Surface desktop keyboard discovery hints at inbound Surface all-in-one

Rumors of a Microsoft Surface All-in-One PC have been little more than anonymous reports thus far, but some circumstantial evidence just popped up that suggests a Surface AIO announcement may truly be imminent.

German-language site WinFuture recently found a listing for a Surface Ergonomic Keyboard in the Bluetooth Special Interest Group’s database. The Surface keyboard's presumably a desktop peripheral since ergonomic keyboards usually have large, specialized shapes such as split and curved designs—though Microsoft did create a mobile ergonomic keyboard in 2012. There are no details about the Surface keyboard other than its name, and the fact that it will use Bluetooth v4.2.

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21 essential Windows keyboard shortcuts

Despite notable advancements in speech-recognition technology and voice input, and the popularity of tablets, the humble PC continues to be the workhorse device of choice for many workers around the world. And whether you're an office-bound profess...
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Downloads: Download of the day: IObit Advanced SystemCare

Downloads: Download of the day: IObit Advanced SystemCare

Download of the day: IObit Advanced SystemCare

Over time, you'll notice that your PC no longer runs as quickly as it once did. Files left behind by uninstalled programs, temporary caches, fragmented files, unused software and broken registry entries all accumulate, resulting in slower boot times and sluggish overall performance.

Download IObit Advanced SystemCare freeIObit Advanced SystemCare makes cleaning up your PC and optimizing its performance incredibly straightforward – not only deleting junk, but also managing startup programs and services, and protecting you from malware and spyware.

Why you need it

There are lots of PC cleanup utilities around, but few are as comprehensive as IObit Advanced SystemCare. Its Clean & Optimize tool is the quickest way to improve your PC's performance; simply select which common junk files and errors to search for (including spyware, disk errors, tracking cookies and browser history) and click 'Scan'.

You can also let IObit Advanced SystemCare fix any problems it finds automatically – just go and make yourself a cup of tea and come back in a couple of minutes to a cleaner, faster PC. More advanced users can customize their scan using a comprehensive settings menu, and decide for themselves what happens to detected junk, errors and vulnerabilities.

Once you've cleaned your PC, move to IObit Advanced SystemCare's Speed Up tab to optimize its performance. Here you can disable unnecessary processes and services to conserve RAM and make other adjustments like removing font formatting from desktop icons. It's a case of marginal gains – small changes that add up to make a noticeable difference. There's also a quick program uninstaller that removes unwanted software, then scans for leftover temporary files and registry entries that can be erased, and a tool for removing browser extensions.

The premium Advanced SystemCare Pro offers some bonus features, including real-time protection, but the free edition is superb. Download it now and see what a difference it makes.

Key features

  • Deletes junk files
  • Fixes registry entries
  • Corrects software vulnerabilities
  • Manages startup processes
  • Uninstalls unwanted programs, toolbars and browser extensions

Works on

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10


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Here’s why the government wants to investigate price comparison websites

Here's why the government wants to investigate price comparison websites

A government watchdog has launched an investigation into price comparison websites and apps, in an effort to pin down how well they serve both consumers and businesses, and also to potentially make it clearer how these services earn their cash.

The Competition and Markets Authority (or CMA – the organisation was formed from a merger of the Office of Fair Trading and Competition Commission a few years back) is planning a major review across all industries including the likes of utilities, car and home insurance, broadband, flights and banking.

The idea is to explore what consumers and businesses expect from such comparison services, and how the user experience can be improved, along with considering why some industries have seen more successful efforts in this arena than others.

And the CMA also intends to address thornier issues such as the impact that price comparison sites have on their listed suppliers, and whether arrangements between the sites and suppliers could somehow restrict competition.

Money, money, money...

Furthermore, there are also some concerns over levels of transparency, and the government watchdog intends to mull over whether users should be made more aware of how price comparison services make their money. On a broader level, trust is an issue, as well.

As Andrea Coscelli, CMA Acting Chief Executive, commented: "Digital comparison tools have played a big part in changing markets for the better, bringing new ways of doing things and forcing businesses to up their game … [but] some people have also raised concerns about certain issues, including whether consumers can trust the information that's available, and the study will look at these issues."

The CMA wants to hear views from any interested parties at this stage, with the deadline for submissions being set at October 24. That material will then be considered and the watchdog will subsequently publish a report on its findings inside the next year – which could well come with recommendations for changes to the price comparison industry.

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Don’t Google these celebrities unless you love wrestling with anti-virus software

Don't Google these celebrities unless you love wrestling with anti-virus software

She may be one of the funniest comics on the circuit at the moment, but it's no laughing matter if you Google Amy Schumer at the moment. She's just been singled out by Intel and McAfee as the celebrity whose related search results are most likely to land you with a nasty dose of malware.

As Intel points out, nefarious hackers and web ne'er do-wells love to tap into the public's thirst for salacious celebrity gossip, making honey-trap sites intended to lure in naive web surfers before hitting them with viruses and phishing scams.

Schumer was joined in the top ten most-dangerous celebrity search targets by Justin Bieber, Carson Daly, Will Smith, Rhianna, Miley Cyrus, Chris Hardwick, Danieth Tosh, Selena Gomez and Kesha.

Safe surfing

"With [a] craving for real-time information, many [web users] search and click without considering potential security risks," said Gary Davis, chief consumer security evangelist at Intel Security.

"Cybercriminals know this and take advantage of this behavior by attempting to lead them to unsafe sites loaded with malware. As a result, consumers need to understand what precautions to take to enable safe online experiences."

To give you a sense of the scale of the threat, a search for "Amy Schumer Torrent" was found to have a 33% chance of returning a malicious website, according to the security experts.

The advice remains simple - think before you click, stick to only trusted websites, use two-factor authentication on your devices if possible, and remember that the peer-to-peer nature of torrents leaves the file format open to abuse.

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