Remove the Your Windows (Microsoft) Computer has been Blocked Alert

This guide is for a new that pretends to be a PC optimization program called Sweep Clean PC Pro, but actually replaces your desktop with a Window that displays a fake security alert and a Windows product activation screen. The screen will state that Windows is not activated and that you need to enter your product key in order to use it again. As no product key you enter will work, it also includes a phone number that you can call to receive tech support.
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Huge FBI facial recognition database falls short on privacy and accuracy, auditor says

The FBI has fallen short on assessing the privacy risks and accuracy of a huge facial recognition database used by several law enforcement agencies, a government auditor has said.

A new report, released by the U.S. Government Accountability Office Wednesday, shows the FBI's use of facial recognition technology is "far greater" than previously understood, said Senator Al Franken, the Minnesota Democrat who requested the GAO report.

The FBI's Next Generation Identification-Interstate Photo System (NGI-IPS), which allows law enforcement agencies to search a database of more than 30 million photos of 16.9 million people, raises serious privacy concerns, Franken added in a press release.

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Tech Support Scams Information

Tech Support Scams are programs, web sites, or even unsolicited phone calls that try to scare you into calling a remote tech support number so that they can sell you unnecessary services. These scams use scare tactics such as falsely stating that your computer has a virus, that they work for Microsoft or Google and have detected malicious network activity, or that your computer is not properly activated and that you should call a remote tech support number to fix these issues

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Round up: The best free VPN service 2016

Round up: The best free VPN service 2016

The very best free VPN service

The best free VPN

With the eyes of ISPs growing ever more suspicious and government monitoring fast becoming something tangible and terrifying, the 'private' part of Virtual Private Network has never been more important. But hiding your internet traffic inside an encrypted tunnel isn't the only reason you might want to run a free VPN tool on your machine.

Perhaps you want your network traffic to appear to emanate from elsewhere in the world in order to use region-locked services (presuming, of course, you can do so legally). Maybe you're looking to seamlessly access your home network while on the road, or don't trust the security of public Wi-Fi access points. The VPN tag covers a lot of potential uses.

Bear in mind that using a free VPN does come with certain disadvantages, primarily that you'll experience slower internet speed as your traffic is encrypted and routed through the servers of your chosen provider. Free options usually end up throttled compared to their paid-for siblings and might also serve up ads or, in some cases, track your browsing habits to sell on to third parties.


CyberGhost 5 is the best free VPN service

1. CyberGhost 5

The best VPN tool to keep your browsing activity private

CyberGhost is a free VPN that truly has its users' ideals in mind: the company proudly declares that it doesn't track your activity, and publishes a transparency report to back up its claims.

The best VPN software - download CyberGhost freeYou can even use its interface to restrict the amount of information you're passing on to the sites you visit, shutting down tracking cookies, malicious websites, and more. If you want your traffic private and protected, this is our number one choice.

It's also supremely easy to use, with a simple interface which allows you to select the location of your new IP address, and good visual indication of what's going on. That said, CyberGhost does run a reasonably limited number of servers, with selections mainly focused in Europe – at the time of writing, the free version offers no location option for Canada or any servers located in Asia.

Download CyberGhost freeYou're also restricted to three hours per session, with a moderate delay and a few ads before you're able to connect – a small price to pay for privacy.


Download TunnelBear free

2. Tunnelbear

Tunneling made simple - but watch out for the data limit

Tunnelbear is, as its dev crows, 'really really simple' to use. It's probably the most friendly free VPN you'll find, with straightforward apps available for for Windows, MacOS and mobile devices. It's also one of the most well-travelled, with a truly worldwide network of tunnels to connect to, routing your data everywhere from Hong Kong to Norway – only its Australia and India nodes are restricted in the free edition.

Much like CyberGhost, Tunnelbear promises high-end encryption and a complete absence of traffic logging. There's a pretty big kicker: the free version only offers 500MB of data transfer per month, so it's going to be reasonably useless if you're using it as a location-spoofing tool to watch geo-restricted video.

Download TunnelBear freeFor those moments when you're doing light browsing in a coffee shop, though, Tunnelbear's simplicity – and mobile compatibility – may come in very handy as long as you can cope with its slightly twee collection of bear puns.


Download VPNBook free

3. VPNBook

VNPBook is a simple, convenient way to protect your privacy

If you're a confident computer user or want to protect more than just a Windows device, VPNBook is a great option. It doesn't even require any specific software – you just plug the appropriate info into your machine's system settings and you're connected.

It uses your choice of point-to-point-tunneling (PPTP) or OpenVPN to encrypt your traffic and fire it out of one of six servers, three in Europe and three in North America.

Being rough-and-ready, though, VPNBook does have its issues. We can't vouch for the specific encryption used, for a start, and its open nature (and potential for abuse) means it uses a password which changes frequently.

