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In a recent study, we analyzed key financial performance metrics from publicly-traded Visier customers and compared them to public data. In doing so, we found that Visier customers earned an average return on equity more than double the U.

What has been the interest from businesses for your approach?


Traditional business intelligence and big data analytics have largely failed because they focus on data structures and IT tools, and not on the user business needs and questions. Massive value can be attained when businesses use performance data to understand and optimize their operations.

But, except for a few giant firms with nearly unlimited IT resources and a strong background in technology adoption, most organizations lack either the expertise or budgets to effectively leverage big data.

Systems integrators fail to deliver value because their implementations are static and inflexible, and require constant expensive rework as business needs change.

Do businesses need to change?

And that requires that analytics providers dedicate their focus to business users and their domain-specific and iterative questions. Indeed, employee turnover can also be healthy for organizations as it helps to bring new people with fresh ideas and diverse experience to the organization.

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Instead of focusing on turnover rates, every organization should be ensuring that it is retaining its critical top talent. Recruiting Effectiveness 4.

Compensation and Pay Equity 5. Performance Management HR Metrics, including time to hire or employee turnover, simply do not get to the heart of how people and people strategies are affecting organizations.

E-Books and Guides

To glean these deeper insights, HR leaders need to focus on related metrics that highlight the connections that drive business performance and productivity.

We live in a knowledge-based economy. The skills of an organizations top talent represent a vital competitive advantage in the marketplace.

According to research done by Cornerstone OnDemand, a global leader of cloud-based talent management software solutions, 21 million Americans are planning to change jobs in alone.

The competition for top talent, then remains a constant in both good and bad economic times. Every organization must ensure they are doing all they can to ensure they retain their top talent, so they do not go elsewhere.

Mark Murphy, CEO of executive education firm Leadership IQ and author of The Deadly Sins of Employee Retention, calculates that when the labor market rebounds companies that did not stay focused on retaining top talent will see their turnover rates go from 5 percent to 50 percent, and it will happen overnight. To be effective, every HR leader must be aware of whether their top talent and the vitally important workers in their organization are resigning, or at risk of resigning, at a greater rate than less crucial employees.

In general, there is a correlation between cost-per-hire and size of company: The larger the organization, the lower its cost-per-hire. To uncover this critical insight, HR should begin by measuring who is leaving the organization, and related factors such as engagement, career development and compensation.

To achieve true transformation, you need to go beyond an operational focus and aim for strategic excellence — with Visier People. Plan for change. Connect workforce decisions to business results.

To be strategic you need to connect the workforce to business results that are top of mind for senior leaders. How is retention impacting profits?

E-Books and Guides

How is engagement affecting customer satisfaction and revenue? Visier People connects the dots from workforce to business outcomes for you, in a way and at a low cost otherwise not possible.

Uncover your data secrets. The answers to your important workforce questions do not live in your HRIS. Visier People connects all your workforce data, past and present, from all your systems, enabling insights and predictions otherwise not possible—no data warehouse required.

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Raise your expectations.Visier Analytics Leads the Way Visier anticipated the need for a new way of doing people analytics and has led the way with our industry-changing, applied business analytics technology, providing unmatched people analytics and workforce planning capabilities. What has been the interest from businesses for your approach?

Kindle Visier special, Bd. By implementing workforce analytics related to these five critical performance indicators and discovering the connections inherent in these workforce topics.

In fact. The mid-point.

Find the best books from Ultimately, the result of recruiting initiatives should consistently increase the organizations performance through improved talent. Visier special, Bd.

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