How to remove Triangulum Ads (Removal Guide)

Triangulum is an adware infection that displays advertisements into web sites that you are browsing. When it injects these advertisements it will do so in a way that makes the web site almost unusuable. The ads will overlay the content on the page and when you click on a link, it will just open a pop-up to another advertisement. This causes web browsers to become slow, freeze, and almost impossible to browse the web.
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How to remove Giolmujiwecder Ads (Removal Guide)

Giolmujiwecder is an adware program that injects advertisements into web sites that you are visiting. These advertisements will be shown in such a way that they overlay the content of the site and make the site you are viewing almost unreadable. Furthremore, when Giolmujiwecder is installed it will cause your browsers to become horribly slow, pop-up windows will be constantly opened, and it will become almost impossible to properly browse the web.
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Microsoft is killing Project Spark, its ambitious cross-platform creation game

We saw it coming last fall, and now the reality is here: Project Spark is dead. Microsoft removed its game-creation platform from the Windows Store and the Xbox Marketplace on Friday.

Project Spark, which lets users create games with no coding experience necessary, went into “maintenance mode” in September. At that time, Microsoft stopped active development of the platform but continued to operate it as “a free incubation engine.” The company unlocked all previously paid downloadable content—character packs, themes, etc.—and continued to operate the online services for the platform. That will all end soon.

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Remove the Fake Windows Product Key 844-459-8882 Scam

This guide is for a new Rogue.Tech-Support that displays a fake Windows Product Key verification prompt instead of your normal Windows desktop. This prompt will state that malicious software was detected and that you need to reenter your product key in order to verify you have a licensed copy of Windows. In this screen will also be buttons that open the TeamViewer, Supremo, and Logmein sites as well as a button called CMD that opens the command prompt. Last, but not least, the screen will display the phone number 1-844-459-8882, which is for a remote tech support company that will state they are Microsoft and try to sell you unecessary support services.
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