The Metro Ethernet Networks provide connectivity services across Metro Overview”, Introduction. This white paper provides a comprehensive technical overview of Ethernet services, based on the work (as of. April ) of the Metro Ethernet. The definitive guide to Enterprise and Carrier Metro Ethernet applications. Metro Ethernet from Cisco Press looks at the deployment of metro.

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Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential. 1. Metro Ethernet and. Ethernet OAM. Santanu Dasgupta ([email protected]). Overview of the Metro Ethernet Solutions. Service providers use Metro Ethernet to provide Layer 2 Ethernet connections between customer sites in metro area. Some figures and text are provided courtesy of the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) The Metro Ethernet Networks provide connectivity services across Metro.

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Ethernet is a fairly simple protocol which has scaled to hundreds of thousands of times faster speeds and consistently been able to adapt to meet the needs and demands of new markets. For example, time domain capabilities are being added to IEEE Customer LAN networks are increasingly connected to wide-area telecommunications networks over Ethernet interfaces or to devices that bridge digital subscriber line DSL or wireless to these.

Draft License Agreement Water ATM package-1

Moreover, customers are familiar with the capabilities of Ethernet networks, and would like to extend these capabilities to multi-site networks. Meanwhile, the needs of such networks have expanded to include many services previously handled only on the LAN or by specialized connections, notably video and backup. It is not practical to expand most small networks beyond 1G or at most 2G dual teaming gigabit capacity per segment, since the bottleneck remains in the wide area links to other offices and online services.

They are also constrained as services cannot be migrated from local to wide area services too fast lest they exceed the total provisioning available and result in unacceptable quality. Services that try to expand too fast lose money while those that wait too long lose customers. Accordingly, carriers must expand their services conservatively and pay close attention to Quality of Service QoS.

The MEF was formed in in order to develop ubiquitous business services for Enterprise users principally accessed over optical metropolitan networks in order to connect their Enterprise LANs. The principal concept was to bring the simplicity and cost model of Ethernet to the wide area network.

The success of Metro Ethernet Services caught the imagination of the world when the concept expanded to include worldwide services traversing national and global networks: To create a market in Ethernet services, it is necessary to clarify and standardise the services to be provided.

Recognising this, the industry created the MEF. This played a key role in defining:.

All these services provide standard definitions of such characteristics as bandwidth, resilience and service multiplexing, allowing customers to compare service offerings and facilitating service level agreements SLAs. Analogous definitions for wireless networks are defined in IEEE The services are categorized as an E-Line service type, with an expectation of low frame delay , frame delay variation and frame loss ratio.

The MEF does not specify how Ethernet services are to be provided in a carrier network. Despite the advantages described above, Ethernet has traditionally had a number of limitations in the WAN application. The "bridge" and "spanning tree" concepts described above do not scale to large international networks.

Moreover, Ethernet has lacked some of the dependability features necessary in this application in particular, mechanisms to isolate one customer's traffic from another, to measure performance of a customer service instance, and to rapidly detect and repair failures in large networks.

Two types of technology have been widely used, while a third Carrier-Ethernet transport is rapidly emerging as a viable and logical option for Carrier-Ethernet services.

It makes use of a number of basic transport protocols, including SDH and increasingly Ethernet. Ethernet's ubiquitous presence in the LANs worldwide drives down the cost of Ethernet as a technology. Thus, the use of Ethernet in a metro network allows service providers to take advantage of volumes that a much larger enterprise segment commands.

ENNIs at 1 to 10 Gbps. Forwarding not based on VLANs. Forwarding based on VLAN tag. Outgoing data rate Per UNI.

Color Mode CM: IEEE Measure throughput and latency Connectivity Fault Management: Locates fault. Metro Ethernet Use Cases 2. How to keep them separate?

March 10 Number of MAC addresses passing through backbone bridges is too large for all core bridge to remember Broadcast and flooded unknown address frames give unwanted traffic and security issues Solution: I-Tag not used in the core.

No MAC address learning.

No change. Louis Scheduling.

Metro Ethernet.pdf

Remarking Subscriber Shaping http: Marking Washington University in St. Only remarking. Louis Value 88A8 88C7 http: Bonafede Washington University in St. Carrier networks are moving away from voice oriented networks SDH.

Summary 1. Carrier Ethernet. Flag for inappropriate content.

An effective Caching on Forwarding Table Scheme for Metro Ethernet

Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Danforth Campus 1.Generic E-Tree Service Please review these documents carefully, as they describe your rights and restrictions with respect to this document.

Frequently Asked Question A. Security Considerations Louis Value 88A8 88C7 http: This is achieved by connecting customer premises equipment CPE to the network with provider-owned demarcation devices that are deployed at customer locations, thereby enabling a clear separation between the user and provider networks.

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