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Young Sherlock Holmes Book 5 Ebook

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The first three books in the Young Sherlock Holmes series, Death Cloud, Red Leech and Black Snake Bite: Young Sherlock Holmes 5 ebook by Andrew Lane. Young Sherlock Holmes has 38 entries in the series. Snake Bite. Young Sherlock Holmes (Series). Book 5. Andrew Lane Author (). cover image of Knife. A comprehensive list of Sherlock Holmes books and short stories can be Physical Book · eBook Sherlock Holmes: The Legend Begins (Volume 5) In Fire Storm by Andrew Lane, young Sherlock's friend and her father have vanished.

Andrew Lane writes that his intention with thi Sherlock Holmes is one of the most beloved fictional characters ever created, and the original Arthur Conan Doyle stories remain popular, as do many spin-offs in both books and film for adults and young people.

Andrew Lane writes that his intention with this series is "to find out what Sherlock was like before Arthur Conan Doyle first introduced him to the world. What sort of teenager was he? Where did he go to school, and who were his friends? Where and when did he learn the skills that he displayed later in life — the logical mind, the boxing and sword-fighting, the love of music and of playing the violin?

What did he study at university? When if ever did he travel abroad? What scared him and who, if anyone, did he love? Set in , when our hero is fourteen, our novel opens with Sherlock at boarding school.

But instead of going home for his summer vacation, he finds out from his brother Mycroft that their father has been posted to India, their mother is "unwell," and Sherlock will have to spend the summer with his peculiar aunt and uncle--who he's never even met--in Hampshire. The only bright note seems to be that the food is better than at school. But things won't be boring for long, as Sherlock makes friends with a local boy, Matty, who's been witness to a strange mysterious smoke and a dead body covered in boils.

Has the plague come back? Matty serves as a younger version of Watson in this story, assisting Sherlock with his investigations. Sherlock is also helped by his American tutor and his feisty and independent daughter Virginia, Sherlock is soon involved with fire, kidnapping, espionage, and murder.

Will his powers of deduction help him solve his first murder, while uncovering an evil plot to bring down the British Empire? I should disclose that I have not read any of the original Sherlock Holmes stories, but that may be the case as well with the intended audience for this series, teens and tweens. This new series is not the first about Holmes to be aimed at teen readers, but is the first such series endorsed by the Arthur Conan Doyle estate.

A different series for teens,the award-winning The Boy Sherlock Holmes, by Shane Peacock, was first published in by Canadian publisher Tundra Press and has four volumes to date. I have not read any of the titles in that series but it would be interesting to compare and contrast how both authors imagine Sherlock as a youth.

And then of course we have the acclaimed Enola Holmes mystery series by Nancy Springer, concentrating on Sherlocks' much-younger sister, Enola, a talented detective in her own right.

Books in the Young Sherlock Holmes series

Lane's series offers plenty of action, as well as laying the ground work for Holmes' later powers of deductive reasoning we can see the beginnings of his talents in this book. It's a good entree into the Victorian stories for younger readers, and may get them interested in exploring the originals. May 12, Cassie rated it really liked it. Where do I start? This book was definitely exciting and filled with revelations. I actually bought this book months ago but got to the first page and couldn't bring myself to keep on reading it, so it sat in my book box for a long time.

I felt like reading it one night, though, so I picked it up and I'm really glad I did. Its the first in a series of adventures featuring young Sherlock Holmes and, naturally, with that name comes great expectations of a story that can bring you to the edge of you Where do I start? Its the first in a series of adventures featuring young Sherlock Holmes and, naturally, with that name comes great expectations of a story that can bring you to the edge of your seat and mysteries that make you scratch your head.

I wasn't disappointed. Trouble seemed to find him wherever he went and I was really excited to see how each obstacle he encountered would be handled. It took a lot of that Sherlock thinking and help from his friends.

Young Sherlock Holmes 5: Snake Bite Reader Reviews

Matty Arnatt, a young homeless boy who befriends Sherlock, Amyus Crowe, Sherlock's tutor and the first person to encourage him to question things, and Virginia, Amyus' daughter whom Sherlock has developed a crush on- a crush that he didn't admit to, which sort of upset me. The villains were really good at making me mad because they always seemed to find Sherlock, no matter where he went, even when it wasn't quite possible. I won't spoil anything, but let's just say that I will never, ever look at puppets on strings the same way.

At the end of the book, Sherlock sees the leader of his old enemies that he just finished fighting and he says that he could never rest as long as they were out there.

The next book doesn't pick up where this one leaves off, so I think that's an odd thing to say. I mean, I think it would make more sense if he'd said he could never rest as long as people like that are out there, instead of saying that particular person, so I was a bit confused by that. But maybe they'll meet again in later books. One more thing. The only real part of the book that confused me and sort of irritated me. Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock's older brother, sent Sherlock out to stay with his uncle over break and at his uncle's house, he encounters the cold, rude, and evil housekeeper Mrs.

