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If you do, then how much time do you devote to it? Concentration is not different: Even ten minutes a day will do you good. I am now going to give you some simple exercises to perform. Start with ten minutes each day, if you can manage fifteen minutes that is better. You have to understand that the mind does not like any discipline.

It loves its freedom more than anything else, and will try to stand in your way whenever and however it can. It will cause you to forget to do the exercises, make you feel lazy, and tempt you to postpone the exercises. It will find many tricks to stop and disturb you, but you can and must be stronger.

Always remember that the choice is yours: It may be hard to accept the idea that the mind is only some kind of a machine and that you are not the mind. It is an instrument, which has its value if used correctly, but at the present, man is ruled by this instrument. You are not the mind and its thoughts; they are just some kind of power that you are using.

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By mental exercises it is possible to train the mind and master it. It should be put it in its proper place, as a servant to you not as your boss and master. Most people believe that the mind is themselves or part of them, and they believe erroneously, that controlling the mind means holding themselves back and denying freedom.

They feel that it is not natural, that it is some sort of repression. These beliefs are wrong. What you are doing is putting the mind in its proper place. It is a power that is ruling your life, not always to your own good. The time has come for you to reclaim your birthright as a master of the mind. The proof that we are not the mind comes with training.

Accept it in theory and in time, as your control over your thoughts grows, you will see it as a fact. Remember, you are not the mind, and this is the reason that it is possible to control it. We are controlling some kind of power, not ourselves. Choose to be free. Real freedom is freedom from the obsession of thoughts. Why be a slave to the mind? Why obey its every whim? Why let it rule your life and make you say and do things you do not want to?

Be free and strong, it is possible and it is worthwhile. Preliminaries Before Performing Concentration Exercises When starting to learn to concentrate you have to find a place where you can be alone and undisturbed. You can sit crossed legged on the floor if you can, or on a chair. Sit with spine erect. Take a few calm deep breaths and then relax your body. In your mind go through each muscle and part of the body and relax it.

I will now give you some exercises to practice. Start with the first exercise, and practice it daily, until you are able to do it easily and without thinking about anything else for at least five "clean" minutes. You have to be honest with yourself, and proceed to the next one only after you are convinced that the exercise is practiced with full concentration. No timetable can be given, as this may be frustrating. If for example I tell you that an exercise has to completed in a week, two things may happen.

You may get disappointed if you cannot get the desired concentration within a week, or you may move on without practicing the exercise correctly. Practicing an exercise successfully is an individual matter.

It may take days, weeks and sometimes even months. Put your whole attention into the exercises.

Do not think about anything else. Be careful not to fall asleep, daydream or think about other matters. The moment you find yourself thinking about something else, stop the exercise and start again. When you become proficient, lengthen the time, and if possible, include another session in the afternoon. Do not attempt too much at the start.

You may think the exercises are too simple and easy and try to perform them all at once. Go slowly, do not overdo or tense you brain. Try to reach perfection. If you find it too difficult, or thoughts distract you and make you think about other matters, don't despair.

Everyone encounters difficulties along the way. The successful ones are those who go on and never give up. If you persist in spite of difficulties and disturbances, success will crown your efforts. Remember, even those with powerful concentration had to exercise. It does not matter if your concentration is weak, it can be strengthened. You need not be some special person to be able to do that. But each will reach a different level of concentration.

Some will have a stronger power, others not so strong. It all depends on how much time, energy and earnestness you put into the project. I repeat what I wrote earlier, even ten minutes a day will add to your power.

In time you will find out that you can concentrate anywhere, anytime, no matter what your circumstances are. Do you understand what does it mean? To be able to concentrate, think and function under the most trying circumstances, staying calm, relaxed and collected. The reward is worth the effort a thousand fold.

Now to the exercises. Some of them may be familiar to you. Some may seem too easy to perform.

Some were taken from various sources and some created by me. When your concentration and knowledge about concentration increases you will be able to create new exercises by yourself.

