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Read Suicide Squad () comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page. Read New Suicide Squad comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page. Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad DC Comics Display: This is a Comic Book with the characters/stances that I chose, you can use the pdf files in this step.

Superboy vol. Chase 2 March Adventures of Superman August Adventures of Superman September Suicide Squad vol. Checkmate vol. Hell Is for Heroes. Superman vol. Manhunter vol. Blackest Night: Suicide Squad Birds of Prey 87 December Left in issue 3 due to injury, returns briefly in issue 5 before returning in issue 8. Betrays the squad and is locked up in issue Killed in issue 12, resurrected in issue Presumed dead in issue 25, revealed alive in Continues into the New Suicide Squad.

Presumed dead in issue 5. Unknowingly recruited by The Thinker to kill the Suicide Squad but then works alongside. Presumed dead in issue Left in same issue, returns in issue Leaves again in issue 14, returns in Presumed dead in 25, revealed alive in Presumed dead in issue 5, revealed alive in issue 8, returns to Belle Reve in issue Killed in issue Justice League of America's Vibe 5.

Resurrection Man vol. The Unknown Soldier. Unknowingly recruited by The Thinker to kill the Suicide Squad but then works alongside them. Leaves in issue Presumed dead in issue 25, revealed alive in 27 only to be presumed dead again in the same issue. Apparently died in New Suicide Squad Annual 1. Suicide Squad: Field leader; Deceased; sacrificed himself to close the door of the Black Vault in vol.

Leaves due to Batman's offer in Justice League vs. Suicide Squad to join the Justice League of America. Cynthia Addai-Robinson. Arrow —present. It was a pretty successful event. The Ugly: Riley Rossmo and Giuseppe Cafaro's art. I'm not sure how they got involved with this. Their art is terrible. Received an advance copy from DC and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. View 1 comment. Mar 05, Logan rated it really liked it.

A very good event! So I guess this is DCs first big event since rebirth, except for a few small Batman events , and its very good! So the story has The Justice League finding out about The Suicide Squad, so they do the hero thing, and decide to go stop them, meanwhile Maxwell Lord frees a bunch of villains from Amanda Waller's original Suicide Squad glory team, and they now wanna kill Amanda Waller! The Story is not the greatest I've read, but it does make for a pretty strong event!

Its also hi A very good event! Its also highly entertaining to watch The Justice League and Suicide Squad duke it out in battle, and quite liked how the pitted each JL member against an SS member, and to read the banter back and forth!

Luckily though this trade does include the tie in issues, which is smart since some readers often complain that they have to go download other trades to read tie ins, with events like this, so I'm glad DC fixed that issue!

The tie ins are pretty good, some are essential like the two that give back stories for both Maxwell Lord and the other villains, while others are nice to read, but not really that essential!

Also the Main man Lobo is in this, which was awesome! Overall, a pretty good event!

Jun 17, Chris Lemmerman rated it really liked it Shelves: Nice one, Amanda. Joshua Williamson writes the entirety of this mini-series, and it's very solid throughout. The progression from bea [Read as single issues] The first big event of the DC Rebirth era pits the two most popular teams in the DCU at the moment against each other as the Justice League face off against the Suicide Squad, only to find that there's actually a bigger threat that needs to be dealt with, because Amanda Waller is good at keeping secrets and bad at keeping prisoners in prison.

The progression from beat-down to team-up between the JL and the SS feels well-paced, and the ultimate villains of the piece have a lot of gravitas and ensure that the last few issues feel suitably epic for a confrontation this size.

Williamson nails the voices of everyone involved, and I'd be happy to see him write another event like this anytime. Each issue of the main series is drawn by a different artist, which was to enable it to be released weekly. I'd complain, because the styles on show here are all totally different, but when you've got Jason Fabok, Robson Rocha, Tony Daniel, Fernando Pasarin, Jesus Merino, and Howard Porter each on an issue, you can't really.

DC made sure their top talent was on display, as well as some up-and-comers that deserve the exposure too, so this never disappoints visually. Also collected here are the tie-in issues from Justice League and Suicide Squad, which help focus in on some of the supporting characters. Justice League gives us Max Lord: Rebirth, while Suicide Squad gives us some background on the secret Suicide Squad that helps put everything into perspective regarding why they're so pissed at Waller in the first place, as well as a deadly epilogue that gives Waller some much needed comeuppance.

