SBI Specialist Officers Best Books to Prepare for Exam- Aptitude, Reasoning, English, Professional knowledge books for all fields SBI SO best books list. Quantitative Aptitude Book for SBI Specialist IT officer exam by Disha. Aspirants who are going to appear the written test can refer the Professional Knowledge Questions for SBI Specialist Officer, study material Pdf.

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SBI Specialist Officer Previous Year Question Paper It will be useful to other aspirants and we will publish the book submitted by you within 7. Looking for List of Best/Recommended Books for SBI Specialist Officer Exam. Here's the top 10 Best Books for SBI SO Exam & its Syllabus Pdf. December Current Affairs Pdf Download; Subscribe to our Youtube Channel from HERE; New Important Books for. SBI Clerk ; New.

Behavioural Segmentation : downloaders are divided into groups on the basis of their knowledge, attitude, use or response to a product. Marketing Mix In order to cater to the requirements of identified market segment, an entrepreneur has to develop an appropriate marketing mix.

An appropriate combination of these four variables will help to influence demand.

The problem facing small firms is that they sometimes do not feel themselves capable of controlling each of the four variables in order to influence the demand. A brief description of the four elements of marketing mix is as follows : 1.

(Study Materials) IBPS Specialist Officer : Professional Knowledge - Marketing

Product: The first element of marketing mix is product. A Product is anything that can be offered to a market for attention, acquisition, use, or consumption that might satisfy a want or need. Products include physical objects, services, events, persons, places, ideas or mixes of these.

This element involves decisions concerning product line, quality, design, brand name, label, after sales services, warranties, product range, etc. An appropriate combination of features and benefits by the small firm will provide the product with USP unique selling proposition.

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This will enhance the customer loyalty in favour of its products. Products and services are broadly classified into consumer products and industrial products. Consumer products are bought for final consumption; where as Industrial products are bought by individuals and organisations for further processing or for use in conducting business.

Other ways of classifying products are as follows: a. Convenience products : These are consumer products that the customer downloads very frequently, without much deliberation.

They are low priced of low value and are widely available at many outlets. They may be further subdivided as : Staple Products : Items like milk, bread, butter etc. Once in the beginning the decision is programmed and it is usually carried on without change.

Impulse Products : download of these is unplanned and impulsive. Usually when the consumer is downloading other products, he downloads these spontaneously for e. Magazines, toffees and chocolates.

Usually these products are located where they can be easily noticed. Emergency products : download of these products is done in an emergency as a result of urgent and compelling needs. Often a consumer pays more for these. November 27, Rajeev Ranjan Kumar. Please send the Specialist officers Testing profile questions papers for PK if you have.

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Thanks id advance. November 20, 2: November 16, 7: Thanks in advance. November 4, 9: November 4, 7: October 27, 5: October 23, 4: October 17, 6: December 25, Saptarshi Aich Sarkar.

February 24, 7: Specific Skill required: Should have a valid driving license for two-wheeler. Out of which minimum 5 years of experience in leading a large team of Relationship Managers and Team Lead in Wealth Management business.

The Shortlisting Committee constituted by the Bank will decide the shortlisting parameters and thereafter, an adequate number of candidates, as decided by the Bank will be shortlisted and called for interview.

The decision of the bank to call the candidates for the interview shall be final. No correspondence will be entertained in this regard. Merit List: Merit list for selection will be prepared in descending order on the basis of scores obtained in interview only.

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In case more than one candidate scores the cut-off marks common marks at cut-off point , such candidates will be ranked according to their age in descending order, in the merit.Products include physical objects, services, events, persons, places, ideas or mixes of these.

So in the terms of the employment in government sector, Banking is the most lucrative sector to grab a government job. Worst experience with this book Once in the beginning the decision is programmed and it is usually carried on without change. Also each chapter ends with a practice exercise which will help in practicing the concepts covered in the chapters.

Theory is given for every topic followed by questions with their solutions. In the new edition the past solved papers of from IBPS and SBI exams have been integrated in the starting of the book to help aspirants get an insight into the examination pattern and the types of questions asked in the past years exams.

Customer Relationship Executive CRE Experience in documentation requirements of financial products and good communications skills would be desirable. Or if they correct please send answer key.

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