Pest Analysis of Pakistan Telecommunication Industry - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx) or read online for free. Pest analysis of Telecom Industry - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) Pest Analysis of Pakistan Telecommunication Industry. Pest analysis A pest analysis is the analysis of external macro- environment that affects the firms. P.E.S. T is factors. Many macro- environment factors are country-specific and a PEST analysis will need to Download

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PEST analysis (PDF Download Available) 13/3/18, 4(21 pm Search for publications, researchers, or questions or Discover by subject Joinarea for free Log in. This is a research report on Pest Analysis of Pakistan telecommunication Industry uploaded by Shoaib Tasleem in category: All Documents. Free Essay: but will also generate new revenue streams for future growth. The company also continued to invest in infrastructure development.

Social trends dictate work Changes in economic factors will affect patterns and attitudes, consumer tastes and different industries in different ways. Figure 4 between the economic performances of different provides a list of examples of social factors, which countries.

Today, air Greece, Ireland, Portugal, and Spain being travel has become a commodity openly acces- the main victims.

The domino effect has also sible to all social classes. Ryanair has challenged left its marks on other countries. Increased health consciousness Some industries also exhibit positive corre- of customers across the developed world has lations in performance between each other and created a market for healthy food.

For example, a decline in the tourist hand, provided employers with a healthier industry would typically have an immediate pipeline of potential employees; however, impact on the entertainment industry and a they now also have a pool of more demanding long-term impact on the construction industry.

Firms have restruc- advantage is short-lived. Technological break- tured their business model from a product throughs can either spell the demise of some orientation to a consumer orientation. Indeed, industries or create opportunities for new ones.


The proliferation of the Internet and e- Insurance companies are developing seg- commerce has done away with many inter- mented products for the busy professional, mediaries. This has been referred to as disin- for the small business owner, and for families. In the travel industry, consumers Banks have customized products for students, have become their own travel agents. They plan employees, self-employed, and the high net and book their travel online, using business-to- worth individuals.

Moreover, many retailers have of the economy. Most developed countries are found an increased intensity in competition as facing the challenges of an ageing population as they are facing rivalry from online stores.

On baby boomers are now 60 years of age and over. This is referred for medicines, healthcare, and support services to as re-intermediation.

Pest Analysis PTCL

Examples of new forms and lowers demand for products associated with of intermediaries include site, site, and the younger generation such as education. The Expedia to name just a few. The opinions provide added value of government, which would in turn have an in the supply chain. Technological factors.

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The rapid pace of tech- In some cases, a new technology has nological change is driven through innovation, completely replaced an old one, sending its which is in turn created through entrepreneurs demand in free fall toward its demise. In other who seek to push the boundaries of present cases, technologies wage wars against each other limitations.

As new frontiers are broken, tech- in an effort to become the recognized standard. Factors internet retailing examples Innovations in pricing e.

It has to be although iPad is the current standard for tablets constantly updated on any technological devel- and currently under threat from Samsung. However, it is not intended to constrain the 2. There are clear inter- competitive position of each factor.

Categorization of each factor into opportu- the framework. Prioritization of the strategic importance of income of consumers. On the other hand, the each set of PEST opportunities and threats. Development of strategic action to correct Moreover, a growing environmental awareness or preempt negative effects and build on from citizens is likely to push governments to positive effects.

Examples of tangible of the industry and which are likely to change resources are raw materials, premises, in the foreseeable future should be included. Examples of Heinemann, Oxford. Capabilities are bell, J. Intangible resources tend to be the main source of inimitable strategic capabilities.

The internal analysis identiSes resources, capabilities, core competencies and competitive advantages, using a functional approach to review Snance, management, infrastructure, procurement, production, distribution, marketing, reputational factors and The process of evaluation is concerned with assessment of the external and internal environments. Planning involves developing business models, corporate direction, competitive tactics, international strategy, acquisitions, and collaborative action By Telenor was ranked 2 nd after Mobilink in term of Subscribers.

This case study revolves around the idea how to diversify its business in Pakistan.

They have exercise evaluating there strength against market opportunities. This case study gives the understanding of what are the difficulties faced by the people in processing this idea.

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To implement this strategy telenor need some sort of Financial Model that can support there idea of Mobile Banking. For that they have started meeting with various banks, finally they came across one bank with the same strategy, that is Tameer Microfinance Bank TMFB. In this system bank will provide the Financial service management at the back end as ell as manage the cash distribution network. Bank where the back end customer account is maintain are not liable to maintain any record. In this model, bank partnerships with a specific telco who have received no objection certificate from Central Bank.

The telco and partnership bank would maintain parallel distribution system and medium to transit.

Bank-Led Model : Keeping control of account within banks. One-to-One Model : Based on partnership based model. Telenor covers a total of coverage area in more than cities, towns and highways throughout Pakistan. Being a multi-national company telenor has got good fund backing.

Weaknesses : Telenor has low market share as compare to Mobilink and Ufone. Less network coverage as compare to Mobilink. Market size is the biggest ever opportunity in Pakistani telecom sector. Inefficiency and poor network service of other networks. Threats : Unstable political Conditions. New companies entrance in the telecommunication market. Telenor Group has previously launched Mobile banking models in the past through its Asian Associates.That create misunderstanding and create threat about the particular package.

On baby boomers are now 60 years of age and over. Figure 4 between the economic performances of different provides a list of examples of social factors, which countries. Technological Analysis The rate of technological change is important within the telecommunication industry. A PEST analysis is part of the external analysis that is carried out when doing market research, and gives an idea of the macroenvironmental factors that a company needs to keep in consideration.

Telenor is taking initiative in this regard. Conclusion: The number of macro-environmental factors is virtually unlimited. Investment Companies have technology with which they can compete in Pakistan and now companies are investing in their infrastructure to not only expand but also to upgrade their existing structure. PEST analysis works best when the environmental factors are analyzed from the perspective of the Srm's resources, capabilities, and core competences.

By becoming partners in innovation, we are ready to shape a future that offers telecom services that bring us closer.

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