For full benefit, it is advisable that you practice each exercise for one more week, after you are convinced that you are practicing it correctly and with full attention. Concentration exercises Exercise 1 Take a book and count the words in any one paragraph. Count them again to be sure that you have counted them correctly. Start with one paragraph and when it becomes easier, count the words in a whole page.

Perform the counting mentally and only with your eyes, without pointing you finger at each word. Exercise 2 Count backwards in your mind from one hundred to one. Exercise 3 Count in your mind from one hundred to one, skipping each three numbers, that is , 97, 94, etc. Exercise 4 Choose an inspiring word, or just a simple sound, and repeat it silently in your mind for five minutes.

When your mind can concentrate more easily, try to reach ten minutes of uninterrupted concentration. Exercise 5 Take a fruit, an apple for example, and look at it from all sides. Concentrate your attention on it and examine it from all sides. Devote the whole session to concentrating on it. Do not be carried away by irrelevant thoughts that arise. Stay with the apple.

It could be any other fruit. Look at it and do not think about the shop were you bought it, about the way it is grown, its nutritive value etc, only about the object in front of you. Just look at it, see it, smell it and touch it. Exercise 6 This is the same as exercise number 5, only that this time you visualize the fruit with your eyes closed. Start by performing again exercise number 5 for five minutes, and then do this one. Try to see, feel, taste, smell the fruit in you imagination.

Try to see a clear and well defined image. If difficulties arise open your eyes, look at the fruit, close them again and continue the exercise. Exercise 7 Take a small simple object such as a spoon, a fork, or a glass. Concentrate on one of these objects. Watch the object from all sides without any verbalization, that is, with no words in your mind.

Just watch the object without thinking with words about it. Exercise 8 After becoming proficient in the above exercises, you can come to this exercise. Draw a small geometrical figure, about three inches in size, such as a triangle, a rectangular or a circle, paint it with any color you wish, and concentrate on it.

You should see only the figure, nothing else. Only the figure exists for you now, with no unrelated thoughts or any distractions. Try not to think with words during the exercise. Watch the figure in front of you and that's it.

Try not to strain your eyes. Exercise 9 The same as number 8, only this time visualize the figure with the eyes closed. As before, if you forget how the figure looks like, open your eyes for a few seconds and watch the figure and then close your eyes and continue with the exercise.

Exercise 10 The same as above in number 9 but the eyes open. Exercise 11 Try for at least five minutes, to stay without thoughts. This exercise is to be attempted only after all the previous ones have been performed successfully. The previous exercises, if practiced correctly, will endow you with the ability to impose silence on your thoughts. In time it will become easier and easier. The more time you devote to the exercises the faster your success arrives. Go on gradually; ten minutes at the start and in time as you gain the ability to concentrate, give it more time.

When you see that you are successful, you will begin to love the exercises, and in time they will become a habit. You will be able to concentrate your attention easily and effortlessly upon anything you want to concentrate on. Are you jogging, exercising at the gym or studying a foreign language? How difficult it was in the start? How many times you wanted to quit? Yet, after a while you started to like what you were doing.

It became a habit, needing no effort to perform. So it is with developing the power of concentration. After some of time you will start to feel differently.

It will be easier to concentrate. Your mind will be calm and relaxed and you will radiate peace into your surroundings. Things, circumstances and events that used to agitate and anger you, will not influence your inner calmness.

You will experiment happiness, content and satisfaction, self-confidence and inner strength. You will be able to cope more easily and efficiently with the outer world.

You will feel a new form of consciousness growing in you, bringing you peace of mind. It may come every now and then for a brief moment, but in time it will grow and fill you completely. You will be able to make the mind work for you when you need its services, in a most efficient way. You will be able to silence it when its services are not needed. I assure you, from personal experience, that the attitude to life and the reactions to events change after starting to practice concentration.

