RRB JE Syllabus Exam pattern & RRB JE CBT 1 & Stage 2 syllabus for RRB Jr Download syllabus PDF! Mechanical Engg. GATE. RRB JE Syllabus Pdf | RRB Junior Engineer Syllabus & Exam . Railway Recruitment Board Mechanical Engineering Syllabus. Download RRB Junior Engineer Syllabus & Exam Pattern Pdf @indianrailways. computerescue.info RRB JE Syllabus for Mechanical Pdf Questions.

Rrb Je Syllabus Mechanical Pdf

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Aspirants are suggested to download the RRB JE Syllabus PDF from this article. Moreover, many of the candidates are requesting us to. Railways Recruitment Board RRB Junior Engineer Syllabus PDF: The . Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical and Allied Engineering. RRB JE Syllabus Railway Recruitment Board recently announced the RRB JE . Mechanical Measurement, Flow Measurement.

So, all the participating contenders need to prepare well for the written test before the examination date. Because the entire article gives you a depth Topics and Subtopics. Because to help the contenders in their preparation time we have collected the complete material and arranged in this post.

So, at the beneath of this article, we have mentioned the Subjects, Topic, and Subtopics. We advise people to start their preparation as soon as possible.

RRB JE Syllabus | Download Junior Engineer Syllabus and Exam Pattern | RRB JE

Because many of the contenders are in a race to participate in the written test. By checking the Exam Pattern, you can easily understand subject names, total marks, total questions, the time duration of the written test etc.

You have to finish your exam within the given time limit. Minimum percentage of marks for eligibility in various categories: In the 2nd CBT, candidates should note that there is negative marking.

So, check the below to get the information. SO, click on the below link and download directly at free of cost. The educational qualifications mentioned against each post shown in Annexure-A, have been grouped into different exam groups as below.

RRB JE Mechanical Pattern – In Hindi

Questions on the Technical abilities will be framed in the syllabus defined for various Exam Groups. Click Here. Importance of heat treatment.

Heat treatment processes — annealing, normalizing, hardening, tempering, carburizing, nitriding and cyaniding. Strength of Materials: Stress, strain, stress strain diagram, factor of safety, thermal stresses, strain energy, proof resilience and modules of resilience. Shear force and bending moment diagram — cant leaver beam, simply supported beam, continuous beam, fixed beam.

RRB JE Syllabus Detailed RRB Junior Engineer Syllabus For CBT Stage 1 And 2

Torsion in shafts and springs, thin cylinder shells. Machining: Working principle of lathe.

Types of lathes — Engine lathe — construction details and specifications. Nomenclature of single point cutting tool, geometry, tool signature, functions of tool angles. General and special operations — Turning, facing, taper turning thread cutting, knurling, forming, drilling, boring, reaming, key way cutting , cutting fluids, coolants and lubricants.

RRB JE Syllabus | Download Junior Engineer Syllabus and Exam Pattern | RRB JE

Introduction to shaper, slotter, plainer, broaching, milling and manufacture of gears, heat treatment process applied to gears.Building drawing Conventions type of lines, symbols , planning of building principles of planning for residential and public buildings, rules and byelaws , drawings plan, elevation, section, site plan, location plan, foundation plan, working drawing , perspective drawing.

If your documents will satisfy the department they will allow you in the next level. Cable — Different type of cables, cable rating and derating factor Estimation and costing Estimation of lighting scheme, electric installation of machines and relevant IE rules. It may help you to perform well in the examination.

A Stage 1 examination will take place for shortlisting candidates for the next level. Simple circuits using these devices.

In case of doubt about the successful Registration, candidates are advised to visit the Page for Re-Print of Application, generate the Printout and preserve the hard copy printout of the Application. Design of Concrete Structures Working Stress method, Limit State method, analysis and design of singly reinforced and doubly reinforced sections, shear, bond and development length, analysis and design of T Beam, slab, axially loaded column and footings.

Air standards cycles — Carnot cycle, Otto cycle, Diesel cycle, construction and working of internal combustion engines, comparison of diesel engine and petrol engine. It releases many number of notifications every year.

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