DC's first Rebirth event went off without a hitch. Great plotting, a parade of good artists, and well-used tie-ins make Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad a good standard to set for the Rebirth era. Jan 30, Liam rated it really liked it. Now THIS is how you do a crossover event; it was so well done, actually had a good story and all the characters were in character!!!

I must admit I feel as though it all escalated a little quickly and seemed to be easily resolved in the end but it is still an extremely strong event for DC! Aug 27, Wayne McCoy rated it really liked it Shelves: Suicide Squad' is a big story with 3 different writers, more artists and spanning a few series.

If you can suspend your belief that the Suicide Squad would even have a chance against the Justice League, then it's not so bad. Task Force X aka Suicide Squad has been discovered. Not only that, but Amanda Waller's past mistakes are about to be exposed. At first, the Suicide Squad faces off against the Justice League, but before long, they are teaming up against a threat, and 'Justice League vs.

At first, the Suicide Squad faces off against the Justice League, but before long, they are teaming up against a threat, and the roles even end up getting reversed. It's a big cast of characters, and individuals get a bit lost in everything. Sure, Harley Quinn gets to pipe in every now and then, and Batman is ominous, but the rest are just kind of placeholders. Killer Frost has a standout role, and I'd like to see more of this character. The story itself has promise.

I like the additional characters that get introduced along the way, some famiiar, some less so to me. Since it spans 11 issues or so, the art style varies along the way. The promise of an all out fight between these two teams is realized a couple different ways, so if that intrigues, then this might be a book for you.

I received a review copy of this graphic novel from DC Entertainment and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for allowing me to review this graphic novel. Jan 03, Candy Atkins rated it it was amazing.

I love the artwork in this one. There are some group shots that are amazing. There is a ton of intro and set up. It mainly focuses on the Suicide Squad, which should mean that the Justice League will be the focus of the next one. Batman tells the JL about SS and I think the moral implications are going to resonate through the series with Superman and Wonder Woman obviou I love the artwork in this one. Batman tells the JL about SS and I think the moral implications are going to resonate through the series with Superman and Wonder Woman obviously having serious issues with it.

Killer Frost is very active. I'm thinking she's going to be added to the SS movie in order to beef up their power. Lobo is also there, which makes me believe they're testing him for his own movie. Overall I like where it's going. Jul 02, Jon rated it did not like it Shelves: Because it never leaves. A superhero fight is the easiest story to write.

You come up with some reason for them to fight, like different ideology, and then you find a reason for them to stop before any real consequences happen.

We missed a real chance for this series to reveal Killer Croc's mother's name as Martha! Somehow a team of people who are paid "Do you ever wonder why evil always returns? Somehow a team of people who are paid US currency to write comic book stories were completely unable to follow this formula. Instead we get some of the most miswritten characters, poorly thought out ideas, and just a hint of stolen ideas.

Here is a list of the trash writing that is present here: Suicide Squad has to go stop a cult for unleashing a chaos God into the world this is the exact same plot as an Osterman SS story arc, but much much worse 2.

Use of a magic crystal 3. Mind control, mind control vampire-zombies 4. Forgetting the stories own timeline superman breaks into the White House at both the beginning an end of the world take over 5. Forgetting the rules that govern the magic crystal if sunlight stops it, the lanterns wouldn't be possessed when thy do into space.

Superman is filled with sunlight. It doesn't make any sense. People doing things out of character. Harley escapes from WW, but goes back to ru her over with a motorcycle b. Captain boomerang chooses to go fight because his feelings got hurt.

Waller goes from being a lack ops running middle manager to a full on villain who has built prison cells for the odd possibility of having to round up the justice league. Batman i. Invites a serial killer to join the justice league ii. Is so convinced by a rousing speech to not only take the SS with him, but make them honorary justice league members!

Has a costume that self repairs between issues 7. The name Eclipso 8. A villain named Eclipso having power to cause eclipses 9. A magic gemstone named "the heart of darkness" The main villain not mind controlling certain characters just so there would be a story Retconning a hidden other suicide squad Ok I've stopped with an obviously truncated list.

I've left a few score other of the books failing for someone else who presumably is trapped on an island with only a box of remainded copies of DC rebirth graphic novels to read. If friends or family member read this review, please have an intervention for me. Reading these DC rebirth books has to be form of self mutilation. Jun 17, Michael Hicks rated it liked it Shelves: Suicide Squad offers pretty much exactly what you would expect from the title.

