The Lord's Prayer. Our Father, which art in heaven,. Hallowed be thy Name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth,. As it is in heaven. Give us this day. The Lord's Prayer. First Form. Our Father in heaven hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as in heaven. Give us today our. or ten commandments, I shall speak now upon the Lord's prayer. 'After this The introduction to the Lord's prayer is, 'After this manner pray ye.' Our Lord Jesus.

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The Lord's Prayer n the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus gives us a perfect way to pray to. God the Father. The Catholic denomination calls this “The Our. Father Prayer. THE LORD'S PRAYER. Leader: Who gives Power to the Powerless? Our Father, who art in heaven. Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done. PDF | Prayer is not a psychoactive chant that may trigger a meditative mood or transfigure us into a mystic. It is a simple set of words that are.

God put us in a place where, even though we prayed for Him to lead us and have His way in our lives, it was shallow at best. We had no clue what God was up to. God has a way of getting what He wants.

He lets you pray yourself into a corner, and then He lets you see what you have done. We became the answer to our own prayers. It was as though a dream was being conceived in our hearts while we were praying. Prayer has an amazing power. While you are focused on your prayers, God is focused on your hearts. As we are trying to get our way, God is getting His way. What an amazing God we serve! The Holy Ghost comes down into our hearts sometimes in prayer with a beam from heaven, whereby we see more at once of God and His glory, more astounding thoughts and enlarged apprehensions of God, many beams meeting in one and falling to the center of our hearts.

By these coming downs or divine influxes, God slides into our hearts by beams of Himself. We come not to have communion with God by way of many broken thoughts put together, but there is a contraction of many beams from heaven, which is shed into our souls. So that we know more of God, and have more communion with Him in a quarter hour than we could know in a year by the way of wisdom alone. During those times of prayer He also graciously shined His light on a box we were to step outside of.

I can honestly say I had no clue that the box even existed in my ministry, let alone that I was stuck in it. I was like a pet goldfish a man had. Yes, he loved and appreciated that fish. Fed it. Cared for it. And yet, he kept it in a glass bowl. The fish existed, but it had no freedom. I lived in the fishbowl of what was expected of me for so long that I did not realize how it was robbing me daily of my destiny.

Most of us have lived in that box, that fishbowl. We are controlled by our own expectations and the expectations of others. We have sought security over sacrifice. Nice wife, nice apartment, nice furniture. Nice people around me, nice family, nice income. Never has been, never will be! We must all learn the gospel that works outside the walls of the church as well.

I remember one man sharing with me as he was remorsefully looking back over his life. He told me he knew how, all his life, he had performed what was expected of him. But it was a service without passion or compassion. Regret was eating him up, and the reproach of his actions had seeped down into his bones. He was left with nothing but a memory and a doctrine. Truth that is not laced with tenderness is empty and hollow, for both the speaker and the receiver.

I asked an elderly minister to give one word of advice to a group of ten or twelve young ministers lunching with us one day. So, he filled up his bathtub with water and heated it to just the right temperature. Carefully, he took his little friend out of the fishbowl and placed him in the tub.

To his surprise, the fish only swam around in an area that equaled the dimension of his fishbowl he had become familiar with. I was like that fish whom God had placed in a larger part of His world—a brand new world created by prayer. It was a world that He extravagantly loved and His Son had selflessly died for. It was a world that was right at our doorstep and we hardly ever noticed.

I am absolutely amazed when I consider what it took for God to introduce me to His world. As I prayed, God would decisively answer in a way beyond my imagination. Behind the prayer of faith stand forces unimaginable.

Out to their farthest bounds the message thrills. And to his aid the legions twelve by Christ refused In mighty rank on rank close up behind. Then shout for him the morning spheres!

The morning stars. He has called on his maker! To his aid we fly! The psalmist David was a man of prayer, and the Psalms are full of little keys and insights into the life of prayer. I read this a bit differently from what some modern theologians and preachers teach. When I truly delight myself in the Lord, the desires that begin to form in my spirit are a gift from God. Want a litmus test of where your desires lie? Examine the words of your prayers. Are you more consumed with your own personal wishes or for the world around you?

In my situation, the answer to that question was forming in my spirit.

