When Windows 10 thumbnails seem to be missing or slow to load, try this

David upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 only to find his thumbnail cache was constantly being deleted.

If you’re always opening folders with new content in them, you generally expect Windows to take a bit of time to generate thumbnail previews for each folder because it’s looking at them for the first time.

Windows 10 thumbnail cache

The location of your thumbnail cache. 

When you’re opening up folders you’ve previously opened, Windows should be able to display the thumbnail icons very quickly, as it stores the images it uses on your hard drive.

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SAP Hana storage 101

If you're starting down the road towards SAP Hana in-memory analytics you'll need to understand its storage requirements. Here are some basics to get you started
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Most businesses are preparing to upgrade to Windows 10

Most businesses are preparing to upgrade to Windows 10

A new piece of research has revealed that the majority of businesses are planning to migrate over to Windows 10 inside the next year, even if they aren't planning to do so in the near-term, with the Anniversary Update (which lands tomorrow) apparently not proving much of an incentive.

The survey of over 300 IT pros conducted by Adaptiva – which took in different sized companies from SMBs to enterprises – found that 64% of respondents said their firm would be upgrading to Windows 10 within the next year.

But tomorrow's Anniversary Update left most of those surveyed on unmoved, with the vast majority – 76% – saying that the update isn't increasing their sense of urgency to get on with a Windows 10 upgrade.

So 24% feel that it is a motivating factor, a relatively small number of course, although the figure was slightly higher when it came to enterprises with over 10,000 staff members at 30%.

Security first

And the reason most companies want to upgrade to Microsoft's newest OS? That would be the added security features, because as we've seen earlier today, Redmond is making plenty of moves to ensure that Windows 10 is the most secure desktop operating system the company has ever made.

And that's doubly true for the business world, when it comes to features like Device Guard and data protection.

Jim Souders, chief operating officer at Adaptiva, commented: "These survey results show that the anticipated surge in enterprise Windows 10 adoption is definitely on the horizon, and some organizations are expediting plans in light of the anniversary release."

For those businesses holding out against upgrading to Windows 10, the top reason for doing so – cited by 68% – was unsurprisingly legacy apps, and the fact that they may not be compatible with the new OS. 62% said time constraints were the biggest barrier to an upgrade.

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Microsoft’s Windows Ink will soon do your math homework for you

Microsoft’s new inking technology within Windows 10’s Anniversary Update, Windows Ink, has just begun to recognize what you write. Its next chapter? Equations.

Shortly before reviews of Windows 10’s Anniversary Update hit on Monday, Microsoft showed off a rather sophisticated update to OneNote: Microsoft’s note-taking app was able to interpret mathematical equations entered using Windows Ink and also solve them—and show its work. Microsoft will begin providing this technology to consumers in the coming months, the company said.

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