Two teams fighting, while a diabolical third party operates behind the scenes manipulating everyone toward a crazy global threat. The biggest flaw here is that Maxwell Lord, a telepath with chronic nosebleeds, is a pretty borin Justice League vs. The biggest flaw here is that Maxwell Lord, a telepath with chronic nosebleeds, is a pretty boring villain. It's refreshing to read a self-contained "event" series that doesn't need supporting titles to divvy up plot points, wrap up loose ends, or act as a platform to launch a slew of new 1s.

Bonus points to the writing team for not going the route of "long-time hero is actually a Nazi! Collected here are the previously published core issues of Justice League vs. Suicide Squad , and the tie-in on-going series issues of Justice League , and Suicide Squad This was a fine and fun done-in-one collection.

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I received an advanced copy of this title from the publisher via NetGalley. Mar 20, Alan rated it liked it. There are some things that Williamson did with the characters that I did like. Of the squad characters I think he gets the characters notes right on Deadshot and Boomerang, which I like as Deadshot was one of my favorite Squad characters during the Ostrander run. Williamson does a nice Rebirth reintroduction of Eclipso, one that I think will work down the road if DC intends to brings that villain back on a regular basis which is my belief after reading this.

Side note: I'll eventually catch up on the extra JLA and Squad issues included in the trade. I read this as digital floppies. Mixed bag. I Love Suicide Squad and there is some great artwork in this book. And there is some awesome parts with Killer Frost and also Lobo. Some really funny parts with Harley Quin and Cap Boomerang. But it suffers from too many strong characters as do many of these team team-ups. Also there is some very catastrophic events that seem to be downplayed too much.

Overall worth the read. Jun 15, Sydney sydneysshelves West rated it really liked it Shelves: This graphic novel is the meet and great story of the current Suicide Squad and Justice League of America. I'm semi knowledgeable about both groups as I've seen any and all movies that relate to them. So I'm not exactly up to date on any of the characters. Williamson and Williams do a good job of giving the reader a quick into to each character as This graphic novel is the meet and great story of the current Suicide Squad and Justice League of America.

Williamson and Williams do a good job of giving the reader a quick into to each character as they come on screen. I found this really helpful. My favorite part of the story was getting the background and story of the original Suicide Squad. I don't know if this is cannon with previous Suicide Squad graphics but I'll say that it was entertaining and really gave more character development for Amanda Waller.

While I personally know how witchy Amanda Waller is, newer readers might not have. Also the new old suicide squad members gave us insight into team dynamics and the trials that Waller had to go through before she figured out how to run this team to her advantage.

If you are an aThe day that Amanda Waller has long dreaded has finally come to pass: Deadshot and Batman's face off broke my heart more than anything in this novel. Their confrontations really highlight the theme of this novel which is "Can a known killer be more than a killer?

To him they are nothing more than a bunch of killers. But he comes to realize that these people do have hearts and aren't pure evil. The members of the Suicide Squad, for the most part, have a conscious and don't kill willy nilly.

One of the things that felt out of nowhere for me was Max Lord. I'd never heard of him before but he shows up on the scene ready to take control. He is power hungry in a bad kind of way and headed for the evil life.

The graphic gives a quick back story on Lord but it didn't feel like enough for me personally. And when he turns into Eclipso the first time I didn't realize that it was Max. I was just like, "who is this dude now?!? I particularly enjoyed the art for those scenes. The JLA's faces were painted half blue. They looked terrifying! If I were walking down the streets of metropolis and evil superman walked up to me I would freak out. The art overall was typical superhero art.

So not my favorite. But still mostly readable. It did feel like like things were squished onto the page and I needed a magnifying glass to catch everything that was happening on each page. The big ending wasn't really a surprise for me personally, but the novel was still fun because I enjoyed seeing the story play out.

The epilogue was kind of pointless in my opinion. We got background on Waller and her family life. Jun 13, Adam Spanos rated it liked it Shelves: Jun 28, Nicola Mansfield rated it really liked it.

Given the title, this is very much more a Suicide Squad book with a bit of impact from the League. I love both teams and was highly looking forward to it, plus it contains a lot of material: There is lots of story and tons of action but I was a bit disappointed in the lack of depth in the JL part, however, the extra parts more than made up for it. The book starts with a 'Prologue' which is Given the title, this is very much more a Suicide Squad book with a bit of impact from the League.

The book starts with a 'Prologue' which is actually the 'Epilogue' of the last Suicide Squad volume.

