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With only a few lines from Dante's dark and epic masterpiece, The Inferno, to guide classics, Inferno is Dan Brown's most compelling and thought-provoking . lated when the Inferno was first " sent forth, complete in itself, by way of experiment;"" and the experiment has been successful in the best sense. All strangers as. It is be- lieved that The Divine Comedy — comprising three canticles, The Inferno, The Purgatorio, and The Paradiso — was writ- ten between 1 and

The spectrum of all of human life, as portrayed in the poem, will unfold with breathtaking variety, drama, thought, and beauty.

The poem begins in high drama with the pilgrims life hanging in the balance. He finds himself in a chaotic wooded place, and three beasts cut off his escape up a hill of hope and promise back into the darkness.

The faint figure of a man appears to console and lead the pilgrim. This is the Roman poet Virgil, who becomes a character of great rational and cultural experience in the poem, a model of the poet in his own time as well as for later readers like Dante, and now a guide for the struggling pilgrim. Since the pilgrim cannot escape the menace of the beasts, he has to take the dark road through Inferno and the realm of the lost souls before he can return to the mountain of hope, which is transformed into the mountain of Purgatory in the second part of the poem.

Dantes Inferno remains the most extensive and dramatic portrayal of the underworld of the dead in Western literature. While Purgatorio and Paradiso show the recuperation of the human soul and its triumph in the presence of the transcendent deity, Inferno explores the world of souls remaining in unhappiness and cut off from the primal sources of life and renewal.

The world of the early 21st century echoes with images and fears of a chaotic existence with wars, natural disasters, crime, murders, assaults of all kind haunting our daily awareness. As I write this, we in Vermont are reeling under a barrage of shootings and murders in a local elementary school while scanning the horizon for news of foreign wars and looming hurricanes.

Dantes Inferno, while coming from a far distant time in the Middle Ages, speaks of such fears and troubling events so full of pain and unhappiness that our sense of a meaningful and orderly life is called into doubt.

Inferno is full of division, both of kinds of transgression and of one soul from another. Here the great personalities cling to their separateness and their own concepts of reality. The external torments of these lost souls are endlessly varied and often fascinating in their inventiveness and sharpness: souls submerged in mud, fire raining down, distorted human figures, and souls frozen in ice.

But as inventive and varied as he makes the external effects of Inferno on its inhabitants, Dante gives dramatic and even psychological particularity Inferno The pilgrim awakes in a dark wood. A hill lit by the sun The pilgrim opposed by three beasts The appearance of the poet Virgil to be the guide The first canto works as both an introduction to Inferno and the Comedy overall. Here we are immediately brought into the spiritual crisis of the pilgrim, his fear of death, and his unsuccessful struggle against three beasts to escape from the terrors of the dark wood to the inviting sunlit hill that stands beyond.

Only extraordinary measures will open the future for the pilgrim, the intervention of the great Roman poet Virgil and the prospect of a journey through the lands of the dead: Inferno, Purgatory, and Paradise. Illustrious Pagans A heavy thunder-clap broke the deep sleep within my head, so that I roused myself, as would a person who is waked by force; and standing up erect, my rested eyes I moved around, and with a steady gaze I looked about to know where I might be.

Edition: current; Page: [[41]] Since our long journey drives us, let us go!

Nor far this side of where I fell asleep had we yet gone, when I beheld a fire, which overcame a hemisphere of gloom. Somewhat away from it we were as yet, but not so far, but I could dimly see that honorable people held that place. Homer he is, the sovreign poet; Horace, the satirist, the one that cometh next; the third is Ovid, Lucan is the last.

Inferno by Dan Brown

Since each of them in common shares with me the title which the voice of one proclaimed, they do me honor, and therein do well. Then, having talked among themselves awhile, they turned around to me with signs of greeting; and, when he noticed this, my Teacher smiled. And even greater honor still they did me, for one of their own company they made me, so that amid such wisdom I was sixth. Edition: current; Page: [[47]] Thus on we went as far as to the light, talking of things whereof is silence here becoming, even as speech was, where we spoke.