I had become gripped by the grace of God that was reaching out to young people on the streets. The answers to our prayers did not come without struggle! I remember the times when our money was low and we ran out of gas, those times being often, and the young people would have to push us to the gas station. They were afraid they would get arrested if they were caught with us, if for nothing else other than suspicion. I remember the day I went to stake a spiritual claim on the property of the school for which I was deeply burdened.

I asked the principle if I could conduct an assembly with the student body. God had prepared his heart even though he was a professed agnostic at that time. To my surprise and probably his, he agreed. However, he said we could only have a thirty minute session. I demanded an hour. I am sure he anticipated the worst-case scenario. We brought in a Christian band from California that just happened to be traveling through our area. The band included guitars and drums, and they sang songs that the young people could understand.

It happened in a flash! A young girl came running down to the front of the platform. No invitation had been given, but she was hurting. Her story eventually unfolded. She had been violated and taken advantage of, leaving her with a shame she did not understand nor with which she could cope.

My grandmother who was her legal guardian says I have conviction, and that is what makes me so mean. That was the moment of contact. Heaven had reached the heart of this young girl.

God broke through, and for the next forty-five days heaven came down into the hearts of young people in that innercity public school in Houston, Texas. We had prayer every morning before class. The students and teachers met in the lunchroom and prayed earnestly for the student body. God hijacked the school for many reasons; most we would not understand until a few years later. What happened in those days to us and through us was an absolute surprise.

We were like those in the Book of Acts who prayed for the release of Peter and John.

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And yet, they needed faith that their prayers would avail. When Rhoda told the others Peter was standing outside as a result of their prayers , they pretty much told her she had lost it. Peter had to keep on knocking to finally get in. Prayer and faith must be linked together. Prayer and faith are Siamese twins. One heart animates them both. Faith, is always praying. Prayer, is always believing. Faith must have a tongue by which it can speak. Prayer is the tongue of faith. This precious girl went on to tell me that she was the granddaughter of an old friend we ministered to in Zavala Park.

He was a notorious addict, even by the standards on the streets. Her life had been changed during those days. She now loved God and was clean. Her story made my day! Santos, one of the incredible young men we had taken into our lives in that time, had brought her to the meeting. Our Santos, working as a drug counselor in one of the schools we had ministered in thirty years before. As the Kingdom grows within us, it will then be manifested and released in all that we do. If you allow God to work in you and through you, if you hang on to His desires rather than your own, His Kingdom will just keep coming in your life as well.

It all depends upon the hearer. It occurs twelve times in the Sermon on the Mount, and more than a hundred times in St. One must never confuse our concepts of Father with the way Jesus used it.

Jesus elevates the word out of its human perceptions and places it on the high mountains of heavenly reality. It is important for us to understand that Jesus was not just looking for a word that would help man to interpret God. He was not searching for an anthropological model in which to explain the unexplainable Almighty.

The word Father, in its most sublime and noble sense, is the essence of who God is. It is intrinsic to His nature and unique to His relationship with the creation. Out of His Father-heart mankind was birthed.

He is the Father of all mankind. Nay, the fatherhood which Scripture predicates of God is not something which God is like, but something which He essentially is. The really startling fact is this, that instead of the living fatherhood being a reflection of human fatherhood, it is human fatherhood which is an intended reflection of the divine!

Christ said that He came to reveal the Father, and this was an important part of His revelation of God, that God is our Father. Father, may Your kingdom come. Only on fourteen occasions is the word used. The use of the word Father in the Old Testament reaches its highest worth in the writings of the prophets. Is he a delightful child? Through the voice of Jeremiah, the Father-heart of God is revealed. Can there be any deeper demonstration of the meaning of the word Father than what is penned by the ancient prophet?

Jesus picks up on this theme that seems to have been lost in the Jewish culture. He drives it home in more dramatic fashion by His use of the word Abba. Chrysostom, the early church father, said that in the Aramaic, Abba was how a small child addressed his father, equivalent to our word Daddy. The Talmud confirms this when it says: No Jew had ever dared to address God in this way.

The Catholic theologian, Joaquim Jeremias, said that, with the help of his staff, he examined all of the prayer literature of late Judaism and that there was no place in this immense literature that referred to God as Abba.

Not only did Jesus use the word Father when addressing God, He also taught His disciples to do so as well. But you, when you pray, go into your inner room, close your door and pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you Matt.

So do not be like them; for your Father knows what you need before you ask Him Matt. Pray, then, in this way: For if you forgive others for their transgressions, your heavenly Father will also forgive you Matt. Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, neither do they reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them.