Then JL finds out about SS and the shite hits the fan. Eventually, another team comes to the surface, I won't give away who they are but Waller knows them. Lots of information and insight into both the SS and new team's characters. But minimal input on JL members, in fact, there is no reference to which Flash is present and Superman feels to be written as the old one, though nothing specific is said to show whether he is old or new Clark.

A very intriguing ending though, which could lead to a new series even! Nov 05, Scott Lee rated it liked it. I enjoyed reading this, although it led to the inevitable "Superhero team up" deal: Justice League fights Suicide Squad, circumstances force a team up when someone even worse than the Suicide Squad shows up, and then when, surprise!

So the plot was terribly predictable. The art was terribly inconsistent as well. Some issues were great, some wer I enjoyed reading this, although it led to the inevitable "Superhero team up" deal: Some issues were great, some were shoddy and unprofessional looking, amateurish.

The characterization of the Suicide Squad's members, some at least, is what carried the story over. Playing these villains as heroes, and finding excuses to have us root for them as they end up doing the right thing is fairly entertaining.

Still there's a trap there: Aug 20, Kyle rated it really liked it Shelves: One of my favourite DC characters is Amanda Waller But with this Rebirth crossover event, I am happy to see some backpeddling on her character to The Wall she was before Flashpoint.

A solid and entertaining read. The artwork was good too, though fairly standard. This was simply a solid story. Sep 16, Douglas Gibson rated it it was amazing.

The title is a little misleading, but I loved this volume. Fun story filled with action. Jul 03, Rick Hunter rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I got a digital copy of this from Netgalley. I typed Netflix, but that is definitely not where I got it. When I first requested to read this, I thought it was gonna be the pretty standard 6 collected comic issues that most books like this seem to run.

It collects nearly twice as many issues as most DC trades do. There was a 6 issue Justice League vs Suicide Squad series that went hand in hand with several issues of bo I got a digital copy of this from Netgalley. There was a 6 issue Justice League vs Suicide Squad series that went hand in hand with several issues of both the regular Justice League and Suicide Squad titles.

The creative staff listed at the front of the book reads like a Who's Who of the best contributors DC has to offer. In the introductory portion of the story, Killer Frost is added to the Suicide Squad and is paraded by the cells of all the rest of the members as means of introduction. Then she whisked off to her cell where she meets Amanda Waller who is waiting to inject Killer Frost with a brain bomb should she decide to join the team.

A short time later Killer Frost is sent off on a mission for the first time with the rest of the SS to an island where some cult is using an earthquake device to kill everyone and use those souls to power up their deity. Chaos ensues. Waller tells the Squad that if they're captured, she'll blow them all up.

The Suicide Squad comes out on top due to Killer Frost displaying an amount of power I've never seen from her before.

This reminds me of the power Iceman displayed at Marvel while when Emma Frost possessed his mind. This must be something entirely new that DC is trying for Rebirth.

Anyway, she's able to take everyone down. Waller sends in Flagg, who wasn't on the mission with the rest of the team, to capture the JL and bring them back to base at Belle Reve. Waller has designed a specific cell to house each JL member to neutralize their power. Batman does Batman things and escapes only to find out that Waller only brought them there to ask for their help.

Polaris, and Rustam. Their first mission went way out of bounds and she was forced to shut them down and keep them imprisoned in a special facility that housed on those 5 individuals. Maxwell Lord has busted those people out and have headed towards Belle Reve. Lord convinced all of the others that Waller needed to be taken down and that they could have their revenge on her if they helped him.

Maxwell Lord didn't really care about taking Waller down, but he needed the others to cause a distraction so he could get into Waller's vault and steal the Eclipso diamond. Lord thinks he can control Eclipso enough to use Eclipso's power to boost his own so that he can control the whole world and shape it as he sees fit.

Things do not go as Lord planned and it up to others to take Eclipso down after he possesses Lord. They worked well together to produce a story that is much better than anything that has been in either Suicide Squad or Justice League since Rebirth started.

See a Problem?

I initially scoffed at the idea of Suicide Squad taking on the Justice League because none of the individuals on the Squad have ever been able to come out on top against any single member of the JL. When the League is fully assembled, there's absolutely no way I saw the Squad even making it an interesting fight. The writers giving Killer Frost a boost to her powers proved me wrong.

