“The Entrepreneur Mind provides an easy-to-understand blueprint for success. “This book sharpens and focuses the mind of true entrepreneurs! It is an. Entrepreneur Mind I detail how elite entrepreneurs respond quick- ly, put their business high-performing entrepreneurs, then you are on the path to success. The Entrepreneur Mind. -Kevin Johnson. 1. Create New Markets: 1. Blue Ocean strategy. 1. Untapped market. 2. Significantly higher profit potential i. Example.

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Today we have Kevin D. Johnson, author of The Entrepreneur Mind. Welcome,. Kevin, and thank you for joining us on The Entrepreneurs Library. KEVIN. This is it the book The Entrepreneurial Mind By Jeffry A. Timmons to be best seller just recently. We provide you the most effective offer by obtaining the stunning. Soft Copy of Book The Entrepreneur Mind author Kevin D. Johnson completely free. Reviews of: The Entrepreneur Mind by Kevin D. Johnson PDF Book 1st.

The very best advice: Sep 01, Hugo Messer rated it it was ok. I scrolled through the book. The tips are truths and can be of value depending on the stage of entrepreneurial development you are in. Not really a book to read from beginning to end, but one to go to for inspiration on specific topics. Oct 24, Vanessa rated it it was ok. There was SOME good insight, but it was difficult to read for me. Not that the verbiage or concepts were hard to get, but the whole book was Kevin Johnson patting himself on the back the entire time.

It took me about two months to finish, but I did it and now I want my time back. Oct 12, Vinoth Srinivasan added it Shelves: Book comprises of the list of do's and dont's for every budding entrepreneur. Jan 22, Mike rated it liked it Shelves: Each chapter covers a different topic strategy, education, people, finance, marketing and sales, leadership, and motivation in a chronological format.

For each of the beliefs, characteristics and habits listed- the author lists a quote usually followed by a personal anecdote to support the topic in reference. The information felt a little forced like the author was running out of ideas but needed to get to But it may be something to keep in mind if that kind of thing rubs you the wrong way.

Dec 31, Amisha rated it really liked it. I am torn. Sometimes this books infuriated me. But the redeeming factor is that, in some pages few and far between, it made me believe I was not crazy. I started my own business this year and sometimes things would happen which would make me believe I should self combust. His words told me that I am not alone And for that, he deserves eve I am torn.

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And for that, he deserves every last one of these four stars. What a fitting book to end with! Jul 31, Fahran Kamili rated it did not like it. Johnson said you should build a company not just by yourself. Just take a look at the time difference between m relay and m single.

What kind of analogy is that? Worst business book ever. Definitely, the worst book that I ever read.

This is what happens when a narcissist wrote a book about his "success". Mar 04, Erfan rated it it was ok. Jul 17, maialaboy rated it really liked it. Sep 29, Somnath Sarvade rated it it was amazing. I am very curious about this book.

The Entrepreneur Mind by Kevin Johnson | Book Summary & pdf

Jan 20, James Taylor rated it really liked it Shelves: A good book that is more aimed for beginners entrepreneurs. The author is clearly not a professional writer, but it worth reading nonetheless.

Feb 09, Ahmad rated it liked it. May 21, Powell Omondi rated it liked it. Good book with the basic principles for developing the hunter mindset.

Apr 11, Jessica rated it did not like it. Well I will say that Kevin Johnson is an entrepreneurs, but he is certainly not a writer. Unfortunately what I think would have been a better use of time was just writing an autobiography.

I've read my share of business books and this is just some odd pages of man talking about himself and constant comparisons to facebook successes. I will say I appreciated the book of quotes as his mini chapters each began with a relevant quote. That is about all I can say I liked about the book. It end Well I will say that Kevin Johnson is an entrepreneurs, but he is certainly not a writer.

It ends up being a lot of common sense, if you need something that can serve as a pep talk or what I consider the equivalent to a motivational quote daily calendar for Don't read it expecting to really become a better entrepreneur, it is more of compilation of thoughts of how one entrepreneur has done it. I'm sure Kevin Johnson would be happy to hear that I acquired the book through a book swap so I didn't even have to spend my money on it, as he harkened on the beauty of not using checks as the measurement of gain.