Now, Mycroft said to Sherlock that she "is no friend of the Holmes family. I thought she would somehow be tied into the grand scheme of evil going on, but I guess not. I guess she was just mean at home and had nothing to do with everything else going on. So, all in all, I really liked this book and once I download the other books I have on my to-read list, I'll probably pick up the next one.

I liked the characters well enough, even though none of them truly grabbed me but I don't usually expect much character development from a relatively short children's book, especially if it's the first of a series.

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I liked Matty, Amyus Crowe was interesting if not exactly unsubtle in the "let's have a character who can mentor young Sherlock and teach him to deduce All The Things, because it never occurred to the boy before someone pointed it out , and Virginia was The fourteen-year-old Sherlock was instantly likeable, which..

Obviously the entire idea of what Sherlock Holmes would have been like as a boy, as a teenager with an interest in pretty girls and a knack for getting himself into trouble, is vastly open to interpretation, and any interpretation will inevitably have both people who feel it fits and people who feel it doesn't.

Based on this first book, I wasn't convinced, but that aside, I liked this boy called Sherlock, I liked his resourcefulness and the way he became determined to solve this mystery he'd stumbled upon, even if it took bending or outright ignoring straight orders from his elders. Frankly, if this had been any other s-London-set-boys-adventure-mystery, I might have given it four stars. I think it'll work very well for the targeted reader group, which, I assume, are mostly pre-teen and younger teen boys but it would certainly work for girls into adventure stories, too.

But because I wasn't convinced by the author's interpretation of young Sherlock, I don't really feel comfortable giving it that extra star.

I love Sherlock Holmes. Then something on the cover caught my eye and reassured me. Sherlock has to go live with his uncle an I love Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock has to go live with his uncle and aunt in the countryside during his school break.

While there, bored out of his mind, Sherlock meets a new friend, Mattie, and together they attempt to solve a mystery concerning strange deaths.

The easiest way for me to explain the awesome behind this evil plot is to ask you to think of the Alex Rider series. This villain is just pure evil and when you finally see him. In order to beat him, Sherlock, Mattie, Amyus, and Virginia must travel around England and France and escape death over and over again.

At the same time, he amazes me with his already budding genius. I desperately want to read the next book, which has already come out. Content Warnings: Possibly mild language Feb 09, Amber rated it it was amazing. Death Cloud. From Dr. Death Cloud follows Sherlock during his summer vacation from boarding school.

With his father sent to India with the Royal Navy and his brother Mycroft working in the busy city of London, Sherlock is shipped off to relatives who he has never met and seldom heard of. Fearing that his summer will be full of tedious boredom, Sherlock is pleasantly surprised when Mycroft engages a tutor, the American Amyus Crowe, who supplements his education in rather unorthodox ways.

Lane gives us one interpretation of how Sherlock developed into the figure we know today. This allows for characters like Mycroft and Amyus Crowe to be role models for the burgeoning detective. By invoking elements of the school story, mystery novels, and the bildungsroman, Lane successfully creates a story that both young adults and older fans of the Sherlock Holmes franchise should enjoy. Mar 28, Julie rated it liked it. I decided to give the actual literature I try.

I'm half way through my second short story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and am enjoying them. Even with that limited exposure to the w I've grown up knowing who Sherlock Holmes was, but most of my knowledge base was from Disney's "The Great Mouse Detective.

Even with that limited exposure to the world of Sherlock Holmes, I had some expectations. And most of them were not met. I found this book rather disappointing. First of all, the mystery surrounding the eponymous 'death cloud' was given away in the dedication at the beginning of the book. There went much of the sleuthing excitement.

But my biggest problem was that I didn't download that the main character was a teenage Sherlock Holmes. He was too Obviously Sherlock had to come by his knowledge somehow, but the Sherlock in this story doesn't even seem interested in study. I had a few quibbles about the contemporary writing style, fantastical adventure, etc. The book is well written and kept my interest.

It just didn't live up to my expectations and I'm not interested In reading more of the series. Oh well. Back to the original source. Aug 22, Jenn rated it it was ok Shelves: Death Cloud is a prequel to Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories.

It is the first book in an developing series that shows the development of Sherlock Holmes. In the first installment, teenage Sherlock is sent to spend a summer with his aunt and uncle in a small town where he uncovers the truth behind two mysterious deaths. He is assisted by his wise American tutor, Amyus Crowe, Crowe's daughter and a homeless boy. Through the course of the novel, Sherlock makes his first friends, escapes death numero Death Cloud is a prequel to Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories.

Through the course of the novel, Sherlock makes his first friends, escapes death numerous times, and saves the British Empire. While I found this book to have lots action, which will appeal to middle school boys, I was bothered by the character. Andy Lane prides himself on the fact that this is the only young adult version of Sherlock Holmes approved by the Holmes Foundation. The problem is Lane's Holmes is nothing like Doyle's. In the novel Sherlock is polite, thoughtful, and not much more intelligent than those around him.

It's just not how I imagined Sherlock Holmes to be as a teenager. I think I would have liked this book fine if Lane had picked another name for his main character. Oct 15, mstan rated it liked it Shelves: The story begins promisingly with Sherlock's brother Mycroft coming to inform him that Sherlock would not be spending his vacation at home, but instead, with his uncle and aunt, whom he had never seen.