It is some kind of automatic and gradual process. You come to know many things about the mind and how it functions, and you learn to deal with it efficiently. Will Power and Self-Discipline By Remez Sasson Sometimes you wish to go for a walk, knowing how good it is for your health and how wonderful you feel afterwards, yet, you feel too lazy and prefer to watch TV instead. You may be aware of the fact that you need to change your eating habits or stop smoking, yet, you do not have the inner power and persistence to change these habits.

Does this sound familiar? How many times have you told yourself, "I wish I had will power"? How many times have you started some new activity and quitted after a while?

We all have had experiences like these. Everyone possesses some habits or addictions he wishes he could overcome, such as smoking, excessive eating, laziness, procrastination or lack of assertiveness.

Developed will power and self-discipline bestow the inner strength to overcome any negative habit. They make a great difference in your life. They can make you a winner in whatever you do. What are Will Power and Self Discipline? Will power is the ability to control inner unnecessary and harmful impulses. It is the ability to overcome laziness and procrastination. It is the ability to arrive to a decision and follow it with perseverance until its successful accomplishment.

It is the inner power that allows you to refuse to indulge in unnecessary, useless habits and grants you the strength to overcome inner resistances.

It is one of the corner stones of success, spiritual and material. The human being is full of inner unconscious, or partly conscious, impulses. People sometimes say or do things they later regret saying or doing. On many occasions people do not think before they talk or act. Self-discipline is the companion of will power.

They usually come together. Self discipline gives the stamina to persevere in whatever one does. It bestows the ability to withstand hardships and difficulties, whether physical, emotional or mental. It grants the ability to reject immediate satisfaction for something better. By developing these powers it is possible to gradually become more and more aware of the inner subconscious impulses, and gain the ability to ignore them when they are not for our own good, without any effort.

By developing will power and self-discipline we become powerful. Will power and self-discipline help us to choose our behavior and reactions instead of being their slaves.

Don't think that life will become dull and dry in this way. On the contrary, you will feel more powerful, in charge of yourself and your surrounding, and consequently much more happy and satisfied.

How many times have you felt too weak, lazy or shy to do something? You can gain inner strength and the ability to decide whether to act or react, or refuse to act or react in any situation. Believe me, it is not difficult to develop will power and self-discipline.

If you are serious and are willing to experiment, you will certainly succeed. At the end of this article you will find some exercises and techniques to develop these abilities. You can perform these exercises anywhere, and at any time. Go slowly and gradually and your powers will increase.

The desire and ambition to practice these exercise will develop and strengthen your self-discipline There is a misconception in the public mind regarding will power.

It is erroneously thought to be something strenuous and difficult, and that one has to exert and tense the body and mind when expressing it. It is a completely wrong concept. This is one of the reasons why people avoid using it, though they are conscious of its benefits. They acknowledge the fact that the employment of will power in their life and affairs will greatly help them, and that they need to strengthen it, yet they do nothing about it. Will power gets stronger by holding back and not allowing the expression of unimportant, unnecessary and unhealthy thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions.

If this saved energy is not allowed expression, it is stored inside you like a battery, and it becomes available at the time of need. By practicing the exercises you develop your powers the same way as someone who engages in bodybuilding builds his muscles.

When you exercise your will power you strengthen your self-discipline and gain inner strength. The more you exercise, the stronger you become. Developing Will Power and Self Discipline One way to develop and improve this ability is to practice doing disagreeable things in your daily life.

Your mind and feelings may oppose this action, nevertheless, do it. By doing something you do not like or are too lazy to do, you overcome your subconscious resistances, train your inner powers and gain strength.

Muscles get stronger by resisting the power of the barbells. Inner strength is attained by overcoming inner resistance. Here are some exercises: Stand up and give up your seat even if you prefer to stay seated. Do this not just because it is polite, but because you are doing something that you are reluctant to do. In this way you are overcoming the resistance of your body, mind and feelings.