I wouldn't recommend this book for anyone with half a business brain, its for people who have no understanding of what being an entrepreneur is. Pretty soft all around, more about a man than an idea. Jun 09, Ihor Boiko rated it it was ok. Though the principles discussed in this book are solid, I didn't like the book. I found the book boring and Johnson's writing style not entertaining nor engaging in any way. Reading this book felt awkward, it was a hard read. Still, two stars because the enterpreunership tenets in the book are sound.

Woudn't recommend it though. Jul 16, A. Klemm rated it it was amazing. It is more thorough and accurate than most textbooks and full of real world experience and advice.

Nov 30, Mostaque Ahammed rated it it was amazing. If you want to start business or improve the business you have, this a fantastic resource.

The Entrepreneur Mind: Summary & Review in PDF

Kevin has manages to condense many of the crucial lessons that too many entrepreneurs learn the hard way. Read this book, and you'll be far ahead in the business game. Nov 14, Mac rated it it was amazing Shelves: One of the best books on being an entrepreneur. The author speaks of the subject as it is, providing objective, real world look of the pros and cons.

Highly recommended. There are many points which I still miss there are after all , and there are many which I can relate to. Feb 27, mistyprose rated it it was amazing. It provides an excellent guide for novice entrepreneurs or anyone interested in the idea of. Each tip is concise, supported by examples and meaningful. The fact that Johnson added his personal experiences - both feats and failures - made it even more meaningful and genuine.

Apr 13, Karla rated it it was amazing. Excellent tips and how to start your own business with real life and priceless advice from Kevin. This book is an inspiration and if you are thinking of starting your own venture, read it first! Mar 11, Abigail Layne rated it really liked it. Great and insightful read for any entrepreneur or anyone interested in becoming one. Very informative! Jan 07, Joey Taylor rated it it was amazing. Excellent book for entrepreneurs; Very motivational! Oct 16, Jason rated it liked it.

Kevin Johnson: Sure. I am not your typical entrepreneurial or, or maybe I am.

I will investigate that, but I never envisioned myself being an entrepreneur until, uh, I started my first business, a project actually in high school. Kevin Johnson: So we started, uh, one of the businesses that we started was called jazz icons, literally building a interactive web pages for the outstanding musicians at Berklee College of music in Boston.

And so we would work with all types of technologies that we take for granted now, such as php, my sequel, a lot of the different programming languages that are in many ways still use today. And I created a platform for college students in the Atlanta area that took off and did really well. Uh, so, well that it actually was dependent upon by the schools, uh, because our uptime was, was, was better than their, so we a lot of success doing that.

Kevin Johnson: And from there I just pivoted a few times, um, started off as a website and Internet consulting company, then got into the print publishing world. So instead of creating publications, we asked a lot of our clients, can we create the advertising, can we create the print ad, can we create the mobile app for you? And they said, go for it.

Kevin Johnson: I appreciate it. Thanks for clearing that. The book is broken into seven different areas, a strategy, education, people, finance, marketing and sales leadership, and then finally motivation.

For example, in strategy, I talk about why you should hire a good lawyer. Um, and for example, talk about why the business plan and in my opinion is, is overrated a lot of times. Um, another concept is, you know, a bad economy is a great opportunity.

So these all contribute to the strategy. Uh, education. Um, and also you want to surround yourself with great people and great influencers like yourself, right? Communities of like minded people to propel you forward. And so some of the concepts under the people chapter include finding the right mentor, right? Um, one of the most popular parts and one of my favorite parts of the people chapter is the part when I talk about how you should choose your spouse wisely.

And um, lots of laughs and a lot of people can relate to that.

