1 | P a g e Author | Dawn Everitt EXCEL IN TELESALES. Telesales Training Manual Sample 10 | P a g e Excel tips and tricks file:///C:/Users/ deverit/Downloads/ExcelTipsJournal_sample_website%20(1).pdf; This is a basic template that can be adjusted to help people remind themselves why planning telesales is important. Call planning and Telesales strategy. 'Salespeople don't call. Telesales Skills .. Training Manual – the Course Instruction's Directions will make reference to.

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The sign of a great telemarketing call is that your customer would not .. You must have a written procedure, included in your training manual, to offer your staff . Basic sales training for people new to sales, and self employed and small business Follow this brief sales training course and you will be selling like an. video based training program The Outbound Call. You make as This manual will provide you with some background notes, along with practical activities.

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Thanks to Paul Cooper Wireless headsets provide users with the ability to stand up and move around the office, which in turn helps the telesales or telemarketing agents open up their lungs and project their voices more effectively, as well as getting the blood pumping to keep them feeling more awake when on the call.

Thanks to Richard Kenny at Plantronics Increase Team Contact We have improved the productivity of our workforce by implementing a positive strategy of staff engagement.

Andrew Harvey This was developed to optimise the amount of time we invest in our employees and, through the use of leading-edge workforce management technology, we have been able to increase significantly the amount of and team contact that we have with our staff. This has created a very positive environment in which our people understand their vital role in the success of our business. As a result, we have benefited from enhanced productivity in terms of schedule adherence, conformance and other productivity metrics, as well as improvements in employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

Thanks to Andrew Harvey Encourage Your Telesales Team to State Their Schedule Preferences Allowing, and in fact encouraging, advisors to establish their preferred work schedule has been shown to improve employee morale, increase employee and customer satisfaction, and improve key operational metrics in the call centre.

Therefore, telesales people should have a way to communicate their preferred work times without prior consent, available times with prior consent, and unavailable times.

One way to easily take these preferences into account when creating agent schedules is to implement a feature-rich but not necessarily costly workforce management system.

Pair the Best with the Best Playing to the strengths of each team leader and positioning people according to their skills is a tried and tested way to boost performance. Paul Lane We used to follow the practice of putting the best team leaders with the worst performers in the hope they would improve. We changed that approach after realising that when we paired the best with the best, productivity was boosted.

When people are good at what they do, they have added enjoyment and tend to be more productive. Thanks to Paul Lane Reward with Experiences To maintain momentum, a call centre manager needs to offer long-term prizes of large value such as a holiday or experience. These can be tailored around a theme or season to add extra interest and keep the incentive or reward programme timely.

Andy Philpott This ongoing approach needs to be interspersed with surprise short-term incentives and rewards taking place daily or weekly.

These make an immediate positive impact on morale, as experiences help to create positive memories that are associated with the workplace, and they make a big difference to the level of motivation and energy within a room. Automating sales and telemarketing management and bringing CRM into the contact-handling system as a single agent desktop allows the agent to focus on talking to the customer.

Data from front- and back-office systems can be aggregated in real time and presented to the agent with relevant cross-sell and up-sell data. Susannah Richardson By integrating CRM and contact handling, the system can become self-learning and discover which agents are best at closing certain types of lead, and can route future leads, calls or emails accordingly.

Thanks to Susannah Richardson at mplsystems Mark King Work out what will provide value and offer them something useful with, if possible, a free sample, a no-strings-attached trial, etc. Thanks to Mark King at Aspect Understand That Rapid Peaks in Call Volumes Will Have a Negative Impact on Sales Rapid peaks can also be responsible for low employee morale and, in the case of customer complaints, increase the time to complaint resolution, further damaging brand and reputation. Paul Elswood Most customers forced to complain feel vulnerable and agents feel the brunt of this.

By having the means to be proactive, the agent can quickly calm the customer and start the resolution process. By identifying complaint trends by using root-cause analysis, the management team has the knowledge needed to prepare agents and to put resolution strategies in place.

Staffing in line with predicted call peaks reduces call answer time and the ferocity of the caller. It will also help to drive sales! Thanks to Paul Elswood Put Emphasis on Key Competencies Contact centres are all about hitting targets and rankings, and many are now realising the importance of making their advisors feel good.

Competencies and company values should also be measured among staff to help them develop competencies. Competencies and values in a call centre would be good to focus on, as they are great for staff development and for incentivising the staff and company.

25 Tips to Make Your Telesales People More Productive

Shirley Barnes With competencies, the telemarketing manager can assess and give an expectation rating as well as a final rating, which will show how the person has developed. The manager can also use the option of staff self-assessment. Develop multi-skilling and link it to a competencies and development plan. Thanks to Shirley Barnes We can utilise these owed hours during our peak winter period. This has led to a saving on recruitment and training and enabled us to retain our experienced workforce.

We understand that call centre work can be challenging. Down time is encouraged following a difficult call, allowing the operator to feel positive and refreshed ahead of their next call, which also reduces days lost to sickness. Thanks to Neil Picton Make Moves to Improve Internal Communication Mark Brown Internal communication is key in a productive telesales or telemarketing environment.

So, make sure teams and individuals have the latest updates on targets and deadlines, and information about deals, so everyone is focused on the same results. Also, it could help to run regular debriefs and share information, so employees continue to learn and improve.

Jonathan Gale Simple procedures, including automatic routing of calls to the correct department, can ensure that enquiries are resolved quickly, providing improved service and saving time for both the customer and the salesperson.

By going further and integrating a telephony system with other applications, such as Salesforce CRM, staff can use a single screen to manage all incoming and outgoing calls.

This saves time as the sales team can access all customer information from one central source rather than logging onto different systems. Do you have any tips to boost the productivity of a telesales team? Please leave your responses, as well as any other thoughts, in an email to Call Centre Helper. Originally published on 17th August Thanks to Neil Picton Contests are a GREAT Way to Get a Quick Productivity Boost As mentioned previously, healthy competition can be highly beneficial in the contact centre, so why not pit teams together in a head-to-head contest?

Whilst this may be difficult at first, advisors will learn from their mistakes if you give them sufficient time. We help them make the best choice and spend their budget wisely. Martin Jukes Salespeople will know where the problems are, where systems perform poorly and where the processes are disjointed. Why would they use you if they already have a supplier of what you offer?

So, make sure teams and individuals have the latest updates on targets and deadlines, and information about deals, so everyone is focused on the same results.

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