Are you not worth much more than they? For the Gentiles eagerly seek all these things; for your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things Matt. By this exhortation Jesus draws his disciples into the intimacy of the relationship with His Father. As He is a Son, they too are sons of the Father.

He longs for them to transcend a relationship with God that is based upon religious exercises. He woos them into the secret place that He has discovered and teaches them how to sit on the lap of the Father.

In that secret place their prayers will be transformed into reality, and the dreams of their heart will find expressions on the earth. My world, up until that time, was quite small, but now I was being stretched as God took me into a world I did not know. One certainly could not pray that prayer and remain content living in a religious culture with racial prejudice.

If He were my Father then He was also the Father of others. I was being pressured to bring others into the family of God. There were times when I was called upon to administer last rites to Catholics, and there were also times when I would speak in schools and counsel drug addicts who knew more of the Scripture than I did.

They had not experienced the mercy of their heavenly Father, nor had they heard His words of redemption and healing. Many young Hispanic youth had quickly become a part of our extended family. The loudest and most conspicuous was a teenager named Jacob Aranza. Our kinship turned a few heads, but the sacrifice was well worth the reward.

For some time I had been calling out to the Lord to teach me how to pray. He answered my requests by sort of trapping me in a predicament that taught me a great deal about the Father and my prayers. If you ask Him to teach you to pray, He will willingly put you into situations where you will have to pray.

I had just gone out the side door when I saw a commotion in the front of the church building. The driver had been taken in to the vestibule of the church to see if he was okay, only to find out he was dead drunk. On top of that, he could not speak English.

This guy did not want any encounter with the law. I took off after him. Unfortunately, no one followed him but me. I looked back again in desperation, but not one brave foot soldier was following with me in the chase.

The Spanish man ran for about a block and a half as I steadfastly pursued him. Suddenly, he stopped; huffing and puffing, I was glad for a short break. Bad news! He had only stopped to pull out a knife. Flashing the knife, it was clear that he had every intention of attacking me if I came any closer.

I simply pulled off my raincoat, wrapping it around my arm for protection from him and his weapon. My breath was thick, as time was held suspended for what seemed an eternity. God is like that, you know. The man, heeding my gesture, turned and began to scramble off again. This time, he wildly fled into a back hallway of a lounge and pool hall located on Harrisburg Street, which was a couple of blocks away from the church. Within minutes, nine police cars showed up.

The police invaded the building, scurrying like ants on a molehill, only to come out sometime later with no one in custody. We went up the stairs into the cheap apartments above the pool hall with the lounge below.

The music blared from a distant jukebox, breaking the silence of the night as we walked down a hallway. One light bulb dangled from an exposed wire hanging from a high ceiling. The police opened the first door as they commanded me to stand back. Heeding their instructions was no problem on my part. With guns drawn, they shined their flashlights into a dark room only to see a naked man, totally emaciated, lying in his own waste on a bare, cold floor.

To this day I still remember the horrible smell emanating from his body. I told the officers that this was not the room, and we moved on down the dimly lit hallway to an apartment door located at the end of the hall. They knocked on the door, and a frightened wife with several small children opened the door.

I felt no satisfaction in being a part of apprehending the man. Wearily, I leaned over against a wall with a sense of futility pounding in my head. As I turned to walk down the hall, God spoke to me, and the words I heard changed my life. I decided to go make bail for the young man in jail. On the way I had plenty to think about. The into God wanted me to find was just two blocks from the church. It was just down the street. For the fellow in jail, I was an answer to prayer.

But, I realized I had so much to learn about this world. I never understood how much pain and agony there was in the world of man. Up until that point it was a pretty good picture of what my prayer life had been like. It would take me years to learn and continue to learn that the prayers God answers are those Jesus spoke of in John The scales were falling off my eyes, like Hallesby says in his book, Prayer.

In new ways I was seeing the misuse of prayer and the difficulties connected with prayer. Prayer life has its own laws, as all the rest of life has. The fundamental law in prayer is this: Prayer is the way appointed of giving Jesus an opportunity to exercise His supernatural powers of salvation.

And in so doing, He desires to make use of us. Prayer is more than just talking about things. There is a spiritual dynamic that takes place in the process of prayer. We are engaging Father in such a way that, as we pray, something is happening in us. Through prayer we enter the realm where Father lives. We step out of our world into His world—the world of the Spirit. As we live in that world, we begin to see things differently in our world. In his story, he tells us of how he got hold of a big, black cigar and headed into a back alley where no one would see him.

