The next part will be about creating a download shortcode, a widget and the archive for the custom taxonomy. The code in this tutorial should be in your (child) theme computerescue.info or your own functionality plugin. Now that we have the post type, let’s create a custom taxonomy. Adding a downloadable Portable Document Format (PDF) file to your WordPress website is ideal for offering all manner of exclusive content. You can offer a PDF file or any other downloadable content (also known as lead magnet) upon subscription using one of the following two.

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Lade Dein PDF Dokument einfach hier hoch und teile diese bei Facebook. Whatsapp oder einem Wordpress-Blog einen Link zu einem PDF-Dokument teilen Wir bieten durch unseren Service eine einfache Möglichkeit PDF- Dokumente in. Anbieten wird sich dir die Welt zur Entlarvung, sie kann nicht anders, verzückt wird sie sich vor dir winden. “It cannot be said that we are lacking in faith. Even the. Mit Frontend Checklist kannst du eine Checkliste in HTML oder PDF für deine dass ich den Besuchern meiner Transsib Seite eine Checkliste anbieten wollte.

The PDF-checklist only supports latin characters and there is no easy way to fix this, sorry. See this thread for further information: I know this request is out of scope, but I would really really appreciate it if you could tell me how to change the charset to Unicode. Thank you very much!

The link to phpMyAdmin is somewehere in your hosting backend.

You can find explanations how to do this via Google. Here is a good one: I have an issue with the plugin, the PDF links are not working and simply go to an error page such as the following:. Strange issue. Can you check if the file exists via ftp?

If not, download the plugin, unzip the file and upload the frontened-checklist-pdf.

Yes, W3 Total Cache could be the reason. Try deactivating it. What other plugins do you have installed? You can also drop me a message at https: Try also creating a page with only one PDF-link.

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It could be an issue with multiple links on one page. However, you can wrap the checklist in a div e.

Here is the link to the plugin with the progress bar: I downloaded frontend checklist with progress bar. It works perfectly on the first page and the first checklist. Any thoughts? Is there an easy way for me to achieve this? You can use HTML in your items. Try a strong-tag instead of a b-tag. Many themes are resetting the layout of b-tags these days mine does as well, as you can see in your comment text.

Is there any way to have a checklist that a user completes sent to me as the site owner via email, or perhaps where I can see submitted results in the wordpress dashboard? Thanks Damon. The plugin is not really for sending information to the website owner. However, if you are using the modus without cookies, the status is saved in the usermeta table.

It should be possible to extract and show this information in your dashboard. But you will definitely need some PHP skills to do that. The items are wrapped in normal p-tags. I guess you have some rule in your CSS to remove the margin from p-tags. Just change the CSS to change the layout. Also see this comment for more information how to change only the checklist p-tags: Thank you for all your work in creating this plugin. There is no functionality to allow the user to create a custom title.

Maybe you can hack something together with a form plugin.

Thanks Jonas. One more question: Is there a way to save the output of the checklist in a database so that checklists they have completed are retrievable by them at a later date? Yes, there is. So if the same user logs in on a different computer, he can continue where he left.

When they check boxes, I can go to the same page and see which boxes are checked. Would I be able to do that with this plugin? Hi there, we are using your plugin on our websites and need some extra functionality added to it such as progress bar and some other small things. Are you available to hire?

Kind Regards. You can download it here: If you need further customization, feel free to contact me via my contact form and we can talk that through: Great plugin. Am having an issue with the PDF. When trying to download the PDF it downloads, however all the loads is a blank page. Have tried different lists on both pages and posts etc, but always get the same results. Any help would be appreciated. Are you sure you are providing a valid checklist name in the shortcode?

Is it possible that your server is blocking PHP sesisons? This is exactly what I was looking for!

WordPress File Upload

Thanks for sharing this with us! Would love to stay on your mail list for any updates. I am very grateful, thank you!! I am using this in a Membership site so I am unable to share the page with you, but I will share the website!

Enjoy the plugin and a lot of success with your website. Great plugin! I would like to see progress check todolist by user in wp dashboard. Is there simple way to get this informations?

Frontend Checklist

You find the progress per user in the usermeta table. The progress number works like a bit flag. Kannst du mir helfen? Darf ich dein Plugin im Rahmen dessen vorstellen? Leider geht der Link nicht mehr — gibt es die vielleicht noch irgendwo?


Hey Katja, klar du kannst das Plugin gerne vorstellen. Den Link zum Plugin mit Progressbar habe ich repariert: No error message? Well done and very good work! One question i have — i am trying to nest checkboxes. So for example, within one checkbox, there is a subset of checkboxes. I tried to achieve this by creating a separate checklist and adding the shortcode into a field of the main checklist.

There is no such functionality to nest checkboxes. Thanks so much for this plugin! Does Frontend Checklist do this or am I using the wrong Plugin? The print version is for people who prefer to print out and tick the checklist on paper. It will always display all the boxes and they will all be unchecked.

Frontend Checklist

However, it could be a could base to build the functionality you need. Therefore, I just made a few additions in the code to enable this feature I actually just added an optional parameter to the existing shortcode. How can I send you those changes?

It looks like this plugin is just what I need. However when I entered the shortcode into my page and then preview the page, no check boxes show up. It just looks like regular text. Hi Angela, have you actually created the checklist items in the plugin settings? Did you use any parameters in the shortcode? Try saving the page first, and then previewing it.

If you can insert the shortcode into a published page and send me a link, I can offer to have a quick look at it. Cheers, Jonas. Hi Angela, I had a look at this. The checkboxes are created correctly, but your theme is hiding all checkboxes line of the styles.

Take this out and the checkboxes will appear. Or just take out the statement, since inline is the default. I really love your checklist and the way it saves the checked boxes for later use. Thanks for your answer! This message is pointing out, that the plugin is using a method that will be removed in future version of PHP. November Jo, so in etwa hatte ich mir das auch vorgestellt.

Mal gucken wann ich dazu komme und dann werde ich so etwas einbauen. LG Kyle sagt am November This is by far the best quiz pluggin available. I have been looking for something like this for months. Thank you so much! Kyle sagt am November Is it at all possible to allow users to keep resorting a sorting quiz until they get it right? Right now once you click submit the quiz ends. November Version 0.Added the option to show to administrators additional messages about upload errors.

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Januar um I will drop you a message when I release a new version with that feature. You might want to contact the author of that plugin. Any pointers on how to track the clicks without this redirect would be hugely appreciated.

Du wirst mir Recht geben, dass es sich mit einem Gleichsprachigen, der die Grammatik beherrscht, einfacher ist zu reden. The code has been breaked up into pieces. Here is a good one:

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