scaricare Inside Out Nick Mason EBook gratuito. PDF/EPUB/mobi, In qualità di unico membro ad aver fatto parte della band per 50 anni di esistenza, questa è la . Index of /Backups/Ebooks/Nick Mason - Inside Out A Personal History of Pink Floyd (ePub mobi). Name Last modified Size Description. Inside Out: A Personal History of Pink Floyd is Nick Mason's personal memoir of Pink Floyd, published on 7 October , in the United.

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Inside Out: A Personal History of Pink Floyd by Nick Mason (6-Oct) Paperback by Nick Mason PDF, ePub eBook D0wnl0ad. From reader. Is there anywhere I can read Nick Mason's book online? I've searched around a bit and have had no luck finding an ebook or anything of that. Download this most popular ebook and read the Inside Out Mason Nick ebook. You will not find this ebook anywhere online. Look at any books.

He didn't see it then, but he'd look back on that day and mark those first free steps through the gate, after five years and twenty-eight days inside. Nobody was standing over him, nobody was watching him, nobody was telling him where to go and when. He could have walked anywhere in that moment. Pick any direction and go. But the black Escalade was waiting for him, and as soon as he took those thirty steps and opened the passenger's-side door, his freedom was gone again.

Mason had effectively signed a contract. When most men do that, they know what's expected of them. They get to read the terms, understand what the job's going to be, know exactly what they'll be expected to do. But Mason didn't get to read anything, because this contract wasn't on paper at all, and instead of actually signing anything, he simply gave his word, with no idea what would come next. It was late afternoon, the heart of the day spent on processing and changeout.

Typical prison operations, hurry up and wait, the screws dragging their feet all the way to the end.


There were two other inmates with him, both anxious to get outside. One of the men he'd never seen before. Not unusual in a prison with so many separate units.

The second man was vaguely familiar. Someone from his original unit, before he made his move. You don't talk about the length of your sentence with most men in this place, but there's no need to keep it a big secret, either.

This man had obviously figured Mason for a longtimer. Or maybe he'd heard it from someone else. Mason didn't care. He shrugged the man off without another word and went back to his final-release forms.

When Mason was done with those, the clerk slid a plastic tray across the counter with the clothes he'd been wearing the day he processed in. It felt like a lifetime ago.

He'd arrived here in this same room and been told to put his clothes in the tray. The black jeans and the white button-down shirt. Now, it felt strange to be taking off the khaki, like the color was a part of him.

But the old clothes still fit. All three men walked out together. The concrete walls, the steel doors, the two rows of chain-link fence topped with razor wire-all left behind as they stepped out onto the hot pavement and waited for the gate to grind open. There were two families waiting there.

Two wives, five kids, all of them looking like they'd been standing there for hours. The kids held handmade signs with multicolored letters, welcoming their fathers home. There was no family waiting for Nick Mason. No signs. He stood there blinking for a few seconds, feeling the hot Indiana sun on the back of his neck.

He was clean-shaven and fair-skinned, a little over six feet tall. His body was taut with muscle but lean like a middleweight.

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An old scar ran the length of his right eyebrow. He saw the black Escalade, idling near the sidewalk. The vehicle didn't move, so he walked down to it. The windows were tinted. He couldn't see who was inside until he opened the front passenger's-side door. Once he did, he saw that the driver was Hispanic, with dark sunglasses covering his eyes. One arm draped over the steering wheel, the other at rest on the gearshift. He wore a simple white T-shirt with the sleeves cut off, jeans and work boots, one thin gold chain around his neck.

Dark hair pulled back and tied with a black band, and as Mason's eyes adjusted, he saw the gray threading through the man's hair and the lines on the man's face. He was at least ten years older than Mason, maybe a few more. But he was rock-solid. His arms were tattooed all the way down both arms to his fingers, and he had three rings in his right ear.

Mason couldn't see the other ear because the man did not turn to him. A statement, not a question. Rule number one: Never work with strangers. Strangers put you in prison or they put you in the ground. A stranger already put me in the first. I don't need another stranger to put me in the other. Today, Mason didn't have a choice. He got in and closed the door.

The man still hadn't turned to face him. He put the vehicle in gear and accelerated smoothly out of the prison parking lot. Mason scanned the vehicle. The interior was clean. The leather seats, the carpet, the windows. He had to give the man credit for that much. The vehicle looked like it had just rolled out of the showroom.

He gave the man's tattoos another look. No prison ink here. No spiderwebs. No clocks without hands. This man had spent a lot of time and money in the chair of a real pro, even if some of the color had faded over time. There was an Aztec lattice going all the way up the right arm, with a snake, a jaguar, a headstone, and some Spanish words meaning God knows what.

Another rule broken, Nick thought. Rule number nine: Never work with gang members. They've sworn a blood oath of loyalty. But not to you. An hour of silence passed. The driver hadn't offered so much as a sideways glance. Mason couldn't help but wonder what would happen if he turned on the radio. Or actually said something out loud.

Are you sure?

Something made him stay silent. Rule number three: When in doubt, keep your mouth shut.

After driving past every exit on US 41, they finally pulled off. For an instant, Mason wondered if this whole thing had been a setup. It was an unavoidable prison reflex, to be ready for the worst at any moment. Two hours away from the prison, somewhere in the middle of western Indiana, the driver could pull off on the most abandoned exit he could find, drive a few miles into the farmland, and then put a bullet in the passenger's head.

Leave his body right there in the ditch beside the road. You wouldn't go to that much trouble to do something that could have been done already, on any given day standing around the prison yard, but Mason could still feel his body tensing as the vehicle slowed down. Not Dead Yet.

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Index of /Backups/Ebooks/Nick Mason - Inside Out A Personal History of Pink Floyd (ePub mobi)

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Inside Out: A Personal History of Pink Floyd by Nick Mason (6-Oct) Paperback by Nick Mason

Roger Daltrey. Mile The Living Years. Mike Rutherford.

Animal Farm. George Orwell. The Lord of the Rings. Pink Floyd - Uncensored On the Record. The Outsider. Paul Simon. Robert Hilburn. Camino Island.Tony Sanchez. As the only member to have been part of the band throughout the 50 years of its existence, and the first to write a personal take on their history, Nick Mason gives unique insights into Pink Floyd's highs and lows: from their emergence in the late s underground, to the huge worldwide success of The Dark Side of the Moon and the rifts and pressures that developed within the group.

We appreciate your feedback. Whenever that may be. Fortunate Son. Burt Reynolds. But the black Escalade was waiting for him, and as soon as he took those thirty steps and opened the passenger's-side door, his freedom was gone again. Levon Helm. Jo Wood.

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