And yes, that is young Sherlock Holmes we are talking about, and this is accessible Holmes for young adults, quite easy to read and fast-paced. Adults would find characters like Amyus Crowe, Sherlock's tutor, and Mycroft, his elder brother who seems to be some big shot in an intelligence office in The story begins promisingly with Sherlock's brother Mycroft coming to inform him that Sherlock would not be spending his vacation at home, but instead, with his uncle and aunt, whom he had never seen.

Adults would find characters like Amyus Crowe, Sherlock's tutor, and Mycroft, his elder brother who seems to be some big shot in an intelligence office intriguing, but question the realism of certain plot details, such as Sherlock's suddenly-acquired fighting skills in tight spots wasn't he supposed to be a loner and average Joe at school?

There is some sloppiness in the writing too, like one moment when it was implied that Sherlock had little interest in art, then two pages later, when he was revealed as being only interested in music and art - yet there is no evidence really of his musical inclinations and even though he professes to dislike Math, he actually seems quite good at it.

The mystery is nothing to write Holme stupid pun at 10 in the morning Feb 25, Lynn Worton rated it it was amazing. Sherlock is fourteen years old and he's been sent to stay with his Aunt and Uncle in the country. He meets Matty Arnatt, another fourteen year old and they become friends.

Matty sees something mysterious and this sets the course for Sherlock's new life. As I said in my review of Young Sherlock Holmes: Fire Storm, I just had to get the first three books in this series. This is the first book, and it is just as fantastic as the fourth one! I absolutely love Sherlock Holmes! He thinks fast on his fe Sherlock is fourteen years old and he's been sent to stay with his Aunt and Uncle in the country.

He thinks fast on his feet in a crisis, and manages to keep a cool head. I don't know if I was ever that calm at that age, but I would like to think I was!

Matty is a great character too, and I can easily imagine him running around scrounging for food! I love this series of books! Andrew Lane has created a fantastic adventure for Sherlock to sink his teeth into!

I'm itching to start reading the second book as soon as possible! There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. Young Adult. About Andy Lane. Andy Lane. During , Macmillan Books announced that Lane would be writing a series of books focusing on the early life of Sherlock Holmes.

The series was developed in conjunction with the estate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Lane had already shown an extensive knowledge of the Holmes character and continuity in his Virgin Books novel All-Consuming Fire in which he created The Library of St.

John the Beheaded During , Macmillan Books announced that Lane would be writing a series of books focusing on the early life of Sherlock Holmes.

The third book — Black Ice — was published in June in the UK while the fourth book — Fire Storm — was published originally in hardback in October with a paperback publication in March The fifth book, Snake Bite was published in hardback in October and the sixth book, Knife Edge was published in September Black Ice won the Centurion Book Award.

Early in , Macmillan Children's Books announced that they would be publishing a new series by Lane, beginning in The Lost World books will follow disabled year-old Calum Challenger, who is co-ordinating a search from his London bedroom to find creatures considered so rare that many do not believe they exist.

Calum's intention is to use the creatures' DNA to help protect the species, but also to search for a cure for his own paralysis. His team comprises a computer hacker, a free runner, an ex-marine and a pathological liar. Other books in the series.

Young Sherlock Holmes 8 books. Books by Andy Lane. Trivia About Death Cloud Youn Quotes from Death Cloud. Sherlock was looking slightly upwards, expecting Amyus Crowe to be standing inside the doorway, and for a moment he was confused by the empty space.

His gaze droped, and he felt his heart stutter as it came to rest on the face of a girl at the same level as his own. Her cloths were dark, and in the shadows of the hall her face seemed to be floating in mid-air.

Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Sometimes I get impatient with the "I am an Evil Overlord" speeches.

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A big issue I did have was the pacing. I don't know. It just seemed uneven. I liked the action bits, for the most part, but I wasn't keen on how long it took Sherlock to figure things out. I realize that he's a young kid and he's just in the beginning of his long career as a detective, but I think he could have been a bit brighter in some circumstances.

Happily, there is a good progression in his character over the course of the book.

Yeah, I know it, it's a problem of having too high expectations. Why do I do that to myself? That can burst a bubble or two for a reader.

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Books by Andrew Lane View All. Trending Items in Older Readers. David Walliams, Tony Ross. Andy Griffiths, Terry Denton.These books are amazing highly recommend for any reader. Parcel Weight. It was interesting to see how Sherlock started out and how became the 'consulting detective' we all know and love For now, avoid forcing the issue with mere "lists" of works possessing an arbitrary shared characteristic, such as relating to a particular place.

Sherlock has just moved in to his aunt and uncle's house and was expecting it to be terrible but, contrasting with his opinion, it was not so. Not in Australia? I think I like my fiction a bit more realistic, my characters a bit more dysfunctional and awkward and the writing a bit more crafted.

The next book doesn't pick up where this one leaves off, so I think that's an odd thing to say. Other Editions

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