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Read "Young Goodman Brown" by Nathaniel Hawthorne available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Young Goodman Brown. Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne - A nocturnal journey with the devil and a strange vision in the forest lead Goodman Brown to regard his fellow. While travelling into the forest on an errand, Young Goodman Brown and his wife happen upon a To read e-books on the BookShout App, download it on.

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Goodman Brown calls to heaven to resist and instantly the scene vanishes. Arriving back at his home in Salem the next morning, Goodman Brown is uncertain whether the previous night's events were real or a dream, but he is deeply shaken, and his belief he lives in a Christian community is distorted.

He loses his faith in his wife, along with all of humanity. He lives his life an embittered and suspicious cynic, wary of everyone around him.

A Study of Settings Appearing in "Young Goodman Brown" by Nathaniel Hawthorne

The story concludes: "And when he had lived long, and was borne to his grave To convey the setting, he used literary techniques such as specific diction, or colloquial expressions. Language of the period is used to enhance the setting.

Hawthorne gives the characters specific names that depict abstract pure and wholesome beliefs, such as "Young Goodman Brown" and "Faith".

The characters' names ultimately serve as a paradox in the conclusion of the story. The inclusion of this technique was to provide a definite contrast and irony.

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Hawthorne aims to critique the ideals of Puritan society and express his disdain for it, thus illustrating the difference between the appearance of those in society and their true identities.

The first part shows Goodman Brown at his home in his village integrated in his society.

The third part shows his return to society and to his home, yet he is so profoundly changed that in rejecting the greeting of his wife Faith, Hawthorne shows Goodman Brown has lost faith and rejected the tenets of his Puritan world during the course of the night. Believing himself to be of the elect, Goodman Brown falls into self-doubt after three months of marriage which to him represents sin and depravity as opposed to salvation.

His journey to the forest is symbolic of Christian "self-exploration" in which doubt immediately supplants faith. At the end of the forest experience he loses his wife Faith, his faith in salvation, and his faith in human goodness.

Years later he wrote, "These stories were published However, there have been many other interpretations of the text including those who believe Hawthorne sympathizes with Puritan beliefs. Author Harold Bloom comments on the variety of explanations; Stephen King has referred to the story as "one of the ten best stories written by an American". He calls it his favorite story by Hawthorne and cites it as an inspiration for his O. Hawthorne in Concord.

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The story is very ambiguous and induces many discussions about what the allegory within the story might imply. In my study I will try to identify the different settings of the story in diverse ways.

The early Puritans who came to New England had a very difficult relationship to their new, wild, and uncultivated environment. Further, it is important to talk about Salem Village, Massachusetts and the witch trials that occurred there.

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In , Salem Village was home to the famous Salem witch trials. This first American ancestor of Nathaniel Hawthorne converted to Puritanism at the age of about twenty-one and with this action introduced the Puritan lifestyle into the Hathorne family.

In , William Hathorne became an assistant magistrate of John Endecott, who was for many years the most fanatical judge in the colony. William himself supported the fanatical religious views of his chief and relentlessly persecuted Quakers in the Massachusetts Bay colony.

He had them arrested, flogged, and banished. He also fined sea captains who transported Quakers to the colony.

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In , William Hathorne was part of a jury that sentenced two Quakers to be hanged. But instead of persecuting Quakers, he specialized in the persecution of witches.

In , three inhabitants of Salem Village located only a few miles from the town of Salem were arrested and charged with witchcraft.

John Hawthorne was one of the two judges who were in charge of questioning the accused.

Eventually, the three accused women were sent to a prison in Boston to await trial for witchcraft. Thus began a hysterical religious fury and Puritan fanaticism that swept through Essex County and led to the famous Salem witch trials.Andrew Lang.

Nathaniel Hawthorne: Elizabeth Barrett Browning. In historical narrations, the setting is already given and an unchangeable part of the story line. A Fairy's Blunder.

Edwin Arlington Robinson. Learn German with Bilingual Books. Works Of Nathaniel Hawthorne: Young goodman brown.

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