PDF The Entrepreneur Mind: Essential Beliefs Characteristics and Habits of Elite Entrepreneurs

Um, finance. To minimize risk and manage your own personal debt. Well, and these are all things that will affect how you finance your business. Um, and just how you are perceived by others who may want to see what your credit is like, etc. To do business, a marketing and sales. Love That section as well. Kevin Johnson: I was asking the wrong questions and not necessarily getting the answers I needed to better serve, uh, or even close or even identify my clients, potential clients, six leadership, you know, talk about being a maverick and factor referred to this to steve, steve jobs and steve wasniak and how they were in their youth mavericks.

Um, sometimes people that we may think are not going to be the most successful actually turn out to be the most successful because they were the mavericks. And then finally, chapter seven, motivation. You want us to really spend some time on three specific really important ideas that are really important for entrepreneurs and not only that, I really want to get into stories. We want to get into anecdotes, your personal war stories or any stories from other people, any other inspirational stories.

So talk about that.

Kevin Johnson: Yeah, thIs is actually right from the beginning, right? Chapter one is concerning strategy. Uh, the first chapter is think big and the number two chapters create new markets.

I mean, it really changed how I approach business, how I think about business. But in general, the blue ocean strategy refers to a market that is a basically untapped, right? On the other hand, there are red oceans or conditions where businesses viciously fight against each other for a share of the marketplace.

And these are really competitive marketplaces. And they read the notes. A lot of sharks, right? And the, uh, the red oceans, ideally when starting a new business, you want to be in a blue ocean and blue oceans have significantly more profit potential.

rt a busin ess that w orks

And some of the blue ocean companies, uh, are like cirque de solei, right? Kevin Johnson: Um, and so I learned this concept with the first business that I started. So in college when I created that website that I mentioned earlier, I was essentially creating a blue ocean unknowing. And it really turned out to be a great thing because there was no other competition or direct competition, uh, online.

Uh, at the time there was another publication and there were other ways to reach the market that we served. And that would have been more so a red ocean. And so learning this very early on and knowing how much profit came from being the only company in that space really set a precedent. Kevin Johnson: And then when I came across the concept a formalized and backed up with statistics and data in blue ocean strategy, it just, it really put the icing on the cake, so to speak, such that now whenever I start a business, the first thing I ask is, are we proceeding into a blue ocean or are we proceeding into a red ocean?

A better example may be the iphone, right? In fact, they created the whole app store around that and just created a market which, uh, which they continue to dominate in large part today. So it really is in early entrepreneurs interests to try and create things that are really unique that will, uh, be first to market and not have to deal with a lot of competition. Mani Vaya: Yeah. Kevin Johnson: Well, I love that you mentioned that because whenever we think of innovation, we often think of technology, um, and, and engineers are especially good at it, really realizing this.

But, you know, innovation and technology can come through a process. So I love that comment because innovation I think is a lot broader than we give it credit for.

And um, yeah, so, so this was, this is really important. This is a, is a powerful idea here. These are the one of the two early on to big ideas which is think big or in some ways you say it takes the same amount of energy to pursue a small idea as it does to pursue a big idea. Now it sounds counter intuitive.

Kevin Johnson: Right? And I think this particular concept has a special significance for those who are in the, in the early startup phase, right? And I learned that through my personal experience. And in fact, some of the little clients that you may have are not necessarily worth it.

Kevin Johnson: You gotta cut your losses, um, and you have to choose your battles, choose your headaches. Um, and so early on when consulting with companies, um, I learned that I had to think big first to go after those big accounts and once we won those bigger accounts, we realized that, uh, the same amount of effort that we put in service in smaller clients or small, a smaller dollar projects.

Um, you know, the comparison, there was no comparison. Kevin Johnson: Now, if I could go back in time and tell myself what I know now, um, I would even do things a little differently.I will say I appreciated the book of quotes as his mini chapters each began with a relevant quote.

No It was terrible: derers. The felling of success is fleeting, entrepreneurs should be motivated by the creation process. Best Book Updates I don't use this newsletter for marketing. Um, and just how you are perceived by others who may want to see what your credit is like, etc. Create new markets: T he age of the entrepreneur, the agile small business owner, the flexible innovator.

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