Nevertheless, smoking it made him feel grown up. Amidst his defiant puffs, he saw his father coming. Norman quickly put the cigar behind his back and tried to act as casual as possible. Please, Dad? It is one we would do well to remember as well.

Never make a petition while at the same time trying to hide a smoldering disobedience behind your back. When you approach God in prayer, you should come to Him with high expectations of Him as your Heavenly Father—it is to this loving Father we are to make our requests known. He stands ready to provide for you and invites you to ask of Him.

When you ask from your place of need, He hears you and answers accordingly. Or what man is there among you who, when his son asks for a loaf, will give him a stone?

Or if he asks for a fish, he will not give him a snake, will he? If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give what is good to those who ask Him! He is prepared to listen and encourages us to call upon Him.

I am not suggesting you pray slot machine prayers, throwing your prayers up to heaven hoping that one of them will hit the jackpot. Nor should you pray in a robotic manner, repetitiously asking God to answer you without knowing what you are speaking or believing that it will even come true.

It is not a matter of the quantity of our prayers, but the quality and the passion of our hearts. We can come to the Father because we trust Him. Therefore, we can pray with faith that He will hear us. The attitude of faith is important when you are talking to your Father. You see, prayers without faith are empty prayers. Appreciate that if your Father knows, then everything is going to work together for His good, and it will be good for you also.

In my life, God worked not only through me but also in me as I surrendered my will to His supreme will for my life. That old drunk in that prison cell got blessed because I prayed, but my Father also did something in my heart.

As a good Father, He was training me to be a son. When my brother and I were children, my dad would measure us to see who was growing the most. He would stand us in the doorway of the kitchen and make a mark on the doorjamb to see how much we had grown. I would always cheat just a little because I wanted to be taller than my dad was. We would walk by weekly when he was not around just to see if we had grown anymore.

Well, that is the way it was with our prayer life. Father God made the mark on an old tree called calvary so that, from time to time, we can see how much we have grown. It is not for Him to see. He already knows the progress we are making. In the place of prayer and in the presence of the Father we are learning how to live our lives in such a manner so that men might see our good works and glorify our Father in heaven.

Christ lived His life glorifying God the Father as well.

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He is our supreme example in how to live in relationship with the Father. It is clear that the Father deeply loves the Son. The Son has the full attention of the Father. Other things never distract Jesus. He is consistently in tune with the love the Father shows Him. The Father loves the Son and has given all things into His hand John 3: For the Father loves the Son, and shows Him all things that He Himself is doing; and the Father will show Him greater works than these, so that you will marvel John 5: Because of that great love, the Father has placed the totality of His Divine, eternal purpose into the hands of the Son.

He trusts the Son implicitly to carry out the desires of His heart. Father rests in His love and trust for the Son. Therefore, He pulls back the veil between the spirit realm and the physical, allowing the Son to see the work of the Father.

To the deep gratification of the Father, the Son reciprocates with His own response of passionate love. The Son longs to perpetually live in the Presence of the Father, and He wholeheartedly commits Himself to the work of the Father. What awesome words! Jesus invites the disciples to participate in the fellowship of that love. As He obeys the Father in all things, so too the disciples are invited to enter through the door of obedient submission to the will of the Father and into that circle of love.

It is a prayer that may be the difference between life and death. More than anything, I want them to get to know Him as Father, and I want you to know Him as Father in the desperate and decisive times in which we live. And…the sooner, the better.

Beware of practicing your righteousness before men to be noticed by them; otherwise you have no reward with your Father who is in heaven Matt. So that your giving will be in secret; and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you Matt. H eaven is the dwelling place of the Father, the location of His throne, the habitation for His presence. Every family must have a home, for their home is the center of their activities.

It is the expression of who the family is in community. For our heavenly Father, heaven is His home. Heaven is the center of the invisible realm in which God lives. To address God is to address Him in heaven: It is the place where He is most comfortable, and it is filled with angelic worship and perfect harmony. Heaven is characterized by perfect rest and glorious symmetry.