The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri: The Inferno by Dante Alighieri

This last we crossed as if dry land it were; through seven gates with these sages I went in, and to a meadow of fresh grass we came. There people were with slow and serious eyes, and, in their looks, of great authority; they spoke but seldom and with gentle voice.

We therefore to one side of it drew back into an open place so luminous and high, that each and all could be perceived. There on the green enamel opposite were shown to me the spirits of the great, for seeing whom I glory in myself. I saw Electra with companions many, of whom I knew both Hector and Aeneas, and Caesar armed, with shining falcon eyes.

I saw Camilla with Penthesilea upon the other side, and King Latinus, who with Lavinia, his own daughter, sat. Edition: current; Page: [[49]] Then, having raised my brows a little higher, the Teacher I beheld of those that know, seated amid a philosophic group.

I cannot speak of all of them in full, because my long theme drives me on so fast, that oft my words fall short of what I did. The sixfold band now dwindles down to two; my wise Guide leads me by a different path out of the calm into the trembling air; and to a place I come, where naught gives light. Edition: current; Page: [[51]] The Second Circle.

Sexual Intemperance The Lascivious and Adulterers Thus from the first of circles I went down into the second, which surrounds less space, and all the greater pain, which goads to wailing. There Minos stands in horrid guise, and snarls; inside the entrance he examines sins, judges, and, as he girds himself, commits.

I mean that when an ill-born soul appears before him, it confesses itself wholly; and thereupon that Connoisseur of sins perceives what place in Hell belongs to it, and girds him with his tail as many times, as are the grades he wishes it sent down. Before him there are always many standing; they go to judgment, each one in his turn; they speak and hear, and then are downward hurled.

Heart of the Inferno

I reached a region silent of all light, which bellows as the sea doth in a storm, if lashed and beaten by opposing winds. The infernal hurricane, which never stops, carries the spirits onward with its sweep, and, as it whirls and smites them, gives them pain. I understood that to this kind of pain are doomed those carnal sinners, who subject their reason to their sensual appetite.

And as their wings bear starlings on their way, when days are cold, in full and wide-spread flocks; so doth that blast the evil spirits bear; this way and that, and up and down it leads them; nor only doth no hope of rest, but none of lesser suffering, ever comfort them.

To sexual vice so wholly was she given, that lust she rendered lawful in her laws, thus to remove the blame she had incurred. Semiramis she is, of whom one reads that she gave suck to Ninus, and became his wife; she held the land the Soldan rules. See Helen, for whose sake so long a time of guilt rolled by, and great Achilles see, who fought with love when at the end of life. Of whatsoever it may please you hear and speak, we will both hear and speak with you, while yet, as now it is, the wind is hushed.

The town where I was born sits on the shore, whither the Po descends to be at peace together with the streams that follow him. Edition: current; Page: [[61]] Oft did that reading cause our eyes to meet, and often take the color from our faces; and yet one passage only overcame us.

When we had read of how the longed-for smile was kissed by such a lover, this one here, who nevermore shall be divided from me, trembling all over, kissed me on my mouth.


A Gallehault the book, and he who wrote it! No further in it did we read that day. Edition: current; Page: [[63]] The Third Circle.

Coarse hail, and snow, and dirty-colored water through the dark air are ever pouring down; and foully smells the ground receiving them. A wild beast, Cerberus, uncouth and cruel, is barking with three throats, as would a dog, over the people that are there submerged. Red eyes he hath, a dark and greasy beard, a belly big, and talons on his hands; he claws the spirits, flays and quarters them.

The rainfall causes them to howl like dogs; with one side they make shelter for the other; oft do the poor profaners turn about. Edition: current; Page: [[65]] When Cerberus, the mighty worm, perceived us, his mouths he opened, showing us his fangs; nor had he any limb that he kept still.

My Leader then stretched out his opened palms, and took some earth, and with his fists well filled, he threw it down into the greedy throats.The gate ill guarded by an angel with a gleaming sword.

Dante, in fact, wrote The Divine Comedy while in exile.

And there I lay to rest from my heart's race till calm and breath returned to me. We also offer a guided Inferno walking tour , which follows the footsteps of Robert and Sienna, as well as an an eBook with an audio version. Robert realizes that he is retracing his steps from the previous night.

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