JS/Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja, 2nd Loading latest commit This file is too big to show. Sorry! Desktop version. Resig-Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja\MEAP\Secre page 5 of 6. In this book we'll be actively using a number of testing techniques in our examples to, both, show. An eBook copy of the previous edition, Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja (First Edition), is included at no .. eBook $ pdf + ePub + kindle + liveBook includes.

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When I started writing Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja years ago, in early , .. a Manning editor, and when we were looking for a ninja for the cover of this. This part of the book will set the stage for your JavaScript ninja training. In chapter .. To download their free eBook in PDF, ePub, and Kindle formats, owners of. If you're reading this book, you know that there's nothing simple about creating effective and cross-browser JavaScript code. In addition to the normal challenges .

Implicit function parameters 4. The arguments parameter. The this parameter: Invoking functions 4. Invocation as a function. Invoking functions as constructors. Invocation with the apply and call methods. Fixing the problem of function contexts 4. Using arrow functions to get around function contexts. Functions for the Master: Closures and Scopes 5. Understanding closures. Putting closures to work 5.

Mimicking private variables. Using closures with callbacks.

Tracking code execution with execution contexts. Keeping track of identifiers with lexical environments 5. Code nesting.


Code nesting and lexical environments. Understanding different types of JavaScript variables 5. Variable mutability.

Variable definition keywords and lexical environments. Registering identifiers within lexical environments. Exploring how closures work 5. Revisiting mimicking private variables with closures.

Revisiting the closures and callbacks example. Functions for the future: Generators and Promises 6. Generators and promises make our async code elegant.

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Generator functions 6. Controlling the generator through the iterator object. Communicating with a generator. Promises 6. The problems with simple callbacks. Creating our first real-world promise. Waiting for a number of promises.

Combining generators and promises 6. Object-orientation with prototypes 7. Understanding prototypes. Object construction and prototypes 7.

Instance properties. Object typing via constructors.

Inheritance 7. The problem of overriding the constructor property. JavaScript "classes" in ES6 7. Using the class keyword. Guarding access to objects 8. Controlling access to properties with getters and setters 8. Defining getters and setters. Using getters and setters to validate property values.

Using getters and setters to define computed properties. Proxies 8. Using proxies for logging. Using proxies for measuring performance.

Using proxies to auto-populate properties. Using proxies to implement negative array indexes.

Dealing with collections 9. Arrays 9. Creating arrays. Adding and removing items at either end of an array. Adding and removing items at any array location.

Reusing built-in array functions. Maps 9. Don't use objects as maps.

Sets 9. Creating our first Set. Wrangling regular expressions Why regular expressions rock. A regular expression refresher Regular expressions explained.

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Compiling regular expressions. Capturing matching segments Performing simple captures. Guarding access to objects C.

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Chapter 9. Dealing with collections C. Chapter Wrangling regular expressions C. Code modularization techniques C. Working the DOM C. Surviving events C.

Developing cross-browser strategies About the Technology JavaScript is rapidly becoming a universal language for every type of application, whether on the web, on the desktop, in the cloud, or on mobile devices.

When you become a JavaScript pro, you have a powerful skill set that's usable across all these domains. About the book Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja, Second Edition uses practical examples to clearly illustrate each core concept and technique. The exercises are added to this new edition, but they serves mainly Definitely one of the best books to read to become an excellent Javascript developer.

The exercises are added to this new edition, but they serves mainly as questions to summarize what we learned rather than real exercises that takes lots of effort to finish.

What would be the point of reading another JavaScript book? These were exactly my thoughts, but I've reconsidered when I'd found out that it's author John Resig is creator of jQuery - it's certainly some kind of a proof that this dude is surely capable of telling you something valuable about JavaScript.

Of course being a good programmer doesn't make you a good writer, but I was eager to take the risk. So, the book is good, maybe even very good.

Secrets of a Javascript Ninja

I love the way he approac Another JavaScript book?Hearing him discuss the considerations, trade-offs, and decisions ultimately taken sheds a lot of light into how to better utilize the tools that I use every day..

This completely revised edition shows you how to master key JavaScript concepts such as functions, closures, objects, prototypes, and promises. Controlling access to properties with getters and setters 8. Book Details Author: Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja, Second Edition uses practical examples to clearly illustrate each core concept and technique. Published on Aug 4,

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