Get up and wash them now. Do not let your laziness overcome you. When you know that in this way you are developing your will power, and if you are convinced of the importance of will power in your life, it will be easier for you to do whatever you have to do.

Do not obey the desire to just sit, but go and have a shower - You may know your body needs some physical exercise, but instead you keep on sitting doing nothing or watching a movie.

Get up and walk, run or do some other physical exercise. Then for a whole week decide to drink it without sugar. You like to drink three cups of coffee each day? For a week drink only two. Convince yourself of the importance of what is to be done.

Convince your mind that you become stronger when you do things, even when you are reluctant, too lazy or believe you are too tired to do. Refuse the desire. Never say that you cannot follow the above exercises, because you certainly can. Be persistent no matter what. Think and rethink about of the importance of performing the exercises and the inner power and strength they will give you.

Believe me it helps. It helped me and it can help you. Trying to attempt too many exercises immediately at the start may end in disappointment. It is better to start with small and not so important actions at first, and gradually increase the number and difficulty of the exercises.

Practice will improve and increase your power, giving you a lot of satisfaction. Remember, these exercises develop both will power and self-discipline, as they are strongly connected. Strengthening one strengthens the other. Most of these exercises can be practiced anywhere, anytime.

You do not have to devote special times for them. Believe me, they are very effective. Practicing them enables you to be strong and exercise will power and self-discipline in everything you do. This power becomes available whenever needed.

If you practice weight lifting, running or doing aerobics you strengthen your body. When you need to move something heavy, you have the strength for it.

By studying French each day, you will be able to talk French when you travel to France. The same thing happens with will power and self-discipline. By strengthening them, they become available whenever they are needed.

The exercises should be practiced because of your decision to perform them, and because you realize that by doing them you will develop your will power and self-discipline. One important thing to remember is not to interfere with your health or deny your body and its necessities.

Deny what is not necessary or harmful and you will get stronger. If you stop doing something in order to strengthen yourself and you find that it is easy, you can resume doing it, if it is not harmful. For example, you love orange juice, and in order to strengthen your will power you switch to apple juice and then find out that it does not matter to you. If it is so, you can switch back to orange juice if you like.

You have proven to yourself that you are stronger than your subconscious impulses. Always use your reason and common sense so that you do no damage to yourself. Advantages of Possessing Strong Will Power and Self Discipline You need will power and self-discipline order to rule your thoughts and to be the boss of your mind. The stronger your will power and self discipline are, the more control you have over your thoughts, and consequently your powers of concentration get stronger.

When you are the master of your mind you enjoy inner peace and happiness. Outer events do not sway you, and circumstances have no power over your peace of mind.

It may sound like a dream for you, but once you start on the way, you will prove to yourself that all the above is true. They are essential for self growth, spiritual growth and meditation. They are the powers that change your habits, and are the key to any kind of success. Will power and self discipline give you more control over your daily life, help you in the development of all the inner powers and are essential for a spiritual search.

They keep you on the right track until you get what you are after. If you practice the exercises presented here earnestly and persistently, you will go really far. Serenity of Mind Freedom from Thoughts - Peace of Mind By Remez Sasson We enjoy inner peace and feel happy and satisfied, when life flows smoothly and we have a good job, good relationships, good health and a good financial situation. We are at peace when there is nothing to worry about, no tension and no need to hurry.

Daily life it isn't always like this. There is always something that causes worry, tension or fear, and which does not let us feel peaceful and calm. Nevertheless, we can enjoy peace, regardless of the state of our outer circumstances.

Peace of mind is an inner state, and is independent of outer conditions.

Why wait for never, for circumstances to be "right"? Why let outside circumstances decide for us the state of our mind? Inner peace is within reach of everyone. It is not dependent on outer conditions, richness or poorness, health or sickness, physical freedom or lack of it. Everyone possesses the potential to enjoy peace of mind. Peace of mind seems to be in this world, but out of this world.