Men are trying to get to heaven while God is trying to get heaven to men. It is the will of the Father to relate everything on earth to heaven. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

The Bible teaches us that God is located in heaven. It teaches that there is a system, an order, in heaven, which is the true one and which is the ultimate one. In the end, it will be the reproduction of a heavenly order upon this earth which will be the consummation of all the counsels of God. Christ came down from heaven and returned to heaven. There are times we pray corporately, but more often, we pray individually.

Great men of old sought God in this manner as well. Tephillah is the word of choice for the way David, Moses, Solomon, Daniel, Manasseh, Nehemiah, Job, the prophet Habbakuk, and others defined their disposition in prayer.

The Lord's Prayer (eBook)

David used this word in Psalm As a majestic leader of others, David learned it is one thing to pray, and entirely another thing to become a prayer. As my team and I were growing up in the ministry, heaven became very real to us, and we often found ourselves in situations where we were desperate for help from heaven.

We understood where our real help would come from. I remember the day when an addict was going to break into the Salt Inn with the intention of burglarizing the place, hoping he could get electronic equipment that he could pawn quickly.

You see, he needed fast cash for a quick fix. Dale and Barbara were incredible people, and they were known to share everything they had with the young people from the street. We could not have done the work God asked us to do by ourselves, and we were delighted to have these ministers by our side.

They were genuine pastors to these young people in a true New Testament sense of the word. Both of them worked on secular jobs, so the facility was not protected in the daytime hours. The thief in question had cased the place, deciding to go up the back steps to break through the kitchen door. As he began to move toward the house, however, a large man suddenly appeared out of nowhere and stood on the steps.

There were no bushes or cars nearby. And there was certainly no place the man could have come from to position himself in front of the culprit. He simply appeared, and the thief disappeared. It is said the man glowed. Our help had come from heaven, and from that day on—as long as we worked in the house—there was never another incident like that in our ministry. It was dangerous to be on the streets. In that end of town, a gang called the Brady Street Gang had gone on a murderous rampage and had made national headlines for their tragic exploits.

One Easter, we had just returned home after the evening service. While turning on the television to catch the evening news, we caught the lead story that Sunday evening.

I was unaware that in the next few years I would spend a good part of my life working with men like this young man. It became our responsibility to break into their lives, so cautiously guarded by a moat of suspicion, racism, fear, and dependency.

One evening, I preached an illustrated sermon on the Fruit of the Spirit. He played the part particularly well. At given times, our fiendish foe stuck his head around a door or got up behind the big Hammond organ and vigorously shook his head in scoffing disbelief. I took large pieces of plastic fruit and spoke of each of the fruits of the Spirit, using my props as illustrations of how we are to give no place to the devil.

Further in my sermon, I chased that devil through the crowd, and they simply went wild! The kids and the young people loved it. They thunderously cheered and praised God, and the sheepish devil fled from the building. He had done this several times that night, going out a different door each time. However, the last time he went out of the building, he scurried through a side door with me hot behind him. The chase was on!

This time, I trailed him right out the door into the night! Just out that door was the side street of church, and fifteen feet or so from the building, cars were always parked on the street. As he broke though the door, he screeched frantically with his jet-black, satin cape flowing like a dismal mist behind him.

Believe me, he was wearing one of the most grotesque rubber masks I have ever seen. Again, he looked the part. He had the cables loose and was just ready to make his getaway. Johnny, the fellow playing the devil, said when he looked up the thief was running and screaming madly down the street as fast as he could go. Heaven helped us in spite of ourselves.

You could say the devil was on the run that night in more ways than one. This contraption has a magnet base with small pieces of metal that adhere to the top of it. Its structure is to remind one that his ideas, like the small pieces of metal, can be shaped as he sculpts them together in whatever form he chooses. Over the years, I have noticed that people especially children cannot keep their hands off it.

And, when they have happily finished playing with it, I have found myself retrieving many of the particles of metal that have fallen to the floor or into the sofas and chairs where the novice sculptors were seated. I have been able to identify with the amusing CRDL, and have come to find them to be somewhat like pastors. Many men have attempted to shape pastors by their own expectations, and it takes a mature pastor to know how to pick up the pieces and put things right when the novice sculptors leave the room.

Take heed, much of what God has invested to make pastors what they are may be lost if they set out unawares. Many hopes have been crashed down like those tiny pieces of metal from the top of the magnet base.