With Maxwell Lord, Eclipso, and the 5 original Squad members were great choices to fight the combined might of the a unified Justice League and Suicide Squad together. For something this epic, great and powerful villains were needed. What better choices than 2 beings who can take over control of others. Daniel, Fernando Pasarin, and about 15 other artists all contributed work on the book.

The early portion of the book had the best art. I really love Jason Fabok's art. Daniel is another favorite. I wish the 2 of them could have split the book in half and leave everyone else out of the equation. Overall, the book looked good, but it could have been phenomenal with only Fabok and Daniel on board. This was a highly enjoyable read.

It was good enough to make up for how lackluster the Justice League series has been to this point. DC swung for the fences with this one and knocked it out of the park.

New Suicide Squad # Free Download

This is what crossover events should be. The writing gets 4. The art gets 3. Average those 2 together and the overall rating for this book is 4 stars. I don't think this is the best crossover event that I've ever read, but it's really damn good. The first major event of Rebirth was a huge success. This is a must for any DC fan. Sep 18, Zack! Empire rated it did not like it Shelves: Doesn't deliver on the promise made by the title of the book.

It's really just a rehash of Trinity War and Forever Evil. We get the promise of two DC teams going at it, but instead of that they end up teaming up to fight the "real" bad guy. Wanted to see the Justice League fight the Suicide Squad, plain and simple.

Shittiest part is that they can't do THAT story for awhile now or until the next rebo Doesn't deliver on the promise made by the title of the book. Shittiest part is that they can't do THAT story for awhile now or until the next reboot because they just "did it", even though they didnt. At all. Waste of a good story.

Jun 26, Charles rated it liked it. I was really worried by two things when I started. The first was that the setup for this, is very formulaic, safe, and kind of boring. The second was that they were really playing up some of the stylistic elements of the Suicide Squad movie in introducing the Suicide Squad in this comic. Much like the movie which was unwatchable in my opinion the intros were disruptive for commonly known characters, and the attempts at humour just fell flat.

Also, do we have to keep making Captain Boomerang a gross creep? I was on the brink of giving up… Then the Max Lord issue was next. This for me is what pulled me back form the edge of giving up on this volume. I always like his character, and for me it injected some much needed intrigue into what felt like a paint-by-numbers story at first.


It added some mystery and as tired as a McGuffin might be, this actually helped in my opinion. These sort of made the main arc more palatable for me, and added some dread to what was ultimately happening.

Suicide Squad, Volume 1: Trial By Fire

The single issue on Steve Trevor really felt out of place save for the fact that they hint at how to stop the ultimate baddy in all this. Speaking of which, damn they concluded that quickly. Considering it took about 2. As for the epilogue, it was ok I guess.

A bit disjointed, but again offers a touching moment of realization for Amanda Waller. You do have to ask yourself how effective was it and will it be? Is she suddenly going to give up Suicide Squad and realize she lives a horrible life? I will admit that the art in some of the accompanying stories outside of the main arc leaves a little to be desired at times. The first two issues felt pretty crisp and clean with others not so much.

The concluding story not the epilogue really felt out of place with the art. Anyways, give it a shot if you want something a little bit different.

It does sort of pay off in the end, which is nice to see. Interesting from beggining to end. Is 'debatable that this comic was made because of the popularity or hate coming from the the Suicide Squad movie and the up-coming movie of the Justice League. But still, this was a good story, even the tie-ins are well placed.

The battles were epic, the chemistry between each pair of heroe and villain was perfect and interesting to see. I still don't decide to like or not the one between Wonder Woman and Harley. I'm glad Killer Frost got back to be impor Interesting from beggining to end.

I'm glad Killer Frost got back to be important inside DC, she has been forgotten for years, and how the story went around her development wasn't something I didn't expected.Rock mask inside an empty holding cell, which prompts Bulldozer who is monitoring the situation remotely via Deadshot's video camera to stand from his wheelchair and announce "Oh, boy!

And how to go about it? The current incarnation of the team appears in the fifth volume of the Suicide Squad comic series, and the recurring members include Captain Boomerang , Deadshot , Enchantress , Harley Quinn , Katana and Killer Croc.

Joe Sanchez Vol.

However, the squad's arrival is detected by the Hayoth , and their Mossad liaison Colonel Hacohen takes Waller and Vixen into custody in order to show them that the Hayoth has already captured Kobra. Suicide Squad to join the Justice League of America. And it worked. Winnipeg Free Press. Amanda Waller Rick Flag Jr. The group has appeared in various adaptations, including television series and an eponymous feature film.

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