It is experienced here and now, yet independent of outer circumstances. Inner calmness and serenity can be experienced even under the most trying circumstances. Of course some training is needed first. Thoughts and Peace of Mind Thoughts arise in us and we think them. We may choose to ignore them and experience real inner freedom, or we may choose to water them with the power of our attention and make them grow.

When you have to think, choose only positive, happy and uplifting thoughts. The mind. When one thought goes. There is no rest from them for a moment.

So it is with many other bodily functions. A great number of thoughts pass through the mind every day. We automatically accept certain thoughts. It never stops or rests. It likes to compare. Our awareness is like the sky. This is the reason why some people occupy their mind with thoughts about a certain subject.

They are not permanent. The clouds drift through the sky. Everyone seems to possess a kind of an automatic mental filter. The blood moves automatically through the veins. So are our thoughts. We always find ourselves thinking. Most of these thoughts are not exactly invited. We constantly breathe. Take for example. Why let your thoughts treat you like a relentless boss that constantly gives you an errand after errand to do? You can set yourself free from the habit of constant and restless thinking.

Why not enjoy inner peace. We constantly pick one thought. Every event. This constant thinking makes us spend a lot of energy and time thinking about unimportant. This process is like catching a fish from the ocean. You become truly free. Do you consciously strive to think certain thoughts and drive away other thoughts? Why do you let thoughts rule the mind.

This filter has been shaped according to the influences that have affected you since childhood. The mind is like a thought factory. It is all due to this inner filter. This is an automatic and unconscious filter. Thinking is usually an automatic activity. We live in an ocean of thoughts. With some training.

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Stopping the restless flow of thoughts might seem to be an infeasible fit. Learn to focus and control your thoughts: In a world full of tension. As you go on with your chosen technique. This peace has nothing to do with indifference or laziness. I meet people who say that they desire peace of mind. A peaceful mind has a calming effect on other people.

You will discover that as by-product. When your mind is peaceful. In fact. Peace of Mind Do you want to enjoy peace of mind in your everyday life? Do you want to be able to stay calm and relaxed in difficult and trying situations? It is not so difficult as it might seem. Every one of these techniques will gradually make your mind more calm and peaceful. You will experience it not only while using one of the above-mentioned techniques. A person. Peace of mind can be yours. That is not true.

With this kind of training. Focus on each part for a few seconds. Calming down the mind. You will then be able to use your mind when you need it. You might believe that one can gain peace of mind only under special conditions and in special places.

If you have always believed that it is unattainable and reserved for special people. Circumstances should not bar your way. When you can switch off your thoughts. Try this simple exercise to calm your mind: If your desire for peace of mind is strong enough. Repeat this procedure when you feel tense and nervous.

This exercise will clam your body and your mind. Think of something you love doing. Engross yourself in the associated pleasant feelings. If you wish to go further. For information about it. Only when you make peace inside. A peaceful mind broadcasts peace and affects the surrounding environment.

Only when your mind becomes tranquil you can enjoy inner peace. The mind keeps asking questions. This state of affairs is one of the reasons for the craving for inner peace. When you meet a peaceful person. Outer peace always follows inner peace. When a storm is raging. You experience it.

Inner Peace and Outer Peace Inner peace comes from the inside. If the inner world is in peace. Inner peace is a state. Inner peace appears. Only when the storm and waves cease.

Thoughts come and go every second and minute of the day.

Visualize and Achieve

Many of these thoughts are about unimportant matters. It is the same with peace of mind. What happens. If you work toward inner peace. When you learn to calm down your mind and emotions. After a day or two. The keys to inner peace are the ability to calm down the mind. You act efficiently and make fewer errors. In this state of mind. You can attain inner peace through concentration. These are just a few examples of the effect inner peace has on the outside world.

A good example of temporary inner peace is the inner peace you experience when you are on vacation. Experiencing inner peace is not as rare as you might think. During this time. You experience inner peace spontaneously.