However, I have learned to skillfully take the magnet base and sweep it over the scattered, fallen fragments. His Word to us must always be our foundation, our base. His truth to us will always unerringly pick up the fragments others leave behind, and it will invariably keep us convinced we are who He says we are in Him. I can fall down by myself. The challenge is compounded because the communication process between the two realms is not like anything we have on earth.

There is no phone cable, internet link, or fax machine that enables us to communicate on the natural level. The problem is that we are communicating between two realms—earth and heaven. In order to speak into the heavenly realm we must learn to speak by the Spirit.

God is Spirit, and heaven is in the spirit realm. That realm does not have physical dimensions like our earthly realm. Therefore, there is no need for earthly means of communication. We simply speak our prayers through our spirit and they will ascend into the heavenly realm where the Father lives. In our prayers, God is invading our realm and seeking to govern in our realm. The Bible begins with the heavens: The Bible closes with the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven Revelation As it is in the natural realm, so it is in the spiritual.

The heavens govern the earth and the earthly, and the earthly has to answer to the heavenly. It is the heavens, it is heaven, that is ultimate: That is the sum of the Word of God, the whole content of the Scriptures. The devil trembles when he sees these great books on prayer sold this cheap. In the book, the author speaks of the significance of conversing with God. One of my favorite passages of scripture is used to describe the value of individual prayer. I love this passage because it speaks of an entrance into a new understanding or view awaiting the reader.

Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away. For lo, the winter is past…The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of the birds is come, and the voice of the turtle [dove] is heard in our land…Arise, my love, my fair one and come away.

Oh my dove, that art in the clefts of the rock in the secret places of the stairs, let me see thy countenance, let me hear thy voice; for sweet is thy voice Song 2: This scripture tells us there is a place where you might rendezvous with the lover of your soul. In this meeting place, this place of transparency, God comes searching for you just as He searched for Adam and Eve in the garden.

The author had a steady grasp on intimacy with God as well. As her words poured, I realized her keen insight, and knew it must have led many into more intimacy with their loving Father. The author suggests several practical and very attainable points that will help you in discovering the privilege of secret prayer.

Every time you pass that place, you will be reminded that both physical and spiritual refreshment await you there. Anticipate meeting One who loves you in a personal and intimate way.

You are speaking to a Person, and hearing your voice will keep your thoughts centered on Him. Use a daily devotional book and use some kind of study book to give you needed direction in daily Bible reading. He had given us an invitation to be seated with Him in high places, and we were becoming ever aware of that reality.

Daily we were beginning to realize that our battle was not with the young people we longed to see set free; our battle was with principalities in high places.

Though I was taking clinical pastoral counseling classes at that time, and though I was appreciative of what I learned in regards to counseling and therapy, I understood that these acquired tools were not enough to set the captives free.

It might help us understand the nature of their problems, but it would not offer the power to set them free. Oftentimes we were like the man in the story of Elijah who lost his axe head. All he was left with to bring the tree down was a wooden handle. If our ministering was dependent on counseling alone, it would be like us trying to cut down a wooden tree with a wooden handle. We would be forever pounding on that tree and never making progress, and the price would be great.

So, we set our aspirations and desires on things above and not beneath. In doing so, our prayers took on a whole different content. God had invited us to ask of Him, and we discovered the reality that He actually would give us the heathen for our inheritance. And, excitingly, we found them right in the shadows of downtown Houston. Jesus continually stayed connected to heaven during His earthly journey.

He remained resolute even in the wilderness of temptation when the tempter tried to offer Him the kingdoms of this world. Jesus knew that ultimately they were not His to give. Someone said the devil tried to bribe Him instead of pushing Him. If he could have pushed Him, he would have. The enemy will always have a hard time trying to defeat us if we refuse to cooperate with him. Becoming as persistent as Jesus was means we must pray as He did.

Knowing this, He gave us His prayer pattern to help us in our own battles. The writer of the Book of Hebrews puts all this in a heavenly context. Jesus has opened a way into the heavens, clearing a pathway for our communication. In fact, He sits at the right hand of the Father and puts in a good word for us.

I sometimes feel heaven tugging on my heart and, when I do, I tug on heaven. He is very sympathetic about our cause. At that throne we get the power we are seeking, not condemnation. Heaven is a prepared place for a prepared people. Be prepared for heavenly results when you reach out to your Heavenly Father.

