeping now. The Perfect Infinitive is used to show that the action of the infinitive happened before the action of the verb.

He claims to have worked here before. First he worked here, then he claimed he had worked here. The Perfect Continuous Infinitive is used to emphasise the duration of the action of the infinitive, which happened before the action of the main verb.

He looks tired. He seems to have been studying for the test all night. The Present Cont. Infinitives are used with the verbs: Ann enjoys walking in the woods. The Perfect Gerund -ing form shows that the action of the -ing form has happened before the action of the main verb.

We can use the Present Gerund instead of the Perfect Gerund without a difference in meaning. He denied having killed James. OR He denied killing James. I went.. I 6 he is writing 2 she has been playing The -ing form is used: Walking is good exercise.

He refused to pay the bill. She was happy to win the prize. I would like to see the manager. She likes painting. I like to wash my hair every day. He 's clever enough to do the crossword. Would you be He can't stand being treated like a slave. He had difficulty finding his way back. He spends his free time digging in the garden. She came in only to find Bob had left. I saw Tim dOing to begin with, to be honest, etc.

I saw part of the action in progress. I To be honest, I don 't like him. If two infinitives are joined by to express a complete action, i. I want to call Mr Jones end. I saw Tim do his homework. It took him an hour. I saw the whole action from beginning to end. The infinitive without to is used: You can leave now if you want. I'd rather not go out tonight. I'd better stay at home. They made him pay for the damage. He was made to pay for the damage.

I've never known him to be so mean. Could you help me to fix the car? She was known to have worked as a teacher. My boss expects me to WQrk work overtime tonight. Kim plans About 40, people including celebrities, world-class athletes, and, of course people who just want To finish the race, runners must Two million people and more than music bands cheer them on from the streets. The atmosphere is so fantastic many runners consider Would you like All you need to do is put your name on a list.

Afraid you are too unfit Don 't be! In fact, over the years, people as old as 88 have completed the marathon. What's more, you may just Good luck! Rob was the first Yes , but Good evening. We would like You should. He must I'd love Me, too.

I want to help with the preparations. When it is different from the subject of the verb, then an object pronoun me, you, him, her, it, us, you, them , a name or a noun is placed before the infinitive or the -ing form. The subject of the -ing form can be an object pronoun, a possessive adjective my, your, etc. You have to eat your carrots. I want.. I want The doctor wants I remember I don't want 7 We visited Sue last weekend.

English Grammar Book - Round-UP 6 - Teacher's Guide

I remember 8 Sarah sang that song last week. However, we never have two -ing forms together. The days are beginning to get shorter. They take the -ing form when they are not followed by an object. He advised us to leave early. You need to polish your shoes. Your shoes need polishing. Your shoes need to be polished. But fo r people who enjoy 1 Jiving,.

The latest extreme sport to become popular is sandb oard ing. It involves You can Oie down or and up. When stand ing up, both your feet are tied to the boa rd to revent you from Some sandboarders, owever, prefer Lying down can be even mo re fun. He will s ay in prison for 2 years.

When he comes out of prisoo, he. I open his own bookshop. John s a robber. He usualty watches TV and plays ball w th other prisoners.

He s shaving at the moment. Before he went to prison. He Is in prtsoo because he robbed the National San. When the pm ce caught him, he was coming out of the ban w t two bags full of money.

He '11 stay in pri on for 10 years. When he comes out of prison, he will move to the countryside. Ben IS a kidnapper. He usually he ps in the prison ki chen. He is having lunch at he moment. Before he w nt to prison, he had been runn ng a kidnapping ring.

Round-up 6. English grammar practice. Separate up to five addresses with commas , Enter your name:. Great books. Print book: English. New and updated ed : London : Longman 2. Round-up : [English grammar practice]. Round-up 6 : [English. Search for Education. New Round-up 6 - Teacher's Book. PART I. Looking for Grammar Fix?

Find it Now with s of Results. Feel Better. English Grammar Lessons.He will s ay in prison for 2 years. I've been trying to phone Rupert all day, but there's no answer.

He's going to climb the tree. Reported Speech 44 Eng'lsh n use 7 50 8. I failed! Boots are heavier than sa dais. You should return that book. Could you hold this for me, please? Whatever 8.

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