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DOWNLOAD OR READ: TIGERS VOYAGE THE TIGER SAGA 3 COLLEEN HOUCK PDF EBOOK EPUB MOBI. Page 1. Page 2. Page 2. Page 3. tigers voyage. The third book in the gripping Tiger's Curse series!With the head-to-head battle against the villainous Lokesh behind her, Kelsey confronts a new heartbreak: in. Read Tiger's Voyage Pdf. Tiger's Voyage. about Tiger's Voyage book PDF: This book is writen by Colleen Houck. This Tiger's Voyage book is telling about With.

Forget thee? Bid the forest-birds forget their sweetest tune; Forget thee? Keep, if thou wilt, thy maiden peace, still calm and fancy-free, For God forbid thy gladsome heart should grow less glad for me; Yet, while that heart is still unwon, oh!

Nothing had gone according to plan in the Baiga camp. Even the villagers had turned out to be weak and disloyal. Breathing deeply to calm his rage, he pressed his fingers to- gether and deliberately tapped them against his bottom lip as he pondered the fight.

His underlings had discovered that the weapons were somehow tied to the goddess Durga. Magic was a tool, a gift to be used by those wise enough to understand and manipulate it. A trick of the universe that only a few sought and even fewer could harness.

Lokesh had it, and he would use it to bring him even more power. Others thought him evil. Lokesh was determined to be the former. Why Durga? Perhaps the goddess is somehow guiding them. Faith was a crutch, a convenient way to control the masses who would be- come mindless slaves, choosing not to use whatever meager intellect they possessed.

Believers sat at home and wept and prayed, prostrating themselves for divine assistance that would never come.

Tiger's voyage

An intelligent man takes matters into his own hands. Lokesh frowned as he remembered the girl slipping from his. To her, it must have seemed like he ran. The com- mand center had been destroyed. The cameras and video re- cords were missing. The Baiga, the tiger, and the girl were nowhere to be found. It was extremely … vexing. A chime rang as his assistant entered the room. The man opened his shaking hand and dropped the smashed remains on the desk.

Without a word, Lokesh picked up the broken chip and, using the power of the amulet, threw it and the quiv- ering assistant out of the sixtieth-story window. Just when the man was about to hit bottom, Lokesh murmured a few words that opened a hole in the ground under his assistant and buried him alive. Disappointing distractions dealt with, he pulled his hard- won prize from his pocket. He knew that the completed amulet would fashion him into something new … something … more.

Something … perfect. Though he had deliberately prolonged starting the process and relished the anticipation almost as much as the victory, it was time. The moment had arrived. A crackle of pleasure raced through his blood as he touched the fourth segment to his precious amulet collection.

Tiger's Voyage (Book 3 in the Tiger's Curse Series)

He turned, twisted, and tilted the wedge, but it would not mold to the others. It was the same amulet piece she had worn in both visions. Instantly, a heavy black shadow of loathing fell upon him.

Gnashing his teeth, he crushed the offending amulet imitation and let the powder trickle through his tight fist as each cell of his body burst with a blazing tempest.

Sparkles of blue light popped and crackled between the digits. Waves of anger washed through his mind, pummeling against the thin barrier of his skin.

Without an outlet to as- suage his violent urges, he clenched his fists and buried the power deep within him. The girl!

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She tricked me! Anger pulsed at his temples as he considered Kelsey Hayes. She reminded him of another from centuries ago: Now there was a woman full of fire, he re- membered—unlike his own wife whom he had killed when she bore him a girl, Yesubai.

An heir. My son and I would have ruled the world. Part of the fun would have been breaking her spirit. The fight would have been exquisite.

Deschen was long gone now, and fortunately, the tigers had brought him Kelsey. She was more than he bargained for. Much more. Slowly, his seething rage transformed into something else. It cooked and bubbled in his mind, thoughts forming and bursting like cankerous blisters until his determ- ination boiled down to a dark, maddening desire. Kelsey had the same fiery bravery that Deschen had pos- sessed, and he would have a perverse pleasure taking her away from the sons of Rajaram.