One day in Houston, I heard one of the young men witnessing in a gasoline station. He asked a gentleman nearby if he was going to heaven. He thought he was off the hook, but he was dealing with a bold fisherman. It is a yellow streak right up your back. Knowing where to turn in the time of trials or when you need answers is half the battle. Too often we turn to the wrong sources.


In this simple prayer Jesus gave us a clue—turn your eyes towards heaven. When you need help, you must learn to turn your eyes upward, not inward or outward. Stephen got a glimpse of what it is really all about. In the face of the murderous crowd that was stoning him, Stephen looked up and this is what he saw: What a comforting vision!

I have heard men preach on hell. And, as angry as some seemed to be, I concluded they were full of their subject. Many of these young people were living in what they deemed to be hell already.

So, the hope of a better world to come was a relevant message. This was the message I preached. I made it clear that it was not just a fairy tale. It was a hope that was real. It would not deceive them. And they desperately needed it. They ached for someone real to love them.

They yearned for something to do and something to hope for. This hope of heaven had a way of taking their eyes off the horrible things they were often forced to endure in their present localities. After all, the end of the prayer Jesus gave us is about the triumphant end of all things. His is the kingdom. His is the power. And, His is the glory. His kingdom come, His will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.

As you grow in prayer, the influence of heaven will become more real in your life. Father, thou hast heard and answered my call, Thou master of the seas, thou ruler of all; Thou never wilt forsake thy trusting child, Though dark is the night and the waters wild. The Sermon on the Mount became His first recorded words as the new prophet on the scene.

It is the constitution and bylaws of the heavenly rule. With these words He set aside the existing religious order and established a new order that will be loyal and subject to the heavenly King.

He brought from heaven a brand-new form of government that does not depend upon political suppression, philosophical manipulation, or religious domination. One day, a guest minister who had a campus ministry in Michigan sat in my car with me.

It was my job to pick him up from the airport, and we were waiting on one of the men from our church to come and join us for lunch. Since the fellow we were waiting on was running late, we just sat and waited, making small talk and getting acquainted.

As the conversation went on, all of a sudden the man in the car began to weep uncontrollably. Nothing I did would console him. I felt considerably awkward in the presence of this sobbing saint. Looking out the car window, I noticed two little children playing in the front yard of a house.

Both were in white cotton underwear—a boy and a girl no more than three or four years old. And, both were incredibly filthy, so much so that the only way one could tell that what they were wearing was originally white was that their waists were still unsoiled. There was not a blade of grass in the yard. Yet, still satisfied with their meager field, they played in the dirt. He was passionate about the lost. And, his fervor did not go unnoticed.

It touched my heart that day. It comes to us in little experiences just like the one you just read. It comes through our life experiences both in the public place with others and the private place with the Father. I have found that it also came into our lives through gift ministers God sent, many like this man, to equip us for the future.

Unfortunately, we often miss our moment of opportunity of experiencing the Kingdom because we are so easily distracted by other things. Many in the Body of Christ have lost the power of observation and therefore miss very powerful truths that come to them every day. A loud-mouthed kid with a ball cap twisted on his head having more hair than head got on the bus, posing a question as he climbed aboard.

This young man ended up living with us for the next nine years, and he became like a son to my wife and me. Over the next twenty years, this bright young man became uniquely equipped by God to do what I never could have done. He spoke face to face in public schools and assemblies eventually talking to more than six million young people.

He related to them his story of the cruelties of his life in the ghetto. He told the youth of this nation about the sham and sorrow of their culture and, at the same time, he also showed them a way of escape, pointing the way to their path of freedom. Jacob was on a mission to change his world, one young person at a time. I often say, real moves of God are generational or they are not real moves of God at all. Today, Jacob Aranza still has a national ministry and pastors a network of churches in Lafayette, Louisiana with his wife, Michelle, and their five boys.

We were given the house for ministry, and young people started coming from everywhere. I could never understand why some church people felt threatened by what God had given us to do. We were thankful that the necessary few understood. We were overwhelmed and so excited about what God was doing in spite of the naysayer gallery sitting on the sideline.

It was too much to ask to keep what the Lord was doing to ourselves. We felt like the four leprous men in the story of Second Kings 7. Ben-hadad, king of Aram, came against Samaria and laid siege to the great city. At the same time a great famine had also hit the land. These four lepers decided that if they remained in the city they would die. The enemy had all fled. When the lepers got into the camp, the enemy was gone, and they had left all of their supplies behind. As the lepers dived into the food they finally realized that they could not keep silent.