Peace of Mind in the Busy Daily Life www. It is possible to enjoy the same peace and happiness that you have experienced on your vacations. By the way. In order to experience peace more often and more deeply.

You can find many articles about inner peace at the following Internet address: This is because their minds are more peaceful. If you really want to make your mind peaceful. Temporary inner peace is fine. You need good powers of concentration. You can strengthen your concentration by practicing concentration exercises. Most people do not possess strong powers of concentration. Concentration is important for creative visualization and affirmations. It helps you do your work more efficiently.

Doing one thing. It strengthens your memory. The Power of Concentration Concentration is the ability to focus the mind on one single object or thought to the exclusion of everything else. They realize the importance of concentration. This means more mental mastery and more inner peace and happiness. With improved concentration. It is the ability to hold the attention focused on what you are doing.

As the ability to concentrate grows. It helps you to control the incessant flow of your thoughts. This often leads to making mistakes. When you lift weights. The mind might resist your efforts. The more time you devote to training and exercising your mind.

Concentration requires sustained practice. When you perform concentration exercises. Find more about the power of concentration at: It is accustomed to run here and there. Both of willpower and self-discipline are essential for making decisions and following them through. Willpower gives you the ability to overcome laziness. You need them for doing a good job. It manifests as perseverance and the ability to stick to actions.

Everyone can develop these skills. What is self-discipline? It is the ability to reject instant gratification. What is willpower? Willpower is the inner strength that makes it possible to make a decision and follow it through.

These two skills are essential tools for success in all areas of life. They are essential for carrying out daily activities. They are also important for changing habits. Here are a few examples: By following a systematic method of training.

By constant practice. By learning to refuse to satisfy every one of them. Exercises like these. We all face an endless stream of desires and distractions. You can find guidance. Refusing to satisfy useless. For information. Strengthen Your Willpower and Self Discipline. These are only a few examples developing willpower and self-discipline.

They come. They let the outside world determine the thoughts they think. Thoughts are visitors. Some of these thoughts stay longer. This means that if you tell yourself often. They let the outside world affects their inner world. This inner conversation affects the subconscious mind. It is of vital importance to be careful of what goes into the subconscious mind.

Most people do not pay special attention to their thoughts and to the words they use. They keep engaging their minds with inner conversation about negative situations and actions. Most people allow thoughts connected with worries.

The subconscious mind regards the words and thoughts that affect it as describing a real situation. The thoughts that you express through your words shape your life. Words and thoughts that you repeat often. On the other hand. It therefore. It is important to choose the right affirmation for the specific situation. Read the following two sentences: Both sentences express the same idea. This does not mean that every word you utter will bring results. The first one is a negative sentence.

Affirmations are sentences that state a particular desire or goal.

I am strong and powerful. You will be using the power of affirmations. You need to repeat them often. To trigger the subconscious mind into action and get positive results. In this case. By repeating them often. This means that you need to use positive words. If you consciously.

You will begin creating new situations and circumstances. It creates in the mind a mental image of weakness. You also need to feel comfortable with the words you repeat. At other times. I am not weak anymore. The second sentence awakens in the mind a mental image of strength. There must be also strong desire to back the affirmations. I am filling myself with happiness.

By choosing your thoughts and words. Instead of repeating negative and useless words and phrases in the mind. Affirmations are of special importance for people who find it difficult to visualize. Here are a few affirmations: Words with Power. I am becoming happier and more satisfied. Remez Sasson is the founder of the websites:Have to courage to do new things.

This exercise, will cause you some discomfort and an awkward feeling. No wonder good tips, most learners mix up a magazine evaluation and a evaluation and they are therefore frustrated when they get low represents after getting back their noticeable book evaluation. Get up and walk, run or do some other physical exercise. If you can do such a simple act, in time, youwill gain the power to do greater and more significant acts.

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