Suddenly, his fingers itched to touch her fine skin again. How pleasant it would be to put his knife to her flesh. As he pondered that thought, he ran a finger along the sharp edge of the broken glass window. Perhaps he would even let the tigers live so he could revel in the turmoil it would cause them. Caging the princes and making them watch as I subdue the girl will be highly pleasurable.

Espe- cially after this. So long. Only one thought calmed him: The battle was far from over. He would find her.


He was a man who took no risks and left no stone unturned. He would strike again. After all, she was only a girl.

Tiger’s Destiny (The Tiger Saga #4) pdf epub mobi Download

Soon, he thought. Lokesh shuddered as he imagined touch- ing her again. He could almost sense her. I knew that once again, or for the first time, chronologically, Kishan's love would be ripped from him. Every time Yesubai thought of Kishan it would break my heart again, knowing that they would never be together. It was constant pain and suffering for me to finish this book.

I can't remember the last time a book made me cry so hard. I need to see Kishan find happiness one day. I know that he eventually marries Annamika, but the little we have seen of them together does not give me great hope for their happiness.

I used to always feel like Kishan marrying Annamika was like a betrayal of Kelsey.

And guess what, he's not pretending to be angsty and shallow because he wants to keep Kelsey distant so that she falls in love with his douchy self!

He actually has a normal reason other than he's "dangerous! But he wasn't just dark and moody, he was absolutely hilarious! Houck really made me grow attached to the bad-boy character that most authors just can't seem to work out. He's just a piece of work in more ways than one ; Have I said I love this book? Because, yeah, I love this book. And Ren.

Ohh boyyy. In Quest, his complete, total, and utter devotion to Kelsey is revealed even more, and, especially in the beginning before he takes a little hiatus so to speak I"m trying hard to not ruin this for people! Hahah I felt my breath get taken away whenever he talked to Kelsey; like he was looking up at me with his baby blues and talking to me, it was so real.

He is just sooo beautiful, and kind, and smart, and just yummy, but not totally perfect like a lot of novels portray his type of character. He worries for kelsey, can be a little bit like a mother hen, and impatient, instead of being overly patient and almost apathetic like, dare I say, a vampire , and a lot of other "perfect" guys.

And the little contest that him and Li have is hilarious! It adds that little bit of funny so I don't get annoyed with the whole love-fest that him and Kelsey have going on.

Plus, two totally hot guys who actually have character depth fighting over you?

PDF - Tiger's Voyage

Too much to resist ; Another shocker for me is that Ren and Kelsey actually date! I mean, that's practically un-heard of for YA novels! This, for me, felt like a much more real and intimate relationship than that. Then when he's gone, Kelsey still has what I will call 'waking dreams' and his total love for her is astonishing. He will do whatever he can to keep her safe, which brought tears to my eyes. And the whole twist that is thrown in at the end literally knocked me off of my chair.

It evoked all of the feelings that I wanted when I read a book: of total shock, betrayal, anguish, and even anger at some points as we wait for Kelsey to catch up with what we already know.I adore how Coleen writes her. With the ice finally broken between Ren and me, we all could finally move on and soon settled into a routine. Does Annamika love Kishan fully, as fully as he loved Kelsey?

Houck really made me grow attached to the bad-boy character that most authors just can't seem to work out. Did I care? Breathing deeply to calm his rage, he pressed his fingers to- gether and deliberately tapped them against his bottom lip as he pondered the fight. The moment had arrived.

So when Colleen Houck introduced Kishan in Curse, I was a little scared, but, in Quest, Colleen totally solves this for me by making Kelsey travel with Kishan, and we learn that beneath all of his cockyness and down-right rudeness, is someone who lives every-day with the pain of his decisions that he made hundreds of years ago, and that he truly cares, unlike most bad boys who are either totally evil or we never get the total character-fleshing that we got in Quest.

A clean slate.

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