Try VPNBook online freeIf your ISP blocks PPTP connections, you'll need to use OpenVPN's client software – which pretty much nullifies the benefit of its compatibility with phones and games consoles. But for an ad-free, no-nonsense free VPN connection it's a great choice.


Download OpenVPN Server free

4. OpenVPN Server

Setting up your own VPN server is an enterprise-level option

While the OpenVPN team produces a more user-friendly free VPN option in the form of PrivateTunnel – which offers only limited data transfer in its free form – and many of the other options here use OpenVPN tech to get the job done, it's worth putting in the (considerable) effort to install an OpenVPN server on a home machine. You'll need to stump up some cash if you want to make use of more than the two client connections included with the server installation, but this is a proper VPN.

Set up its server properly, connect to it with the OpenVPN client software, and you'll not only encrypt your network traffic but gain access to your home network as if you were connected locally -- all your shares, files and machines at your fingertips.

Try OpenVPN freeMake no mistake, though: building your own OpenVPN server is enterprise-level stuff, certainly not for the faint-hearted given the amount of configuration required, and its absolute overkill for most purposes. But if you're in this for the 'network' side of VPN, look no further.


Download Hotspot Shield Free

5. Hotspot Shield Free

A promising VPN tool, but the ads and toolbars are overbearing

It's been around for a while and has something of a mixed reputation: Hotspot Shield is a cracking free VPN, but suffers some pretty heavy drawbacks that are required to contribute to its upkeep.

However, Hotspot Shield dev Anchorfree has recently made steps to improve its service to free users. While you'll have to put up with a decent number of ads and frequent pleading to upgrade to its Elite version, some of the more insidious aspects – browser toolbars, page-injected advertising – are on the outs.

Download Hotspot Shield FreeWhile it's quick, easy to install and available in a neat Chrome extension version, we still struggle to recommend Hotspot Shield Free fully. There's a 750MB data cap per day, a single USA output locale, and access to many video streaming sites is hidden behind the paid Elite subscription.


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Xbox One keyboard and mouse support teased as PCs and consoles draw closer together

Microsoft’s been teasing eventual keyboard and mouse (KB&M) support for Xbox One gaming since last June when Xbox chief Phil Spencer hinted at it on Twitter. Spencer didn’t say when the feature will roll out, but now we know the feature will roll out relatively soon, though not imminently.

Speaking to PC GamesN at E3, Spencer said keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox One was “likely months away.” Spencer said keyboard support already works in the Xbox’s developer kit modes while mouse support isn’t quite there yet. Spencer added that there’s no exact release date, but “months away” sounds like it will come this year or, at the very latest, early 2017.

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When to choose a password, when to choose a PIN

Chuck asked about the difference between using a PIN or a password. “To me they seem to serve the same purpose.”

Like a password, a Personal Information Number (PIN) allows you to prove that you’re you, so that no one else can access your data. The obvious difference is that a PIN is limited to numerical digits (0-9), while a password can contain numerical digits, upper- and lowercase letters, and punctuation.

But that doesn’t explain the advantages of each.

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Microsoft calls time on new features to ready Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Microsoft calls time on new features to ready Windows 10 Anniversary Update

With the latest preview build to be released for Windows 10 (version 14366), Microsoft has said that it's now fully focusing on ensuring the big Anniversary Update ships on time.

In other words, there will be no new features added to preview builds of the OS for some time, as Redmond's Windows team and testers concentrate on fixing bugs and generally smoothing things out for said major update.

You can expect builds in the near future to simply chuck in a load of fixes and tweaks for better performance.

In a blog post, Microsoft also announced that the 'June Bug Bash' is now underway, the second such event which aims to squash even more bugs as work on the OS intensifies.

Give me a quest

Redmond has gamified the bug hunting process, meaning that over the next few days, Insiders will see a number of 'quests' appearing in the Feedback Hub. Some of these quests will be labelled as advanced affairs, meaning they may require messing with the system configuration and they shouldn't be attempted by more novice testers (as if things go wrong, it may be a task to get your machine running normally again).

Redmond is certainly stressing the importance of user feedback in honing Windows 10, which has been a big theme since the OS was first conceived, and is all part of the drive to make folks forget about Windows 8 (many people felt Microsoft definitely wasn't listening to users when it conceived and implemented this predecessor).

Dona Sarkar, Software Engineer, Windows and Devices Group, who took over from Gabe Aul as Windows Insider chief, commented: "As I've been talking to our engineering team all week, I keep seeing big smiles and lots of excitement as people talk about how awesome it is to include Insiders as part of our team activities because you *are* a part of our team. We're shipping this product together and I again stress how valuable your feedback is."

There were a couple of changes in build 14366, by the way, including implementing the Office Online extension in the Edge browser, and an update to the Windows Store which has streamlined its resource usage and made the store more stable.

The Anniversary Update should arrive at the end of July, most likely on the one-year anniversary of the launch of Windows 10.

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