Other versions: | | | i | | i | i. Tekla Structures changes the modeling direction of the part, and swaps the start The manual additions will be kept even if you use the Calculate pour units. Tekla Structures creates the model and opens the default model view. This Software Manual has been developed for use with the referenced Software.

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Software Manual are governed by a License Agreement. Among other provisions , the TEKLA STRUCTURES Basic training Modeling 1 Tekla Structures Structures. Most commands of Tekla Structures are found both in menus (main or pop-up) and in toolbars (icons). In this training manual we will. Tekla Structures Basic Training. 39 Pages Basic english grammar structures and vocabulary Siobhan (? This basic hypnosis manual revision

The status information is displayed in the column Drawing status in the Drawing List dialog box. You need to add filters to the drawing list.

By default, the filters Final, For checking, and For approval are added to the drawing list to display and select drawings. To enter drawing status: 1. Select one or more drawings.

Double-click the drawing s to open the properties dialog box. Click the User-defined attributes Switch off all check boxes by clicking the.

Enter a status in the Drawing status box. Click OK.

The status information is not case sensitive. Click OK to close the properties dialog box. The status information will be displayed in the Drawing status column of the Drawing List dialog box.

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You can quickly find the drawings by using the text-based search by entering the desired criteria in the Enter search criteria box. Enter search criteria. Saving the search results You need to have made a search using the Drawing List dialog box before you can save the search results.

To save the search results: 1. Click Store.

Tekla Structures PDF documentation

The Store Result dialog box opens. Enter a name for the search result in the Store Result dialog box. The search results are saved in the DrawingListSearches file that is created in the model folder. The search results are visible also in the predefined drawing sets. Tekla Structures uses certain symbols to indicate the status of the drawings.

How to Write a Better Thesis

Symbols appear at the beginning of each row in the Drawing List dialog box. If a drawing does not have any symbol, it is up to date. Symbol Column Information in the Changes column Description Up to dateParts modifiedThe parts in the drawing have changed, for example parts have been added or deleted, or part properties have changed.

Up to dateQuantity increased The actual drawing is up to date, but the number of identical parts has changed Up to dateOriginal parts deleted The part from which the drawing was originally created has been deleted. Up to dateAll parts deletedAll the parts related to the drawing have been deleted.

Creating grids 17 Creating a grid on a shifted work plane The current work plane defines the local coordinate system of a Tekla Structures model. You can shift the current work plane to any position by picking 3 points, which will be explained later on in this training. The current work plane is model-specific, so it is related to all views. See also For more information about the workplane, see Work plane p.

The following dialog box appears: If necessary, adjust the grid properties.

Pick the first and the second position for the grid line. The single grid line is now added to the grid. In the list box, select the setting Foundation plan.

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The anchor plan view settings are defined. In the dialog box Create basic view, for the level co-ordinate enter 0. The View depths Up and Down are changed to which is the thickness of the displayed slice from the view plane in the model.

Enter the name in the dialog box View properties, e. Repeat this for a top view with a level of Modify the Z co-ordinate in a plan view You can modify the Z co-ordinate in a plan view, so the view plane in the XY direction.

Tekla 20 - Modeling Manual.pdf

For this you select the view, a red colored frame appears at the edge of the view. The view is active now. Enter the desired value in the dialog box Move - translate, i. Then double-click in the view to open the dialog box View properties.

Click the Create view by two points icon. Load the setting Axis.

The name of the view is AX A. You can change the name before creat- ing the view or afterwards. Now pick the first and the second point on grid line A, two arrow symbols appear: These symbols indicate the direction of the view.You can now define different locations for the labels at each end of a grid or grid line. Locked drawings can not be updated.

If no other identical parts have a linked drawing in the model, drawing L1 will be cloned to display the changes in the modified part and the drawing gets an symbol in the drawing list.

Now the selected table has to positioned on a fixed location. This is done when the draw- ing is saved and closed. You can also define the representation of model parts and connection parts, you have 5 options: wire frame to rendered. Symbols appear at the beginning of each row in the Drawing List dialog box.

The position of the table should be the left-down side of the drawing. Tiled surface treatment

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