This day is a day of good news, but we are keeping silent; if we wait until morning light, punishment will overtake us. In similar fashion we felt compelled to tell the Body of Christ about how the Kingdom of God was coming to Houston.

This was the Kingdom at work. It was rearranging the old order and imposing the order of heaven on these communities. Wherever those forces engage each other there will be a great collision. In the ministry of Jesus we see that one of the signs of the coming Kingdom is deliverance and healing. In Houston we saw the power of the Kingdom healing and delivering kids just like in the times of Jesus. Jesus was going throughout all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every kind of disease and every kind of sickness among the people Matt.

But if I cast out demons by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God has come upon you. Don Milam describes that collision in this way: Religion, though, has learned to coexist with the evil around it.

In fact, religion has always found a way to cohabit with evil. But it was not so with this Man or the rule that He had come to establish! He could not ignore the suffering and suppression that the enemy had imposed upon the people. Everywhere the message of the Kingdom was proclaimed, the power of that Kingdom was demonstrated. Wherever He found the smallest measure of faith, disease was rebuked, demons expelled, sin forgiven, and people freed. That is the great contrast between the spiritual kingdom He had come to establish and the religious order that men establish.

Religion can permit sin to exist and can easily ignore the oppression and pain of its constituents. Religion does not find it difficult to compromise with the forces of the dark side. Wherever the kingdom of God is manifest, however, there is no compromise. Sin must be removed, healing must come, oppression must stop, evil must be destroyed, and compassion must reign.

He held me responsible for the intrusion into his world, which was safe only to those who were user friendly, young, MexicanAmericans which was not a politically incorrect way of identifying their heritage at that time. As we spoke with this young man, we were not fully grasping what was taking place through us at that time. He knew that another force was impinging on the perimeter of his territory, seeking to release those who were held captive in his world. This was war. In his book, When Heaven Invades Earth, Bill Johnson describes the collision that happens when light invades darkness.

I can still remember the peace resonating within me on that dark night. Little did he know, but we were as at his home there on their turf as he was.

I watched as his fences started coming down. That young man became an advocate for the gospel along with many others in that section of the city. This night was a turning point in both our ministry and our relationship with the drug culture that continued long after I was gone from that work. An amazed Jacob was with me that night, as well as several others who had gone with us to minister. It is not simply the objective fact that God is our king, but also our acknowledgment of His reign.

We look forward to the coming of His kingdom at the end of time, but we also work toward it today by living our lives as He wishes us to live them. Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven: We work toward the coming of the kingdom of God by conforming our lives to His will.

With these words, we petition God to help us know and carry out His will in this life, and for all mankind to do so as well. Give us this day our daily bread: With these words, we petition God to provide us with everything that we need rather than want. That does not mean simply the food and other goods that keep our physical body alive, but that which nourishes our souls as well. For that reason, the Catholic Church has always seen "our daily bread" as a reference not only to everyday food but to the Bread of Life, the Eucharist —Christ's own Body, present to us in Holy Communion.

And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us: This petition is the most challenging part of the Lord's Prayer because it requires us to act before God responds. We have asked Him already to help us know His will and to do it; here, we ask Him to forgive us our sins—but only after we have forgiven the sins of others against us.

We beg God to show us mercy, not because we deserve it but rather because we do not; but we must first show mercy toward others, especially when we think that they do not deserve it. And lead us not into temptation: This petition seems puzzling at first, because we know that God does not tempt us; temptation is the work of the devil.

As the Catechism of the Catholic Church notes, "the Greek means both 'do not allow us to enter into temptation' and 'do not let us yield to temptation. But deliver us from evil: The English translation again hides the full meaning of this final petition.

The "evil" here is not just bad things; in the Greek, it is "the evil one"—that is, Satan himself, the one who tempts us. We pray first not to enter into Satan's trials, and not to yield when he does tempt us, and then we beg God to deliver us from Satan's grasp.

So why is the standard translation not more specific "deliver us from the Evil One"?Gordon Wenham. When he told the king the reason for his sadness, the king asked him what he wanted. Nathan Pitchford. One light bulb dangled from an exposed wire hanging from a high ceiling. Are you more consumed with your own personal wishes or for the world around you?

Whiteness, Blackness, Christless. The Apostles' Creed: He prayed so much and so often that it became a part of His life. From Pink's introduction Joseph Alleine.

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